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🍴 | Rum raisins x fermented butter.I have to go to Lawson, an adult "Black Thunder"!


Rum raisins x fermented butter.I have to go to Lawson, an adult "Black Thunder"!

If you write the contents roughly
Since it contains rum, it is just an adult Black Thunder.

Good news for all rum raisin lovers!Black Thunder's new product "Black Thunder Hitokuchi Size Lamb ... → Continue reading

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Black sander

Black sander(Black Thunder)Yuraku confectioneryManufactured byチ ョ コ レ ー トConfectioneryIs[1].1994 Launched. Black Thunder Mini Bar and Big Thunder are also on sale as sister products.

catch copyIs "Delicious Inazuma class!","A big hit with young women!. "


1994 , Yuraku ConfectioneryToyohashiDeveloped by employees in their twenties[2].cocoaFlavoredCrunchTheチ ョ コ レ ー トThe development concept was to make the texture of the hot-selling product "Choconut Three" heavy, and the sales target was young people instead of children. The keyword is "black", which is reminiscent of cocoa cookies, and blackThorThe name Black Thunder was conceived.

2000 At the first renewal ofDelicious Inazuma class!And a catch phrase "2003 At the time of renewal to the current design, the product name notation was changed from "BLACK THUNDER" in English to "Black Thunder" in katakana.[3],A big hit with young women!The catchphrase "" was added to the present. In the early days,Really delicious! Super chocolate bar”Was added, but it disappeared at the first renewal.[2].

at firstKyushu regionIt was sold on a trial basis in limited quantities. However, Yuraku ConfectioneryConvenience storeSince it did not have a sales channel at mass retailers such as candy stores, it was limited to sales at small stores such as candy stores, so the target and the user base of the stores did not mesh and sales were sluggish for 5 years. Was continuing."There was a time when it was closed for about a year," he said because of the poor sales.[3]..There, young people gatherUniversity OfCo-opWhen I started selling after paying attention to,Kyoto UniversityIn the co-op, it became so popular that it won the number one sales in the confectionery section. afterwards,Seven-ElevenAt the opportunity of business negotiations with the cooperation of a wholesale company with a pipe, we will get a trial sales period of 3 months limited to the Kyushu region with the condition "If sales are not good, stop trading immediately". Then, it got good sales results and was adopted by Seven-Eleven all over the country.Lawson,FamilyMartSales will also rise sharply as it will be deployed at major convenience stores such as[4].

インターネットAbove2006 By the time"Mr. Shiraishi of the co-opSince then, the name recognition has increased. Also,2008 Won a silver medal in the Beijing Olympic Gymnastics Individual ComprehensiveKouhei UchimuraBeing known as a favorite food of the company has increased awareness and sales, and exceeded 2009 million units in FYXNUMX.[4].2012 Mother gave gifts of Black Thunder instead of bouquet when Uchimura won the London Olympic Gymnastics individual overall[5]However, in fact, it was also reported that the publisher was disappointed because the "Black Thunder cutoff" was revealed in the report before the London Olympics.[6]

2010 In May of apparel brandGuacamoleAnnounced the collaboration of swimwear and was released at famous select shops.2011 In February, it was published as a book entitled "Mysterious Black Thunder" (written by Thunder, PHP Institute 2).

2013 Fromバ レ ン デ ーMainly in the catch copy of "Chocolate that you can understand at a glance" in the season ofChocolate in lawWe are developing a campaign aimed at applications[7]Has received a great response, mainly on the net[8].. Also, from 2014, we have opened a limited-time “Giri Choco Shop” to sell limited products (see below).

2013 May 5Than,Toyohashi Railway OfTramIsHigashida Main LineOperated byModel 3200A train with full-throttle black thunder wrapping adverts appeared on the 3201 electric train[9].. This vehicle isAgingBy 2019May 9With the operation of Black ThunderScrapped carBecame[10].. From the next monthType 800802 has appeared as the second generation Black Thunder.

Outside of Japan2011 ThanTaiwanStarted selling at.TaiwanThen, it is developed under the product name such as "Heileishen".[11].2013 The popularity has increased since the sale of "Big Thunder" started in September,2014 Currently, it is booming to send 6% of total production to Taiwan.[12].. Happened in 2014Occupation of the Legislative Council by Taiwanese studentsIn the same way, the black thunder has become popular as a plug-in product because the symbol color of the main sunflower science luck (Sunflower Student Movement) is black.[13].

Black ThunderAichiSince it is the most manufactured at Toyohashi Yume Factory in Toyohashi City,KioskLimited products are on sale at. In addition, white black ThunderHokkaidoSapporoAtsubetsu WardIt is manufactured at the Sapporo factory.

2016 years,MC battleCM with the motif was released[14].

To celebrate the 2019th anniversary of the release of Black Thunder in September 9,MattProduced a commercial using[15].


  • Black sander
    Released in 1994. Renewed in 2000. Renewed in August 2003. 8th anniversary in September 2019.
  • Black thunder minibar
    Released in 2005.
  • Big thunder
    Released in 2006. Cocoa cookie crunch coated with chocolate to make a chocolate bar. The package has been renewed since April 2011, 4. On March 18, 2012, we renewed the chocolate by increasing the amount and increasing the thickness.
  • Chibi thunder white chocolate flavor
    Released on June 2009, 6. A character called Raijin Sentai is printed in one of the Chibi Thunder series. The main colors of the characters are gray and black.
    At the time of the renewal on September 2012, 9, the character of Denshin Sentai disappeared from the packaging.
  • Chibi Thunder Banana chocolate flavor
    Released on June 2009, 6. One of the Chibi Thunder series, the character of Raijin Sentai is yellow.
  • Black thunder ice
    Released on October 2009, 10.Royal foodWith ice made bySeven-ElevenIt is on sale for a limited time only.
  • Chibi Thunder Nut & Cookie Chocolate
    Released on February 2010, 2. One of the Chibi Thunder series, the character of Raijin Sentai is blue.
  • Dear Girl Thunder
    March 2010th, 3 Convenience store in Kanto/Kansai,Animate, Released at Super A & G shop.The catch phrase is "Dear Girl is a big hit !? Delicious handsome grade", and the taste is "Hatsukoi no Aji Shio Chocolate".
    Hiroshi Kamiya/Daisuke Ono's Dear Girl ~Stories~(Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.) Is a collaboration product with DG Thunder Postcard, which can be purchased at the same time as two boxes of 20 depending on the place of purchase. 2 kinds of catch copy are printed on the back side of the package as a "back side fun plan". Partial in October 35FamilyMartFrom January 2011AnimateWas re-released at. At the time of re-launch, some of the reverse side catches have been replaced and the special DG Thunder postcard has also been changed.
  • Black Thunder Monaca
    Released in September 2010. With ice made by the manufacture of royal foodsSeven-ElevenIt has been released in advance.
  • Morning thunder
    Released in the Kyushu area on October 2010, 10. As of 18, the sales area is expanding. Renewal on September 2012, 2012.
  • White black thunder
    It will be released in 2010 as a set of 20 items only at Rakuten Market. Released as a set of 2011 pieces only on Hokkaido on February 2, 1. The slogan is "Deliciousness downhill!"
  • Toyohashi Black Thunder Mini
    JR on March 2011, 3Toyohashi StationReleased only at Kiosk. Box specification of about A4 size, packaging of ToyohashiYoshida Castle,Tram(Toyohashi Railway Higashida Main Line),Hand cylinder fireworksIt is a special specification printed with photos of the festival. At present, other than Toyohashi stationFutagawa Station,Okazaki Station,Gamagori Station,Toyokawa StationKiosk, andChubu International AirportBut it is sold.
  • Black Thunder Manju
    Released in April 2011 only in Hokkaido. The sales area was expanded in the Tohoku region from August of the same year and in the Chubu region in December, but it is not sold in the Kanto region.
  • Black Thunder Tyrol Coffee Flavor
    2011 May 10Sold only in the Kanto region.Tyrolean chocolateCollaboration by supervision. Although it is officially limited to Kanto, it is actually sold outside of Kanto.
  • Black Thunder Kyoro-chan peanut flavor
    Released on October 2011, 10 in the Kanto region only.Morinaga ConfectioneryCollaboration by supervision. Although it is officially limited to Kanto, it is actually sold outside of Kanto.
  • Big Thunder Inoki
    2011 May 10ToSave onLimited sale.ア ン ト ニ オ 猪 木Collaboration with. "BIG 1!2! Thunder" is printed on the package.
  • Chibi thunder blackberry
    Released on October 2011, 10. A product that combines black cocoa biscuits with. It has the image of New York, and the products are written in English. One of the Chibi Thunder series, the character of Raijin Sentai is pink.
  • Big thank you
    Released on 2012th January 1. Big Thunder packaging with Valentine's specifications.
  • White black thunder ice
    Released on May 2012, 5 in Hokkaido only. As with Black Thunder IceSeven-ElevenIt is on sale for a limited time only. It will be sold nationwide in sequence.
  • Chibi thunder breakfast yogurt flavor
    Released on May 2012, 5. The character of the Raijin Sentai in one of the Chibi Thunder series is aqua blue.
  • Black Thunder X
    Released in Kansai/Chukyo region on June 2012, 6, and also in Kanto region from July 25st.
  • Black Thunder BOX cake
    From Tohoku to Chukyo area on September 2012, 9Circle K ThanksAdvance sale at. Also sold at some supermarkets after October. Manufactured by Ropia Co., Ltd. and sold by Anjuru Co., Ltd.
  • Black thunder waffle
    Pre-sale on September 2012, 9 from Tohoku at Circle K Sunkus in the Chukyo area. The Kansai to Kyushu and Hokkaido areas will be available from October 25nd.Sakaiya Milk IndustryManufactured.
  • Black Thunder Chocolate Crepe
    Pre-sale on September 2012, 9 from Tohoku at Circle K Sunkus in the Chukyo area. Also sold at some supermarkets after October. Manufactured by Ropia Co., Ltd. and sold by Anjuru Co., Ltd.
  • Black Thunder Chocolate Moose Bar
    September 2012th, 9Lawson Store 100Advance sale at. It is sold by Anjuru Co., Ltd. in partnership with Yuraku Seika and Ropia Co., Ltd. Refrigerating items required.
  • Black Thunder Hard Boiled
    Pre-released in November 2012 at Circle K Sunkus in Chukyo, Shizuoka and Hokuriku.
  • Pink Black Thunder Premium Strawberry Flavor
    Released in Hokkaido only in June 2015. It is a sister product of the white Black Thunder and is also manufactured at the Sapporo Factory.
  • Happy Yellow Black Thunder Lemon Flavor[16]
    Domestically produced in SetoLemon"Sweet and sour taste of memories of first love" using the flavor of. 1 pieces per box.
  • Black Thunder Mini Bar American[16]
    American cherryTaste mini bar. 1 pieces per bag.
  • Black and white sander board chocolate
    Big Thunder chocolate changed to white chocolate.
  • Japanese Black Thunder Kinako
    Kinako with coated chocolate. Limited to XNUMX-Eleven.
  • Japanese Big Thunder Okinawa brown sugar
    Cocoa cookie crunch is replaced with brown sugar cookie. Limited to XNUMX-Eleven.
  • Black thunder gold
    A product with chocolate chunks and coconut added.
  • Crisp Thunder W Nuts Carnival
    A product with nuts added with the crunch changed to corn and rice puffs.
  • Black Thunder x Fanta Refreshing orange flavor
    Released on June 2016, 6. Carbonated drinksFantaA product that collaborates with the orange flavor of.
  • Black Thunder Dark Matter
    Sold in September 2016. Born as "Nagai Black Thunder"[17].
  • Black thunder tiramisu
    Pre-sale at Lawson on October 2017, 10. It was developed as the first dessert-based sander to happily finish the lunch of working women.[18]

Giri chocolate shop limited products

Yuraku Confectionery since 2014バ レ ン デ ーandWhite DaybeforeTokyo StationWe have opened a "Giri chocolate shop" in Nokashi Land, and are selling limited products for return and new products for the year in advance.[16][19].

  • Black Thunder Giri Chocolate Package
  • La Black Thunder Mini Bar[16].
    The contents of both products are the same as regular products, but they have been changed to packaging and packaging that "understand at first glance". The former is 1 pieces per box, the latter is 20 grams x 160 bags.
  • Black Thunder Large
  • Large white black thunder
    It is an oversized product that weighs about 35 times as much as usual, with a catch copy of "Ookisa Heavyweight!" Limited in number.[16][19].
  • Black thunder chocolate cake[16]
    Chocolate cake with a black thunder-like texture. Limited number.
  • Raw Black Thunder
    GanacheSpecial product for "Favorite in-law, chocolate-in-law to special opponent". 2014-2015Raw Black Thunder Luxury[19], 2016 supervised by specialty chocolate storesgrapefruitOf tasteRaw Black Thunder 2016[16]As a limited number sold.

Collaboration plan product

Since October 2011, Morinaga Confectionery centered around the Tokyo metropolitan area and northern KantoChocolate ball, Tyrol Choco Co., Ltd. A collaborative planned product with Tyrol Choco is on sale.

  • Tyrolean chocolate
    • Tyrolean chocolate Black sander -Simulates the taste and packaging of Black Thunder (cocoa cookie crunch).
  • Morinaga Confectionery
    • Chocolate ball Black thunder flavor -Simulates the taste of Black Thunder. The lower half of the body is a black lightning boltKyoro-chanIs printed.
  • Tokiwado Raikoshi Honpo
    • Tokyo Thunder -Tokyo confectioneryThunderstormChocolate bar with brown sugar flavor based on. 1 grams per box x 110 bags[20].
  • McDonald's
    • Mac Fleurie Black Thunder
  • Calbee
    • Full glander -Released January 2018, 3.
    • Full Gras Thunder Mini Bar -Released March 2018, 3. Re-released on March 26, 2020.
    • Frugra Thunder Mini Bar Matcha Latte -Released January 2020, 3.
  • Yakiniku King
    • Round and round, mix it up, Kingu Sloppy Black Thunder
    • Sold as a summer limited menu from June 2021 to September 6, 23.However, due to its much higher popularity than expected, production could not catch up and sales were suspended at some stores from July 9th.[21][22].

Toyohashi City limited collaboration products

  • Turtle hall
  • Bon Toraya
    • Black sanderPyrene
      • 2018 May 2Release[25].. A type of "Black Thunder x Toyohashi Thunders".
      • Wrap the cream with sponge dough, which is a mixture of crushed black thunder and chocolate cream.[25].
  • Matterhorn
    • Black thunder damier
      • 2018 year 2month 11 Date released[25].. A type of "Black Thunder x Toyohashi Thunders".
      • "Damier", a representative product of the Matterhorn cake shop in Toyohashi City[26]With Black Thunder on it.
    • Black thunder cup ice cream
      • Released in 2018 [27]..It was sold only at the Matterhorn main store and the Toyohashi dream factory directly managed store, but it will also be sold at the Tokyo factory directly managed store from the end of May 2021.[28].
  • Bell bread
    • Black thunder milky france
      • 2018 year 1month 5 Date released[25][23].. A type of "Black Thunder x Toyohashi Thunders".
      • A collaboration product of Bellbread, a bakery in Toyohashi City.CalpisMilk cream with butter and black thunderMilk French breadWhat was sandwiched between[29].
  • Chopin
    • Croissant
      • Released in September 2016[30]..A collaboration product with Chopin, a bakery in Toyohashi City.
      • CroissantA black thunder sandwiched between them.Currently not for sale[31][32].
    • Black thunder coppe
      • 2018 year 2month 11 Date released[25][23].. A type of "Black Thunder x Toyohashi Thunders".
      • A product that has replaced the croissant.In the chocolate dough,Whipped creamAnd black thunder[33].
  • Strawberry field crepe shop
    • Nonhoi Strawberry and Black Thunder Crepe
      • A mobile sales vehicle operated by the strawberry farmer "Nonhoi Strawberry Garden Toyohashi", which is sold only in the Toyohashi General Animal and Botanical Park (Nonhoi Park).[34].

Olive Related Products

  • Sylph Vol.11 Dengeki Daio March 2010 Special Issue
    An interesting inazuma class "Dear Girl-Stories- Hibiki" comic Vol. 2 recolor clear cover is included as an appendix in collaboration with Black Thunder.
  • Announcement! I need to know it! ? Latest word exhibition
    DAIGOThis is a CD produced mainly for "Black Lightning Illumination (Black Thunder ga-chi-de DAIGO)". Released on May 2010, 5 for 12 yen. OriginallyFuji Television Network, Inc"You can laugh!In the Wednesday corner, one of the songs was created based on the misunderstanding by DAIGO.
  • Mysterious black thunder
    A fan book with catchphrases, secrets of naming, revival and future development. Released by PHP Research Laboratories on February 2011, 2.

In addition to this, GUACAMOLE SHOP handles clothing and swimwear as collaborative products.

Similar products

  • Block sander
* Source → [35],[36]
Yuraku Confectionery himselfBlack Thunder's official rival"FamilyMartConfectionery that will be on sale for a limited time only (from March 2021, 3).The base is Black Thunder, but without the chocolate coating on the surface, it's just a small block crunch.Yuraku Confectionery emphasizes "bitter taste" and "crisp texture".
If you look closely at the Yuraku Confectionery "Yuraku" logo printed on the package, it is "unique."


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