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🍴 | [Shiba Park Hotel] Hotel stay 30 hours plan with books selected by the hotel concierge!


[Shiba Park Hotel] A hotel stay 30-hour plan that includes books selected by the hotel concierge!

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Shiba Park Hotel was founded in 1948 and started operating as a foreign trade delegation hotel.

Serendipity hotel stay with books selected by the concierge!With a plan that allows you to stay for up to 30 hours, ... → Continue reading


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Shiba Park Hotel

Shiba Park Hotel(Shiba Park Hotel, English notation Shiba Park Hotel)TokyoMinato-kuShiba ParkLong-established store inHotel.Shiba Park Hotel Co., Ltd.Operated by.


1949 May 5, Opening.All 269 rooms.

Guest room

  • Double 62 rooms
  • Twin 157 rooms
  • Triple 50 rooms 


  • Restaurant "The Dining"
  • banquet hall
  • Library lounge
  • Parking Lot
  • Smoking space



"Shiba Park Building" (commonly known as "Warship Building", formerly known as "Shiba Park Building"), which is close to the hotelHidekazu(Owned by) and the former name of the publisher of the magazine "", "Shiba Park Publishing" (2005 Renamed to the current company nameSeven & i HoldingsIt has nothing to do with (under the umbrella).


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