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🍺 | Collaborate with "Fresh Hop Fest 2021" on the edge of beer to support breweries suffering from corona damage ...


Collaborate with "Fresh Hop Fest 2021" on the edge of beer to support breweries suffering from corona damage ...

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The "Fresh Hop Fest" sponsored by the Japan Hop Promotion Committee will start in 2015 and will be the 7th time this year.

Harada Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President: Akira Harada), which operates "Beer's Edge", is a new model ... → Continue reading


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2015 (2015 years old)AD(Gregorian calendar)by,Normal year starting from Thursday.Heisei27 years.

This item describes 2015 from an international perspective.

Other chronology





2015 is politicalMilitantsIslam組織HEATIn various places, including the killing of Japanese people byterrorismRepresented by an incidentGeopoliticsRisks stand out andMiddle EastFrom the directionEuropeFlowed intorefugeesThe problem has become apparent. In Japan, in SeptemberSecurity lawHas been promulgated and promulgated, and there has been a movement to increase deterrence and defense in cooperation with the United States. Meanwhile, in the economy,crudeCheap, United StatesFRBHike,Chinese economyWhile there are fluctuation factors such as downward swings,TPPAgreement between the governments of December,ASEAN Economic CommunityIt was also the year when the international framework that would lead to the future was established, such as the establishment of the.

In terms of environment,El Nino phenomenonDue toAbnormal weather2015 was the year when the world average temperature reached a record high.[1].COP21At the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change2020 LaterGlobal warmingInternational framework of measuresParis AgreementWas adopted. In AsiaMERS coronavirus South KoreaInfection spread/epidemic,IndonesiaBy largeHazeproblem,Southeast AsiaIn the areaDengue feverThere were disasters including human disasters such as fashion.

In the United StatesPresident ObamaIn JeonjuSame-sex marriageLegalization of,キ ュ ー バIn addition to historic progress such as the restoration of diplomatic relations with2016 United States Presidential ElectionThe movement toward is in full swing. On the other hand, more than 300 mass shootings targeting universities and facilities occur frequently in various places every year.WhiteBy policeBlackShooting dead2014 In December, due to presidential orderGun controlBecame the flow to be considered.

In the People's Republic of China,Toho Star Sinking Accident,2015 Tianjin Binhai New Area warehouse explosion accidentWhile many large-scale accidents such asXi JinpingThe government raisesOne belt one roadUnder the concept,Asian Infrastructure Investment BankEstablishment ofEast China Sea gas field problemThe development in other countries represented by was actively promoted. On the economic side,New normalIt was an unstable year with the stock price falling sharply from the low growth period defined as.

In 2015, someCorporate governanceAlthough it was positioned as the first year,Japan McDonald'sStarted with the foreign matter contamination problem ofVolkswagen OfExhaust gasRegulatory fraudToshibaImproper accounting ofAsahi Kasei Building MaterialsMany people in Japan and abroad throughout the year, such as falsifying data on the construction of condominiums.ScandalThere are many. AlsoTokyo Olympic Games emblem OfplagiarismWithdrawal caused by the turmoil,National StadiumThe Japanese-styleDecision makingIt was also the year in which process deficiencies were heavily discussed.

On the other hand, in terms of Japanese consumption, due to the record high number of visitors to Japan, reaching nearly 2000 million.Bomb buyingAccompanyInbound consumptionAndBOJDepending on policyweaker yenWith the trend continuing and the crude oil price falling sharply, exports and consumption showed a gradual recovery.

From the academic side of Japan,Nobel Prize in Physiology or MedicineTheSatoshi Omura Antiparasitic drugsThe discovery of the substance that causesNobel Prize in PhysicsTheTakaaki Kajita Elementary particlesNeutrino OfmassIn each discovery, we were awarded. In the Japanese sports worldRugby representative from Japan OfW cup3 historical wins inYuzuru HanyubyFigure skatingRecord-breaking achievements such as breaking the world record and winning the GP final three consecutive times were seen. Note thatKanji of the yearIs "security", and is responsible for political unrest and security policies.














Below is a good number of years (Anniversary).


International Year










Nobel Prize

The event of fiction

  • January-June-VisualInfraredMore thanUltra short waveProfessor Peder Björnsen, who invented a prescription that spreads to the realm, is a creature that consists of energy by its vision.BytonWas discovered. Björnsen discovers that Vaiton is treating humanity as if it were an unknown animal, but he and several scientists informed him that he has been killed in succession. (novel"(English edition])[105]
  • February 2-Boy boy "Mars" was born at the Ministry of Science. (Anime"Jetter Mars])
  • March-Metropolitan Police Department Extraordinary Police Officer, Kai Kai Kai was arrested as the criminal of the assault incident "Dark Knight", the police station will be dismissed. In response to this, Ukyo Sugishita, the direct boss, is suspended for indefinite suspension. (TV drama"Buddy season13))
  • Spring-Wataru Kaneshiro, a bureaucrat from the Ministry of Justice, is seconded to the Metropolitan Police Department. (TV drama"Buddy season14])
  • March 6-Third New Tokyo CityToIkari ShinjiWill move to Tokyo. At that time, the Third ApostleSachielWas invaded and Shinji boardedEvaDestroyed by the first machine. From then on, all by 2016ApostleDefeat. (Anime"Neon Genesis EVANGELION])[106][Source invalid]
  • July 7-decided to cleanse humanityGod of heavenA strange creature called "Vertex" sent by the world appears in the world, and the massacre of humankind begins. This drastically reduced the total population of humankind and destroyed it, leaving some areas. (novel"Wakaba Nogi is a hero])
  • August 8-To warn that the world will be dominated by Roymud due to Mr. Belt's (= drive driver) runaway, Tomari Age, the son of Kamen Rider Drive Tomari Shinnosuke, is 5 Coming from the future of the year. (movies"The Movie Kamen Rider Drive Surprise Future])
  • August 8- Federated States of Estonia Republic of EmeriaInvades Gracemelia, the capital of the city.Emeria-Estovakia WarThe outbreak of war. (game"Ace Combat 6 War to Release])
  • October-Police Department Extraordinary Officer, Ukyo Sugishita meets Wataru Kaneshiro and Encounter, Kai Naki with the Chief of the National Police Agency cancels the indefinite suspension of work in Ukyo, and at the same time Wataru remains an extraordinary officer. Decided ("Aibo season10").
  • October 10-The main characters Marty1985 からTime Machine"Delorean"(Delorian DMC-12Arrives with a modified version of. (movies"Back to the Future PART2])
    • In response to this, various events were actually held in Japan and the United States and other countries around the world, and Marty played.Michael J. FoxAnd played machine developer Doc Emmet BrownChristopher LloydAlso went to various places and played the same role for a long time.
  • Part of the Russian armed armed uprising with the support of the terrorist organization "Blatnoy". Named "NRF (New Russian Federation)" and started a coup. (game"Ace Combat Assault Horizon])
  • Multiple MI (Mechanical Intelligence)Probe JupiterIn orbit, it comes into contact with the crystalline lifeform “Crystaloid”. Immediately afterwards, the planet was attacked by weapons launched by Crystalloid, killing 4700 million people. After that, 50 interplanetary liaison boats equipped with fusion nuclear warheads head for Jupiter and destroy the crystalloids by a suicide attack. (novel"")[107]
  • RicedewOf major countries includingNuclear warHappens. (John TiterProphecy)
  • Hayato Kazami wins her first victory at the 10th Cyber ​​Formula World Championship. (Anime"New Century GPX Cyber ​​Formula])
  • Black cubes suddenly appear all over the world, and news is reported all over the world. However, nothing happens and the cube gradually merges into human society. (Drama"Doctor Who])
  • Russian RepublicIs oldCISFounded the "Republic of Zakhtra" around the nation. (game"Front mission series])
  • Professional baseball Osaka Jaguars vs. Tokyo Elephants, Jaguars lead by one point difference in the final round, Kyojiro Sasaki. (Manga"Miracle ball])
  • From 2014VenusIs in the orbit ofJet Propulsion LaboratoryAn alien unmanned spacecraft "Snark" (visitor) who was exchanging information with the Earth to study closer to the Earth's biosphereLunar orbitMove to. Astronaut Nigel Warmsley interacts with and interacts with a spacecraft piloted by Snark.HoustonUnder the control of, avoid the nuclear missile released from the Warmsley spacecraft and fly away from the solar system. (novel"(English edition])[108]

2015 movie (fiction)


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Article titles in some sources have subscripts

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