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🍴 | To create a “pho specialty store” in Harajuku Omotesando!You can arrange it to your liking with abundant toppings

Photo Four specialty store "One for Bowl" opens!

To create a "pho specialty store" in Harajuku Omotesando!You can arrange it to your liking with abundant toppings

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Whether you are familiar with Pho or not, you can feel free to use it like fast food, and it is a place where you can take a break.

Pho specialty store "One for Bowl" will open in Harajuku Omotesando, Tokyo from November 11th (Friday). ■… → Continue reading

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Fast food

fast food(OrFast food,Kana notation for "fast food"See also,British: fast food) Means simple foods and meals that can be cooked in a short time or eaten immediately after ordering.Serving them with foodRestaurant industryTo describe.It should be noted that "fast" means "quick", not "first".

State of each place

The United States of America

The food culture varies depending on the ethnic group and region, so it takes time to spread beyond these boundaries. On the contrary, it may not even propagate at all. Since the United States is a multi-ethnic nation, there was a destiny that would not be a big business unless it crossed the boundaries of food culture that was divided by ethnicity, country of origin, race, regional differences within the United States, and so on.

The beginning of fast food was that it was a seasoning that could be accepted across ethnic groups across national and regional borders in the United States, and that it was "cheap" at the time when the Engel coefficient was high, and it was the greatest weapon. It has spread. In the middle class, fast food, which is easy to eat and has a large dietary energy rather than being inexpensive, has been accepted as a diet that improves labor efficiency.Hamburger,Hot dog,Fried chicken,sandwich,pizzaFor each type, a "food chain" appeared and became a big company.

Second World WarLater, Chain stores have begun to expand overseas. However, if we went abroad with American know-how as it was, fast food became a "high-priced" meal due to exchange rate problems. In particular, when opening a store in a country where there is not much beef food culture, the cost of obtaining ingredients will increase further, and it will be introduced in a scheme that is unthinkable in the United States, "Fast food = meal of the rich people". It was

In the early days of overseas expansion, fast food was not “cheap”, but the expansion of the “American-capitalized” “huge food chain” squeezed the domestic industries of each country, which was not competitive, and invaded the American culture. It was often seen as a symbol of, and restrictions were placed on store openings.

It is reported that the poorer, who has less knowledge about health, has a higher proportion of fast food in the diet, and thus the poorer people are more likely to become obese. In addition, there is a situation that it takes less time to cook and there is no choice but to choose fast food because it is cheap[1].


In some countries, there are strong policies to protect their own industries and restrictions on hugely-capitalized American companies. Especially in France, there are few American-owned fast food chains. However, there are fast food chains of domestic companies and fast food stores that are close to individual management,Fish and chips,Chicken and chips,Panino, Grec (kebabsand),Shish kebabBesides, emergingSpice bagYou can also see different kinds of fast food from the United States.

American ledglobalismSometimes fast food is taken up as a symbol ofAnti-globalism,Slow food,Fair tradeThere is an "anti-fast food movement" that mixes economic logic and cultural theory.


Edo PeriodIsJapanese buckwheat noodles,Udon,tempura,sushi,Oden,eel,SkewersFlows through the cityA stallIt was sold as a dish that can be eaten easily and quickly[2].

American fast food flowed into Japan in the early 1970s. Great Britain in 1970WinpeeIncluding,Kentucky Fried Chicken,Dom Dom Hamburger, In 1971McDonald's,Mister Donut, In 1972Lotteria,Mos BurgerHas opened a store. In addition, under the U.S. military ruleOkinawaThen in 1963Kitanakagusuku VillageToA & WThe first store is open.Mos Burger is similar in form to other hamburger chain stores, but it is classified as a hamburger restaurant because it receives orders and cooks, and there is an interpretation that it does not correspond to a fast food restaurant.

in Japan,Standing sobaIn addition to old foods such as hamburgers and chicken from the United States,beef bowl,Ramen,Curry and riceSuch,ModernFoods that have become popular in Japan since then are also developing chain stores.family restaurant,Diner,Conveyor belt sushiIt is easy to eat and drink in the store likeBox lunch,Sweet bread,Side dishUntil then, the snack industry is expanding.

One of the selling points of fast food is "cheapness". Business owners are often under pressure to reduce labor costs. Therefore, management that does not require skills is performed, simple ormanualPrepared procedure manual, hire non-regular employees instead of permanent employees, hire housewives and students part-time, transport frozen foods manufactured by our own factory or cooperating companies to each store, Often cooked in the microwave and served to customers.


Fast food in China kuài cānIs called. In China, it started in the 1980sReform and opening upAs a result of the policy, global fast food restaurants such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald's have started to open in big cities and have already spread to quite a few local cities.

Originally in China,noodles,Gyoza,ChimakiSuch as点心Also has a fast food personality. Following the chain stores in Europe and America,SoymilkAs fast food restaurants that sell food became popular, various fast food chains based on Chinese food began to open. On the trayChinese cuisineThere is also a signboard for "Fast food" at set meal shops where you can eat a lot of food. Recently Taiwanese stylerice ballA chain,Japanese-style OfRamenShops andCurry and riceIt's also popular in stores.

In 2010, the Chinese Culinary Association released a list of the top 50 fast food companies. According to the survey, the top five companies were Yum Brands, McDonald's, Taiwanese Dicos, and Ajisen.[3].

Main stores

Country is head office/head office location


The United Kingdom






Hamburgers, donuts, sandwiches, etc.

Curry and rice

Donburi, udon, etc.




*Only listed for chain stores that have opened more than 10 stores to date.

Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki

Box lunch


Hong Kong

  • (Cafe de Corral)
  • Merry 


Health problems

2003 yearswho(WHO) report reports that fast food is associated with obesity[4].. In 2007World Cancer Research FundReport states that fast food intake should be modest to prevent cancer[5].. In the United States, 11 major manufacturers such as McDonald's and PepsiCo have agreed to stop advertising such as fast food for children under 12 years old[6].

In 2009, the Taiwanese government plans to specially tax unhealthy foods such as fast foods. The purpose is to improve eating habits and reduce obesity. The country has more than one in four obese children and the obesity issue is being addressed.

It has become a problem in the United States, and two-thirds of American adults are obese, and medical expenses exceed $ 3 billion[7].

If you often eat fast food before pregnancy,Diabetes mellitusIncreased risk of morbidity reported[8].

"fast foodKana notation


In Englishfast food"Fast food" is predominantly used as a pseudonym for "".Japan Broadcasting Corporation In a survey conducted by (NHK) in 2002 (FY 14), 72% of respondents said that they were “fast food”.[9].Kojien(6th edition), Myokyo Japanese dictionary (2nd edition),Genius dictionary"Fast food" is also used for headwords such as (2nd edition).But in recent years, "fast foodSome people have come to say[9].

Mass media

In Japanese mass media,solidIs decided to be pronounced and written as "fast"[9],Kyodo NewsMajor news agencies, includingJapan Newspaper Association, With NHKJapan Private Broadcasting FederationSo, "fast food" is a unified notation[Note 1].. Meaning "fast"solid"Means "fast" and "first"firstBy distinguishing "" from "first",KatakanaWas transformedForeign wordsThere is also an explanation that it avoids the confusion of the meaning of[10].

Government agency

Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareIt is not unified on the official website of the company and both "fast food" and "fast food" are used (as of November 2019)[11].

English and American

"solidIs pronounced in the UK [fɑːst] And is close to "first", but "fast foodThe pronunciation in the United States, which is the origin of the concept of "fæst] And a little closer to "Fast"[12]It can be said that.However, [fæst] If it is pronounced a little strongly, it may sound longer like "first".

In English, "fast" is a one-syllable word in both English and American styles, but in Japanese, "fast" [fɑːsuto] (1 syllables) and "fast" [fɑsuto] (4 syllables) have vowels. It has multiple syllables, which are fundamentally different from English syllables.Therefore, neither "first" nor "fast" in Japanese is correct, and there is no point in arguing which is correct.However, there are still doubts about how to count syllables because it depends on the language.


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注 釈

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