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🍴 | The topic "Despair Spaghetti" on the net was really as the name ... This will fly


The topic "Despair Spaghetti" on the net was really as the name ... This will fly

If you write the contents roughly
It was the most delicious reporter who loves blue-backed fish such as sardines, mackerel, and horse mackerel, but there are quite a few comments on the Internet that care about the smell of fish.

There is a pasta sauce called "Despair Spaghetti".What exactly is "despair" in spaghetti ...! ??Nowadays, I ... → Continue reading


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  • 空 気Floating insideSense of smellWhat stimulates[1](note. "Kojien』, The explanation of the sense of smell system is the second and subsequent).
  • Bright colors such as red shine beautifully[2].VisualThe beautiful colors that can be captured in. "odor".


First, I would like to introduce how it is explained in "Kojien".They are listed in the following order.

In recent years, the latter, which stimulates the sense of smell and is used in the sense of substances and sensations that humans perceive, is increasing.


"Smell"Yamato languageso,漢字When guessing, it is basically written as "smell" and "smell".However, the "smell" isKanjiNot againnative scriptIs.Good odors are often written as "smell" and bad odors are often written as "smell".[Note 1].

Good smell (smell) is in Yamato languageKaoriOr "" in Chinesearoma(Koki) "[6].. When applying Chinese characters to "Kaori", it is "fragrance", "fragrance", "fragrance", etc., and there are also idioms such as "fragrance".Both are kanji for this purpose, and "ho" is a guess.

In Japan, "Kaori""KahoriIn the readingFemale OfNameIt is often used in Chinese characters such as "Kaori", "Kaori", and "Kaori". Write "Kaoru" and "Kaoru" and read "Kaoru"Person's name TheMaleTo many[7].


Smell means that bright colors such as red shine beautifully.[8].VisualThe beautiful colors that can be captured in. "odor".

For example,Manyoshu』Has the following song.

The yellow leaves (maple leaves) but the hohi is thick[9] -("Manyoshu" 10)

Also"Iroha song"Irohanihoheto (the color smells)" at the beginning of the book.

The color of the attackone of.The color scheme that makes the top darker and the lower part lighter is also called "smell".

Flower part

Traditionally of flowersStamenPistilAre collectively called "smell".Japanese painting,YuzenSuch aspottery,lacquerware OfMakie, The central part of the flower, such as squeezing.A part of the table that makes you feel a stronger presence in the back is called "smell".

Sensory content of the sense of smell

Basic classification

Smell / scent

Among the odors, particularly preferable ones are sometimes called "kaori", "fragrance", "fragrance", and "fragrance".

The culture of giving a good scent to the body, clothes, houses, etc. has been around for a long time regardless of the east or west of the West, and peopleflower,HerbsOr collectperfume,IncenseHas a history of developing.for example,WesternThen.Ancient romeWritten around the 1st century ADPedanius DioscoridesBook ofFrom Materia Medica("Pharmaceutics") says "lavenderLavender oil made by distilling is any otherspicesIt is said that it has a scent of scent, and it seems that it was used for clothes and hair, and also for bath salts.Even in modern timesFranceな ど地中海It is widely used in homes in coastal countries andOrientalThen while exploring incenseIncenseHas also come to be done.Even now, various fragrances are being developed and sold.

Smell and aroma are also important factors in eating and drinking.People chew what they put in their mouths (food and food) and feel the aroma.Humans choose fragrant ingredients andSpicesUse, scent improves調理Depending on the choice of law, it also has a scent and scent.Eating habitsI have been trying to improve.For example, confectionery is made from the same basic ingredients, and even if it is known that there is no difference in nutritional value, texture, etc. (and increasing the variety, production cost and transportation cost will increase. Confectionery makers dare to have a variety of scents (even if they know they will end up)Flavor) Is widely prepared as a lineup to meet people's demands for various flavors (and as a result, increase total sales).People enjoy not only the nutritional value (or the effect of suppressing hunger) and chewyness of what they eat, but also the aroma (flavor).[10].

perfumeAnd fragrances,WashingFordetergent-SoftenerEven if a product is developed and sold by a company as a good odor, some people who smell it may feel that the scent is too strong, or the odor may affect the mind and body as an unpleasant odor.In modern Japan, this isPollutionToFragranceSometimes called (kogai).

Smell / bad smell

Unpleasant odors and odors are called "odors" in modern times. The Chinese character "smell" is applied and also written as "smell".

Some of the odors that cause particularly strong discomfortStenchIn JapanOffensive odor prevention methodIs subject to regulation.Also irritatingChemical substanceIs sprinkled or thingscorruptionIt is often reported as a "foul odor" when it is burnt or burnt.[11].

LawOrdinanceEven if it is not regulated byBad breath,Aging odor,OdorExcessive includingbody odor,WashingNot clothes,smokingIt is said that it causes troubles and suppresses unpleasant odors caused by such things as etiquette.To make people uncomfortable with odors, whether malicious or notSmel harassmentCall.

Also, as mentioned above, fragrances that one person feels preferable to use may cause discomfort or physical symptoms to another person.FragranceThere is also a problem[12].

Foul odors and pungent odors often inform humans of the dangers of putrefaction and harmful substances.Developed in modern timeschemical weaponSome are colorless and odorless but highly lethal.

On the other hand, humans give off odors that people with different cultures and tastes feel stinking.Fermented foodI like to eat[13], Sometimes I smell a bad smell from my curiosity.An example of the latter is the "Most Smelly" held in the United States.sneakersContest"[14](Lotten Sneaker Contest) In addition toIkebukuroPARKIs January-February 2018,SurrealismHeld an "Smell Exhibition" where you can smell the scent[15].スウェーデンSouthernMalmoIn 2018, the "Unpleasant Food Museum" was opened for a limited time, in addition to SurströmmingDorianFoods with strong odors were also exhibited.[16].

For foods, etc., as an index showing the strength of the odor, "Alabaster unit"(AU) is used.

Relationship between smell and people

Strength of odor and emotional connection

Due to various research results in the medical field in recent years, odor is different from other sensations.Limbic systemIt became clear that it arrived directly at.The limbic system is also called the "emotional system" and smellsA human OfinstinctAnd especially感情Tied withMemoryIt has been pointed out that it is closely related to.In other words, the smell isThe most emotionally stimulating sensationsIs supposed to be[17].

Gender difference in odor sensitivity

Women are more sensitive to odors because they have a more developed brain than men.[18]

Women are more interested in odors than men, partly because of their gender differences in sensation.[19]..Women are said to be more sensitive to the sense of smell than men[19]..One factor is that women have a period when their sense of smell becomes sensitive depending on the period within the menstrual cycle.[19].. Note thatovulationIt is said that the sense of sensation to "odors related to adult men" and "unpleasant odors" decreases during the period.[19].MenstruationOn the contrary, it is said that many women become sensitive to "unpleasant odors" during the period.[19].

There is a difference between men and women in the development of the brain, and it is the "sensory area" that controls the sense of smell.Limbic systemIt is said that it has a strong relationship with.The limbic system controls memoryHippocampusAnd emotionstonsilHas a great influence on the sense of smell[19]..Since the brain has such a structure, it is easy to connect odor and memory, and odor and emotion.And when a woman smells, it is easy to awaken the memory related to it at the same time.[19].

Physiological effects

Smell can have a physiological effect on a person.for example,jasmineSmell (scent)HeartbeatThere is also a study that significantly increases the LF component of the power spectrum of.This has the scent of jasmineParasympathetic nerveIncrease the activity of (=Sympathetic nerveSuppresses), suggesting that it reduces the mental load[20].


In foods and beverages, enjoy the good aroma and aroma produced by ingredients, seasonings, spices, and cooking and brewing using them.In modern processed foods and beveragesspicesIs often added.

EthanethiolSome organic sulfur compounds, such as, have a sufficiently strong pungent odor at low concentrations.Using this, LPG (LPG) so that even if a small amount of gas leaks, it can be immediately recognized.Liquefied petroleum gas) Etc.OdoredMay be added as an agent.

The sensitivity of the sense of smell varies greatly from organism to organism.Has a much more sensitive sense of smell than humans in criminal investigationspolice dogUse to track and search for criminals, victims, and leftovers.

Smell detection / analysis and reproduction

In addition to various odor meters, a camera that visualizes the type and intensity of odorToyohashi University of Technology,Hamamatsu PhotonicsDeveloped by[21].

In addition, by analyzing the constituent substances of the odor that human sense of smell can perceive, and combining and synthesizing "elemental odors",virtual realityTechnology that reproduces odors even in remote areas by linking with images including (VR) and games and simulated experiences is also being put into practical use.[22][23].

Tradition of technology and culture related to odor

Aromatherapy The中 世The prototype was born in20st centuryWas specifically proposed by.Utilizing the scent of aromatic components mainly derived from flowers and trees,stressMind and body such as mitigationHealthIt is a technology that is said to be useful for maintenance.

Visual image (visual content),sound(Hearing content),tasteCompared to (taste content), odor (smell content) has relatively few opportunities to be discussed or educated.Also, in recent years in Japan, there is a tendency that it is good to have no or a little odor, and it is for home use.DeodorantsAnd deodorant goods, slightly fragrantCosmetics・ Many consumers buy hair styling products.Behind this phenomenon of "avoiding odors" is "Smellsuppression》, And behind it 《instinctSuppression》 and 《sexRepression is lurking, said Takashi Suzuki.[24][25]

Today, companies in various industries are trying to use odors to improve their image and promote sales.This has led to the development of the latest scent sprayers that last for more than 10 hours.Non smokingThis is due to the development of "functional aroma", which is said to have the effect of helping people and improve their memory.However, due to the flood of artificial scents, "I think the delicate" scent culture "of Japanese people is being lost." "I think it is necessary to teach the faint scent of nature." There is also an expert's point that[26].

In Japan, "Scent-themed exhibition"IwataOf scent博物馆"(Shizuoka Prefecture)[27]Or "Oita Fragrance Museum"(Beppu)[28]There is.

The smell of "drying the room"

WashingWhen you "dry a room" to dry things indoors, the odor becomes a problem.This is because the clothes are damp for a long time until the laundry dries.Miscellaneous bacteriaIs breeding, which causes the odor.[29].

There are several ways to prevent this.One is to use room-dried goods, etc.[30]The method is to dry in the shortest possible time.[29]..In addition, it is also important to keep the number of germs as low as possible.[29]..Also, you can use a "room-drying detergent" (which contains antibacterial chemicals), and for clothes in addition to the usual laundry detergent.bleach(Bleach also acts as a disinfectant and disinfectant)[29]It is possible to minimize the growth of bacteria by such methods.[29]..In Europe, there are few people who are suffering from the smell of "drying the room" like in Japan.This is because many washing machines sold in France, Germany, etc. (very different from washing machines made by Japanese home appliance makers).Function to set the temperature of hot water during washingMany of them have (with electricity, gas, etc.)Wash while warming clean tap water to hot water to the set temperatureAnd as for the temperatureWashing at 60 ℃ or higher can kill almost all the germs hidden in the laundry.This is well known in European homes, and it is customary to set such a temperature (to judge the condition of the laundry and to wash it as needed).After washing in this way, even if it is dried in the room (because there are few germs in the dried laundry in the first place), it does not smell so strange and the finish is refreshing.


[How to use footnotes]
  1. ^ As an exception, "smell" is basically written as "smell", but sometimes it is written as "smell".I usually don't write "smell" because it's hard to read


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