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🧁 | The Westin Tokyo's Autumn Limited Montblanc is until 11/30! Compare the three types, and the number one in my home is this!


The Westin Tokyo Autumn Limited Montblanc is open until 11/30! Compare the three types and the number one in my home is this!

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The other day, I went to The Westin Tokyo in Ebisu, Tokyo to buy the sweets introduced in the morning information program.

"Autumn of appetite" has arrived ^^!It's the season when many delicious ingredients are harvested!It's delicious on TV information programs ... → Continue reading

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The Westin Tokyo

The Westin Tokyo(The Westin Tokyo)TokyoMeguroMitaIt is inHotel.Marriott InternationalGroup hotel.


Sapporo beer(Current:Sapporo Holdings) Is a complex facility built on the site of the factoryYebisu Garden PlaceIt opened in.

It is unified in European classic style, and the standard type has an area of ​​42 square meters.438 rooms including suites. The Westin Executive Club is located on the 16th to 21st floors. It has 8 restaurants and a lounge bar.

The Executive Club Lounge is located on the 17th floor and offers check-in / check-out services, breakfast services, tea services, evening cocktails, secretarial and business support for guests on the Executive Club floor.

In addition, the Chinese restaurant "Ryutenmon" on the 2nd floor of the hotel has been awarded one star for two consecutive years in the Michelin Guide Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kamakura 2011.

2008 (20) From June 6th to 11th of the same monthG8 Judiciary and Interior Ministers' MeetingUsed as a venue for[1].

Operating company

It will be operated by Marriott International.

Ownership transition

At the time of opening, Sapporo's subsidiaryYebisu Garden Place(Current:Sapporo Real Estate Development) Ownd,2004 (Heisei16) On December 12st, at 1 million yen,Morgan StanleySold to a real estate investment fund, Ginza Holding Special Purpose Company[2].

2008 (20) February 2, Morgan StanleySingapore Government Investment CorporationSold the operating company and real estate to GIC Real Estate, a subsidiary, for about 770 billion yen[3].

2019 (ReiwaIn December, GIC sold land and buildings to Chinese investment company Bright Ruby for about 12 billion yen.[4].


  • French restaurant "Victor's"
  • Teppanyaki "Ebisu"
  • Chinese food "Ryutenmon"
  • Japanese food "Mai"
  • Restaurant "The Terrace"
  • Sky Lounge "Compass Rose"
  • Executive Bar "The Bar"
  • Lobby lounge "The Lounge"
  • Takeaway "The Westin Deli"
  • Aesthetic salon "Le Spa Parisien"
  • Westin Workout Gym

な ど


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外部 リンク

Information program

Information program(Johobangumi) is for the purpose of providing some information.TV programKind of, andWide showAnother name for.


JapanIn the first half of the 1990s, the name "information program" was used to refer to "living information program" and "morning information program" that combines news and wide shows. Since the department that produces the wide show produces the information program in the morning,News agencyIt has been treated as a different genre from the "report" produced by the news department. Therefore, there were times when the name "news" could not be used in programs. However, since the wide show has been widely reported since 1999, since 2000News programIn the program structure of, the software news handled in the wide show is now included. This allows the evening news program to be called a pattern called "information program".TBS video problemsIn order to avoid the dirty image of the wide show, it came to be called "information program".[1].

Therefore, the name "information program" is used in brief, but the information program is categorized into several categories as follows.


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