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☕ | Boulange opens in S-PAL Sendai 2!Eat-in space is also available!


Boulange opens in S-PAL Sendai 2!Eat-in space is also available!

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Mashed potatoes are wrapped in boules and topped with potatoes and camembert.

Hi, this is Mabo from Eat Map Sendai.Boulange is back in Sendai!In S-PAL Sendai 2, "Be ... → Continue reading

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    Boule dough

    Mashed potatoes

    Mashed potatoes(English: Mashed potato,American English: mashed potatoes) IsWesternSpread from countriespotatoCuisine.


    Boiled potatoesPotato masherCrush with a cooking utensil calledmilkバ タ ーTo finish smoothly.cream,Vegetable oil,cheese,garlic,baconA cooking method that adds shreds of sardine is also common.Served on a meat dish,Gravy sauceAnd so on.potato saladAnd potatoescroquette,Shepherd's pieEtc. are based on this mashed potato.

    (I.e.LetpowderInstant mashed potatoes in the form of or flakes are also available on the market.WedYou can eat it just by adding milk and returning it (en: Instant mashed potatoes).

    Mashed potatoes as a dance

    TwistSimilar to crushing potatoes with a potato masherStepDance is also called by the name of this dish. In 1959James BrownSpread from "Mashed Potato" composed under the name of "Roger", and became popular in the United States and other countries from the early 1960s.[1]..The following is an example of a song that incorporates it into the content.

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