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🧁 | Feeling exploding!Introducing a new convenience store that deliciously fills your stomach


Feeling exploding!Introducing a new convenience store that deliciously fills your stomach

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Meanwhile, the puff pastry was crisp and fragrant, and it was a good accent!

Sweets are not only snacks, but depending on the type, they can be light meals that fill your stomach.It's crispy and delicious at a convenience store ... → Continue reading

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pie(British: foot,alone: die Pastete, der Blätterteig,Buddha: tarte, tourte) IsWheat flourとバ タ ーMade fromClothBoiled sweetly in (pie crust)fruitKindnutKind,meatBy wrapping things and other things,ovenBaked inCuisineOrConfectionery..バターの代わりにInstead of buttershortening,lardMay be used,egg,sugarMay be included.

In addition, pies that do not use pie dough,FoodThere are also pies that are made for purposes other than the intended use (described later).


As a prototypeAncient egypt"Uten To" and "Uten To" in the Middle EastBaklavaAs the inventor of the modern pie,Claude LorrainAnd there are two theories of the Marquis of Conde, Feuillet.[1].

Oxford English DictionaryAccording to the report, the first record of the pie was in 1303, in the account book of the Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire.The United KingdomEarly pies at the restaurant were pie-wrapped dishes such as baked meat pies.原始的なPrimitiveFurnaceAs a container that can withstand long roasting in, the pie crust was made very thick and hard, making it unsuitable for food. In the 16th centuryovenWith improvementsPastryWith the progress of, pie crust recipes for eating begin to appear.on the other hand,Arab worldTransmitted fromSweet breadFrom the influence ofイタリアThen.RenaissanceA small and sweet pie developed during the period,EuropeSpread all over[2].

How to make a basic pie crust

The puff pastry contains a large amount of butter.The butter melts when heated, and when it boils, bubbles are generated in the dough, creating a crisp and unique texture.If the pie crust warms up during the pie making process, the butter melts before baking and the light texture is impaired, so it takes some skill to make a good dough.Frozen pie dough is also available on the market, and it has become possible to easily make pies at home in a short time.

Puff pastry

  • Puff pastry (Fiutage (France), Partfiete Pâte feuilletée (France), Blätterteig (Germany), Puff Pastry (UK), Flaky Pastry (US))
  1. Add water and salt to the sifted flour and mix until uniform.
  2. Add the drawn butter, mix further and let rest for a while.
  3. Stretch the dough into squares and wrap the chilled butter mass.
  4. Spread the dough wrapped in butter flat with a rolling pin.
  5. Dust the flattened dough and roll it flat with a rolling pin.
  6. Fold the dough in three and let it rest for a while.
  7. Stretch again in the direction orthogonal to the first stretch and fold in three.
  8. Repeat this process 5-6 times in total, and finally let the dough rest for a few hours to complete.
  9. Cut this as appropriate and wrap the ingredients, or spread it on a pie plate and pour the ingredients and bake.

Kneaded pie

  • Kneaded pie (Pâte brisée (France), Short Crust Pastry (UK)) (generally called American pie)
  1. Put chilled butter in the sifted flour and cut the butter while sprinkling the flour.
  2. Cut until the flour and butter are all light yellow and silky.
  3. When the whole is finely grained, lightly rub it with both hands to even out the flour and butter.
  4. Add salt-dissolved water to the water and mix until the whole is uniform and the dough is cohesive.
  5. Lightly dust the dough on the table, place the dough on it, and gently roll the rolling pin to stretch the dough.
  6. Cook like a puff pastry.

Typical pie

Sweet pie

  • Apple Pie : ApplePie using.
  • Peach pie:PeachPie using.
  • Banana pie:bananaPie using.
  • pumpkin pie: Sweetly boiledPumpkinWrapped paste or pumpkin flavorFillingBaked.秋から冬にかけてFrom autumn to winterHalloweenIt is often made.
  • Cherry pie: rawCherryOr wrapping cherries in sugar.TV drama"Twin Peaks』Because it was a favorite of the characters, it became famous in Japan.
  • Pecan pie : PecanとCorn syrup,custardPie using.
  • Mince pie : BrandySoaked in etc., choppedDried fruitWrapped in.This content is called "Mins Meat", but it is not meat.This name used to be a mixture of mince and dried fruits, and nowadays it doesn't contain meat.
  • Millefeuille: A layered layer of baked pie crust and creams and fruits.Layered layers of pie crust baked in meat and fish dishes are sometimes referred to as "millefeuille tailoring."Also known as Napoleon pie.

The following is called a "pie", but it is not baked in the oven, but a pie plate with baked pie dough or crushed graham crackers mixed with butter (kneaded pie dough like the above pie) It is a kind of namagashi that is served with cream etc. on (some are based only on).

Use pie crust in Japan, insideAzuki,Chestnut, Pumpkinssweet potatoThere are also eclectic Japanese sweets filled with red bean paste.

Unsweetened pie

  • Steak and Kidney Pie: ShreddedbeefAnd cowkidneyWhat wraps around.The United KingdomA popular pie.
  • Pork pie: seasoned豚 肉Wrapped in small pieces.Eat cold.
  • Hamburger pie:hamburgerWrapped in pie crust.
  • Hangi pie:RotoruaA pie with steamed beef in.
  • Meat Pie: Seasoned meat (meat sauce(Sometimes) wrapped around.
  • Quiche: Put meat and vegetables in the kneaded pie dough that matches the mold,cheeseSprinkle and bake.France OfLorraine regionLocal cuisine.
  • Shepherd's pie: "sheepIn the sense of "domestic pie"Lamb OfMinced meatSaltpepper-Herbs-onion・ SheepboneExtracted fromSoupAfter frying, transfer to a heat-resistant container, add vegetables, and topMashed potatoesServeovenBaked in.Do not use pie crust.British food.. aliasCottage pie.
  • Pizza pie:pizzaIs not a pie, but was called a pizza pie in English in the mid-20th century[3]..パイの一切れ「ピース・オブ・パイ」から、ピザ・パイと呼ばれるようになったともいうIt is also said that it came to be called a pizza pie from a piece of pie "Peace of pie"[4].
  • Stargazy pie: A traditional pie eaten on the night of December 12 in honor of a legendary fisherman who went fishing on a stormy night and saved the village from starvation in a fishing village called Mauroz in Cornwall.[2].
  • Crayfish pie

Other pies

Cooking using pie crust

  • Pie wrapping: A dish in which the whole is wrapped in pie crust and baked in the oven so as not to let the aroma of meat and fish escape.
  • Pot pie : stew,SoupThe pie crust is pasted on the mouth of the heat-resistant container that contains the pie crust, and the whole container is baked in the oven.Eat while breaking the pie into the stew or soup inside.Sometimes the ingredients are wrapped in pie crust and baked.
  • Apple Dumpling: PeeledAppleWrapped in pie crust and baked in the oven.果実を丸ごと包むWrap the whole fruitBourdelot(This applePearIf you change toDoyon) Is also available.

Difficult to eat

The pie is layered and difficult to cut with a fork or spoon.中でもAbove allMillefeuilleIs a typical pie that is difficult to eat and is difficult to eat beautifully.One solution is to lay it sideways and then cut it with a knife so that you can eat it without clutter.

Confectionery pie

During the manufacturing process with the above-mentioned insert pie, sugar grains (mainlyGranulated sugar) Is kneaded or sprinkled on the surface, then shaped and baked.However, there are some confectionery pies that do not use sugar, such as Kesestangen.なおIt should be noted thatFood composition tableThe food name inPuff pieIs written.

The sugar that melts at the time of baking cools and hardens after it is finished, so it has a harder texture than other pies.

  • Leaf pie
  • Stick pie
  • Palmier
  • Kesestangen

Non-food pie

  • A pie plate (a deep plate made of cardboard or aluminum foil) with whipped cream or non-food shaving creamcomedy,Entertainment showsOften used in.Especially, it often appears in American movies, TV dramas, and animations.It is used to hit the faces of other characters or to hit each other.Such a situation is "Pie throwingIs called.In Europe and the United States, it is sometimes thrown at hostile people at press conferences of politicians and managers of large corporations.
  • Generally, pies are cut and eaten, and the amount per person changes depending on the number of people eating, so it is used as a metaphor for "total amount of profits and customers shared by multiple people", "competing for pies" and "pie is big" (= The market size will increase) "and so on.ちなみにBy the waypie chartIs called a pie chart in English.
  • Used in various sports competitionsFrisbeeOriginally used a pie plateShootingIt was a game.


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