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🍴 | "Raw rice cake" Tyrolean chocolate new work Kita!Snow-melting vanilla, I'm really worried.


"Raw rice cake" Tyrolean chocolate new work Kita!Snow-melting vanilla, I'm really worried.

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White chocolate enhances the scent of vanilla, and the soft texture of the raw rice cake is trapped in it.

Tyrolean Choco will release "Tirol Choco <Raw Mochi Snow Doke Vanilla>" on November 2021, 11.Very popular ... → Continue reading

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White chocolate

White chocolateIt is,sugar,Cocoa butter,Milk solidsMade withConfectioneryIs. The melting point of cocoa butter is high enough to keep white chocolate solid at room temperature, the temperature at which it melts in the mouth. Therefore, white chocolate isMilk chocolateHas a similar appearance to.


Cacao massIt is made mainly from the oil that melts in the mouth, which is contained in, and removes the bitter brown part from cocoa butter. Therefore, the taste is considerably sweeter than ordinary chocolate, and it is also slightly milky due to the added skim milk powder. By removing the brown ingredients, the antioxidant components of chocolate are also removed, so the shelf life is lower than that of ordinary chocolate.[3].


In the 1930s, the white chocolate MilkybarSwitzerlandCompanyNestleByEuropeWas released in[4].

US sales

米 国So, Hebert Candies[5] 1955 It was first launched on a large scale inEuropeSeeing that it started to be made exactly one year ago, the first production wasMars (MARS).In the United States, with white chocolateAlmondBecame popular with the sale of Nestlé's alpine white chocolate containing grains.

Sales in Japan

1967 ToJapanThe first white chocolateRokkatei(The company name at the time was "ObihiroSenshuan (Sapporo Senshuan Confectionery)]) was started production.

Sale in the UK

英国Then,Cadbury Sold at (Cadbury).

Ingredients and standards

White chocolate is like normal chocolate, cocoa butter,milk,andsugarIt is made with, but there are differences in the ingredients.

The standard for selling as "white chocolate" is defined as follows.

US and European standards

In the US,2004 From now on, white chocolate must be at least 20% (weight) of cocoa butter, at least 14% milk solids, at least 3.5% milk fat, and less than 55% sugar and other sweeteners.European UnionAdopted the same standards, except for sugar and sweetener restrictions.

Japanese standards

In Japan, “cocoa content” refers to the total amount of cocoa nibs, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa cake and cocoa powder excluding water.[6]For this reason, white chocolate that does not contain anything other than cocoa butterPure milk chocolate dough OfspecificationCorresponds to.

Cacao content 21% or more (of which cocoa butter 18% or more), milk solid content 14% or more (of which milk fat 3.5% or more), sugar (sucrose) 55% or less, lecithin 0.5% or less, water content 3% or less

Products using white chocolate


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