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🍴 | What is this?Lawson's "Chestnut-zukuri Mont Blanc" cream is plentiful and happy!

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What is this?Lawson's "Chestnut-zukuri Mont Blanc" cream is plentiful and happy!

If you write the contents roughly
White bean paste is used in the marron cream, so it's Mont Blanc, but it looks like Japanese sweets.

When I was shopping at Lawson, I found a product that I was interested in.Here is "Uchi Café Spéc ... → Continue reading

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Marron cream

Marron cream(Latin lettersNotation: MARRON CREAM[3]) IsSanrioFor character goods designed bycharactergroup.


1985 Character development[3].. At the beginning of development, there was no name yet, and when there was no name, it was tentatively called "Fashionable Rabbit" (OSHAREUSAGI).[3][4][5].. The following year, in 1986, the name "Maron Cream" came to be given.[3].


Marron cream(voice·Naoko Watanabe)
France OfParisI live in a small but fashionable house with a lawn garden in the suburbs[4][6]Bright and positive in everything, even a little bit[7][6]RabbitWoman's girl. Ride a red scooter on weekdaysLyceeGo toLiceenneSo, on weekends, I invite my friends to have parties and enjoy making clothes.[6][2].. Nickname is Maron[5].. BirthdayMay 5[6].. My best friend is the uncle of the ice cream shop[6][5].
My hobby is handicraft, and my special skill is making clothes and sweets.[3][4], Room remodeling[8].
Almond cream
Maron cream daddy[4][2].
Vanilla cream
Maron cream mom[4][2].
Maron cream's best friend in a rat man[9].

Image Song

"I am Marron"
Lyrics:Akira Ito Composition / Arrangement:Toshihiko Sato song:Akio Arai[10]
Included in the 1992th track of the CD album "Minna de Utaou! Character Song" (SACV-8) released by Sanrio on August 21, 2030.[10].. 4 minutes 00 seconds.
"Mysterious dish of malon cream"
Lyrics: Natsumi Miyazaki Composition / Arrangement: Goro Awaumi Song:Naoko Watanabe[11]
Recorded on the 1992th track of the CD album "Our One Day Song for Fun Everyday" (SACV-7) released by Sanrio on July 21, 2033.[11].. 3 minutes 20 seconds.


Tote bags, purses, wooden miscellaneous goods and stationery miscellaneous goods were released[3].

  • "Healthy Diet of Maron Cream" (1993 Published by Sanrio in August ISBN-978 4387923053 ) Has been published.
  • In the "Sanrio Handmade Video" series, "Maron Cream Handmade Room First Cooking" (SAVV-700), "Maron Cream Handmade Room Easy Sweets" (SAVV-701), "Maron Cream Handmade Room Easy Small Items" (SAVV-702), a 30-minute long doll and live-action VHS video software, has been released by Sanrio.
  • Single CD released from Sanrio in 1984 "Sanrio Character Alarm CD Hello Kitty Good Morning! Everyone" (V-2615 ISBN-4 387-94070-0[1][2] ) 5th song with the title "Maron Cream", not a song but 2 minutes 17 seconds longDrama CDIt is a content like.Call me during the film and have a good cinnamon for 3 o'clock tea[Annotation 1]There is a scene to invite.

Ranking of Sanrio Character Awards

"Strawberry newspaperReader voting project "Sanrio Character Award, Which won the 2st place in the 1987nd (1) and is the highest ever.[1].. 2013Sanrio Character Award22 bit[12].. In the special project of the 2013 Sanrio Character Award, "Declaration to do this", "If you are within 15th placeDojima rollWill release Marron Roll at "[13]Unfortunately, I missed the rank-in and did not realize it.

In addition, the "Sub-Character Contest" has been held since 2016 as an original project of The Strawberry News, and "Cinnamon" was held in the 2nd (2017) "Sub-Character Contest".[Annotation 1]Has been nominated and ranked 42nd in Thailand.[14]..One word at the end of the contest was "Mercy. It was fun!"

  • 2021 Sanrio Character Award 23th (Ichigo Shimbun Ranking 22nd)[15]).
  • 2020 Sanrio Character Award 24th (Ichigo Shimbun Ranking 21nd)[16]).
  • 2019 Sanrio Character Award 22th (Ichigo Shimbun Ranking 13nd)[17]).
  • 2018 Sanrio Character Award 21th (Ichigo Shimbun Ranking 14nd)[18]).
  • 2017 Sanrio Character Award 21th (Ichigo Shimbun Ranking 16nd)[19]).
  • 2016 Sanrio Character Award 28th (Ichigo Shimbun Ranking 15nd)[20]) / Stroking vote 28th[21].
  • 2015 Sanrio Character Award 22nd place[22](No. 16 in the Strawberry News ranking[23]).
  • 2014 Sanrio Character Award 20th place out of range[24][Annotation 2](No. 13 in the Strawberry News ranking[26]).
  • 2013th place in the 22 Sanrio Character Awards.
  • 2012 Sanrio Character Award 19nd place[27].
  • 2011 Sanrio Character Award 16nd place[28].
  • 2010 Sanrio Character Award 11nd place[29].
  • 1999-2009 Sanrio Character Award 10th place out of range.
  • 1998 Sanrio Character Award 8nd place[1]
  • 1997 Sanrio Character Award 8nd place
  • 1996 Sanrio Character Award 6nd place
  • 1995 Sanrio Character Award 8nd place
  • Out of the 1994th place in the 10 Sanrio Character Awards.
  • 1993 Sanrio Character Award 8nd place
  • 1992 Sanrio Character Award 4nd place
  • 1991 Sanrio Character Award 3nd place
  • 1990 Sanrio Character Award 3nd place
  • 1989 Sanrio Character Award 4nd place
  • 1988 Sanrio Character Award 7nd place
  • 1987 Sanrio Character Award 1nd place
  • 1986 Sanrio Character Award 10th place out of range[1].



注 釈

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