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☕ | Cafe Kanro is open in Sasame-cho, Anjo City


Cafe Kanro is open in Sasame-cho, Anjo City

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Opening and closing information.An old folk house cafe is open in Sasame-cho, Anjo City.Cafe Kanro of an old folk house cafe opens 20 ... → Continue reading

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"Register as a friend"(Friends and Uroku)2001 May 4ToFuji Television Network, Incof"A strange story in the world Special edition of spring"sobroadcastWas doneTV drama.. StarringFukada Kyoko.


Sayuri Nishijima (Fukada), who goes to college, was unable to make friends because of her shy personality.However, I didn't want to realize that I didn't have any friends, so I did not miss an email check that I couldn't have come to.Then, one day, I received an invitation notification for a membership site called "Friend Registration".

"Always introduce your favorite type of friends"

I was skeptical, but Sayuri registered with half a joke because it was free.Then, an email of "desired column" will be sent.It was really about entering the "type you wanted".

For the time being, Sayuri inputs and sends "a child who will liven up the excitement from the other side".Then, the next day, a classmate who has no acquaintance talks to him intimately.I instinctively asked "Which one?", But she said "I just exchanged contacts the other day!", And when I confirmed her name was registered on my mobile phone.

Sayuri who confirmed the effect of "friend registration" becomes happy and has a good time with that friend.However, after a while, Sayuri was a little annoyed by her high tension.Then you will receive an email from "Friend Registration". "Would you like to remove this person from your friends?"Sayuri, tired of her, "erases" her classmate from her friends at home.Then, enter and send the hope as "a gentle child".

The next day, an unfamiliar classmate talked to me, and when I looked at the phone, my name was still registered.At first, Sayuri was relieved by her quietness, but she "erased" because she couldn't talk to each other and was too quiet.

After that, Sayuri "saved" "favorite friends" and "erased" "disliked friends" many times, and eventually more than 10 friends began to gather around Sayuri. ..Without any doubt that the two people who erased at the beginning did not meet at all after that.

And while having a drinking party with those friends, Sayuri suddenly asked, "Hey, do you guys know that you're a friend?"Then, the air drinking party that had been enjoyed until then quieted down all at once, and the air became strange.One of my friends tried to break the air and said, "I don't know at all? Let's drink!", But the atmosphere becomes awkward.In addition, one of my friends spilled a drink on "the clothes Sayuri just bought", making everyone awkward.Sayuri was wondering, but without any particular concern, she checked her friend list at home and said, "I spilled a drink on the clothes I just bought.", "This girl always hugs me, I feel uncomfortable." "Erase" friends that you don't like one after another for trivial reasons.

The scene changes, and when "a friend who spilled a drink on Sayuri's clothes" is walking in a tunnel with little traffic, a drunken office worker hits his shoulder.The office worker looks back and yells, "Where are you looking at?"However, I can't find the "friend" I bumped into anywhere.

Also, when the scene changes and "a friend who hugs Sayuri every time" is taking a shower at home, he suddenly disappears and the nozzle of the shower falls to the floor.Yes, the person deleted by "friend registration"Literally disappears from the world without a traceIt was.Sayuri "erases" her friends one after another without knowing such a thing.

Then, the scene changed again, and another "friend" cried and consulted with the same "friend" as "Isn't that child (Sayuri) in a bad mood? Isn't he going to be erased this time?"Somehow, the encouragement from my "friend" calmed me down, but Sayuri's "erasure" caused that "friend" to disappear in front of me.

Later, Sayuri goes to the beach with "all of her friends", but all of them have an unfriendly attitude toward Sayuri.When Sayuri asks a question, no one tries to answer it.

Some of my friends couldn't stand the air and started crying on the spot saying, "I can't stand being friends with Sayuri anymore!"

Sayuri, who was angry at the disturbing attitude of each friend, took out the mobile phone and pressed "Erase all".Then, in front of Sayuri's eyes, the friends' screams of annoyance disappeared like sand one by one.

When Sayuri, who was surprised, returned home and looked at the album, she noticed that the members other than Sayuri had disappeared from the photo in the "photo taken at the drinking party".

Sayuri realizes the true meaning of deleting friends with "friend registration", and an email comes from "friend registration". "You have exceeded the number of deleted excesses.Therefore, please be on the friend side this time".This time Sayuri was in a position to be frightened of "deletion".And soon you will receive instructions.There was a place to meet the other person's name.

The next day, when he meets the other person as instructed, the other person takes exactly the same reaction as he did at the beginning of "friend registration", but continues the conversation without worrying about it. Sayuri who lifts the opponent hard so that it will not be "erased".However, I was frustrated by repeating it and said, "This is not a real friend! After all, you should find a real friend yourself! It's a true friendship that you are in a good mood with such a partner. I can't say it! "

Then, with a smile, he said, "It's my first time, I was told that," and I feel relieved.However, at that moment, she changed her expression and said, "... that kind of annoying thing ...I was shocked to say that.And the word "erase" was displayed on the other party's mobile phone.


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