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🧁 | Starbucks, holiday limited customization is cute! Released sequentially from 12

Photo Holiday season special customization "Santa Bearista Chocolate" is now available

Starbucks, holiday limited customization is cute! Released sequentially from 12

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By the way, as a secret item, a winking bear lister is also available.

"Starbucks" will be available as a special holiday season customization from December 12rd (Friday), "Santa ... → Continue reading

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Secret item

Secret itemIs mainlyBlind typeSold atShokuganNot listed in the published lineup, etc.toyThat.The appearance rate is often lower than that of the normal lineup, and therefore it may have a rare value.Also called simply "secret".


Furta ConfectioneryShokugan "Choco egg』Mixed inTsuchinokoSince the popularity of these figures, this method has been adopted for most of the blind-type candy toys.However, in "Choco Egg", there was no secret item at the beginning of the release, and it was mixed in as an event from the middle (in the middle of the second bullet).2000 ), The success that influences the future of the product is the manufacturer's Furuta Confectionery, planning, and prototype production.KaiyodoIs said to have been unexpected[1].

In the past, consumers were not even informed of the existence of the secret item itself, but in recent yearssilhouetteThere are many examples of intentionally informing the existence of secret items, such as posting in the lineup.Also,"Gashapon HG series], Because there is a flood of prior information, it is said that secret items have come to be lined up as a pleasure when it is released.[2].

For secret items,weaponVariation aircraft that changed the specifications ofAnimal OfSubspeciesIn many cases, maniac figures with minor changes are assigned to the normal lineup of figures (many of which share existing molds).


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  2. ^ Interview with Tokuma Shoten "HYPER HOBBY" March 2007, p. 3, Bandai Vendor Division Go Inoue, Yasushi Kawachi Here, the secret item is said to be a "secret character".

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