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🍴 | Feel "Ramen Jiro Respect"! ??Stir-fried vegetables specialty store "Vegiro"


Feel "Ramen Jiro Respect"! ??Stir-fried vegetables specialty store "Vegiro"

If you write the contents roughly
"I didn't consciously send an image (to Ramen Jiro).

"Rich taste with lard", "Mashimashi", and the landmark of the store is a big yellow sign.Somehow "Ra ... → Continue reading

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Ramen Jiro

Ramen Jiro(Ramen Jiro) isTokyoMinato-kuMitaToHead officeHoldRamenStores, andGoodwillshop.Of the same head officeOwner-FounderOf Takumi YamadaRegistered trademark[1][2].


Founded1968 (Showa 43), TokyoMeguro OfMetropolitan University StationInitially "ramen" nearbyJiroIt opened under the name of.This is the year before the store opened1967 In 1 monthAce cockWas released from and became popularInstant noodle, It is said to be a twist of "Ramen Taro"[3][4][5].

The owner, Yamada,JapaneseCookSo I didn't know anything about ramen.At first, I opened a ramen shop with the idea of ​​"what can I do about ramen?", But for half a year from the beginning of the shop, the daily sales were sluggish at less than 1 cups even if it was open from noon to midnight.In the neighborhood where I couldn't see the situationChinese restaurantThe owner recommended that he train at his Chinese restaurant, and Yamada trained for three months in response to the recommendation.Also, it was in the neighborhoodSnow Brand Milk Industry OfEmployee child student dormitoryI created a unique taste by referring to the advice I received from a customer from Hokkaido who lived in Hokkaido.The shop prospered because the volume and seasoning of the ramen offered and Yamada's personality were received by the students.[3][4].

In the 1970sKeio UniversityStarted business at the side of the intersection, which is on the southeast corner of the Mita campus. By Meguro Ward in the early 1970sNomigawaThe store was relocated due to the river improvement (underdrain / green road) construction in Japan, and I came as a customer.Keio UniversityMita, Minato-ku, provided with information from students inMita StreetSource ofWestern foodBusiness resumed at the store.This is the side of the intersection leading to Keio Naka-dori, which is on the southeast corner of Keio University Mita Campus, and is the nearest railway station (Tamachi Station,Mita Station) And the main gate of the Mita Campus.When moving herepaintThe store is a new storeSignboardI made a mistake in what should be called "Jiro"JiroSince I wrote "Ramen" as it is after thatJiro"Notation[3][4].

1986 Released in JanuaryMasuhiro YamamotoYamamoto at "Tokyo Aji Grand Prix <1986>" restaurantTheEvaluated by the number of starsAt that time, Ramen Jiro was rated as starless.[6][7].1986 Release "Weekly Shonen Magazine"" Published in issue 50Mr tasteThe double lid is drawn in the frontispiece of "Flavor of charred green onion", and the author who is from Keio UniversityDaisuke TerasawaIs accompanied by an introductory text using the phrase "Ramen Emperor"[8].. Released on November 1996, 4Island cultivationIn "A Graceful Day", the author'sHirokane KenshiWith illustrations of the contents of the interview about Ramen JiroレポートWas[9].

1990 eraIt was expected that a widening plan for Mita Street would be implemented, and it was found that Jiro would be affected by this, so Yamada considered closing the store.However, regular customers wanted the store to continue, and local Keio University student volunteers were planning to renovate the Keio University West School Building at that time.Student cafeteriaIn the early 1990s, we carried out a signing activity to attract people to the restaurant, but due to various reasons such as "it is not good to have an outside line of customers other than junior high school students in the cafeteria on campus", the store on Mita Street was not realized.1996 (8) The store closed at the end of February.From June of the same yearSakurada streetThe current Mita Main Store has moved to the area along the main gate (near the main gate of Keio University) and has resumed operations.[3][4][10].

2003 The name of "Ramen Jiro" is registered as a trademark, the right holder is "Takumi Yamada", the classification is "Providing food and drink mainly ramen", and the registration date is March 2003, 15 (Heisei 3). Is[1][Annotation 1].

2009 In (21), British high-quality paperGuardianSelected as one of the "50 dishes to eat in the world" on paper[11][Annotation 2].

2019 In (31), he was commended as a "Keio Specialized Cram School Member" in honor of the many years of achievements of the founding shop owner, Takumi Yamada.[12].

Ramen Jiro Mita Main Store Company Lesson

One, clean, correct and beautiful, for a walk, reading, smiling savings, weekend fishing, golf, sutra copying
Second, for the world, for people, for society
Three, Love & Peace & Togetherness
Four, I'm sorry, that courage to say a word
Fifth, the disorder of taste is the disorder of the mind, the disorder of the mind is the disorder of the family, the disorder of the family is the disorder of the society,
   The turbulence of society is the turbulence of the country, and the turbulence of the country is the turbulence of the universe.

Six, do you want to add garlic? — Ramen Jiro Mita Main Store Company Lesson [13]



Mita main store, also in the storeSignboardIs often yellow and black (only in Kyoto store, white and black and red due to the landscape regulations of the prefecture),counterIs often red.Prepaid meal ticket system (た ば こA plastic bill type that uses the vending machine of.Some stores use a thermal paper ticket system using a ticket vending machine), and are color-coded according to the amount of noodles and pigs.[14][15][16][17][18].


The main dish is pork bone-based soy sauce-flavored ramen, and the menu consists of a combination of the amount of noodles and the amount of roast pork (denoted as "pork or pork").[16][19][15].

IngredientIs a vegetable (Bean sproutscabbage) And called "pig"roasted pork filletIs placed.
SoupIs for char siu豚 肉,pig bonesTocabbageCore andgarlicFlavored vegetables such asBack fatIt is made by boiling.Mixed with lardfatThere are many minutes.Added to the soup adjustmentSauceBased on the broth of char siuSoy sauceBy taste, formerly Shibazaki Miso Soy Sauce Shop in Chiba Prefecture[20]Manufactured by Kanesi Shoji[21][22]Was using the soy sauce labeled as "Ramen Jiro's exclusive soy sauce" sold by[23][24][Annotation 3]..Currently FZET Co., Ltd.[Annotation 4]"Ramen Jiro exclusive soy sauce" and "Ramen Jiro exclusive mirin-style seasoning" are used.
noodlesIs basically a relatively thick and stiff flat noodle.Homemade noodles are made at most stores including the Mita main store, and used as raw materials.Nisshin Flour Mill OfStrong flourUsing "Aution"[16][24][Annotation 5].

Ramen Jiro basically calls regular ramen small and large ramen large, and there is no medium, normal, or average menu.Also, even though it is small, compared to general ramen,A special serving of small and ordinary ramen or more, equivalent to two large servings of large and ordinary ramenAnd the amount is large.

At stores other than the Mita main store, miso and salt flavors,tsukemenAnd no juice (SobaA menu similar to.Add back oil, spicy taste, green onions, etc. to the sauce, and eat it by entwining it with noodles and stretching it with a small amount of soup. ), Tsukemen (a menu that uses tsukemen soup in soup), and paid toppings such as raw eggs and ginger (some stores always, on that day, or for a limited time, free of charge) are also available.[16][19][15]..In particular, Hachioji Nozaru Kaido Store 2 offers various menus and paid toppings for a limited time throughout the year.In addition, the Omiya store, which once existed, offered ramen using the brand pork "Scented pork" produced in Saitama prefecture as char siu pork, although it is more expensive than regular ramen.

In the storebeerThere are also stores that offer food for specified health use in front of the store.BeverageMainly deals withVending machineThere is, but it is not limited to the drinks purchased there, but in many cases you can bring in drinks[Source required].

Toppings and customization

Basically, toppingsGarlic only..The clerk said to the customer, "Do you want to add garlic?Just answer "Add garlic, don't add garlic" to complete the order.[26].

When asked for toppings, you can make four changes for free: "Yasai", "Garlic", "Abra", and "Karame".[16][15][18][27][28].. "Garlic" is grated to coarsely chopped rawgarlicIs put in a bowl. "Abra" is a granular lard that is boiled when making soup, but depending on the store, a lump of lard seasoned with soy sauce or the like is served in a bowl or on a separate plate. "Karame" is to sprinkle the sauce used in ramen from above to prepare it for a stronger taste.Requests for adjustment that started from regular customers have become common, and from a unique ordering methodインターネットAboveincantationIt is called (Yasai Mashinin Garlic Karamesukoshi, etc.).

Regarding the amount of noodles, if you tell us a request such as "less noodles" or "half noodles" when submitting a meal ticket or confirming a meal ticket, we will accept it. (If you ask when presenting your meal ticket, you can adjust the basic amount and the timing of the start of boiling the noodles, such as "thin taste", "hard noodles", "thin oil" and "less backfat" than the basic ramen. There are also stores that will give you.)



Some Ramen Jiro fans who meet any of the following conditions may be referred to as "Girolian".[28][29][30][31][32].

Writer'sKenro HayamiPointed out that many of them have values ​​such as "Jiro's ramen is not particularly delicious, but I can't help eating it" and "Jiro is not ramen but Jiro's food".[33], I trained to eat Ramen Jiro and visited many times like a tour and traveled around the placeBelieversI think it's like[34]..Also, unlike many other ramen chain stores, Ramen Jiro has different tastes, so you can visit various stores and exchange information about the differences in taste on the Internet (blogs, etc.) as a material for communication. Have fun as[34]..In this way, Gironian is said to be consuming Ramen Jiro like a "game based on arbitrary rules".[35].

Nabe Jiro

Bring home with ramen Jiro in a pot with soup and noodles.It is done by a very small number of stores.


A word that means Jiro-style ramen that Ramen Jiro fans make at home with the aim of reproducing its taste.[36]..In turn, Jiro-style ramen that can be purchased at take-out specialty stores and mail-order stores is sometimes referred to as such (while being distinguished from the aforementioned "Nabe Jiro", the distinction from the generic type described below is ambiguous). ..

Take out

Apart from the above-mentioned Nabe Jiro, some stores may sell raw noodles and pigs before long holidays or for some kind of project (charity event etc.), but after April 2020New coronavirus infectionDue to the impact of expansionTake-outDue to the increase in demand, we started selling raw noodles, pork, and cooked soup as a set (standard. Depending on the store, the ingredients are yasai).Some stores continue to sell even in 2021, but in addition to stores that sell all the time, there are stores that sell irregularly on days of the week and for a limited time.

Deep plowing

The action of pulling noodles from the soup and submerging the toppings (mainly yasai) instead.Jiro's homemade noodles have the characteristic of being soaked in soup, and pulling them out of the soup has the role of preventing the noodles from "stretching".At the same time, it also has the role of adding flavor to the boiled yasai.It seems that the name comes from the appearance of flipping the contents of the bowl using chopsticks and renge.It should be noted that some stores do not have a ranger on hand, so this operation may be difficult.

Ramen Jiro other than Mita Main Store

In addition to the Mita main store, there are several stores that call themselves Ramen Jiro.[14][37].. fundamentally[38]Goodwill[38][39][40]By, the person who trained at the Mita main store[38](Disciple[37][39][41][42]And those who trained at the Jiro direct line store that those disciples opened[38]Is opening a store using the name "Ramen Jiro"[14][38][39][41]..Each store, the person in charge who experienced training during business hourskitchenFollow the iron rules that stand in[42],managementAre doing independently[41][Annotation 6].

In addition, "Ramen Jiro" who offered ramen that resembled Ramen Jiro and sold it.inspireThere are also multiple stores that are described as "system".Some of the inspiring stores used to call themselves "Ramen Jiro" but were not actually related to the Mita main store, but the store name has changed due to the trademark registration of Ramen Jiro.[43]..In addition, there are stores that used to call themselves Ramen Jiro, but later changed to their own name.[44]..In recent years, the chances of seeing Inspire stores in regions other than the Kanto region are increasing.[14][37][45][46].

  • Direct line --Under Takumi Yamada, a store where a direct disciple who trained at the main store stands in the kitchen as the person in charge during business hours.So-called goodwill division.
  • 亜流 --A derivative store of disciples and grandchildren.
    • After opening the store directly, the store name was changed due to trademark registration in 2003, derivation of grandchildren, and excommunication (Akabane (first generation) → Fujimaru, Musashikosugi → Kojiro, etc.).
    • b. Although it is a direct line, it is an independent store (such as Igosso) with its own style arrangement without inheriting Jiro's name.
    • c. A shop that is not a direct line, but after a grandchild, but if you follow the master, you will reach Takumi Yamada (ramen villa, etc.).
  • inspiresystem --There is no training at direct or sub-stream stores, and stores are opened similar to the above stores (each store operated under the name of Ramen Jiro by Jiro Food System and Future Factory (currently "Ramen Dai").[43][47], Junk garage, etc.), or just Jiro-style ramen[Annotation 7]Stores that offer[Annotation 8].

In addition, Ramen Jiro has no record of supervising chilled noodles such as convenience stores and instant noodles as of 2020, but chilled noodle products supervised by sub-style and inspiring ramen shops and other ramen shops, and instant noodles without their supervision. There are examples of ramen Jiro-style bag noodles and cup noodle products made by noodle makers, and these are referred to as "Jiro Generic", "Generic Jiro", or "Generic".[Annotation 9].

Store list (as of January 2022)

Current store

  • Mita Main Store (Minato-ku, Tokyo) --Basically, the founder Takumi Yamada enters the kitchen during the daytime section, and his son Mikio Yamada enters the kitchen during the nighttime section.
  • Meguro store (Meguro-ku, Tokyo)
  • Sengawa store (Chofu, Tokyo) --Since January 2005, the current store owner will be the second generation.
  • Shinjuku Kabukicho store (formerly Kabukicho store) (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) --In October 2016, the store was relocated and the branch name was changed.
  • Shinagawa store (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)
  • Shinjuku Otakibashi Dori Store (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
  • Kannana Shin Shinyoda Store (former Kannana Shindaida Store) (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) --From May 2015, the current store owner became the second generation and the branch name was changed.
  • Hachioji Yaen-kaido Store 2 (formerly Hachioji Yaen-kaido Store) (Hachioji City, Tokyo) --In June 2006, the store was relocated and the branch name was changed.The owner's father was the owner of the Shin-Koganei Kaido store.
  • Ikebukuro East Exit Store (Toshima-ku, Tokyo)
  • Kameido store (Koto-ku, Tokyo) --From April 2013, the current store owner will be the second generation.My brother is the owner of the Shonan Fujisawa store.
  • Keikyu Kawasaki Store (Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • Fuchu Store (Fuchu City, Tokyo) --In 2005, moved to the second floor of the tenant where the store was located at that time. Moved the store in 2.
  • Matsudo Ekimae Store (Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture) --The owner of the new store was the owner of the later Akabane store (2nd generation). With the opening of the Akabane store in March 2012, the current owner of the Niigata store will be the second generation, but with the opening of the Niigata store in August 3, the current owner will be the third generation.
  • Mejirodai store (formerly Mejirodai Hosei University store) (Hachioji, Tokyo) --In May 2017, the store was relocated and the branch name was changed.
  • Ogikubo store (Suginami-ku, Tokyo) --From January 2016, the current store owner will be the second generation.
  • Kaminoge store (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)
  • Keisei Okubo store (Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture)
  • Kannana Ichinoe Store (Edogawa-ku, Tokyo)
  • Sagamiono store (formerly Sagamiono station square store) (Minami-ku, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture) --In July 2009, the store was relocated and the branch name was changed.
  • Yokohama Kannai store (Naka Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • Kanda Jimbocho store (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) --The store was relocated in December 2017.
  • Koiwa store (Edogawa-ku, Tokyo)
  • Hibarigaoka Ekimae Store (Nishitokyo City, Tokyo)
  • Sakuradai station square store (Nerima-ku, Tokyo)
  • Tochigi Highway Store (Mibu-cho, Shimotsuga-gun, Tochigi Prefecture)
  • Tachikawa store (Tachikawa, Tokyo)
  • Senju Ohashi Ekimae Store (Adachi-ku, Tokyo)
  • Ibaraki Moriya store (Moriya city, Ibaraki prefecture)
  • Shonan Fujisawa store (Fujisawa city, Kanagawa prefecture) --My younger brother is the owner of the Kameido store.
  • Nishidai Ekimae Store (Itabashi-ku, Tokyo) --In October 2016, moved to a temporary store for the Toei Subway-Mita Line viaduct leg seismic reinforcement work and the accompanying store renovation. In November 10, due to the completion of construction, it was relocated to its original location.
  • Nakayama station square store (Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa)
  • Sendai store (Aoba Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture)
  • Sapporo store (Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido)
  • Aizuwakamatsu Ekimae Store (Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture)
  • Niigata Store (Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture) --The owner was once the second owner of the Matsudo Ekimae store.
  • Kawagoe store (Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture)
  • Kyoto store (Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)
  • Koshigaya store (Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture)
  • Maebashi Chiyodamachi store (Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture)
  • Chiba store (Chuo-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture)
  • Omiya Koen Ekimae Store (Omiya Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture) --The owner is the younger brother of the former Omiya store owner (currently the owner of "Niku Udon Sansuke").
  • Hitachinaka store (Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture)

The store that once existed

  • Kichijoji Store (Musashino City, Tokyo) --Opened in 1986. Independent as "Ramen Shiro" in April 2001. Closed in April 4. "Ramen Shiro" was in the neighborhoodSeikei UniversityDue to the mischief of the students, the letters on the signboard were added."Seikeimae Ramen" was opened on the site, and not only is it Jiro-style, but it also follows the style of a signboard with red letters on a yellow background.
  • Akabane store (first generation) (Kita-ku, Tokyo, separate from the store (second generation) that existed from 2012 to 2017) --Opened in 2. In 1991, became independent as "◯ Jiro" → "Ramen Fujimaru". ◯ Jiro is read as "Ojiro" and means Oji Kamiya's Jiro.Before that, it was also called "Ramen Jiro Yoshiguma".
  • Musashi Kosugi Store (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture) --Opened in May 1996. Independent as "Ramen Kojiro 5 Musashikosugi Store" in January 2011.
  • Yoyogi store (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) --Opened in September 1998. Closed in April 9.
  • Machida Store (Machida City, Tokyo) --Opened in March 1999. Closed in September 3. In 2002, opened "Ramen Mt. Ooyama" in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
  • Takadanobaba store (Toshima-ku, Tokyo) --Opened in May 2002. Moved in January 5. Closed in March 2010.
  • Omiya Store (Omiya Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture) --Opened in August 2008. Closed in November 8. In October 2016, the udon shop "Niku Udon Sansuke" was opened in Nagoya.
  • Akabane store (2nd generation) (Kita-ku, Tokyo) --Opened in January 2012.The first Matsudo store owner entrusted the store to the later Niigata store owner and opened the store. Closed in April 1.
  • Shimbashi store (2nd generation) (Minato-ku, Tokyo) --Opened in September 2011. Closed in April 9.
  • Shinkoganei Kaido Store (Koganei City, Tokyo) --Opened in March 2001. Closed in December 3.By the way, the owner is the father of two Hachioji Nozaru Kaido stores.
  • JR West Exit Kamata Store (Ota-ku, Tokyo) (former Tsurumi Store (Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City)) --Opened as Tsurumi Store in February 1996. Closed for a long time from March 2. In November 2013, it moved and reopened as the JR West Exit Kamata store. Closed in October 3.

Foods (a shop that used to be called Ramen Jiro Horikiri, Toranomon, Shimbashi, Kanda, Shinagawa, Kamata Branch since the 1980s and 90s) is not included here as mentioned above.


  • At the Kameido store on the night of November 2015, 11, residents parked on the street near the store pay attention to the male customers who came by the car, but the male customers turned upside down.In a skirmish with the residents, a male customer hit the residents and suffered minor injuries, so the police were dispatched by the report.When the police interrogated a male customer, he was found to be drunk.A male customer was arrested on the spot on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act (driving drunk) and injuring him.According to the store, male customers were regular customers.After this incident, the store prohibited visitors from parking on the street.
  • At around 2016:3 pm on March 18, 23, when the owner who closed the business moved to the parking lot behind the store at Hachioji Nozaru Kaido Store 2, he was hit by a man from behind with a blunt instrument and possessed it. A robbery case occurred in which sales of about 70 yen were robbed.The shop owner suffered a slight head injury, and as a result, the shop was closed from 19th to 21st (the shop is closed on the 21st).
  • On October 2016, 10, at the Kanda Jimbocho store, a theft case in which someone invaded the store outside business hours from the night of the 11th to the morning of the 7th and stole about 11 yen of cash built into the ticket vending machine. woke up.As a result, the store will be temporarily closed for several days.Later, a 20-year-old man, who had been arrested in another theft case on January 2017, 1, was re-arrested for theft at the store.Also, in the TV coverage of this incident, a man with an otaku appearance who came from Ishikawa Prefecture became so famous that he would be handed down later.Jiro who exceeds the high level passing score will be issued AlwaysI left the word.
  • On April 2017, 4, on the day of the new store opening at the Kyoto store, when the store is reopened due to new opening, store owner change or store relocation, numbered tickets will be distributed at the store around 2 o'clock in the morning, usually due to congestion. However, it was held after midnight on the 5nd when the day changed.Since the numbered tickets were distributed in a blink of an eye, there was a rush between some customers who visited the store after that and the store.After the store closed that day, the owner apologized for the earlier distribution of numbered tickets on the store's Twitter account.Perhaps because of that influence, at the Koshigaya store, which opened on March 2, 0, a lottery ceremony was held using the numbered tickets distributed in the morning of the day, taking advantage of the reflection of the Kyoto store (winners are on the store's homepage). Announcement) was introduced.


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