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🍽 | [Sendai Lunch] HoNne | Fashionable dishes with izakaya menu arranged for lunch are attractive


[Sendai Lunch] HoNne | Fashionable dishes with izakaya menu arranged for lunch are attractive

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A wide variety of shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, radishes, grapes, cherry tomatoes, paprika, pleated lettuce, purple cabbage, red curly, edible chrysanthemums and vegetables.

Hello, this is Hambo from Eat Map Sendai. Run of "HoNne" opened on August 2021, 8 ... → Continue reading

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Red cabbage

Red cabbage(Red cabbage,British: Red cabbage) Is,cabbageIt is one of the varieties of.The color varies depending on the soil in which it is cultivated.Purple cabbageSometimes called (murasaki cabbage), it is the same type.


The leaves are dark red to purple,AnthocyaninSystempigmentBecause its color is of soilHydrogen ion indexIt depends on (pH).It is redder in acidic soils, more purple in neutrals, and yellowish green in alkalines.Therefore, the same kind of plants are known in different colors depending on the region.The red cabbage juice isAcid-base indicatorCan be used as.

Found in Northern Europe, throughout the United States, and China.

When cooked, purple turns blue. To take advantage of the purple color, you need to add vinegar or acidic fruits.

The growth of red cabbage requires fertilizer-rich soil and sufficient water.Seeds are sown in spring and harvested in late autumn.普通のキャベツよりも長持ちするため、冬の間の保存のためにLonger lasting than regular cabbage, so for storage during the winterSauerkrautThere is no need to.


Often rawsalad,coleslawUsed for. TraditionallySauerbratenIt is added as a side dish to many German meat dishes. At Christmas, spice-flavored garnish with roast duck.


It is recommended to sow indoors within 4 weeks of the frost season. When the height is about 5 cm and the first leaves grow, they can be transplanted outdoors. Most of the growing stages prefer cold and humid climates, so they need to be grown in early spring. The distance between the stocks should be about 36-60 cm. Watering is often needed, but nothing else needs to be done.

Acid-base indicator

Red cabbage contains anthocyanin dyes that can be used as acid-base indicators.酸性では赤色から桃色、中性では紫色、塩基性では青色から緑色を呈するAcidic is red to pink, neutral is purple, and basic is blue to green.[1].


Red cabbage is compared to regular cabbageVitamin A10 times,鉄Including twice[2].


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