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🍺 | [Mizonokuchi] Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy craft beer @ Mugihigeya

Photo Source: Living Garden City Web

[Mizonokuchi] Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy craft beer @ Mugihigeya

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Fried food that makes you want to eat (laughs) Kaki fry starts from 1P ♪ There are also standard menus such as fish and chips and french fries.

I'm Yukki, a correspondent in the area living in Mizonokuchi ♪ Today, when the eating and drinking style in the city has changed ... Opened in October ... → Continue reading

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Fish and chips

Fish and chips(English: fish-and-chips) IsUnited KingdomOn behalf ofCuisineone of.CodFried white fish with stick-shaped potato fries[1].EnglandThen.fast foodFamiliar asNational foodHas a long history.Buttered fish(English: battered fish)[2].



The fish to be fried is basically white fish,haddock(Haddock) AndCod(Cod) Such asCodKind,PlaceSuch asFlounder-halibutKind is used[2][3][4][5]. Also,shrimp,lobsterMay be used as an ingredient[2], LowlandFenlandThen eel is used as a material for frying[6]..There are usually two sizes of fish, medium (or small) and large, and when you order medium, fillets about 2 cm long, 20 cm wide and 10 cm thick are cooked.[7].


The batter to attach to the fishWheat flourIs dissolved in eggs or water.A small amount to add color to the dough with flour dissolved in waterbaking sodaIt is traditional to add vinegar, and the dough with baking soda and vinegar is frothy.To add bitterness and texturebeerOr put in (ale)[2],pancake,Yorkshire puddingThe recipe varies from store to store, such as changing the recipe of the dough to a slightly different one.[4].

Due to the action of carbon dioxide contained in beer, the dough turns bright orange-brown.The flavor of the dough changes depending on the type of beer,LagerSome stores use[8][9]stout,bitterSome stores use.Alcohol content in the dough is skipped during cooking, so the finished fish and chips contain almost no alcohol content.

A piece of batter born in the process of making fried fish (in Japan)Tenkasu(Equivalent to) is Scraps (or Bits)[10]) And is offered with chips[11]..Traditionally, scraps were offered free of charge at fish and chips stores.[12]..Bits are still popular in northern England and are often behaved by their children.


The "chips" attached to fish and chips are so-calledCrispsNot thatFrench fries(The United States of AmericaFrench fries[Note 1])ofBritish name(Potato chips in British English are generallyCrispsCalled "Crisps").British chips are thicker than French fries from a US-owned fast food chain[2][Note 2].

Cooking oil permeates only in the relatively shallow part of french fries, and the fat content in french fries is proportional to the surface area.The surface area of ​​the chips is smaller than that of French fries, so if the total weight of the potatoes is the same, the fat content will be relatively low.Also, chips take longer to cook than French fries.


TraditionallyHet,lardWas used, but nowPeanut oilSuch asVegetable oilIs the mainstream.But with northern EnglandEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euLard is still used in a few stores in Northern Ireland and many in Northern Ireland.Lard gives the dish a unique flavor, but on the other handVegIt is shunned by religious believers who avoid eating meat and pork.Also, in the UK, the waste oil produced after frying fish and chips isBiodieselReused as a raw material for fuel[13].


Fish and potatoes

19st centuryIn the middle of England, fried fish and potato chips were already on sale in stores.[14]..Originally, fried fish was a dish brought to England by Jewish Sephardic immigrants on the Sabbath, and its sales business isUKOriginated from the Jews who lived in[15].. 1840sSohoSo I was able to buy fried fish normally[14]..The potato chips sales businessLancashireIt is said that it started in Oldham, northeast of Manchester.[15]This is because the habit of eating potatoes in England spread from the north.[16]..It wasn't until the 1860s that the two fries were sold together as "fish and chips".[17].. For thisIndustrial revolutionThe rapid development of rail transportation has contributed to the establishment of a food culture by transporting potatoes and fish from rural areas such as the Midlands District and Lincolnshire to large cities.[18].

The exact origin of fish and chips is unknown,VictorianIt is speculated that it originated from a hot pie shop that existed in large numbers during the period.[14]..In addition to pies, fried fish and chips were also sold at hot pie shops, but it is believed that fried fish and chips became the mainstream rather than pies.[14]..The store that offers fried fish and chips was called "fish and chips," and the food served there was also called the same name as the store.[19].1860/Malin's, which is said to have been sold by Joseph Marine in London, is believed to be the oldest, but no definite record has been left, and Lees's in Mosley, Lancashire is the oldest. Some believe it to be old.However, Malin's closed in 1972, and Lees's does not exist either.[20][21][15][22].

Relationship with the Industrial Revolution

Behind the spread of fish and chipsIndustrial revolutionThere was technological innovation by[23].

Before the Industrial Revolution, there was no way to transport fresh raw fish to distant places,TrainWith the maintenance of the netSteam shipWith the advent of, it has become possible to quickly transport fresh fish to big cities such as London.[24]..In addition, freezing technology that helps preserve raw fish was developed and introduced in the 1880s.Trawling fisheryMade it possible to catch a large amount of fish[25].

Workers during the Industrial Revolution are looking for cheap, ready-to-eat, and more satiating meals.[26]With the progress of British industrialization, the combination of fried fish and chips became popular as the main diet for workers.[27].

After the 20th century

At the beginning of the 20th century, there were about 1,200 fish and chips in London.[28]..Fish and chips was the first food service industry for the common people[29]In the 1930s, the middle class also started to use fish and chips.[30]..As a meeting place for well-end conferences and a hangout for young people, fish and chips establishes themselves as a social gathering place for the urban working class.[31]..Around the same time as the decline of pubs, the rise of fish and chips, a healthier hangout than pubs, begins.[32].

The British National Federation of Fish Friers was founded in 1913 to provide fish and chips marketing and cooking education.

Second World WarIn the UK belowDistribution systemOne of the few food rations was fish and chips when it was taken.[33]..Fish and chips are cheap even after the warfast foodAs it maintains a certain popularity.

Many fish and chips shops appeared in London in the 1970s, and stalls were lined up all over the town.[34].. In the early 70's, in the evening, workers were seen returning home with fish and chips wrapped in newspaper.[17]..Also, in London in the 70's and 80's, it was often seen that black Caribbean women, who were often employed as subway and bus crews, brought fish and chips home for dinner.[32]..Currently, the number of food stalls is decreasing due to being pushed by foreign fast food chains.[35].

Sales form

The store that sells fish and chips is called "chippy"[4], There are many stores all over the UK[36]..Also, in the birthplace of England, it is sometimes called by names such as "The Batter Plaice", "A Salt and Battery", "The Codfather", and "The Fish Plaice".

England,Ireland,Australia,New Zealand, In North America, fish and chips are usually in independent storesTake awayIt is sold by the method.The business scale of the store is from a very small self-employed personChain storeIt has become a popular dish in locally-owned seafood restaurants, which run in many of the local markets.Also, as a temporary store,Mobile salesThere are chip buns in the form of[37].

There are many competitions to select the best fish and chips stores[38][39], To win a prize in the competitionPopular cultureIt is a kind of status in[40].

how to eat

When bringing back fish and chips, the fries are wrapped in blank paper and absorb oil on the outside of the blank paper.newspaperIs provided in a rolled state[5]..Or is it a newspaper rolled into a cone?Straw paperIt was often put in and handed over[41]..Customers who are given fish and chips wrapped in wrapping paper generally eat while walking or sitting somewhere and pinching the fries with their fingers.[5][42].PubFish and chips with chairs and tables[Note 3]At the store, it is served on a plate.

In the UK, traditionally fish and chipsvinegarとsaltEat over[44]..VinegarMalt vinegar(Malt vinegarmalt(Vinegar made from vinegar) and onion vinegar are used, and cheap unbrewed seasonings may be added.For garnishMushy peas(mushy peas, Crushed green beans) are common[45]At the fish and chips shop and pub with tables, sliced ​​lemons, vinegar, salt and sauces are served along with regular dishes, and customers can season them to their liking.

Ireland,Wales, In Northern England, at many takeaway storesGravy sauce,Curry sauceSauces such as and mushy peas are prepared as toppings, and these sauces are usually served directly on the fry.

In Australia and New Zealand, often before giving fish and chips to customersSeasoned saltIs sprinkled.In these countriesTomato sauceとTartar sauceIs a common topping and is sold in a small plastic container.Also, whether you eat fish and chips in the store or take them home, a slice of lemon is added.

CanadaVinegar and salt are sometimes served with fish and chips in British tradition, but in many restaurants they are chopped with fish and chips on a plate. Lemon and tartar sauce are prepared.In the United States, malt vinegar is sometimes served, but most restaurants offer tartar sauce as a topping.ketchupWith sources such ascoleslaw.


In the past, it was common sense to wrap it in newspaper and serve it to customers.[46]Today, the use of newspaper for packaging is prohibited due to hygiene issues.[4]..Included in the ink used to print newspapersleadAlthough addictive has been pointed out, printers have stated that the inks currently used to print newspapers have no health hazards.[47]..As a substitute for banned newspaper, paper with a newspaper pattern printed is often used.[48]..Also in Englandurban legendAsThe Times"than"The SunThere is also a myth that the frying will be more delicious if wrapped in[49].


Fish and chips sales are also common in Australia and New Zealand.OverseasHas become a major source of work for Asian immigrants, including[50]..In Australia and New Zealand, the word "supper outside" goes to fish and chips stores or pie carts.[Note 4]Means to use[51].. Since the 1960s, fish and chips stores have been exposed to competition from American fast food restaurants, and efforts are being made to add other dishes such as Chinese to the takeaway menu.[51].

Sustainable fishery

Raw material for fish and chips大西洋NortheastNorth SeaCod is on the verge of exhaustion around 2000 due to overfishing in the United Kingdom and other European countries, and recovery is being attempted. In 2003,EUThe Fisheries Ministers' Meeting has agreed to reduce the catch of cod in the North Sea by 45% from the previous year and limit the departure date of the fishing fleet to within 15 days a month.[52].

October 2012, EnglandPrince CharlesAttended the World Fisheries Science Conference in Scotland.In the lectureGordonstounWhile citing buying and eating fish and chips when he was a student at school, he emphasized the importance of sustainable fishing so that he can continue to protect traditional foods.[53].


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注 釈

  1. ^ By the way, since French fries are not served by themselves, they are usually pluralized as "French fries", or "fries" for short.Even in the United States, the name "fish and chips" is used as it is only for this dish, and it is not called "fish and fries".
  2. ^ In the continental United States, some shops serve thick french fries (French fries).
  3. ^ A store with chairs and tables, plates and knives and forks is called sophisticated fish and chips.[43].
  4. ^ A cafe that operates with a trailer.Meat PieIs provided with various toppings.


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French fries

French fries(English: french fries) ispotatoCut into a size that is easy to eatoilでDeep friedIt wasCuisineIs[1].French friesOrPotato friesSometimes called, but bothJapanglishIs[1].


In Belgium, which is generally regarded as the birthplaceStaple foodIt is treated as a product and is consumed in large quantities.UNESCO the whole country for its own Fritz (French fries)world Cultural HeritageThe more you apply for registration, the more food is rooted in Belgian daily life.[2]..In Belgium, there are "Fritz shops" (Fritz fried shops, Fritz stands) all over the city, and people buy "Fried" in kilograms (kg) for their families at the nearby "Fritz shop" and take them home. It is consumed in large quantities by making it a staple food or frying it in an electric fryer that is always available at home.

In recent years, frozen foods have spread all over the world, and French fries from Belgium and the United States are lined up in the frozen food corners of supermarkets around the world.They are cooked and eaten at home.With the global expansion of fast food chains, French fries are becoming popular all over the world.

The number of people who like French fries is increasing in each country, and they are becoming more frequent.However, nutritionally speaking, the ratio of fat and sugar is high, which is not very good for health, and it is classified as "junk food".There are also data that contain acrylamide and are strongly suspected to be associated with carcinogenicity.


BelgiumBelgium is said to be the birthplace of French fries.17st century,NamurIt is said that the origin of the potatoes was fried and eaten by the inhabitants who were troubled by poor fishing.And in BelgiumBruges(Bruge)(English edition)There is.

On the other hand, on August 2018, 8FranceNewspaperFigaro"But19st centuryEarlyParisOf a researcher who claims that frit appeared inInterviewHas been posted and is in dispute[3].


In BelgiumFritz Called (Frietjes)[1]..France((English edition)(Including areas, etc.), on a daily basis, simplyFrit(French: fried)[1], As an academic expressionPom (de tail) frit(French: pommes [de terre] frites).

American EnglishでFrench fries (French fries)[1]Or,French fries potatoes Called (French-fried potatoes)[Note 1]. British EnglishThen.Chips Called (chips)[1]. NetherlandsNow, let ’s take the potatoes that have been powdered and fried.Las Patato Called (Raspatat).

Still moreEnglish-speaking countriesSo I don't call this food "Fried potato".French friesLastJapanglishIs.It's not a grammatical mistake, so even in English-speaking countries, the general meaning can be conveyed.However, in English-speaking countries, French fries refers to all fried potatoes.CrispsAlsoHash brownsIs also included in this, so it is not synonymous.

Ingredients / cooking

Material and cut shape

The material is potatoes.In countries where potato production is active, the potatoes of their own country are mainly used.In countries where potato production is not active, materials are imported from, for example, the United States and Belgium.

In Japan, French fries are imported and used in large quantities in North America, Belgium, etc., processed for French fries.HokkaidoSome stores use potatoes produced in.Due to quarantine in Japan, imports of raw potatoes are restricted, so French fries made from imported potatoes are either locally processed and frozen, or powdered and elongated in Japan. be.For example, it is sold at McDonald's in JapanMac friesThe raw material ofCanadaAt the port ofコ ン テ ナIt is loaded into Japan and shipped to Japan.JapaneseFreshness BurgerThe potato material is from Hokkaido.

As a cutting method, there are a straight straight cut (especially a thin one is a shoe string cut), a wavy crinkle cut, a natural cut with a skin, and a ring-shaped spiral cut.In some cases, once powdered, it is reshaped into these shapes and commercialized.


The most common way to fry isDeep-friedIs.ExceptionallyBread crumbsThere is also an example of sprinkling and frying.

There are various oils for frying.The basis is vegetable oil.UmamiFor the purpose of attachingHetThere are also stores that are fried using.Oil for household french fries may be sold.

Authentic Belgian homes are electricFlyerIs always available at a high rate.In Japan,rice cookerI always have it like this.In other countries, cooking utensils that can be easily fried with potatoes and oil are being sold little by little.

How to eat each country and how to provide hamburger chains

What is French fries in Belgium?NamurResidents cut into small piecesHetIt is a dish that originates from fried potatoes.[4]..Also, since it is treated as a staple food in Belgium, I will introduce it in order from Belgium.


BelgiumThen it is treated as a staple food.Garnish with foodBreadIt is usually Fritz rather than Fritz.A Fritz stand stands on the street corner, making it a staple food for Belgians.In Belgium, it is common to eat french fries with some sauce.What is widely doneketchupとmustardTo put onIs[5]..Other interesting sauces for Fritz include Sauce Andalus, Samurai Sauce, and Jopi Sauce.Source Andalous (fr: Sauce and alouse) Is mayonnaise, tomato paste and peppers (PimientoOrgreen pepperKind)[6]..Samurai sauce (fr: sauce samour aï) IsmayonnaiseToHarissaとoilとLemonSpicy sauce with soup.Jopi Sauce (en: Joppiesaus) Is mayonnaise and eggs,Onions,pickles,spices, With curry powder added.In addition, with the sauce attached to Fritz in BelgiumThe most traditional ismayonnaiseIs[5].


FranceThe combination of beef steak and frit is a common way to eat, and is offered in both the popular dining rooms and mid-range restaurants in the city.proteinとcarbohydrateIt is a combination to balance such things as (in Japan, it is a combination that feels like "rice and grilled fish". However, "beef steak + frit" has more fat).


NetherlandsSo basically potatoes are eaten in everyday life such as midnight snacks and lunch.I actually buy potatoes at stores, but unlike Japan, there is a fryer that fries potatoes without putting oil in a frying pan to make it dirty.

United Kingdom

United KingdomNow, let ’s fried potatoes that have been chopped together with the skin.(English edition)Called.The origin of the name is "WedgeMeans "type".AlsoChip buttyOf french fries calledsandwichIs loved by men and women of all ages.French fries are preferred in Britain as a side dish for a variety of dishes.Fried white fishAnd assorted french fries "Fish and chips"Is a very common dish.further,Indian cuisineShops andChinese cuisineEven in storesnaan,Cooked riceSome people order instead of.


AmericaAt the restaurantHamburgerFrench fries are served as a side dish for sandwiches.This is a hamburger as the main productfast foodIt is inherited in stores, and it is common to have a set menu that combines burgers, drinks, and french fries.The potatoes used as ingredients for French fries in these stores are large varieties dedicated to them.

Provision form of hamburger chain

fast foodchainMost hamburger stores in Japan are served in special paper containers called "potato cartons".

For seasoningketchup(andmayonnaise(Base source) etc. are often provided.

Part offast foodChain storesseasoningThere are times when customers can put it in a paper bag containing french fries, shake it, season it, and eat it, and there are times when various flavors are available.

Health effects

High in sugar and fat,calorieIs highJunk FoodIs.From the cooking method of frying in oil, depending on the fat and oil usedTrans fatty acidsIs also included.Also added for seasoningSalt Thehigh blood pressure,Gastric cancerRelated to.For this reason, some fast food restaurants do not fry but cut potatoes into strips.ovenBaked inBaked potatoesWe provide services that provide.French fries at a fast food restaurant can be left for two and a half monthsMoldThere is an idea that it does not grow, and depending on the product, it is used as a food additive at the stage of freezing.DiphosphateSodium is added, in which case gradually in a boiled stateHydrolysisDoneOrthophenylphenolIs presented as a basis[8].

Acrylamide content and its carcinogenicity

who It is a subordinate organization of (WHO)International Cancer Research Institute (IARC) is abundant in french friesAcrylamideIs evaluated as "a substance that is probably carcinogenic to humans" (Group 2A).this isCarcinogenicSecond from the highest risk in the classification of substances,Grilled fishExists in the charredBenzpyrenIs the same rank as[9][10].

this is,Animal experimentationFrom the result ofHuman capitalAlthough it is speculated that it is carcinogenic in human cells, neither the actual carcinogenesis in human cells has been confirmed, nor the epidemiological findings that the higher the intake of acrylamide, the higher the carcinogenic tendency. It can be said that this is the stage.However, in 2007 NetherlandsEpidemiological studies in Japan show that the incidence of some cancers is statistically significantly higher in the group with high intake of acrylamide from food.[11].

Acrylamide is industrially used as a raw material for synthetic resins and chemical fibers, and its carcinogenicity in animals has been known for a relatively long time.But in 2002SwedenThe governmentStockholm UniversityIn a study conducted in collaboration withcarbohydrateContains a lotpotatoIt was announced that a large amount of acrylamide was produced by baking or frying such substances at a high temperature, and it was surprisingly reported that similar substances exist in common foods.

In fact, even in the subsequent analysis of research institutes in each countryCrispsAnd French fries are known to contain acrylamide in JapanNational Institutes of HealthIn the analysis of, 1 to 512 μg was confirmed per 784 kg of French fries.On the other hand, the samepotatoIt has also been clarified that it is difficult to produce even kind by cooking such as boiling.

2010 yearsFAO / WHO Joint Food Additives Expert Meeting (JECFA) recommends that appropriate efforts be continued to reduce the amount of acrylamide in foods.


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