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☕ | Introducing "cafe-loving entertainers" who visit 300 houses a year!What are the hottest shops in Tokyo?


Introducing "cafe-loving entertainers" who visit 300 houses a year!What are the hottest shops in Tokyo?

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Ishii: Well, there is a person named Mr. Ozaki who always ranks high in the latte art world competition, but that person has become a new shop, and I feel like drinking drip coffee at the cafe I introduced earlier. It was, but I think it would be nice if you could see the latte art here!

The photo is from Swell Coffee Roasters.Press release issued by Swell Sea Co., Ltd ... → Continue reading


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Latte art

Latte artorCoffee artIt is,VaristorRefers to a design made on top of an espresso-based drink.

These designs are usually made in two ways, sometimes a combination of them.

The first method is to manipulate the flow of milk coming out of the jug (milk pitcher).espresso(Known as free pour latte art).Common designs by this free pore include rose decorations, leaves and heart paintings.

The second method isthermometerIt is made using other tools (this is known as "etching"), such as (the tip of the needle on the opposite side of the display), mold plate, powder, and milk foam.Use the thermometer needle like a brush in calligraphy (with a little black espresso extract attached and use it like ink in calligraphy).This is called design cappuccino and is distinguished from latte art.

cappuccinoDespite being part of the expression of Caffe Mocha and Espresso Macchiato, much of the latte art is usually from the proportion of its milk that makes the foam.Cafe latteOften seen in.As the popularity of high-quality espresso-based drinks increased, so did the decoration technology of latte art.


With the growing popularity of latte art and artistic expression in cups, competitions have begun to take place around the world where experts (baristas) compete for their latte art skills.At latte art competitions and barista discussions, the quality of espresso and steamed milk comes first before considering how to use eye-catching art to complete a drink for latte art experts. It is encouraged to think about.

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