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📝 | "Tagliatelle Fungi" that makes the best use of the taste of mushrooms and garlic Ryu of Ryu Matsuyama is a resi ...


"Tagliatelle Fungi" that makes the best use of the taste of mushrooms and garlic Ryu of Ryu Matsuyama is Reshi ...

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Parsley sold in Japan is dry, but Italian parsley has recently been placed, so I definitely use it.

Left is Ryu Matsuyama artist photo / Right is "Tagliatelle Hungi" introduced by Ryu Ryu ... → Continue reading


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Italian parsley

Italian parsley(Italian: Parsley, scientific name: Petroselinum neapolitanum) IsAeri family OfTwo years[1].parsleyA variety of (Dutch parsley)Plain left speciesAlso called.地中海Coastal origin[1][2].


AD2 - 3st centuryFrom aroundEuropeVarieties that have been edible in[2].JapanPopular inMoscar speciesThe leaves are flatter than[1][2]The feature is that the flavor and aroma are soft.

Like the Moscar speciesApiolePineneIs the main component of the scent.Similarly,β-carotene,Vitamin C,calciumHave nutrients such as[2].


mainlyItalian foodFlavored vegetablesUsed as.Finely chopped and cookedソ ー ス,dressingIt can be used for such purposes, or it can be torn off and added to dishes.


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