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🍴 | Lawson "Snack Koppe An Butter Cream" Aim for strong sweets if you make your own


Lawson "Snack Koppe An Butter Cream" Aim for intense sweets if you make your own

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Plenty of Hokkaido cream, red bean paste, and butter are sandwiched in koppe-pan.

Lawson, a convenience store, released "Snack Coppe An Butter Raw Cree ..." on October 2021, 10. → Continue reading

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Hot dog bun

Hot dog bunIsspindleShaped, large enough to hold with one hand, flat bottomBreadIs.This is a bread unique to Japan.

The shape isFranceof"disconnected(e) (Kuppe) "Bread andThe United States of AmericaHot dog buns seen in etc.British: hot dog bun), But learned how to make bread in the United States at the end of the Meiji era, and learned how to make bread with yeast in the Taisho era.JapanThis bread was devised by Genpei Tanabe, who was first developed in Japan, and has developed uniquely to Japan.[1][2].

Etymology / origin

The etymology of "Koppe" is uncertain[3].

One theory means "cut" in French (Buddha: coupé (e))[4](AutomotivecoupeEtymology).Sliced ​​orsandwichIf you make a cut in the middle for use, the other is before bakingClothThis term is used when a knife is used to make a coupe.Part of japanインターネット・ The site introduces a small spindle-shaped French bread with a notch as a coupe (or coupe), but in France it is rarely heard as the name of bread.The small French baguette that holds the coup is a lean type (Wheat flourJapan is a rich type (bread with many ingredients other than wheat flour, especially bread with oils such as butter, milk, eggs, and sugars such as sugar), which has few ingredients other than wheat, especially bread that does not contain oils and sugars. There are many differences from Koppe-pan, such as the hardness of the outer skin.

"Japanese language dictionaryInAtsushi Ishikawa"Jesus of Burns" (1946), passage "For lunchCopy”Is quoted as a quote, but it goes back even older.Pacific WarThere is a record that a former Japanese chef called so-called French bread "kotsupe".[5].

The ancestor is Genpei Tanabe, who trained in the United States and worked to popularize the American bread making method.Maruju breadAccording to 1919Japanese ArmyThe small bread made from bread dough, which was developed to be delivered to Koppe-pan, is the originator of koppe-pan, and the 10th of every month is designated as "Koppe-pan Day" after the "ten" of Maruju.[6][7].

Pacific War and Koppepan

Pacific WarAmong them, koppe-pan was devised when the staple food was a distribution system, and one piece was considered to be equivalent to one meal per person.

School lunch and koppe bread

School lunchWhen the menu was started, the staple food of the menu was often koppe-pan until around the 1980s.There were the following reasons.

  • In the case of cooked rice, it takes a lot of time and effort to improve the kitchen equipment, such as cooking rice, transporting it, storing it until lunch, serving it, and washing the dishes after meals.Koppe-pan can be omitted (the town bakery is often outsourced to produce bread for school lunches, and it is easy for children to handle, hygienic, and has a low total cost).
  • In the era of food shortages immediately after the Pacific War, the expeditionary forces used wheatSkimmed milk powderIs releasing (Lara supplies), It was easier to obtain and cheaper than domestic rice grains.
  • It is nutritious and helps improve eating habits.
  • I never get tired of it as a staple food.

According to the standards for school lunch bread in 1950, the raw material content ratio was 100 for flour, 3 for sugar, 2 for margarine, 2 for yeast, 1.7 for salt, and the water content was 37% or less of the total mass. The product mass was 10 g per 1424 meals.

As of 2019, we mainly eat rice, so we eat bread 1-2 times a week.Besides koppe-pan, bread andBread roll,CroissantSince a wide variety of breads such as Koppe-pan may be served, the number of appearances of koppe-pan may be less than in the past.

Commercial item

As a commercially available koppe breadFukuda breadIs widely known (eg bean paste and butter).IKEAIt is also sold at the bistro (fast food counter) in the food corner ofHot dogThe same material as the one in is sold.

Not only is it preferred that it is easy to eat and that it can be combined with various ingredients, but it is also popular because it makes the middle-aged and older generations served with school lunch feel nostalgic.In addition to the above, from a small bakeryYamazaki breadIt produces and sells to major companies such as.There are also coffee shop chains and koppe-pan specialty stores by Japanese sweets companies (Komeda"Soft Shirokoppe", Saint Mary "Tajima of Bread",Toraya"Toraya Cafe An Stand").As mentioned above, it is often eaten by making a cut and sandwiching various ingredients and bean paste.In eastern Japan, there are many "belly splits" that cut the flank of bread and open it up and down, and in western Japan, there are many "back splits" that cut the upper part.[8].

Items with ingredients such as croquettes, fried noodles, and spaghetti are sold as side dish bread.This is a type of sandwich and can be said to be a popular lunch menu both now and in the past.

Products that are limited to a specific area or store or have a characteristic combination with ingredients are sometimes called "local koppe (bread)".[9](See also the example below).

Application example of koppe bread

As it is or cut the thickness in halftsubu an,margarine,jam,peanut butterOr paintSide dishAnd eat it.milkIt may be dipped in and eaten.Besides, Marshall Beans (chocolate style made from soybeans)Spread.Maruwa fats and oilsThere is a product of a corporation).

  • Brown sugar bread- Brown sugarKoppe-pan of the dough using.
  • Cheese bread-dicedProcess cheeseThe one that contains.
  • Pumpkin bread- PumpkinContains the seeds of.
  • Carrot bread-gratedcarrotIs mixed with the dough and baked.
  • Fried bread - The breadoilFried inKinako,sugarSprinkled with such things.When bread was just introduced for school lunch, the general public did not have a habit of eating bread yet, so it appeared as a device to have children eat bread without leaving it.
  • Yakisoba bread - Fried noodlesSandwiched between.
  • Hot dog --A sausage sandwiched between them.
  • Cream bread ――A sandwich of fresh cream or custard cream.
  • Ogura Margarine --A sandwich between An Ogura and margarine.
  • Raisin bread-Dough with raisins.
  • Back split coppe-A vertical notch to sandwich the ingredients.
  • Sesame bread-Koppe bread with sesame seeds.It smells fragrant.
  • Salad bread --Takuan pickled with mayonnaise.
  • Sandslash --Butter cream sandwiched between koppe bread, which is offered in Niigata prefecture.
  • Melon bread in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture is almond-shaped (also known as spindle-shaped melon bread), and some of them arecustard creamIs packed in large quantities and has a lot of weight. Since it was sold only at a bakery named "Melon Bread", Kure citizens said "Melon bread melon breadIt has been popular for a long time.In recent years, it can be bought at department stores in Hiroshima City as a specialty of Kure.Ogiro Pan, a long-established bakery in Mihara City, has the same name. Common melon bread is called koppe bread, and melon bread is often recognized as almond-shaped.
  • Even around Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, koppe-pan refers to melon bread.
  • In Aomori prefecture, cutlet sandwiches often refer to koppe-pan instead of sandwich bread.This is a bakery company in Aomori prefectureKudo breadThis is because the "new cutlet sandwich", which is manufactured and sold by Koppe-pan with chicken cutlets sandwiched between them, is often eaten in the prefecture.
  • Fukuoka Prefecture's "70-year-old bread factory" 70factory1948 "" was renovated in 2018 from the store in Arouda, Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyushu City, which is a directly managed bakery "Crown Bread" of Crown Bread Co., Ltd. open for business.There are many menus, and you can also see original ingredients.


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