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📝 | For snacks and main course of dinner ...!A simple recipe for "excellent snacks" that doesn't stop chopsticks seriously 


For snacks and main dinner ...!A simple recipe for "excellent snacks" that doesn't stop chopsticks seriously 

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Mix mayonnaise with tomato ketchup, millet sugar, grated garlic and lemon juice.

"Shrimp mayo" [Beauty recipe to taste the season] vol. 192 Seasonal ingredients are shrimp!Shrimp consumes the most in Japan in the world ... → Continue reading


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ketchup(British: ketchup) IsVegetables(TomatoSuch),fruit,mushroom, ま た はseafoodMade from raw materials such asseasoning..I used bananasBanana ketchupThere is also.Also,IndonesiaThen, furtherSoy sauceAndsoyとWheat flour,sugarSweet seasoning made withKetchup ManisRefers to a wide range of seasonings, including.

tomato ketchup

JapanThen, when we say "ketchup", we mean "tomato ketchup".

The basic method of making tomato ketchup is to heat ripe tomatoes, strain them, and boil them at a low temperature.Tomato pureemake.And sugar,salt,vinegar,All spice,cloves,cinnamonAnd so on.onion,celery, Other vegetables are often added.Tomato ketchupHot dog,sausage,Omelette,Hamburger,French friesSuch asWestern foodIt is used over.In Japan, America, etc.sweet and sour pork,Shrimp chiliSuch,Chinese cuisineIt is often used for.

米 国Tomato ketchup consumption is 4000 millionliterAnd it is by far the most common in other countries in the world.According to one theory, half of the world's ketchup production is consumed by young Americans.Most of the purpose of use is as a substitute for raw vegetables, but it was prepared using this.barbecueI used soy sauce as the sauce forTeriyakiSource and South KoreaIt is still extremely popular, apart from the wind sauce, and some say it has a taste that represents America.[3].

The United Kingdom,AustraliaIn many countries other than the United States, tomato ketchup without vinegar is sold under the names such as tomato sauce, red gravy, and red sauce.

It is one of the favorite seasonings in Japan and is indispensable for Western food.For Western food, a cooking method that uses tomato ketchup for cooking has been established.chicken rice,Omelette rice,NeapolitanThere is a menu unique to Japan that uses tomato ketchup.Also,Curry and riceRouxMiso SoupIt is also done to add a small amount to the taste to add depth to the taste.mayonnaiseWhen kneaded withAurora sauceOf winddressingBecomes

Most of the containers are in bottles or hard vinyl containers that can be turned upside down in the United States, but in Japan they are often in soft tubes.日本においてもEven in Japan1988 ToKagomeReleased a product made of hard vinyl under the brand name of "New Ketchup" like the American product, but it was discontinued in a short period of time.The fact that the ones in the tube had penetrated the consumers,JapaneseIt is said that the consumption of tomato ketchup is less than that of Americans, which is the reason why it did not spread.[4]..このほかother than thisBox lunchThere are also individually wrapped products such as those for use.Red ketchup for fast food restaurants and street vendorsmustardIn some cases, the container is sold as a set in a pair of yellow, and the container is folded and opened in combination with mustard.Dispen packIt is also sold in the form of.

流体Has non-Newtonian properties as a characteristicNon-Newtonian fluid(For shear rateViscosityFluids that change: watersilicon oilIs a Newtonian fluid because its viscosity is constant with respect to the shear rate), and when sudden pressure is applied or it is agitated.viscosityGoes down[5][6].



The word ketchup refers to tomato ketchup only in Japan, in Europe andフィリピンIn Asia such as, it refers to seasonings made from seafood, mushrooms, vegetables, etc.1690 Published inNorth AmericaFood and drink term dictionary (English edition) To ketchup,1699 Published inThe United KingdomFood and drink term dictionary BE's Dictionary of the Canting Crew of 1699 To ketchup The word "East" is recorded as an explanation.IndiaIt was written as "a high East-India Sauce"[7].. "East India Outback", that is, the presentPeople's Republic of ChinaFrom the southSoutheast AsiaLiquid seasoning made by fermenting salted seafood (Fish sauce) Is considered to be the etymology.

Hundreds of years ago in China[8]The predominant theory is that it comes from a seasoning called "Ke Ziap".[9].. This is the currentNampulaIt was made by adding salt to fish and fermenting it, like fish sauce.[9].. South ChinaFujianThen, the sauce made from fish (fish sauce) was called "KE-chiap", and people used it in cooking in the form of seasonings.[8].. This is the currentChugokuSouthernQuanzhouAround andTaiwanSouthernLukangIt is also consistent with the fact that salmon juice is called "koechia" or "kechia" in the surrounding area.

Minnan Language,FormosanThen, small fishshrimp OfSaltedThe liquids separated from the salmon are called kechiap and koechiap (salmon juice kechiap, koechia), and this isMalay PeninsulaIt came to be called kichap, kecap.[Note 1][10][Note 2][11].. Eggplant soup and eggplant juice are translations for tomato ketchup, which was later mass-produced in the United States.

Murray colonyBy an Englishman who spoke kichap inEuropeMushrooms, tomatoes,WalnutIt was called catchup and catsup from raw materials. After that, tomato ketchup became popular in the United States, and modern timesAmerican EnglishIn, it is most common to write ketchup.

With Malay "kicap"IndonesianKecap is nowFish sauceother thansoyFermented seasoningSoy sauceIt has spread to the meaning of soy sauce, and today it is more often referred to as soy sauce. In IndonesiasoyとwheatWe are making a sweet sauce made by fermentingKetchup ManisIt is called (sweet ketchup).

And around the 17th century, east and westTradeIt is believed that it became popular and was transmitted from Asia to Europe.[9].. When the British encountered a seasoning called "kecap" in the 18th century, it was roasted like soy sauce.Fried food such asBritish foodCame to be used for[8].

After that, ketchup, which was introduced to Europe, changed its appearance greatly after that.Oysters,lobsterIn addition to seafood such as, ketchup made from various materials such as mushrooms and fruits has appeared.[9]. "Compleat HousewifeI used wine and spices in the recipe bookAnchoviesThe recipe for the base ketchup is written[8].

British ketchup

This was transmittedThe United KingdomThen, the mushroom preservation seasoning (en: Mushroom ketchup, Sprinkle salt on the mushrooms, leave for a few days and then ooze out the juice.SpicesWas devised, and even nowpie,stewIs used for. Other early ketchupOyster,Anchovies,lobsterSuch as seafood, walnuts,Common bean,cucumber,blueberry,cranberry,LemonAndGrapeな どplantVarious sauces made from materials have been devised.spicesIncreased variations while changing, such as adding[12].

Birth of tomato ketchup

Eventually British ketchupAmericaIt was also transmitted to. At that time, tomatoes were finally beginning to be eaten, but tomatoes produced in the United States had a bad reputation due to their poor quality, such as too strong acidity. Therefore, a ketchup using this unsold tomato was devised.[12].. Invented by Europeans who traveled to the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries[9].. Initially handmade at home[9].. oldestRecipes The1795 It is said to be "Receipt Book of Sally Bella Dunlop", but it is made by sprinkling salt on chopped tomatoes, leaving it for a few days, and then boiling the juice that has exuded with spices.vinegarNo sugar was added (unlike today, it is believed to have been used as a secret ingredient during cooking). Then, in the early 19th century, the so-called modern "ketchup" was born, in which tomatoes were sweetened with sugar, soured with vinegar, and seasoned with spices such as cloves, nutmeg, and ginger.[8].. The inventor of this tomato-based ketchupPhiladelphia OfDoctorIsscientistIt is said that it was James Mees, and the recipe is described in the book "Archives of Useful Knowledge, vol. 1812" in 2.[8].

Today, the world's largest ketchup makerHeinzWas originally based on the mother's recipeHorseradishIt was a company established to sell (horseradish) sauce[8].. However, the business went bankrupt and a new company needed another featured product.[8]So1876 Made only with good quality ripe tomatoesbottleReleased stuffed tomato ketchup. As a result of its widespread use, it is said to have become a representative of ketchup.

By the way, even in China, which is now considered to have roots, tomato ketchup has come to be used.[9].

カナダ OfQuebecThen.Apple,Peach,pineappleFruit ketchup made fromMeat PieI'm eating over.

History in Japan

Japanese tomato ketchupMeiji periodIt is said that the first one was transmitted from the United States.Since it was introduced from the United States, where tomato ketchup was already the mainstream at that time, in Japan, ketchup was tomato ketchup from the beginning.[9].. Domestic products1896 (Meiji 29)YokohamaShimizuya, which was founded by Yosuke Shimizu,1903 There is a record that manufacturing and sales started in (Meiji 36)Yokohama Archives of History MuseumIt remains in the collection and is believed to be the first domestic ketchup.[13].. This Shimizuya ketchup is1913 ToSouth wardWon the bronze award at the solicitation co-promotion event held inPurveyor to the Imperial Household AgencyIt is said that it also became.

1908 (Meiji 41)MeijiyaStarted importing and selling tomato ketchup and mushroom ketchup.

In the same year againIchitaro Kanie(Founder of Kagome) has started manufacturing and selling tomato ketchup[4]..Initially Kagome was released under the name of Nikko Sauce from 1905, later yearsBulldog sauceAiming forWorcestershire sauceAlthough it was sold as an intermediate product for the purpose of manufacturing Worcestershire sauce, the initial sales were not good because it was an almost unknown ingredient in Japan at that time and the color was worse than the imported product. Focused.After that, the spread of dishes using tomato ketchup, the improvement of the finish by changing the sterilization method, and the positive promotion were successful, and the sales increased rapidly.

The transition of containers also played a major role in expanding consumption. Initially releasedbeerIt was difficult to take out because it was packed in a bottle,1957 In addition, Kagome adopted a wide-mouthed bottle (following other companies) and was able to take out as much as needed with a spoon, so sales nearly doubled in four years. After that,polyethyleneTheBlow molding officialtubeThe one with the product was released and became the mainstream in Japan due to its ease of use.

Most ketchup made from tomatoes is red, but changing the ingredients will change the color of the ketchup.Fukui CityNichinichi Kore, a company headquartered in Japan, has commercialized golden ketchup.mangoOr yellowpaprika,LemonIs used as a material[14].

Philippine ketchup

Made from bananas rather than tomato ketchup in the PhilippinesBanana ketchupIs the mainstream. Also, the color of banana ketchup is red, which isColoringIt is due to.


1981 years,ReaganUnder the administrationUnited States CongressIt is,Ministry of AgricultureAgainst federal public schoolslunchWe asked for a proposal for a school cost reduction plan for the criteria. One of the USDA's proposals was to classify ketchup as a vegetable.[15].. This proposal was widely ridiculed and eventually rejected[16].

2016 United States Presidential ElectionBecame president afterDonald TrumpBaked in Weldanbeef steakThe scene of eating tomato ketchup has become a hot topic, and it is far from the sophisticated taste.[17]Or, they were often criticized for ruining the ingredients, but the direction of prioritizing their own tastes over diplomatic rituals, such as having tomato ketchup prepared for meals at overseas destinations, did not change.[18].

2021 ,in AmericaNew coronavirus infectionDue to the expansion ofRestaurant industry Ofdelivery,Take-outAs a result of the increased use of tomato ketchup, there was a shortage of tomato ketchup subdivision packs.[19].

Major manufacturers

The world's largest ketchup maker is located in the United States, a major consumerKraft HeinzAnd the worldshareIt accounts for about 3% (as of 2018).Unilever(With England NetherlandsMultinational corporation), with Japanese KagomeKikkoman (acquired Del Monte Asia),ノルウェーFollowed by Orkla[20].




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注 釈

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