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🍴 | Thai classic food for sandwiches !? "Mango Tree Kitchen" take-out limited menu released

Photo "Mango Tree Kitchen" Takeout limited menu is now available!

Thai classic food for sandwiches !? "Mango Tree Kitchen" take-out limited menu released

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It is a luxurious set that includes fresh spring rolls & coriander salad, tom yum kung, stir-fried chicken gapao, kai yang, pad thai, etc. You can enjoy authentic Thai food at home.

Thai fast food "Mango Tree Kitchen" will start with Thai food as a sandwich from October 10th (Friday). → Continue reading

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Guy Yarn

Guy Yarn (ไก่ ย่าง) isThailandEaten inYakitori.

Mainly at food stallsSticky riceSold with.From small skewered chicken like Japanese yakitoriChickenThere are various types and sizes, such as half of one feather baked as it is and sandwiched between two large skewers, and only the wings are collected and sandwiched between two skewers. It has been done.

LaoGenerally in Thailand because it is a dish ofEthan CuisineIs classified as[1].


Kai Yang is in LaoRoast chickenMeans.In Western Lao / Thai restaurants, it is offered as "Lao style (Thai style) barbecue chicken" or "Pingai" "Kai Yang".


Mainly chicken that is opened in half and beaten is used.After marinating it, grill it over charcoal at low temperature for a long time.For marinadeNampula(Fish sauce) Like fish sauce,garlic,turmeric,coriander,White pepperEtc. are often used.There are many variationslemongrass,チリ,Ginger,vinegar,Palm sugar,Tamari soy sauceVariant,Hoisin sauce(Hoisin sauce),Umami seasoningEtc. may also be used.



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