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🍽 | Cooking is not just about "cooking".Cook Par "# Truth Recipe" released


Cooking is not just about "cooking".Cook Par "# Truth Recipe" released

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In the "#Truth Recipe" campaign, advertisements were published on the Asahi Shimbun and the Shibuya Station Denentoshi Line.

With the brand slogan of "Cooking!", Cook Par®, which has supported cooks, is 2021 ... → Continue reading

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"My Navi Woman" is a comprehensive female site operated by My Navi Co., Ltd. We provide information on working women's romance and trends, as well as tips for solving the problems of life, such as marriage, pregnancy and childbirth, which are unique to women. It is a medium that provides working women with various forms of happiness and navigates changes that take a step forward.

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Asahi Shimbun

Asahi Shimbun > Asahi Shimbun

Asahi Shimbun(Asahi Shinbun,English: The asahi shimbun) IsJapanDailyNational newspaper[5].Asahi ShimbunEdited and published byNews (Chinese)Is the company's main newspaper[6]..Sales of 475 million copies decreased by 43 from the previous year[7],National newspaperThen.Yomiuri ShimbunSecond in the industry after[8].Sankei ShimbunBoth are newspapers that originated in Osaka.Digital version (News site) AsAsahi Shimbun digitalIs present.


Transition of tone

In the survey of 2009 (Heisei 21),National newspaper5 of the mostinnovationIt is said that it is a dynamic theory (when maintenance is centered on 5 points and innovation is taken on a scale of 0 to 10 points, the Yomiuri Shimbun 5.6, Sankei Shimbun 5.3, Nihon Keizai Shimbun 5.2, Mainichi Shimbun 5.0, Asahi Shimbun 4.4)[39].

Historically, the Asahi Shimbun's tone varies depending on the background of the times, and is not constant.

From the founding period to the Meiji era

Taisho era

Before the end of World War II in the Showa period

Cold War period since the end of World War II

From the end of the Cold War to the present

News and scoops that attracted attention

Report with problems / doubts

Forged article for Suzuki Shoten

  • 1918 May 7The Osaka Asahi Shimbun at the time of the US uproar that started fromSuzuki ShotenAttacked by posting a fake article stating that he was an unscrupulous trader who buys up rice. As a result, Suzuki Shoten received the opposition of the people suffering from the soaring rice price and was burned down on August 8 of the same year.[195].

Report on Korean behavior during the Great Kanto Earthquake

Ito Ritsu interview press incident

Report on the Pol Pot faction's suppression of Phnom Penh

  • 1975 May 4On the second page ofMay 4 OfKhmer Rouge(Pol PotAdministration)Phnom PenhRegarding the suppression, he said, "There were few signs of bloodshed for the release of force."Asia"It seems to be full of kindness". Four days later, on April 4, in Battambang City, the incident of the slaughter of hundreds of Ronnor officers and non-commissioned officers spread early outside the country.[197].. Also, the reporter who wrote the signed article was not in Phnom Penh at the time of the fall.[198]There was no Japanese reporter who was directly exposed to the Pol Pot faction, other than the Yomiuri reporter who interviewed the soldiers before the fall.[199].. Hiroshi Yamada said that Japanese journalists and scholars were supportive of the "liberation force" and subjectively said, "Polpot is not slaughtering," Yamada Hiroshi said.[200].

"Nanjing Massacre" related

  • 1984 May 8In the evening edition of the Western Headquarters, under the heading, "The Nanjing Massacre, which also had a diary and a photo, three copies of misery, a former soldier of Miyazaki, spelling regret".Miyakonojo23rd Infantry RegimentSource ofPrivate soldierWas directly involved in the slaughter and found three diaries describing the suffering sentiment and three photos of the heads of men and women suspected of being slaughtered in China. On the other hand, Miyakonojo 3rd Regiment[Note 52]Claimed that the regiment had nothing to do with the Nanjing massacre and protested against the Asahi Shimbun Miyazaki branch chief Nakamura Daibetsu, but the Asahi side refused to correct and apologize. However1985 May 12,World daily reportReported that the photo of his head was fake, and the paper said1986 May 1Then, the owner of the same photo that the Asahi Shimbun reported appeared, and it was confirmed that it was a fake photo. As a result, the Asahi Shimbun received the same yearMay 1"I found out that the three photos were not the ones at the time of the Nanjing case. In the article, I apologize for canceling the description of the photos," but said, "The diary exists." On the 25th of the same month, there was a discussion between the Miyakonojo 23 Regiment Association side and the Asahi Shimbun Western Headquarters side, but the Asahi side said, "I want you to put an end to the apology for the photograph," and the publication of the diary is "Confidentiality duty" Rejected.
  • 1984 May 10, 1st page of the morning edition, "OldJapanese armybyPoisonous gasI posted a black and white picture of smoke rising up and down with the heading "Defining evidence of the war".Hitotsubashi University教授(at that time)Fujiwara AkiraWas introduced as "a former Army officer historian who is conducting empirical research on chemical warfare in the Sino-Japanese War," and concluded that the photograph was a copy of the poison gas battle in China by the former Japanese army. But not long afterSankei ShimbunからSmoke screenQuestioned[201], Same monthMay 11ToMainichi ShimbunThe same photo was confirmed from the final volume of Showa No. 9 published, and it was confirmed that it was not a photo of the poisonous gas war. Next dayMay 11The Asahi Shimbun confirmed that the photo reporting the operation of poisonous gas was incorrect, with a headline saying, "The photo of the Japanese military's "Chemical War", which can be seen as a clear operation" was incorrect, but did not apologize.

Schoolgirl concrete murder case

  • Occurred from November 1988 to January 11Schoolgirl concrete murder caseIn a related report, in the morning edition of "News Three-sided Mirror" on April 1989, 4, the headline was "A number of questions about high school girl murders" and "Did you ask for help?" "Girl" posted.Also, in "Why They", which was serialized from April 4 to 1990, 4, the point that the perpetrator's mother once returned the girl and "rape" was replaced with the word "have a relationship", as if it were a girl. In response to the article that hinted as if there was consent from, "The person who read this article naturally had the impression that the girl was also playing (at the perpetrators' house) ..." I'm being urged to receive it. "[202].

Asahi Shimbun coral article fabrication case

  • In the evening edition of April 1989, 4,Okinawa OfNatural environment conservation areaLargest in the world in designated watersThistle coral[203] The fact that it is scratched is taken as a symbol, and it is called "KY".initialWith a color photo of coral with engravedJapanese OfMoralPost an article lamenting the decline. However, as a result of a survey by suspicious local divers, it was discovered that the photographer himself had the initials engraved on the coral, which was in an intact state, and the article was forged.[204][205].. President (at that time)Toichiro IchiyanagiWas forced to resign.

Misinformation about Hidetoshi Nakata

Illustrations reminiscent of unscrupulousness

NHK program modification problem

  • 2005 May 1, Of the LDPShinzo Abe-Nakagawa ShoichiFrom both members2001 May 1BroadcastNHKHe reported that there was pressure on the upper management of NHK regarding the editing of the program. January 1 NHK sends a public inquiry to Asahi with factless roots[208].. In July of the same year, Asahi Shimbun published a verification article of the above report. In August of the same year, a person involved in the company made a recording tape that was used as evidence of program alteration.Ao UozumiLeaked toKodanshaMonthly magazine ofmodern] Was published in the article that describes the contents. same yearMay 9Asahi Shimbun commissioned the verification of the credibility of the alleged alteration of the NHK program, the "NHK Press" Committee, a third-party agency, said, "There is a good reason to believe that It cannot be said that it was.” (quoted from the opinion of the committee). In response to this, the Asahi Shimbun acknowledged that the coverage was insufficient, but there was no correction or apology for the article. The Asahi Shimbun has pointed out that the verification is not sufficient even in the view of the committee.

Asahi Shimbun's fabrication of the new party Japan

Articles of slander at the coming-of-age ceremony in Urayasu

"Sports magazine predicament"

  • 2007 May 1In the evening edition of the article, an article called "Sports General Magazine Predicament" was published. Although this article described sports general magazine as "entering the winter era,"Number』(文藝 春秋There was a part contrary to the fact[211].

Article theft from the Yomiuri Shimbun

  • 2007 May 2,same yearMay 1Published in the evening edition ofToyamaAn article about making kanmochi, a representative of the Asahi Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters Editorial Bureau, published in the Internet version of the Yomiuri ShimbunMay 1It turned out that I was plagiarizing the article "Kanmochi growing in cold wind" published in[212].. The representative in question said, "I rewrote my manuscript referring to the article on the Yomiuri Shimbun's website," and the Asahi Shimbun Tokyo headquarters apologized to the Yomiuri Shimbun on February 2st. After that, it was found that the other two articles were also cited from the home page article of the Yomiuri Shimbun, and the reporter who wrote the article was dismissed.[213].

Asahi problem

False alarm for injury

Kunio Hatoyama is described as "death god"

  • June 2008, 6Evening paperColumn "Elementary particles”Instructed execution on the 17th of the same month,Minister of Justice OfKunio HatoyamaIn response to "PermanentExecutioner Hatoyama Minister of Justice. Being proud of "Confidence and Responsibility", set a new record with a go-ahead every two months. Another name,God to death". Hatoyama strongly protested against this[Note 54]In addition, more than 1,800 protests were sent to the Asahi Shimbun, such as "The Minister of Justice is fulfilling his duties" and "Too much fun with God". The one who continued to strongly criticize the newspaper was "National Crime Victims AssociationThe Asahi Shimbun acknowledged that the column's expressions were inappropriate, according to the association's three open inquiries.[218].

Articles about increasing Communist Party members

  • 2009 May 4, Asahi Shimbun the same yearMay 1Nara PrefectureKawakami-muraSource ofForest associationThe chief wrote “Obabi” in the paper, saying that there are some facts that are not true about the article that says “Election districts are democratic, proportion is communist” and that they are leading “election cooperation” to the Communist Party. In response to a petition from the former head of the forestry association, the Asahi Shimbun's "Media and Human Rights Commission" conducted an investigation and found that "a part of the description could not be admitted as fact".[219][220][221].

Inappropriate coverage in clinical trials of "cancer peptide vaccine"

  • 2010 May 10,The University of Tokyo Institute of Medical ScienceHe reported that he did not inform other hospitals of gastrointestinal bleeding that had occurred in the clinical trial of the "cancer peptide vaccine" developed by the company, and reported that this was a problem.[222].. On the 16th of the following day, an editorial titled "Consciousness of researchers is questioned" was posted.[223].. In response to a series of reports, the Institute of Medical Science of the University of Tokyo and rumors were damagedOncotherapy ScienceArgues that "there are a lot of serious problems that have to be judged to be falsification, let alone medical errors/factual errors". On the 20th of the same month, all volunteers from the cancer patient group issued a statement.[224]On the 22nd of the same month, the Japanese Cancer Society and the Japanese Society for Cancer Immunology issued a protest statement to the Asahi Shimbun[225].. On the other hand, in the article dated 24th of the same month, the Asahi Shimbun public relations department claimed that the article was based on reliable coverage.[226].

Kyodo News article plagiarism

  • 2010 May 10,same yearMay 10Regarding the cultural aspect of the attachment,Kyodo NewsDelivery article ofplagiarismDiscovered what you did. Delivery article of plagiarism source "ManiismThe universe map of was discovered in Japan" was also distributed to the Asahi Shimbun, and it was a content that could easily find a close resemblance.[227].

Misinformation about the Electricity Business Act

Interview fabrication ignoring intentions

  • We published an interview article with the managers of each major computer game platform on the economic version of Tokyo on June 2012, 6.Nintendo OfSatoshi IwataSince the president declined the interview, Nintendo's official without permissionサイトI posted a summary of the contents of the video in an interview with President Iwata. After posting, I apologized under the water in response to a protest from Nintendo,2014 In 9 monthWeekly BunshunExposed by. In response to this, I posted a correction article on paper that apologizes to the reader.[230][231].

Real name publication problem

  • 2013 May 1Promise not to publish the real name in the morning edition of the Asahi Shimbun[232] Was reported against theFacebookIf the photo posted on the page was posted without permission,Algerian hostage caseTomoya Hakusui, a relative of Japanese victims in Japan, reported in a blog[233].. Then, Hakusui submitted a protest letter to the president of the Asahi Shimbun, entitled "Protest against the Asahi Shimbun's real name and unauthorized coverage".[234][235]. Also,2013 May 1There was a call from a reporter from the Asahi Shimbun Yokohama General Bureau to Hakusui, "Please check because there are three bodies believed to be Japanese in this image."[232][236]Followed byInenasThe email was sent to watch the cruel video ofscreenshotReporting with[237].

HPV Vaccine "Vaccine Reaction" Campaign

  • 2013 May 3Attached article "Cervical cancer vaccine serious side reaction junior high school students, long-term inability to attend school"[238] Starting with Human papillomavirus(HPV) The report developed that the "side reaction" of the vaccine was overly problematic.As a result, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced in June of the same year.HPV vaccineBy refraining from actively recommending vaccination, the vaccination rate dropped significantly, which should have been prevented.Cervical cancerIt was pointed out that the number of patients will increase[239][240][241].

Press on Alzheimer's disease research

  • 2014 May 1, State-led Alzheimer's disease researchJ-ADNIReported using one side[242] With that as a starting point, he developed criticism of the research itself. As the reports overlap, the series of "scoops" by the newsletter is responsible for the psychological data of the study.Morihiro Sugishitaof"Whistle-blowingIt was clarified that it was a trigger. As a result, J-ADNI was forced to suspend the budget execution in the middle of the research and effectively cancel it.[243].. After that, the University of Tokyo original research[244], Third-party committee[245] As a result of the investigation by the company, it was announced that confusion occurred as a result of improper judgment, not "tampering". In addition, language was also included to pursue Sugishita's responsibility as an "accused person." On March 2015, 3, the government denounced intentional data tampering by citing the report of the "Third-Party Investigation Committee" in response to a question from the House of Representatives Ryuhei Kawada of the Restoration Party related to J-ADNI. Cabinet decision to answer[246].. On April 2015, 4, in response to a question from Japan Innovation Party member Ryuhei Kawada at the House of Councilors Budget Committee, consumers are of the opinion that Morihiro Sugishita's "accusation email" does not correspond to a public interest report under the Public Interest Whistleblower Protection Act. It was made by Yasuhiro Kawaguchi, Deputy Director of the Agency.In addition, regarding the case where it was reported that "tampering" of data was instructed after the data preservation order, "all were carried out as part of normal quality confirmation work, and unjustified falsification and intentional correction were made. We could not confirm the case, "said Mr. Kouji Miura, Director of the Long-Term Care Health Facility, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.[247].

"Yoshida record" related

  • 2014 May 5In the morning edition ofAccident Investigation and Verification Committee at TEPCO's Fukushima Nuclear Power Stationof"Yoshida recordIt was announced that I got. "Four days after the earthquake, I ignored the director's order and 4% of Fukushima Daiichi staff escaped," the report said.[248], In the evening column (particles) using the words "escape from a leaning ship"Sewol sinking accidentI made a description as if an event of the same quality as[249].. On August 8, the Sankei Shimbun[250], October 8NHK [251] I got the Yoshida record. The Sankei Shimbun said there was no mention that the people involved in the field had withdrawn from Director Yoshida's order.[250].. After that, the doubt about the news was that the Yomiuri Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun,Kyodo NewsRose from[252].. After that, he was the Minister of EconomyMari Eeda"I heard the word evacuation, not evacuation." "Where the word evacuation came from is now uncertain."[253].. Asahi Shimbun held a press conference on the evening of September 9, and President Imura Kimura said, ``As a result of internal scrutiny, it was as if many TEPCO employees had escaped from the spot due to an incorrect evaluation in the process of reading and reading the Yoshida records. I made an impression and judged that it was a wrong article," he apologized, and "decided to go back and forth after making a path to radical reform including the editing department".[254][255] I resigned at a later date. The Asahi Shimbun, based on a personal memo of Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station staff who is said to be "waiting for a place with a low dose of 1F (Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant)" as a cause of false alarm, " I didn't thoroughly cover it directly."

Report on social welfare corporation

  • 2014 May 5, In the serialized article "Unpaid Country Part 2", under the heading "One-Man President "Runaway"",Kawasaki City OfSocial welfare corporationDirector"The land donated to the social welfare corporationBoard of directors"I decided to increase the amount of compensation of the president without the approval of the board", and "a social welfare corporation purchased a certification device from a company of the president's relatives". Reported. However, in reality, the social welfare corporation has approved the sale of land and the increase of the director's compensation by the board of directors, and there was no fact that they purchased equipment such as lighting equipment from a company of the president's relatives. Regarding this article, the social welfare corporation and the president filed a lawsuit seeking compensation and apology, and the Asahi Shimbun posted corrections and apologies.2015 May 4settlementdid. In the morning edition of the next day, regarding "sale of land" and "increase in remuneration, etc.", the regulations were corrected to "clarified (Kawasaki City) pointed out", and "certification equipment of the president's relatives" was corrected. "I purchased from a company",cancelIt was[256].

News about the U.S. military

  • June 2014, 6 Morning edition: “Rescue the Japanese with an American ship”RiceI refuse,"Peripheral situation lawThen, it was said that the item that the U.S. military carried the evacuated Japanese was deleted at the strong request of the United States,Ministry of DefenseDenied this report[257].Ministry of DefenseIn response to the protest, the Asahi side toned down "I refused to rescue Japanese people" to "I do not affirm the rescue of other people" and also pointed out that "It is extremely difficult for Japanese people to board US ships"[258].. In fact, Japan and the United States jointly conduct transport training for Japanese living overseas each year based on the guidelines for Japan-US defense cooperation (the provisions that the two countries cooperate in the evacuation of displaced persons). Tori[257], In 1998ConflictInEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euFrom 3 in 2011(I.e.There were also cases in which four Japanese were carried by a ship prepared by the United States[257].

Inappropriate response related to museum raid terrorism

  • 2015 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,チュニジア OfMuseum raid terrorismInjured in the capital of TunishospitalHospitalized in,手術A woman just after receiving the Asahi Shimbun記者Of the local who responded toJapanese EmbassyRegarding the interaction with the staff, I heard a yelling voice in Japanese saying, "Please let me interview you. You have no right to refuse."shockIt was." The reporter, after some interaction,Sick buildingIt is said that he has exited from. "I didn't mean to call out to the reporters, but I take the notes in my journal very seriously and apologize to the women," said Asahi Shimbun, Director of the International Press Department.apologydid. In a note, the woman told the embassy staff, "I refuse you.rightI was encouraged and said, "I was happy."[259].

Corrections related to the right of collective self-defense

  • 2015 May 5Corrected the content of the article "Journal support for collective self-defense overseas" dated June 2014, 6, "The battlefield was supposed to contribute to peace, logistical support, 15 Germans died"[260].

Impression manipulation for Japanese newspapers

  • 2015 May 6, In the evening edition 1-page article, with the heading "A troubled Japanese-language newspaper suffers a decrease in the Japanese population in South America",Japanese language newspaperHas posted an article saying that it is in danger of being discontinued and the number of subscriptions decreasing. On the contraryBrazilJapanese newspaperNikkei newspaperIt is true that the Japanese population in South America is decreasing and the number of Japanese speakers is decreasing, but that the Japanese population is increasing, history and background, the number of subscribers, and the source of advertising income He criticized Asahi Shimbun for criticizing that he reported different Japanese newspapers with a negative impression as "arbitrary image manipulation." In response to the protest, the Asahi Shimbun Tokyo head office apologized by phone and email, and in the evening edition on the 8th, it was an error that the "decrease in Japanese population in South America" ​​was an error of "decrease in first-generation Japanese population in South America" did. The reporter of the São Paulo bureau who wrote the article explained, "I thought it was good because I wrote in the preamble (Reducing the Japanese population that Japanese can be read)", but Nikkei Shimbun said that even if the heading was wrong , Criticizing that it is arrogant and arrogant to read the article[261][262].

Inappropriate posting on Twitter by Tensei Jingo editorial board

  • 2015 May 8,Tensei Human LanguageMr. Tominaga's special editorial committee, who has a history of being in charge of 6 years,twitterToNaziIn English and French, along with demo photos of people with the flag of "A demonstration by a Japanese nationalist in Tokyo.AbeRegarding the issue that he wrote that he "supports the Prime Minister and his conservative regime," he published an apology article in the morning edition of August 8 that he "suspected the press attitude."[263][264][265][266].. According to the Asahi Shimbun's public relations department, the photos posted by Tominaga Tadashi's special editorial staff were found on the internet, and the facts were not confirmed.[267].

Push paper problem

  • In March 2016, the Fair Trade Commission told the Asahi Shimbun ``Pressed paperI paid attention to the problem. Prior to this, on February 2015, 2, Kazuyuki Sugimoto, Chairman of the JFTC, said in a press conference held at the Japan Press Club, ``The FTC is still banning stamping paper in the current system, and we are properly monitoring what it is. However, if such an actual situation becomes clear, we will take necessary measures."[268][269].

Press on NRA

  • 2016 May 3In the morning edition ofKyushu Electric PowerKawauchi Nuclear Power StationReported that the observation system for radioactive materials installed in the vicinity of the[270].. On the contraryNuclear Regulatory CommissionCriticized, "It's very criminal. I want the Asahi Shimbun to reflect on it."[270].. According to the Nuclear Regulation Authority, it is natural that there are differences in functions depending on the type of observation equipment, and the information necessary for evacuation instructions is determined by combining various types of measurement equipment, but in the Asahi Shimbun article , It is as if the evacuation instructions cannot be judged with the current observation equipment.[270]Was said to give unnecessary anxiety to the local government[270].. In addition, I asked the reporter in charge to explain that it contained contents that the Nuclear Regulation Authority staff did not say.[270].. On March 3, the Nuclear Regulatory Agency posted a document on its website explaining the facts that Asahi Shimbun's articles could be misleading.[270][271].. However, the Asahi Shimbun did not make explicit corrections to these protests and did not respond to submission of interview sources.[272], Regulatory Agency notified Asahi Shimbun's editorial executive to impose indefinite coverage restrictions[272].. Specifically, we will not support Asahi's telephone coverage at all in the future, and we will always record even in the case of face-to-face interviews.[272].

News about the Cabinet Office homepage

  • 2017 May 4,Cabinet OfficeFrom the home pageThe Great Kanto Earthquake Massacre of KoreansIt was said that the person in charge has deleted the statement about, and explained that "there are many criticisms in content and it has been seven years since it was posted, so I decided not to list it".[273].. On the same day, the Cabinet Office denied the deletion, and also denied the comment reported as the person in charge. Considering protest against Asahi Shimbun[274].. According to the Cabinet Office, a reporter from the Asahi Shimbun reported on the telephone on the evening of the 18th, and the person in charge told him that he had not deleted it, saying, "The homepage is being renovated, and I cannot see it now." He also denied that he had received complaints, saying that he "has not considered discontinuing the report." Asahi ShimbunSankei Shimbun“The article was written based on the interview with the person in charge of the Cabinet Office. We will refrain from answering the details of the interview process and the comments of the other party,”[275].

Press on dual citizenship

  • The article “What is the problem with heavy nationality? What is the resolution procedure?” dated July 2017, 7Nationality lawArticle 14 clarified that "you must choose one of the nationalities", and mistakenly reported that it was "as an effort rule." I posted an amendment on July 7 and apologized[276].

Plagiarism in serialized articles

  • 2019 In February, in the morning edition of Hokkaido Edition January 2th and 1th, in a serialized article "People pattern street performer Giliyak Amagasaki-san" in 12Hokkaido ShimbunHe admitted that he was plagiarizing a large number of descriptions in his photobook "Gilliak Amagasaki "Oni no Odori" to "Prayer Odori"". About 12% of the articles on the 4th and about 19% of the articles on the 8th were duplicated with the contents of the photo book. The Asahi Shimbun said it had no intention of plagiarism, but stopped the serialization,Hokkaido ShimbunAnd coverage ofGiliyak AmagasakiApologized to the public and announced the disposition of the person concerned, such as suspending the reporter of the Hakodate branch office who wrote it for two months, saying that he "broke down the trust of the reader".[277][278].

Leprosy related

  • 2019 May 7In the morning edition,Kumamoto District CourtIs the originalLeprosyIn response to a ruling ordering the government to compensate the patient's family, the Japanese government reportedly appealed as a response, but in the morning of the same dayShinzo AbeThe Prime Minister's intention to abandon the appeal turned out to be the opposite of what was reported, and apologized the following day for the political minister.[279].

Reportage "China's Journey"

1971 It was serialized 8 times in the evening edition from August to December.Katsuichi HondaIn a reportage "Chinese Journey" by a reporter,Sino-Japanese warSo the Japanese military went to the ChineseNanjing IncidentWas introduced in the form of a note from the local residents.[280][281][282].. The content of the article shocked the Japanese society at the time, but it was also strongly repulsed. According to the Asahi Shimbun, "Tokyo's head office was flooded with letters of blame. Also, at the platform,ControversyThere has occurred[281].

In the serialization, “2 Japanese ensigns compete with each other under the command of their superiors.[Note 55]I posted an article[283] Then,Hundred-Man Slashing CompetitionWas filed by a family member of an officer who was alleged to have performedManninkenAbout the article, the request for cancellation of the article is being made as it is in fact unrooted.

Comfort woman "forced take" report

  • 1991 From the following yearComfort womenDevelop a series of campaigns for the problem.Seiji YoshidaIn "Showa 18 (1943 ) On military order South Korea OfJejuHe reported on his experience four times (including these four times, a total of 4 times for Yoshida), saying, "I forcibly took a woman in and made him a comfort woman." Or siege the village with a hundred police officers and drive a woman out on the road. Swing a wooden sword to hit a woman, kick it, and stuff it into a truck." There were ten people" (January 4, 16, 1992st column, "From the editorial room of the window"). This Yoshida's "experience story"Ikuhiko Hata-Takushoku UniversityA professor's (then) research found that it was a lie, and Seiji Yoshida himself admitted that some of it was fiction, and the Asahi Shimbun issued a de facto correction that "I could not confirm." In addition, the Asahi Shimbun dated August 1991, 8, was titled "Tears are still remembering" and "Former Korean comfort women fight in the second half of the century, with a heavy mouth," in the social top.Sino-Japanese war,World War IIAt the time ofWomen's CorpsWas taken to the battlefield asprostitutionOne of the Korean comfort women who had been forced to act had embarked on themselves," the reporter said.Uemura Takashi). In the story that this Korean comfort woman was taken to the battlefield as a women's troop corps, he said, ``At that time, there was no system of women's troop corps itself, and she was sold as a prostitution by parents, It is a complete fabrication."Japan Restoration Party OfNakayama Nariaki(Then the Minister of Education) on March 2013, 3House of RepresentativesBudget Committee, Criticizes the Asahi Shimbun's coverage of comfort women, citing that the Asahi Shimbun distorts comfort women's materials. The Yomiuri Shimbun reported that the Asahi Shimbun reported that "the Japanese army supervised and controlled the establishment of comfort stations and recruitment of military comfort women" was the origin of the military comfort women issue, and it was a diplomatic issue between Japan and Korea. As a result of the development, the Asahi Shimbun erroneously reported that the "Women's Corps Corps" of the wartime labor mobilization system was "comfort women hunting," saying that "mainly Korean women were forcibly taken under the name of Corps Corps." I am trying. Meanwhile, in 1992, the Yomiuri Shimbun and Mainichi Shimbun alsoSeiji YoshidaIt was also revealed that he was introducing his testimony. Sankei Shimbun in 1993Seiji YoshidaThe article was published as "Witness" who revealed that he had taken more than 1990 women to military comfort women in Jeju Island. It was also confirmed that the Mainichi Shimbun and Sankei Shimbun confused women's volunteers with military comfort women in the early XNUMXs.
  • 2014 May 8, Asahi Shimbun, as a result of its own verification, found no evidence of the Yoshida testimony and found it false and withdrew the article. However, there was no apology and the policy not to do so was clarified by President Imura Kimura. Apology, Mr. Kimura also apologized for the misinformation about the "Yoshida testimony."
  • In August 2014, the Asahi Shimbun examined the company's previous coverage of comfort women and acknowledged misinformation but no apology,Akira IkegamiColumn of the same paper serialized byAkira Ikegami's newspaper licking readingI tried to post a criticism article saying "The Asahi Shimbun should apologize", but there was a contact from Asahi that "I can not publish", and Ikegami offered to cancel this series. This Asahi response became widely known,The blockade of speechNot only from outside the company, but also from the reporters of the company.TwitterAs a result, Asahi contacted Ikegami, saying, "I want to publish it." Ikegami consents to the publication by adding his own comment as a "remark." The full article written by Ikegami was published in the morning edition on September 2014, 9, and at the same time, the Asahi Shimbun apologized for this matter on the same day, and again at the "Yoshida record misinformation apology conference" held at a later date. ..
  • 2015 About 1 articles published by Asahi Shimbun on January 26th by 8749 people inside and outside JapanFalse news"And spread the twisted history introduced by many foreign media into the international community," "The international reputation of Japan and its people has dropped significantly, and the personality of the people including the plaintiffs I was injured,'' and filed a lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court for a 1 yen per capita reward and an apology advertisement.[284].. The plaintiff side secretariatNational Assembly for Asahi Shimbun'[285]. On March 3 of the same year, 25 additional complaints were filed and the number of plaintiffs reached 1.[286]. The Tokyo District Court rejected the plaintiff's request in July 2016. The Tokyo High Court also dismissed the plaintiff's appeal in a ruling in September 7, and the plaintiff's appeal was confirmed without the plaintiff's appeal.
  • On February 2, the same year, 9 people in JapanSeiji YoshidaEven though the testimony had doubts, Asahi neglected to verify the accuracy of the reported content,Right to know”Was infringed”, and a lawsuit was filed in the Tokyo District Court seeking damages of 1 yen per person[287]. The plaintiff's secretariat is the "Correcting Asahi Shimbun"[288]. Tokyo District Court rejected claims from 2016 plaintiffs in September 9[289]. The Tokyo High Court also rejected the appeal of 2017 plaintiffs in the March 3 ruling. The Supreme Court's third small court also rejected 238 plaintiffs' appeals by the decision on October 2017, 10, and the Asahi Shimbun's victory was confirmed[290].
  • In addition, on February 2, the Asahi Shimbun reports on comfort women (articles based on Yoshida testimony, andWomen's CorpsIn a total of 52 articles confusing “comfort women” with “comfort women”, “I left the false information for many years and suffered mental distress such as being harassed by the image of a comfort woman” and Japan living near Glendale, California. A total of about 3 people including three people and professors from universities in Japan filed a lawsuit in the Tokyo District Court to ask the company to place a solace fee and an apology advertisement on major US papers. "The false facts and views on the comfort women problem spread to the world as truth and became established by the establishment of a comfort woman image," he said in a complaint, "damaging the dignity of the Japanese and lowering the objective evaluation in the international community. It is necessary to send an apology to the world."[291].. In April 2017, the Tokyo District Court dismissed the plaintiff's proceedings.The plaintiffs appealed, but in February 4, the Tokyo High Court dismissed the plaintiffs' appeal, and the Asahi Shimbun's victory was confirmed.[292].
  • On February 2 of the same year, the "Independent Verification Committee for the Asahi Shimbun'Comfort Women Report'", which has verified the Asahi Shimbun's coverage of comfort women from the outside, released a report, and the Asahi Shimbun from 19 to 1991. Concerning the coverage of comfort women in Japan, he concluded that it was "compulsory-entrained propaganda (propaganda)" and concluded that the propaganda caused false facts to spread to the international community and undermine Japan's honor. In addition, he pointed out that the "third party committee" organized by the Asahi Shimbun said the results were "impact was limited" and that "the discussion was to avoid Asahi's liability."[293][294][295].
  • 2018 In August, the source of the English translation of the article published in the morning edition of the special feature "Thinking about the Comfort Women" dated August 8, 26, "noindex" and "nofollow" that suppress the site from being displayed by search engines. "Noarchive"Meta tagWas confirmed to be embedded[296]. The Asahi Shimbun Public Relations Department replied that such a setting was made due to a work error and that it is now corrected.[296].

New coronavirus infection related

  • 2020 May 4,New coronavirus infectionAs part of the measures, the Abe CabinetCloth maskIn connection with the distribution, I posted an article online titled "Are cloth masks effective? WHO does not recommend under any circumstances". But,WHOThose who do not recommend cloth masks are medical professionals, not the general public. Also, at the end of the article, the expert's opinion stating that "There is no option to "not attach" in view of the purpose of not transmitting to other people" is described, so there is a discrepancy in the headline and the content of the article Controversial as it could be born[297].
  • 2020 May 4, "# Escape from Tokyo, expert "Stop it" Infect family with homecoming, new cluster is new corona", Twitter said "Escape Tokyo"hashtag(Search word) has been spread, and an article was posted that there is a concern that a new cluster (group of infected people) may occur by spreading the virus to rural areas.[298]. However, before this article was distributed, there was almost no posting of the hashtag "Escape from Tokyo", and it was pointed out that there was a strong suspicion that the Asahi Shimbun made it an article and spread it.[299][300].
  • 2020 May 5With the heading "Going forward with criticisms from overseas to respond to corona, eager to strengthen transmission power," an article was published stating that the Japanese government has been criticizing one after another, especially for the small number of PCR tests. For example, English paperGuardian, Englishwith the BBC, Rice paperNew York TimesEtc.[301] However, the actual Guardian article mainly introduced the tone in Japan. In addition, the BBC and NY Times interviewees were both professors of Kings College London who were critical of the Abe Cabinet.Kenji ShibuyaOf Sophia UniversityKoichi NakanoTherefore, there was criticism about the content of the article on the Internet.Tokyo University of Foreign StudiesProfessor'sHideo ShinodaCriticized that "it is a level that should not be cut off with fake news", and a liberal philosopherHiroki AzumaAlso question how to report[302].

Tokyo Olympics related

  • The Asahi Shimbun2020 Tokyo OlympicsIs one of the official sponsors of 1May 5In an editorial in the morning edition of "I don't think it makes sense to hold the Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo this summer. Distrust and opposition to the Olympics are only widespread. "[303]..On the other hand, he took the attitude of "continuing activities as an Olympic sponsor" and maintained the position of "holding OK" for the high school baseball tournament sponsored by the company.double standardThere were a series of indications and criticisms[304][305][306]..Asahi Shimbun posted an explanation on the official website regarding the series of attitudes.[307], Refuse to answer the interview[308].


  • Global expansion of branch offices and overseasNews agency[Note 56]It is known to be the most authoritative newspaper in Japan as of 2010 by signing a contract with[309].
  • On the other hand,Oxford University Of(English editionAccording to the "Digital Report 2020" of the Sankei Shimbun, the positive evaluation of the reader's reliability was the lowest among the major national newspapers, and the negative evaluation was the first.[310].


  • Right wing-conservatives TheLeft wingdeflection,View of masochismOften criticized for being targeted[311][312][313][314].. EspeciallySankei Shimbun[315],Justice[316],WiLL[317],SAPIO[318],Weekly Bunshun[319],Japanese Culture Channel Sakura[320] It has been criticized by some conservative forums for its fierce tone.
  • From 20062007 Was the prime minister at that timeShinzo AbeAsahi Shimbun reports toNegative campaignWas criticized. 2007May 9Tokai Shimpo"The Asahi Shimbun's negative campaign against the Abe administration was tremendous."[321][Note 57].
  • 45th House of Representatives general electionpreviousAso CabinetRegarding the coverage ofNobuyuki Kaji"The media, especially the Asahi and Mainichi newspapers and television, were attacking the LDP in awe.Democratic PartyWas complimenting me. Even now.Taro AsoThe former prime minister accused him of being extravagant using the hotel bar,Yukio HatoyamaPrime MinisterI am confused about what brand of clothing and accessories they have.HeadIsn't it strange?"[322]Blamed.
  • 2008 May 10,Yamaguchi PrefectureLight cityHappened inHikariichi Mother and Child Killing CaseAgainst theGovernor of Osaka Prefecture-Tohashi Hashishitaby,talentLawyerOf the timesTakajin's saying to the committeeIntv setRegarding the remark, "Hashishita TV remark, please give back the lawyer qualification"editorialPosted. About thisJapan Ground Self-Defense ForceItami GarrisonOpened inChubu DistrictIn the congratulatory message of "The 48th Anniversary of the Founding Corps," he criticized that "Japan will be ruined if the number of adults like the Asahi Shimbun, who are just saying bad things about people, increases."[323].
  • 2012 May 9The principal who was published inEitaro OgawaIn his book "The Promise Day Shinzo Abe Essay,"Hisayuki Miyake(Former Mainichi Newspaper reporterPolitical critic), the Asahi Shimbun editorial chief at that timeYoshibumi WakamiyaAnd Miyake's conversation are drawn. Among them, Miyake asked Wakamiya, "Isn't it mischievous to say that Abe is Abe in the morning, but I can't report the good points properly?"Company mottoTherefore, there was also an opinion that criticized the Asahi Shimbun based on that statement.[324][325].2014 May 2,Jay CastInterviewed the public relations department of the Asahi Shimbun about this matter[326]"There is no fact that the executives of the Company said to political commentator Hisayuki Miyake that "the overthrow of the Abe administration is a company motto," the spokesperson said.[326]Also, when I asked if there is a company policy that is actually set, no answer was obtained.[326].
  • 2014 May 10IsHouse of RepresentativesBudget Committeeso,Shinzo AbePrime Minister"Stop shooting" report by[Note 58][327] In response to a question about this, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said, "Is it today's Asahi Shimbun? There was a report that I said,'Stop shooting.' This is a fabrication. Well, the Asahi Shimbun has decided to defeat the Abe administration. The company motto is that the chief minister once spoke. This is obvious if you ask Senator Hagita who gave the brief, and if you check with me, you will understand immediately. What I said? I have a close Asahi Shimbun reporter. Unfortunately, I was very surprised to hear a statement that I didn't say without any inquiries. "On the other hand, the nextMay 10In the attached "Asahi Shimbun," the Tokyo Headquarters news agency said, "The article was written based on interviews, not fabrications that intentionally created the story. There is no company motto, and the chief editor has never spoken."[328].
  • 2012 May 12AttachedSankei ShimbunIs americaCSIS OfMichael greenHowever, Philippine Foreign Minister Albert Del Rosario declared that Japan should abandon the passive pacifist constitution and proceed with "re-arming" as a deterrent to the expansion of the People's Republic of China.[329] After pointing out that, "Japan isAsiaNo one else in Asia would believe China's claim to be a military threat to the whole.Southeast AsiaCountries rather want Japan's military strength to increase," he said.Comfort women problemAs an opportunityLeftThe elite ofNew York Times,Los Angeles Times AbeMr. "DangerousRight wing]” Without realizing Abe's strategic contribution at the intergovernmental level. The "Abe Tataki" was a form of importing part of the Asahi Shimbun's method that Japan hates him. I want to avoid repeating that in the future," he said, criticizing the Asahi Shimbun's reporting stance.[330].
  • Tamogami ToshioIn his book, "A speech organization that labels and seals disagreements as "extreme right" and "intellectualism"" "When the Japanese are at a loss of political judgment, they can make a mistake if they reverse the left wing and the Asahi Shimbun There will be no. Asahi is always mistaken for love."[331].
  • Takaaki YoshimotoSaid in his own book, “So is the Asahi Shimbun,Iwanami ShotenIs also so. Even Iwanami Shoten is affirming the war during the warNew bookAnd so on. It changed so easily that I could easily change it after the war. I am like thatPostwar democratI've been doing it all the time because I think it's different from philosophers and philanthropists, and it would be a problem to be together with this."[332].

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant "Yoshida Chosho" misinformation, criticism of comfort women "forced take" coverage

In June 2014,Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant OfYoshida MasaoThe director responded to the hearing about the government accident investigation.Yoshida recordIt was reported that "9% of the staff members withdrew in violation of Director Yoshida's order" as a monopoly on "(listening result)", but for some timeFukushima Daiichi nuclear power plantContinued to coverTakamasa Kadotaは、週刊誌(『週刊ポスト』6月20日号、『週刊新潮』9月18日号)、写真誌(『FLASH』6月24日号)、月刊誌(『Voice』8月号・11月号、『正論』8月号・10月号)、『産経新聞』8月18日付朝刊[333] As such, the content such as "9% of the staff members withdrew in violation of Director Yoshida's order" is not stated anywhere in the record, and it is not true because it contradicts Kadota's interview with Director Yoshida. The misinformation of the newspaper put a criticism on it, saying, "I just dismayed the people on the scene who fought on the front lines of the nuclear accident."[334].. On the other hand, the Asahi Shimbun took countermeasures such as sending a request for "correction apology" and proof of content "consider legal action" to Kadota multiple times.

2014 In August, the Asahi ShimbunComfort woman "forced take" reportWas published in the newspapers and the public circles, and the members of the Diet showed the possibility of pursuing it through deliberation of the Diet.[335].. Discovered at the same timeYoshida recordIn addition to arbitrary facts, the newspaper companies and media also criticized one after another, and Asahi Shimbun responded to these problems at a press conference attended by the president on September 9 of the same year, withdrawing and apologizing for Yoshida's report Also apologized for the first time regarding the report of "compulsory detention" of comfort women[336][337].

July 9st of the same year,Asahi ShimbunHowever, in order to cancel some of the comfort women's articles in the past, the company's executives explained to some government officials about the intention and circumstances of the verification article.Weekly postReported by[338].. In this article, the Asahi Shimbun executives cited several media such as newspapers and magazines that criticized the Asahi Shimbun, saying, ``If the media attacked anything other than the part that acknowledged the misinformation, it would not only refute it on the Asahi newspaper, but also actively It is said that it obtained a memo of a certain minister who said that he said "[338].. As a media critical to the Asahi ShimbunSAPIO,Sankei ShimbunThe weekly post reports that the Asahi Shimbun executives made a statement saying that "If Asahi complains, there will be no such media because they have poor coverage".[338].

Criticism of coverage of the Kake Gakuen problem

Sankei Shimbun OfAbiru RuiWas reported in the top article on May 2017, 5Kake GakuenRegarding the image of the "Cabinet Office's response to the Minister's confirmation items" attached to the news report of the Veterinary Science Department, it is said that "the photograph of the text is incomprehensible" because "the photograph is dark for some reason and the letters are not well readable" As for the reason, the content written there is "why should I repair it if it is Prime Minister Abe's instruction," so if the text is readable, it means "There is no instruction of Prime Minister". I argue that I will understand that[339].. In addition, according to a document released by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on June 6, the lower part says, "If it is in the form of "National Strategic Special Zones Advisory Council Decision," since the Prime Minister is the chairman, it seems to be the instruction from the Prime Minister. It is said that "Impression operation" by the Asahi Shimbun can not be helped.[339].

Sankei Shimbun's reporter, Nobuhiro Imanaka, was announced by the former Governor of Ehime Prefecture during the closing examination on July 2017, 7.Kato MoriyukiWas criticized by the Asahi Shimbun for criticizing past acts of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and TechnologyMainichi NewspapersArgues that "the "impression manipulation" of the press has been highlighted" as it did not report[340].

Criticism of slap lawsuit

The Asahi Shimbun was published on December 2017, 12 by a literary critic in October 25.Eitaro Ogawa"Thorough verification"Moritomo-SumThe author and publisher of "The Asahi Shimbun's Largest Postwar Press Crime"Asuka ShinshaAppeal to the Tokyo District Court for compensation of 5000 million yen and posting of an apology advertisement[341]..In response to the Asahi proceedings, the author Ogawa criticized it as "a blatant move to kill speech."[342],Slap proceedingsCriticism of hitting[343][344], Former Asahi Shimbun reporterHiromichi Karaga"The Asahi Shimbun's suit fits perfectly with the slap suit," he criticized, "opening the extremely dangerous'door of intervention in free speech'in the sense of having a judge act as a censor."[345].


Asahi Shimbun's readers are next to Yomiuri ShimbunCapital AreaKansai areaMany,Chunichi ShimbunNext toNagoya areaMany[346].. No. 2013 share in 1PrefecturesNo, but it is read throughout the country[346].

Also, the political innovation of the reader,University graduate-GraduateAnd upper layersWhite collarOf[347], Average household income of readers[348], Achievement rate of some listed companies to the section manager/manager level[349] For elements such asNational newspaperamongNihon Keizai ShimbunThere are survey results that are second only to the reader.Jiro Akagawa-Rika Kayama-Katsumoto Saotome-Seiichi Morimura-Ken WatanabeIt is also known that an expert / celebrity who will take up the commentary in "My Perspective" writes as an individual.[350].



  • The letter "new" in the title of the Asahi Shimbun has one more horizontal bar in the "tree" part, which is "un". It consists of "wood" (the reading of "thin" is also "spicy"), and the font with one horizontal bar is correct in terms of origin.[351].. As of 1954, more than 4% of newspapers nationwide use the same font, and as of 2016, the Asahi Shimbun and eight local newspapers use it.Japanese newspaper # "new" typeface of the titlereference).
  • The title of the Asahi Shimbun OfCalligrapherIsEuropeIt was created from the handwriting in "Seikanki", and only the "new" character was not in "Soseikanki", so the left side (bias) and "Tsui" of the "parent" character "Shin" is synthesized based on the right side of the character[351].
  • The background pattern of the title isEast Japan(East of Shizuoka Prefecture)West Japan(West of Aichi Prefecture) different.Tokyo Head OfficeHokkaido branchThe background pattern of theTokyo Asahi Shimbun"I've been using it since I entered Tokyo.Cherry blossom, And "Yamato's heart on ShikishimaRepresents the meaning of the old song[352].Osaka Head OfficeWestern headquarters,Nagoya Head OfficeThe background pattern isNaniwa Ofreed(Naniwa no Ashi)”, which means that the newspaper was first published in Osaka.[Note 59].
  • Incidentally,2007 From around that time, on the left side of the title, in the morning edition, the weather forecast of the target area (national part is social), the table of contents of the main featured articles and their outline, and below that, the table of contents of the main serialized articles (Osaka version is on the left side of the title) The main series article table of contents <same for the evening edition>, the weather forecast was posted under the featured article table of contents, but from April 2019, 4, the layout will be unified to almost the same layout as the Tokyo version), the evening edition saysBe EveningThe article introduction is published. For weather forecastProgram guide described laterIt was once posted in (excluding Osaka Headquarters version).
  • Logos different from the titles are used in television program credits and advertising media. This is written in square letters and has been adopted since 2001. In the first few years, part of "Sun" and "New" were written in red to make it look like "21", but now only "Sun" is written in red (others are black). doing.

Font and typeface

  • From the 1950s,Japanese kanji tableCommon name simplified by Asahi Shimbun regarding the notation of outside kanjiAsahi charactersThe font called[353],2007 May 1[354]About about 900 kanjiKangxi scriptIt was changed to a font based on and disappeared from the page.
  • Typeface used in the text of newspapers in modern Japan (font) Has become common in horizontally long flat type, but the Asahi Shimbun proposed it to newspaper companies in 1941 and introduced it in December of the same year.The use of flat type in newspapers from 12 to 1904Man morning reportThere is a precedent[355].
  • Newspaper companies develop and own their own typefaces only in a few companies in Japan, and the Asahi Shimbun uses one of them. Enrolled at the Osaka head office from 1940 to 1953Genzo TassaIt has been expanded based on the typeface by, and has been reprinted according to changes in printing equipment.Since July 2013, there have been many requests from publishers, newspaper companies and designers to use it.IwataThrough the typefaceOpentypeSold in format[356].
  • It is said that the horizontal titles in the margin are also designed by Genzo Tassa.[357].


A TV schedule

1972 Until July,A TV scheduleIs published in the middle of the morning edition of the Tokyo and Osaka headquartersLocal version), but recentlyNewspaper suspension dayExcept on the last page.

1992 From April,G codeShow the program guideJapanese newspaperFirst posted as[363].

  • Initially, in the Tokyo version, the evening program schedule was separated from the main volume and published as a separate volume, “G Section”. Located in TokyoKey stationThe program guide from the start to the end of the next day (from the base time of the next day to the base time of the next day for a 24-hour broadcast station), and the program guide from the end of the day from 17:XNUMX on the last day (or the base point of the next day) Posted in full size. In addition, on the inside, articles related to entertainment and the Kanto regionIndependent UHF station,Satellite broadcasting,radioThe program listing was posted.
  • In other areas such as Osaka, G code program guides by genre are published in the evening edition. In areas without evening publications, a weekly program listing by genre was posted on Saturday.
  • After that, it was published in other newspapers, and the separate article of the Asahi Shimbun Tokyo edition evening edition was abolished. Came to be listed.

As a feature of posting on the TV section,Kanto region-Kinki 2 prefecture 4 prefecturesAreas without affiliated broadcasting stations (Yamanashi Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture, Tottori Prefecture, Shimane Prefecture, Tokushima Prefecture, Kochi Prefecture, Saga Prefecture), and despite having affiliated stationsCross netExcluding Fukui prefecture and Miyazaki prefecture, which areTV AsahiAffiliated station (ANNMember station)Japan Broadcasting CorporationIt is listed next to (NHK) terrestrial 2 channels (Kanto and Kinki are in channel order, and others are in order of opening). Note thatSan'in districtAsahi Shimbun is a major shareholderBSS TVIs the leftmost commercial broadcaster.NHK E TeleThe digitally organized programs of are not listed in a separate column, but are listed below the programs broadcast at midnight of the day (at the end of the program table). From around 1996, there was no commentary on individual radio programs in the one published by the Tokyo head office, and now the radio section itself has been excluded.radioArticles related to are only "Radio Angle", which is published once a week, unless it is published on the social side.[Note 62].

From March 2009, 3, the TV section for the Kanto region has continued for many years since the start of TV broadcasting.analogFrom the smallest channel number,Digital terrestrial broadcasting OfRemote control numberReorganized in ascending order[Note 63]Was posted on the insideBS digital broadcastingWOWOWChanged the program listing to the last page[Note 64].. For the first time in about 20 years,TV AichiThe program guide of is reduced from other stations with the name,Gifu Chan (Gifu Broadcasting),Mie televisionApproached the size of[Note 65]However, it returned to its original state in the spring of 2010.The station name notation in the radio column has been published for many years in the Tokyo head office version, Nagoya head office version, and Hokkaido branch office version from March 2009, 3.frequencyIs omitted, and only the station name and inquiry telephone number are displayed.However, in the Kanto version, frequency notation was resumed around May of the same year.[Note 66].

The program listing is from the Asahi Shimbun GroupNikkan Sotsupo ShimbunIs an affiliated company ofNikkan Sports PRESSThe one delivered from is posted.

2011 May 3Until the Osaka head office version (one page is shown due to the space on the page), the final page of the TV shows the issue date nationwide.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euWas recorded, but the same yearMay 4After that, on the day of the main city, for one week on the left side of the title, including the day of other citiesweatherIs now published on the social side (Osaka is the same as before. The title on the left side of page 1 is the table of contents of the main serialized articles.[Note 67]Is posted. For the international satellite version, the place where the weather column on the left side of the title is posted is "International satellite versionHas been replaced with the title).

Plate making

The final version isMorning newspaper14th edition,Evening paper4th edition.It is written on the upper part outside the paper frame.The deadline for submission of articles and photos and the delivery area for each edition are not announced.

4 comic strip cartoon

1949 The following items are described.

Morning newspaper
Evening paper

Issuing area

Evening publication area

Evening paperIssuing area of ​​"morning and evening edition set version"HokkaidoUekawa, Sorachi, Ishikari, Shiribeshi, Iburi,Kanto regionAll prefectures,Tokai regionAll prefectures[Note 68],KinkiWhole prefecture[Note 68], Yamaguchi prefecture, Fukuoka prefecture, Okinawa prefecture more than 22 prefectures[364][Note 69]. In the other districts, an "integrated version" is published only in the morning edition.[364]. In the past, evening editions were published in Saga, Oita, and Yamanashi prefectures, but they have moved to an integrated version.[365].

Pressed plate

Like the example of main paper,Newspaper reduced edition(Hereinafter referred to as "the reduced edition") is published regularly.

Internet business

Crown news program


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