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🍜 | October XNUMXth (Sat) Taisei Shima's Poppun Island

Photo After the Battle of Guru Nai

October XNUMXth (Sat) Taisei Shima's Poppun Island

Taisei-san on October XNUMXth This week, we delivered it by remote recording!Day and night reversal life & because the hotel was dry, ha ... → Continue reading

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Sapporo: AM1440kHz / FM90.4MHz We have been talking about Hokkaido for more than half a century!We deliver a variety of content, such as music-related guests, local information in Hokkaido, and sports topics, centering on program topics such as the back side of the broadcast and personality affairs!Information from Hokkaido is from STV Radio!

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