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🍺 | Still in time!Examination for enjoying beer "Japan Beer Examination" 2nd and 3rd grade applications are being accepted

Photo Biaken's website.Not only the examination information, but also the mock questions and the impressions of the examinees, so you can understand the world view of Biaken well. [Image courtesy of Japan Beer Culture Study Group]

It's not too late yet!Examination for enjoying beer "Japan Beer Examination" 2nd and 3rd grade applications are being accepted

If you write the contents roughly
In addition, a beer assignment will be provided each time, and group work will be held while drinking.

The "Japanese Beer Test (commonly known as Biaken)" conducted by the Japan Beer Culture Study Group.Among beer fans ... → Continue reading

 Japan Via Journalists Association

There are over XNUMX types of beer that can be called the most popular of all liquor. Such beer has come to be called craft beer, and it is loved by young people to elderly people, and the movement of local beer is occurring all over the world. For the time being, beer is not fun! Do you have an adventure to find your favorite beer? We publish articles to help you in your beer adventure. Enjoy our articles to get a glimpse of the beer world today.

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group work

group work(Social group work) is one of the specialized techniques in social work, and when users participate in group program activities, they are influenced by each other and help individuals change (grow, develop). Refers to the process.


There are four possible development processes: 1. preparation period, 2. start period, 3. work period, and 4. termination / transition period.

  1. Preparation period: It is a time to clarify the problems and issues of users and the contents of assistance. Group workers must understand the living conditions, feelings, concerns, and concerns of users and anticipate possible events in the process of aid activities.
  2. Start period: The start period begins with familiarizing users (individuals) with the group. After confirming the purpose of the group, the date and time and number of aid activities, the schedule of the period, the cost, the contents of the program activities, the division of roles between users, the promises, etc., the aid activities provided matched the expectations and demands of the users. Check if it is.
  3. Working period: The period when the group develops. The way of behavior and the way of thinking of things peculiar to the group are born, and the individuals in the group are required to take the same action. Group workers observe the interaction of individuals within such a group and clarify the specific goals of individual users.
  4. Termination / Transition Period: The termination / transition period is evaluated by ending group activities. Clarify the significance of aid activities and what you have learned, and plan personal aftercare after aid.

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