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🍴 | Sue's product, which is talked about as "very similar to McDonald's", surprised me the moment I put it in my mouth ...


"Similar to McDonald's", a product of the topical business Sue I was surprised the moment I put it in my mouth ...

If you write the contents roughly
If you put it in a side dish of a bento and add the barbecue sauce of a business supermarket to it, you may feel a little "McDonald's".

[At a business supermarket where you can buy good products at reasonable prices, is there a source that looks exactly like that product?The large-capacity products are amazing ... → Continue reading


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barbecue(British: barbecue,Rice: barbeque[Note 1]) Isfirewood,carbon,CharcoalBy low heat such asmeat,Vegetables,seafoodCarefullyBakeCuisineOrso,SmokedそのrecipeOr act[1]..By definition, take your time for more than half a dayTueThroughDream PorkRefers to roasting of.Short timeOpen fireThe act of grilling meat justgrill(British: grill).

EtymologyIt is,West Indies OfFirst ResidentIsTainoA word that refers to a wooden frame for roasting meat (a cooking method using a platform made of raw wood so as not to hit an open flame)Barabik) Means "roasted"Spanish OfbarbecueCorrupted to[1][2].English-speaking countriesThen.BBQ(Cue replaces Q)BBQ,Bar-B-Cue,Bar-BQMay be abbreviated as.


Pork OfribAnd cowBrisketSuch as non-soft meat,lid90-115 by closingRelativelylow temperatureOver a few hours to a daySteamedWest,boneIt is cooked until it becomes soft enough to be easily removed.

Since a large amount of smoke and odors are emitted during cooking, special equipment andventilationEquipmentchimneyIf there is no such thing, it is usually done outdoors.At homegarden,Veranda,バルコニーother than,camp site,coastal,riverEdge,parkIt is common to do it at such places, and the event itself to enjoy such cooking and meals outdoors is also called "barbecue".There are hundreds of barbecue contests a year in the United States, and cooking takes time, so it lasts for two days.


16st century,Christopher ColumbusNamed an island in the Caribbean "Hispaniora", but later landed on this islandスペイン OfExplorerComes from seeing the indigenous Tainos cooking on a platform made of raw wood to prevent them from being exposed to open flames.[2]..However, is this kind of cooking method used by indigenous peoples for a long time?EuropeanByAmericaI'm not sure if it's the recipe brought to[2]..Similar recipes1540 ToMississippiVisited the areaExplorer-Hernando de SotobyChickasawIt is said that it can be seen in the record of pork cooking.[2].

However, barbecue has become more frequent.Virginia Colony constructionSince it was done[2]..Pork and beef from EuropeNew worldBrought to[2].North carolina OfVinegarBase ofソ ー ス The英国fromImmigrationBrought by[2]. Also,South Carolina OfmustardThe base source isFrance,GermanyBrought by immigrants from[2][3].

During the pioneering era, there was no hope for fuel with firepower, and the pioneers at that time were so poorly nourished that their teeth fell out, so barbecue was an effective cooking method at that time.

Have a barbecueCuisineThe person who does it is called "".Colonial era of the United StatesMainly toAfrican continentfromBlack slaveWas the actual cooker[3]But,EmancipationAfterBlackpopulation OfNorthWith the influx, barbecue technology spread to the north[3]. Also,Train,canal Ofdevelopment ofと と も にWestern partThe barbecue has spread[3].

20st centuryToCommercialBarbecue started, barbecue at the event venue and made it permanentRestaurantsHas arrived and a big boom has arrived in the United States[3].1920 For home usegrill,Charcoal brisket MarketBecame for sale in[3].

Second World WarLater in the United StatescharcoalIt went down due to lack of1970 eraThe barbecue culture has revived again[3].


There are multiple techniques, and even when using a single cooking utensil, it is possible to perform a variety of cooking by using these properly.

  • Grilled on an open fire --Directly heat the ingredients placed on a net or the like.Or charcoal in advancegrillHeat it by moving it to one side of the.
  • Smoked ――Use wood that emits smoke together to give it a unique flavor.
  • Roasted --Indirectly heat with heated air such as radiant heat.A typical American barbecue takes this approach.
  • Long-fire grilling-Burning river fish etc. mainly by infrared rays.

Also, mainly in river fishstringIt may be stabbed in and baked, which is "SkewersAlso called.


Used as a seasoning for meatソ ー スIs especiallyBBQ sauce(BBQ sauce),tomato ketchup,Worcestershire sauce, Fruit juices,garlic,GingerIt is made by mixing various materials such as, but many commercial products are also sold.Sauce and ingredients(English editionIs often applied and then baked.


As an instrument, (1) grate typegrillIt is roughly divided into (2) iron plate type, which allows fire (hot air) to pass through, such as grills and grills, and is used to fix foodstuffs.Golden skewersand so on.

As a grill brand米 国Webber[4]The most famous product is the round grill with a lid, which is finished from a single iron plate, and is a staple of home and leisure grills. The "Grill Academy" teaches you how to use Weber products correctly.

Even in specialty stores and individuals, there are people who are particular about original tools.Those guys are not ordinary grills, but metalBricksMade ofBBQ pitUse what is called.The structure isFurnace,暖炉It ’s close toDrumIs often processed and used.

For the heat insulation of the bottom, the type of grill that fills the stove with water is more oily due to the action of water vapor, such as pork roses and chicken skin.サ バ,SaurySuch asBlue fishThe flame does not rise easily even if it is baked.In addition, there is little sticking or scorching after baking, vegetables are especially plump and delicious, and the utensils themselves are not very dirty.Aiming for the same effect, a can of beer may be cut and used as a substitute, and beer may be added instead of water.

After use, the grill is often sticky with oil stains and charcoal stains, but in the preparation stage, an aluminum foil fried food fence is used to cover the crater of the grill, and a thick barbecue is used.Aluminum foil(Thickness 60uMIf you spread the charcoal tray and oil stains on the grill, the stains will adhere to the foil and hardly reach the grill body, so cleaning is easy just by peeling off the foil, and the grill body will last a long time. do.Also, before barbecue on the grill or grill bodyvinegarIf you apply, it will be less likely to occur between the protein of the food and the heated metal, and it will be relatively easy to clean.[5].


fuel Thefirewood,charcoalOr dedicatedSolid fuelIs the mainstream.In the charcoalHickory,オ ー クSuch asWood chipsThere is also a method of adding smoked flavor by mixing and smoking.

  • Bricket(Briquette) Is the most used fuel, especially in the United StatesKingsfordThe company's products are the most famous and have an 80% share of the US market. 
  • Made in JapanBlack charcoalIs an unpleasant smoke odorBombIt is suitable for barbecue because it has a low amount of heat, has a long-lasting heat, and has a faint smoke-like flavor when baked.It is a little more expensive than foreign products, but the quality is stable and suitable.It should be noted that black charcoal, which is not well preserved and managed, has a risk of explosion at the initial stage of combustion.
  • Small processed coconut charcoal sold under trade names such as "Quick Grill Briquette" and "Round stove" can be cooked within 1 to several minutes after ignition and burns in about 1 hour, so it is suitable for small parties. , Easy to use.It is also convenient as an ignition material for ordinary charcoal using this as a fire source.
  • CharcoalIncludingWhite charcoalAlthough it is possible to cook better quality grilled foods, it is difficult to ignite, it takes time to reach a cookable combustion temperature, and there is a risk of blasting until a bonfire.It is not common for the purpose of use because it is more expensive.
  • Oga charcoalShows burning properties similar to white charcoal, with almost no unpleasant smoke or dangerous blasts, and is relatively inexpensive in recent years.Home center,Internet mail orderBut the treatment is widespread.However, like white charcoal, it is hard to burn, and on the other hand, if it burns, it may continue to burn for about 4 hours, so you need to be careful about extinguishing the fire at a short party.On the contrary, it is convenient when the party lasts for a long time because the cooking power is maintained without the need to add charcoal.

Ignition of charcoal requires some tips, but as a product that facilitates ignition, petroleum-based solvents and alcohol are the main components.Charcoal ignition fluidIs the most popular.Also,Gel-like ignition agentEtc. are attached to charcoal, or a cassette gas cylinder type dedicated to charcoal ignitiontorchburnerEtc. are also on sale."Fire maker"Charcoal starterIt is easy to burn even if you use.In any case, it takes 10 to 20 minutes after ignition, and in some cases about 1 hour, to be able to cook with charcoal, and a schedule that anticipates that is necessary.(See how to burn charcoal

America andAustraliaThen, there are many gas-fired grills, and in recent years in Japan, because of the ease of lighting and adjusting the heat, and the ease of cleaning and cleaning up,propane gas,Cassette cylinderThe number of things is increasing.

Cultural aspects

North AmericaIs one of the cultures, and may have unique traditions and commitments depending on the region and family.In addition to the general grill, many people host parties and participate in specialized events and competitions, so it is large.BBQ pitMany people own their own trailer-towed type or have their own equipment in the garden.There are hundreds of them annually in the United States.There are also restaurants that serve barbecueSouth America,Midwest USAThere are many, mainly in the case of being offered in paper wraps sold by weight, or choosing the main (meat) and thenBeanThe plate method with side menus such as these is the mainstream, and eating walks at such famous stores are also popular.

In addition,Japan OfSeven wheelsRoasting is also a small scale but belongs to barbecue.South AfricaAlso,(English editionThere is a unique tradition called.



Social dimension

When barbecuing, it is necessary to have appropriate knowledge and consideration for the neighborhood.

Especially when doing it outdoorsBonfireAppropriate so as not to damage the ground with an open flamekitchenwareAlso, take away trash without flushing the dirt of the equipment to the ground or water (rivers and lakes), etc.EnvironmentIt is desired to consider.

In parks and riverbeds near cities, dumping garbage, noise such as karaoke, fights,AlcoholismThere are many areas where social problems and incidents occur and are prohibited in the first place.[6]So be careful.In addition, measures such as charging for frequently used areas are being implemented for the purpose of managing uncontrolled implementation.[7].

Catering companies are also trying to reduce garbage and take it home through the barbecue catering association.


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  1. ^ In the United States, someRestaurantsLimited to



  • Harold McGee, translated by Midori Kasai, "Maggie Kitchen Science," Kyoritsu Shuppan, 2008.ISBN 9784320061606. 
  • Masato Sato "American Style BBQ: Don't lump meat! 』\ Seibundo Shinkosha, 2018.ISBN 4416518234. 

Related item

Kobe Bussan

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Appearance of stores of brands other than business supermarketsImage providedplease.(2021/2

Kobe Bussan Co., Ltd.(Kobubusan,British: KOBE BUSSAN CO., LTD.[4]) IsHyogoKakogawaHeadquartered inJapan OfCompany. mainlyCommercial foodSellingFranchise chain (FC) methodChain store.1981 (Showa 56) Founded.retailstoreIs "Business supermarketIt is expanding nationwide under the name of "商標Has become[Note 1]..About the main store2021 (3nd year of Reiwa)May 4ThanKakogawaMoved to[7].

Incidentally,Hiroshima cityAct Chushoku Co., Ltd. based in1911 <Founded in 44>) is our "business supermarket"Business formatThe same store "Commercial food supermarket"Setouchi regionIs deployed in[8]However, they are unrelated to each other.Act prepared food is a company that is a member of the "Commercial Food Distribution Group (NCF)".[8], In that sense, "Commercial foodIt is.

Jewelry business

Business development adopts a franchise chain system (FC system), and Kobe Bussan integrates management know-how as a business super franchise headquarters and an area license headquarters, and provides guidance and support for an organized system in relation to the headquarters and affiliated stores. ..

There is also a store that has teamed up with Bon Sante Co., Ltd., which operates "Sake Market Yamada" in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

We have more than 50 in-house factories and cooperating factories overseas, and we have a unique system that develops and manufactures original products that are completely differentiated by our own ingredient list and process chart, from raw material procurement to production and management. And trade, distribution, and salessupply chain managementWe will create an integrated system for the low-cost retail sales system.

Also overseasinvestmentI also work. In September 2014マ ン ハ ッ タ ンOn 3 West 36th StreetShabu shabuThe store "Shabu Shabu Kobe" will be opened (closed the following year), and plans to open a 2017-room 439-story hotel with tatami mats and Japanese-style baths and a Japanese restaurant on 443-54 West 91th Street in 7 Cancellation[9][10][11].

Business supermarket

2001 Since it was approved on August 13, 8, "Business Supermarket" has been registered.商標Is no longer a general name[5][6].

Kobe Bussan is in JapanFrozen food,manufactured foodIs the mainsupermarketIs expanding nationwide. Unique to "Business Supermarket"Private brand(PB) We are focusing on products.

The phrase "professional quality and professional price" has not changed, but the initial format was restaurantThe management is the purchasing groupCommercial foodWas a retail business.After that, services for general consumers increased,Foreigners living in JapanFor輸入Food is also sold and the price is low, so a business format that is supported by general consumers has been formed, "JapanCostcoSome people say that[12][13]..The words "general customers are welcome" have also been added to the signboards with the store name "Business Supermarket".

As a feature of business supermarkets, in each district of Hokkaido, Kanto, Kansai, and KyushuroyaltyIs as low as 1% of the purchase, there are no restrictions on business hours, and "Hakochin", which displays products in cardboard boxes, and manufacturers and overseas factories without handling products manufactured by major manufacturers as much as possible. Sales of PB products that make it easy to secure profit margins through direct transactions withWaste lossIt is characterized by an operation method that makes it easy for franchisee (FC) member stores to make a profit, such as the main lineup of normal temperature and frozen products.Some of the PB products for general consumers areLogo typeExcept for the part, it has the same design as other companies' PB productsパ ッ ケ ー ジSome are sold at[14].

The expiration date is shortFresh foodIs not handled as a business supermarket in principle.Therefore, at the discretion of the FC member store owner, some stores purchase through a distribution network other than the business supermarket.[14]. Also,Side dishI don't deal withHalf boardIn response to rising demand, there are plans to introduce delicatessen stores using PB products in supermarkets.[12].

As of the end of December 2020 (Reiwa 2), the total number of stores is 12, including directly managed and FC stores, of which 896 are.Car suppliesof shop"AUTOBACSKnown asG-7 HoldingsOperates as FC.In addition, on February 2021, 3 (Reiwa 2), it was the only blank prefecture until then.MiyazakiMiyazaki Otsuka store (Miyazaki City), So allPrefecturesTo set up a store in[14][15][16]..Kobe Bussan aims to exceed 2025 stores by 1000[12].. While it is not uncommon for A-corps and all-day food chains to be sent to areas where they have withdrawn and to help the vulnerable shopping, there are also areas where there are none because the local chains are in time.

Kobe cook

Nuclear FamilyChangeAgingAs a side dish + product sales M / S (meal solution) and H / M / R (home meal replacement) type that has established kitchen power-up and standardization of work from the demand of the timesTakeout storeAnd the complex menu ``Eat-in storeWe aim to expand At the same time, it will also operate food supermarkets and cash and carry stores.

Restaurant business

22 Kobe Cook World Buffet stores (as of the end of October 2019)

  • Pule Roti Kobe 1 store (as of the end of October 2019)
  • 2 Premium Karubi stores (as of the end of October 2019)
Prepared food business

10 restaurants (as of the end of October 2019)

Direct retail

  • Fresh Inami store
  • Fresh Igawaya

Human resource development business

Business of Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Super Japan Dream Foundation

The purpose is to develop human resources who can play an active part in the arts and sports fields overseas, to spread Japanese food culture overseas, and to save taxes on founders. It is the largest shareholder with more than 25% of Kobe Bussan shares.[17]

Eco-renewable energy business

We are developing a solar power generation business and a woody biomass power generation business.[18].

Business that was developed in the past

Relaxation stay business
"Kobe cookAs a "Relaxation Stay Business" with the theme of beauty and health, it operated four accommodation facilities "Villa Spica" in various locations in Japan, but due to poor performance,2009 (21) From July to August of the same year, the facility was closed and the business was abolished.
  • Villa Spica Minamishimabara (Opened February 2008, 2, closed March 19, 2009)-Former National Pension Health and Recreation Center Kuchinotsu
    • Present Kuchinotsu Onsen Shirahama Beach Hotel
  • Villa Spica Shiraoi (Opened December 2007, 12, closed July 22, 2009)-Former Shiraoi Employees' Pension Home
  • Villa Spica Kunisaki (Opened December 2007, 12, closed August 14, 2009)-Former National Pension Health and Recreation Center Kunisaki Bokaien
    • Current Hotel Villa Kunisaki
  • Villa Spica Sotobo (Opened November 2007, 11, closed August 22, 2009)-Former National Pension Health and Recreation Center
    • Current Kujukuri Villa Sotobou
Cook ino venture
Through Cook Ino Venture Co., Ltd.G communicationGroup business. The total number of stores is 748 stores nationwide (as of the end of September 2019). On June 9, 2020, all of the shares held were transferred to the company's president and others, leaving the group.[19].


Start a business

Founder-Shoji NumataIt is,1954 (29)May 4,HyogoKako-gunInami TownWas born in.1973 (Showa 48)Hyogo Prefectural Takasago High SchoolWhen you graduate[20], April of the same year, Co., Ltd.MitsukoshiJoined the company and was assigned to the Kobe branch[20][21],KimonoIn charge of sales and learning distribution[22]. afterwards,Kakogawa OfEntering Ship Co., Ltd.Worked at[23].1981 (Showa 56) Small food in AprilsupermarketFounded and started running 2 stores[21].1992 (4)Chugoku OfDalianWe have accumulated manufacturing know-how by opening a factory in Japan and renting the factory to six Japanese food manufacturers and having their employees use it.Manufacturer'sAnd manufactured therewasabi,Salted plumThe main business is the business of selling Japanese ingredients such as[21][Note 2].2000 (12) In March, we opened the first "business supermarket" that integrates manufacturing and sales, and converted our business.FranchiseWe increased the number of stores at a pace of one store every week, mainly in Japan.[22].2008 Accelerating M & A of manufacturers from (20)group EnterpriseGrowing 37 companies (as of 2014) into companies with annual sales of 2000 billion yen[21][22].

Chronological Table

  • 1981 (Showa 56) June- Start a business / I will be 27 years old this monthShoji NumataHowever, Kakogawa City, Hyogo PrefectureKamino TownIshimori (Ishimori), FoodsupermarketOpened "Fresh Ishimori".
  • 1985 (60)May 11 --Shoji NumataFresh Ishimori Co., Ltd.Established.
  • 1986 (Showa 61) November-Hyogo PrefectureKobe CityNishi-wardAt, Fresh Ishimori opened the "Ikawadani store" as the second store.
  • 1988 (Showa 63) November-Hyogo PrefectureKako-gunInami TownOpened the 3rd store "Inami store".
  • 1991 (Heisei3 years) April-Fresh Ishimori Co., Ltd.ReorganizationThen,Fresh Ishimori Co., Ltd.To establish.
  • 1992 (4) June- ChugokuDalian Furai Foods Co., Ltd. as its own factory inChugokuLiaoningDalianEstablished in.
  • 2000 (12) March-HeadquartersFranchiseStarted the system (hereinafter referred to as "FC") and opened the first FC contract store in Hyogo prefecture.MikiOpened in[12].
  • 2001 (13)
    • July 7-Our company is a "business supermarket"商標RegisterPatent OfficeApply for the first time in[5][6].
    • May 8 --Trademark registration of "Business Supermarket" is permitted (Registration number: No. 4576838)[5][6].
    • October-Fresh Ishimori Co., Ltd. formerly Kobe Bussan Co., Ltd.Absorption mergerAfter thatKobe Bussan Co., Ltd.Change the company name to (hereinafter referred to as "our company").
    • December-In order to strengthen local FC operations, we started a local area FC system and opened the first area franchise contract store for "business supermarkets".NiigataTsubame CityOpened in.
  • 2002 (14) June- East JapanEstablished Yokohama Sales Office FC Headquarters and opened the first FC contract Kanto store in order to strengthen FC operations inKanagawaEbinaOpened in.
  • 2003 (15) September-To establish the FC system for new business stores (home cooking and table agency business)Kobe cookEstablished a business division.
  • 2004 (16) June- Southeast AsiaKobe Bussan (Kobe Bussan) to develop production bases inHong Kong) Food Co., Ltd.ChugokuHong KongAdministrative districtEstablished in.
    • February --Kobe Bussan (Anziu) Foods Co., Ltd. as its second factory in ChinaShandongAnqiuEstablished in.
    • August --All shares owned by Dalian Fukurai Foods Co., Ltd. become Kobe Bussan (Hong Kong) Foods Co., Ltd.TransferTo do.
    • November --Opened the first "Kobe Cook" deli store as a directly managed store in Inami-cho, Kako-gun, Hyogo Prefecture.
    • Unknown month-Shoji Numata suffers from a major illness[21][22], After thisOthers (unconfirmed)Will be left to the position of president[26], Achieve a return (time unconfirmed).
  • 2005 (17) April --Hyogo Prefecture opened the first "Kobe Cook" set restaurant under FC contractMikiOpened in (Closed in October 17[Reliability required verification]).
  • 2006 (18)
    • April --Opened the first "Kobe Cook World Buffet" store under FC contract in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture.
    • June-Our companyOsaka Stock ExchangeListed on the second section.
    • July-Passport Club Co., Ltd., a liquor wholesaler (currentlyKobe Bussan Foods Co., Ltd.) Acquired 100% stakesubsidiaryTo become.
    • October-KOBE BUSSAN EGYPT Limited PartnershipEgyptEstablished in.
  • 2007 October, 19-Kansai Logistics Center Kobe CityNada WardOpened in.
  • 2008 (20) March --Webos Co., Ltd., a chicken egg food factory (currentlyAuster Egg Co., Ltd.), Food wholesaler El Foods Co., Ltd. (laterPrime Lead Co., Ltd... Dissolved in September 2012. ), Frozen meat processing factoryTermel Foods Co., Ltd.Acquired 3% of the shares (equity interests) of the three companies and made them subsidiaries.
  • 2010 (22)
  • 2012 (24)May 2 - our company'sPresidentThe presidentHave also served asShoji NumataRetired from the president at the age of 57, the eldest sonHirokazu Numata(31 years old) becomes the third president[Note 3].
  • 2013 (25)
    • September-corporationG communicationIt was decided to make Cook Ino Venture Co., Ltd., the parent company of the company, a consolidated subsidiary. Accordingly, G Communication Co., Ltd. and its group company, Inc.G. tasteBecome a consolidated subsidiary[30][31].
    • July-With Osaka Stock ExchangeTokyo Stock ExchangeListed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in connection with the physical stock market integration with.
  • 2014 (26)
    • February --Dissolved OK's Create Co., Ltd. and Oderica's K Co., Ltd., which were joint ventures with Okuwa.[32].
    • April-breweryKikugawaLtd.(From the old corporationCompany splitTo make the business succession) a subsidiary[33][34].
  • 2015 (27)
  • 2016 (28)
    • February-Over the stock of Kobe Bussan,Insider tradingSuspected thatSecurities and Exchange Surveillance Committee Financial Instruments and Exchange ActIt was discovered that the company was forcibly investigating related parties such as the head office on suspicion of violation. The company carried out share buybacks in December 2014 and July 12. It is suspected that the company's officials obtained this information before it was announced and communicated it to the related parties of the business partners, and it is possible that they had made a large profit from the trading.[37][38].
    • 3 month - Osaka National Taxation Bureau OfTax investigationAs a result, it was pointed out that about 2014 million yen in income was hidden during the three years ending October 10. In addition, there were omissions in the declaration, and the amount of additional tax including the heavy addition tax was about 3 million yen, and the revised declaration was made. As for the Hong Kong subsidiary, it is possible to prevent the income of the subsidiary from being declared in a foreign country where the corporate tax rate is low due to the fact that the business is locally located.Tax haven countermeasure tax system)” is exempted and the income of the subsidiary is declared without being added up. However, due to reasons such as "there are no directors resident at the subsidiary", it is pointed out that the declaration should be made in Japan[39][40].
    • 4 month - SingaporeOpened the first overseas store of Gyomu Japan[41]
    • October-A hot bath resort where you can feel the great outdoorsHot lagoon Oita"OitaKusu-gunKuju TownOpened in[42]
    • December 12-Regarding the alleged insider trading allegations,Kobe District Public Prosecutor's OfficeAnnounces that the company's officials have been dismissed from prosecution[43].
  • 2017 (29)
    • August 8- "Business Supermarket" is a logo character trademark that is not a standard character trademark[Character 1]TheLatin lettersNotationLogo typeApply for registration with the Japan Patent Office at "Business Super ∞ GYOUMU Japan"[5][6](Approved on April 2018, 4[5][6]).
    • September-Hot lagoon Oita, a hot bath resort, announces temporary closure due to major renewal[44]
  • 2018 (Heisei 30).
    • March 3-Nagareyama store (Chiba prefecture) is a nationwide "business supermarket"Nagareyama), Achieve a total of 800 stores including directly managed and FC stores[45].
    • August 10- "Business Supermarket" applies for registration of the logo character trademark with the Japan Patent Office with the logotype "Business Supermarket" written in Japanese.[5][6](Approved on April 2019, 10[5]).
  • 2020 (Reiwa2 years)
    • November 11-Digging into companies and business ownersTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Ofdocumentaryprogram"Nikkei Special Cumbria PalaceHirokazu Numata will appear in[46].
    • November 11-The total number of stores, including directly managed "business supermarkets" and FC stores, is an auspicious number.8"" Follows three888Reached[47]So, on this day, it was announced that the "12 store achievement commemorative sale" will be held from December 1st to 31st of the same year.[47][48]..On the same day, the 893th "Susono store" (Shizuoka prefecture)Susono City) Is scheduled to open on December 12th.[49].
  • 2021 (3nd year of Reiwa)
    • February 2-Miyazaki Otsuka store opens as the first store in Miyazaki prefecture, achieving store openings in all prefectures[16].
    • April 4-With the expansion of business and the increase in personnel, the head office was relocated to a newly constructed office building in the plain of Kakogawa-cho, Kakogawa-shi.


Founder..The first generationThe president.1954 (29)May 4,HyogoKako-gunInami Townbirth[21][22]..The family is a wife, Minoko, and a second son and a daughter.The eldest son, Hirokazu, is the second president.His brother has a director, Masaru Numata.[23]..Current address is the same as hometown[22].
1973 (Showa 48),Hyogo Prefectural Takasago High Schoolgraduate[20][22].1973 (Showa 48) April (at the age of 4),Ltd.MitsukoshiJoined the company and was assigned to the Kobe branch[21],KimonoResponsible for sales[22].Kakogawa OfEntering Ship Co., Ltd.After working at (a company that handles school lunches, restaurants, and restaurants)[23].1981 (Showa 56) Opened a small food supermarket in April (4 years old)[21]..For companies after that, "Start a businessI will explain in detail in the section.2004 (16), suffering from a major illness[21][22], It will be a situation to leave the position of president to another person (unconfirmed)[26], Achieve a return (time unconfirmed).2012 (24) February 2 (at the age of 17), until thenPresidentAlthough he was also the president, he handed over the president's seat to his eldest son, Hirokazu.[23][22]..our company'sDirectorAlthough he retired at the same time, eachsubsidiaryContinues to serve as representative of[1].
  • Person unconfirmed
The second president.For a period after 2 (Heisei 2004), when Shoji Numata suffered from a serious illness and was unable to continue his career as president, he took over as president.
Third president (current position).1980 (55)May 11birth[23]..Born in Hyogo prefecture[23].
2005 (17),Kyoto Pharmaceutical UniversityPharmacy·sameGraduate SchoolsGraduate from[46]. July of the same year,Taisho PharmaceuticalJoined the company[23], Joined the company's general research institute[50].2009 Joined Kobe Bussan in April (21)[46].2012 (24) On February 2 (at the age of 17), he was appointed president of Kobe Bussan in place of his father, Shoji.[23].



  • Kansai FC Headquarters (West Japan Sales Headquarters)-Location:HyogoKako-gunInami Town1178 244F at 2, Rokubunichi
  • Kanto FC Headquarters (East Japan Sales Headquarters)-Location:横 浜 市Kanagawa ku1-1 Taimachi Niho Building 4F

Directly controlled area

Rural area

The "Franchise local area" is set in the area other than the "Franchise direct control area".

Areas in parentheses are areas where area licenses have been obtained.

Example store

Related Companies

  • Kobe Bussan Foods Co., Ltd.
  • Oster Foods Co., Ltd.
  • Termel Foods Co., Ltd.
  • Kobe Bussan Eco Green Hokkaido Co., Ltd.
  • Hata Foods Co., Ltd.
  • Maszen Co., Ltd.
  • Niku no Taiko Co., Ltd.
  • Miyagi Milling Co., Ltd.
  • Wheat bread studio
  • Green Portree Co., Ltd.
  • Coffee Mame Kobo Co., Ltd.
  • Toyota Milk IndustryLtd.
  • Sekihara Brewery Co., Ltd.
  • KikugawaLtd.
  • Asabiki Young Chicken Co., Ltd.
Outside Japan
  • Kobe Bussan (Hong Kong) Food Co., Ltd.
  • Dalian Fukurai Food Co., Ltd.
  • Kobe Bussan (Anqiu) Food Co., Ltd.
  • Kobebussan Egypt Limited Partnership
  • Kobebussan Myanmar Co., Ltd.

Affiliated company in the past


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  1. ^ Trademark registration numberNo.4576838Up to now (as of November 2020), 11 cases (8 standard character trademarks, 5 logo character trademarks)[Character 1]), And 7 of them have been approved (1 application failed)[5][6].
  2. ^ "Nikkei Special Cumbria PalaceAnd 'Nihon Keizai Shimbun"Etc"PeddlerIt is mainly this era that is called the "era"[24].
  3. ^ The new president here is not the second generation because there was a time when he was in poor physical condition and left the position of president to another person.
  4. ^ From 2003 to November 2020 at home improvement storesDCM SanwaIt was operated by (former: Sanwado), but the operation was transferred to the new company from December 2020.
  5. ^ It also operates some stores in Hokkaido and Akita prefectures, but has not obtained area licenses in these areas.
  6. ^ Stores whose name is only a business supermarket, and stores in Okayama and Hiroshima prefectures that are not listed on the EVERY official website are franchise companies of other companies (Sunflower sunflowerOther) stores.
  7. ^ It is also deployed in Tokyo, but it has only been deployed and no area license has been acquired.
  8. ^ It supports payment methods other than cash (cards, etc.).Makiya Group.
  9. ^ It has also been deployed in Kanagawa and Saitama prefectures, but has not acquired an area license because it is only deployed.
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