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🍽 | "VS Damashii" King & Prince Yuta Kishi's dumpling making "crazy" "too scary"

Photo King & Prince Yuta Kishi Illustration / Yu Ayaga (C) Maijitsu 

"VS Damashii" King & Prince Yuta Kishi's dumpling making "crazy" "too scary"

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Michopa, Kayoko Okubo, Kishi, Shunsuke Kazama, and "Sexy Zone" Shori Sato will face each other in cooking.

Yuta Kishi of "King & Prince" will appear in "VS Damashii" (Fuji TV series) broadcast on October 10th.Cooking ... → Continue reading


Maijitsu is a web media that introduces a little behind-the-scenes information about the entertainment world, hidden faces of celebrities, and crying and laughable stories on the Internet as "a little nice story" "actually a ○○ story".
It publishes about 10 articles every day, and is mainly supported by men and women in their 30s and 40s who are concerned about rumors of entertainers!

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Kayoko Okubo

Kayoko Okubo(Okubo Kayoko,1971 〈Showa46 years>May 5 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,actress,chairperson.. Comedy combination "OasisMembers.My partner isYasuko Mitsuura.AichiTaharaI'm fromProduction rickshawBelongs.


AichiAtsumi-gunTawaramachi (currentlyTaharaI'm fromTahara Town Tahara Chubu Elementary School[1],Tahara Municipal Tahara Junior High School,Aichi Prefectural Seisho High School,Faculty of Letters, Chiba UniversityGraduated from the Department of Literature[2].

1990 , Was a childhood friend of the same school from elementary school to high school (same class only for 3 years of high school)Yasuko MitsuuraIn a comedy circle, "Oasis”,1992 Made a major debut.

1992 Broadcasting started in AprilNew wave』Appeared.However, after the performers of "New Wave" are finished, "Tokuburi"Mitsuura is a laughable ugly, but Okubo is a laughable ugly" while being selected as a regular performer.[3]For that reason, only Mitsuura will appear regularly from Oashiz.

While Mitsuura also appeared in the successor program of "Tobukusuri", the work of Okubo's entertainment world decreased sharply, and while performing solo live performances in combination, sales and stage performances.OLTurn into.[4]

After that, he spent a bad time as a talent, but in 2000 Mitsuura appeared alone.Mecha2Cool!], As a new regular, "Mitsuura's partner and now OL" is on sale.As a result, while selling two bundles of straw shoes[5], It was decided to return to the program that continues to flow from "New Wave".

TV work continues to be mostly "Mecha-Mecha", but since the mid-2000s, "Mecha-Mecha"Cream Nantoka], Etc., and in addition to Mitsuura and the combination, the number of offers for independent work will increase.

After that, he appeared on many TV programs.Not only does he appear on variety shows as a comedy talent, but he is also supported as a cultural figure who can say the true intentions of women in their 40s, and is also active as a commentator on information programs.AlonetheaterThe activity is also continuing, and he has appeared on the stage as a member of the theater company Tomorrow's illustrated book.Aside from performing arts activities, he continued to work as an office lady and worked for 2 years as a telephone number to accept complaints about 14 days a week, but confessed that he retired in August 2010 in "Mecha-Mecha Ike" broadcast on November 8 of the same year. is doing.The reason for his retirement is that when he tried to go to the trash area of ​​the condominium, he was so tired that he unconsciously went out of the condominium with the trash.


  • Special skill isplot..He has two levels of skill in Zhusuan and has runner-up in the local Zhusuan tournament.
  • Has 5 dan calligraphy as a qualification.
  • I've loved comedy more than my partner Mitsuura since I was a student, especiallyBeat takeshiI liked it and recorded the radio every week.
  • Mizonokuchi OfBell system 24At OL (Call center) Was doing[6].
  • Selected as No. 2013 in the most breakthrough talent in 1[7].
  • BaseballChunichi DragonsIt is a fan of.
  • "Paco beautyI have a dog called "chan" (I decided to keep a dog in the planning of the program, and the name comes from the bottom story).
  • The eighteenth song in karaoke isChiemi Horiof"Twilight mood'[8]And when singing in a variety show, he sings this song.In addition, he played a co-star with Hori on the FNS 2015-hour TV broadcast in 27.[9].
  • 2015'sFNS 27-hour TV], I challenged the 88km marathon and completed the race.
  • It has often been rumored that he has a savings of 1 million yen,Cantere"OkaberoI admitted the rumor when I appeared in[10].


Appearance in the combinationOashiz # AppearanceSee.

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Current regular program

Semi-regular program

Irregular appearance program

Variety shows that appeared in the past

Semi-regular program
Irregular appearance program


Other TV programs



Current appearance program

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Music video

  • CHERRY LYDER"It will be longer than Kirin's neck." (Victor Entertainment)
  • Lee Te-Gang "Over and Over" (Avex)

Video work

  • Okubo x Torii x Britney 3P (Three Pieces) VOL.1-4 <End> (2010-2011, Toei)
  • Kayoko Okubo Theater Company "Muramusume" (2011,Aniplex)


Single Author
  • I am a sober woman (April 2010, Daiwa Shuppan)
  • Beauty's Taste (May 2014, Tokuma Shoten)
  • Unskilled Friendship (Co-authored with Yasuko Mitsuura) (November 2006, Gentosha) Paperback in 11.

Related item

  • Mayumines --I used to work for the same company when I was an office ladySeemsHas been reported[34].


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