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🍽 | Coffee table Perfect for reading!Two recommended books to read at the cafe


Perfect for reading a coffee table!Two recommended books to read at the cafe

If you write the contents roughly
A book about the secrets that Tokyo's long-established pastry shop "Ginza West" continues to love.

"Makkori-na's Cafe BonBon" that introduces recommended books for reading in the morning. Novels, essays, living and materials... → Continue reading

 Morning time.jp

Morning magazine "morning time.jp" full of tips to enjoy the morning
Approximately 1 breakfast recipes, serialization of recipes by popular cooks, breakfast shop information, morning scenery reports around the world, yoga, beauty, fashion, hair arrangements, articles written by experts every morning. I will deliver it.

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Western confectionery waist

Western Confectionery West Co., Ltd.(Yogashiho waist)TokyoChuoGinzaHeadquartered in 7th Street, mainlypie,ク ッ キ ーSuch asWestern confectioneryConfectionery company.Another name is "Ginza waist. "


By the founderSecond World WarShortly after1947/(ShowaIn 22) at Ginza Dentsu Dori (Sotobori Dori)RestaurantsFounded as.But at that timeJapaneseIn an era when the average monthly income of squid did not reach 5000 yen, full-course meals were offered for 1000 yen, so it was about half a year after the store opened.都Due to the ordinance enforced by the government (prohibition of menus over 75 yen), only the confectionery department is left.A coffee shopStart again as.

ManyCultural personIt became popular as a coffee shop where people gathered, and after that1950 eraIs largegramophoneIn a prime location called Ginza,coffee,ConfectioneryAs mentioned above, it is known to play a role as a salon that provides "culture" and to maintain the classic style to this day.In addition, the company's representative product, dry cake, is1960 eraAs a main product from, it is used for gifts in large numbers, not only for pies and cookies, but also for coffee shops.Shortcake,Cream puffEtc. are also added as a menu.

1967/(Showa 42)AoyamaOpened a coffee shop in Japan, and after thatMeguro[1],Harajuku[2]Also had a store.Also each in TokyoDepartment storeThere is also a shop in.Based on the company motto, "We are trying to have a serious taste" from the beginning of our founding.Kanto areaLimitedHas continued to operate consistently to this day.


1980 eraから1990 eraUntil the second halfTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd."A talented woman talks"TBSIt was broadcast at 11:XNUMX am on "JNN News 1130It is known that the commercial was aired on[3].. In the CM, "Hello, this is the waist of the dry cake.The narration was featured, and the video was shown until the flowers in the bud state were completely bloomed.


2009/(Heisei21) From April "文藝 春秋], A short essay "Wind Poetry" by a celebrity is published.Originally, this "Kaze no Uta" is a booklet that has been distributed in the store since the establishment of the Ginza store. continuing.Currently, the company's website also accepts posts by the general public.


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  1. ^ 2013/(Heisei25 years)May 3closed.
  2. ^ Due to the aging of the building that was occupied at that time2003/(HeiseiIt closed in 15).
  3. ^ From its founding to today, the commercial was broadcast only locally in Tokyo because it has no stores in areas other than the Kanto region.

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