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🍜 | "I want to eat a lot of shrimp heaven" may be the new "Udon bento" of Hanamaru Udon.


"I want to eat a lot of shrimp heaven" may be the new "Udon bento" of Hanamaru Udon.

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"Meat Sanmai Udon Bento" contains sweet and spicy beef, 1 toriten, 1 fried chicken, sesame sauce with spinach, and bukkake udon (cold).

From December 2021, 12, the new "Hanamaru Udon Bento" will be available at each Sanuki udon chain "Hanamaru Udon" store. → Continue reading

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Bukkake udon

Bukkake udonIsUdonUsedCuisineKind of.Okayama-KagawaOne of the specialties of.A menu that is served by "bukkake" a thick soup stock directly on the noodles. "Bukkake Udon" by Furuichi Co., Ltd., which develops "Bukkake Udon Furuichi"Trademark registered in 1993But also.


The bukkake udon noodles in both Kurashiki City and Kagawa Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture, are different.On the other hand, there are "things to eat with hot tuyu" and "things to be cold like cold udon", and it is common to sprinkle dark soup on top of them.

Areas other than Kurashiki and Kagawa do not call themselves "bukkake udon", but there are similar types of udon.It's a simple and old dish, so it's impossible to find out where it has its roots.



The soup is characterized by a stronger taste than those in other regions.The sweetness is particularly strong, and the influence of soba soup can be seen strongly.[Source required]..Even at home, it may be used by adding sweetness to commercially available noodle soup.

Also grated in other areasGingerIs used as a condiment, but in Kurashiki it is grated for cold foods.ï½±Is basically used. (Use ginger for warm foods)

Once in the neighborhoodKamokata TownIt is a hand-rolled noodle produced inBitchu udonWas often used, but due to the boiling time, many shops now use handmade noodles.When eating at home, Kamogata's hand-rolled udon is still often used from the standpoint of storage.


2006: "Furuichi" bukkake udon is certified as "Kurashiki brand (discontinued at the end of December 2011)".



Bukkake udon, which allows you to taste noodles directly, is very popular in Kagawa prefecture, where the quality of udon is the highest priority.

CondimentIs used forGrated radish,Leek,LemonIs the mainstream, but at some storesï½±Is also used.

There are also many specialty stores and stores that have bukkake udon on the main menu.

またTakamatsuMure TownThe udon shop "Yamada Family" offers so-called "Kake Udon" under the name of Bukkake Udon.


Generally in Kagawa prefecture,ZentsujiYamashita Udon is recognized as the originator.

Zaru udonIt is said that the customer who had trouble putting noodles on the soup stock started to put the noodles on the noodles as it was, but since there is no accurate record in the store, it started when. It is unknown whether it is a menu.

The Yamada family also claims to be the originator of bukkake udon.

Due to the recent Sanuki udon boom and the nationwide expansion of famous udon restaurants, Kagawa's bukkake udon is more known nationwide than Kurashiki.

Similar udon

Incense dew
mainlyChubu regionCan be eaten at.Eat soup stock with thick soup stock over noodles with condiments.
Ise udon
MieIseLocal cuisine.Eat with a unique black and rich dew made by adding tamari soy sauce and soup stock such as dried bonito, dried bonito, and kelp to a soft-eyed thick sardine.
Raw soy sauce udon
A simple way to eat.It is one of the common ways to eat in Kagawa, but it has been around for a long time in other areas.


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