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🍴 | I like it so much that I keep repeating.MUJI's "Gekijou Tea Bag" has a sweet scent that is too good ...!

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I like it so much that it keeps repeating.MUJI's "Gekijou Tea Bag" has a sweet scent that is too good ...!

If you write the contents roughly
Even if I forget to remove the tea bag, I like the place where it doesn't get too dark!

Suddenly, I would like to introduce "what you will definitely look for if you go to MUJI" ...!Absolutely look for it, buy it if you have one, and MUJI is the best ... → Continue reading

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Tea bag

Tea bag (Tea bag) isBlack teaIs it a leaf?ExtractSmall including袋Is.After extracting the black teaTea strainerYou can drink tea without using.

The names "tea pack" and "tea bag" are incorrect.receiptEtc. may be described as TB.


These are easyteaIt is used to brewSynthetic fiberConsists ofclothNoNon-wovenTea leaves are enclosed in the bag, which is used by soaking it in boiling water or boiling it.Many products containing black tea leaves are generally distributed, but as will be described later, products other than black tea are also found.

英国,The United States of America,Japan,EuropeIn general, it is possible to extract one cup at a time,CanadaThen.TeapotThe mainstream is a large tea bag that can be used in a bag.

Not only tea in JapanGreen TeaOtherteaThere are also tea bags, and in Europefruit,Herbal teaThere are various tea bags.in recent yearsChinese teaSome are sold in tea bags and are diverse.

In addition to the ready-made ones, there are also non-woven bags for consumers to put in and use any contents.使 い 捨 てProducts are large formatsoup stockIt is also used to take.


Tea bags1908 It is a well-established theory that it was invented by chance because of coffee.[1]..Product sample tea leavessilk[1](cottonBoth[2]When I packed it in a bag of) and sent it to a retailer, I was mistaken for such a product and soaked it in hot water and boiled the tea.[2]..That is the beginning of the tea bag[2].

Eventually the material of the tea bagFilter paperInstead of1920 eraTea bags are widely sold in the United States[3].1950 eraAlthough it was sold in the UK from the beginning, it was not popular at first, and in 1963 it had a market share of only about 3%, but it gradually penetrated with the times, and as of 2001[4]So 90% of the tea consumed in the UK is made from tea bags[5][6].

JapanThen, it became popular over 1965 years from around 10.Initiallybarley teaIt was in the form of a tea bag.The barley tea bags at this time are still sold in the same form as of 2013.[2]

Present situation

Properly manufactured tea bags are moderate for tea leaves to swim空间There is, and delicious black tea can be extracted.However, if there are small hard leaves that are properly mixed from a variety of types,TanninIs extracted in large quantities, resulting in astringent black tea.

Traditional tea bagsFour cornersOr, it has a square shape.However, these days, rounded ones and so-calledTetra Pak(Triangular pyramid) Type tea bags are on sale.


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