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🍴 | A must-have for tea lovers!Waguri Mont Blanc with bergamot scent is now available at Sendai Station!


A must-have for tea lovers!Waguri Mont Blanc with bergamot scent is now available at Sendai Station!

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The gorgeous scent was the unique taste of "& Earl Gray".

I went to the Earl Gray specialty store "& EARL GRAY" on the 1st floor of Sendai station.The aim is the newly released "Tan ... → Continue reading

 Sendai Minami Tsushin

Local media in Sendai and Sennan. The couple is actually experiencing and sending out real information.

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Earl Grey

Earl Grey(British: Earl Gray) IsBergamotAnd added a citrus scentBlack teaso,Flavor teaKind of. The raw material is key tea of ​​Chinese tea (Ximen tea) Is often used, but there is no particular regulation on the blending of tea leaves,Ceylon teaOr a blend of Chinese tea and Ceylon tea, rarelyDarjeelingIs also used[1]."Earl Gray" What is "Count GrayOf the 1830sBritish Prime Minister, The Second Earl of GrayCharles GrayIt is said to be derived from.

Earl Gray sales companyTwiningsCompany,Fortnum & MasonCompany[2]Is well known.


Earl GrayBergamotThe calming aroma of is a major feature. The scent of this bergamotEssential oil,spicesOften flavored with.

Although the aroma component of tea becomes modest when cooled, Earl Gray, which is a flavored tea with an artificial scent, is relatively easy to understand even with ice cream, soIced teaOften used for. On the other hand, the fragrance of bergamot generally stands out as the temperature rises, so if you use iced tea with a strong scent as a hot tea, it will be very difficult for unfamiliar people to drink. This fragrance goes well with milk,Milk teaAs well as being drunk.


Earl Gray's name is often said to be derived from the second Charles, and the origin of Earl Gray has various traditions as follows.

  • A diplomat gave him a Chinese flavored tea, and he asked him to make a similar product for his tea dealer.
  • It was invented by Grey himself when he was transferred to China.
  • In China, a subordinate of Earl Gray helped a son of a high-ranking Chinese bureaucracy drown, and as a thank-you for learning how to make Earl Gray, he brought it back to England.
  • Similarly, a subordinate of Count Gray helped Maharaja's son, who was attacked by a tiger, and as a thank-you, learned how to make Earl Gray.
  • The taste of Hong Kong black tea that Earl Gray liked was reproduced using the flavor of Bergamot.

But in reality, Earl Gray has never been sent to India or China.[3][4], Because there was no bergamot incense in China or India at that time[5], These are all likely not true.

Bergamot flavored black tea existed at least in the 1820s and was flavored to mimic the expensive Chinese tea of ​​the time.[5][6]. It is unclear when and why these bergamot-flavored teas were called Earl Gray.

2013 Oxford English Dictionary Report on the Origin of Earl Gray[6]According to a survey of the literature, it is possible that it was the third generation of Earl Gray when Earl Gray's name appeared. There are two possibilities that he was given the title Earl as a rhetoric, and it is unlikely that the second generation, the Earl of Gray, supported the development of Earl Gray, considering the age and the handling of Bergamot-flavored black tea at that time. ing.

Takeshi Isobuchi,Masayama small speciesEarl Gray, who drank (Rapsan Soo Jung), liked the taste and wrote in his book that the tea made to imitate it is Earl Gray.[7]. According to Isobuchi, modern-day Rapsan Soochong has a scent like that of Shoromaru, but it was made for the British who wanted a strong scent, and the original Rapsan Soochong has a pale longan scent. It was black tea. Since the long eye is not available in England, Earl Gray is said to have been infused with a bergamot obtained in Sicily.

The Jackson and Twining companies have had an ancestral battle over a traditional tea dealer that Earl Gray ordered the development of Earl Gray. According to Jackson's allegation, the Jackson company absorbed a store of merchants entering and leaving the second generation of Grey.[8]. On the other hand, according to Twining, although it was different in the second generation,[Source required]For generations, the counts of Gray and Twining have been intimately associated with each other, and it is argued that the fifth generation of Count Gray acknowledged Twining as the originator.[9]. Around 1990, Jackson Company merged with Twining, ending the ancestor battle.



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