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🍴 | New York's first sushi specialty store The taste of a long-established restaurant is reasonably priced


New York's first sushi specialty store The taste of a long-established store is reasonably priced

If you write the contents roughly
"If it's a once-in-a-lifetime anniversary, I'll feed you for $ 120."

"Bamboo sushi" opened as the first full-scale sushi specialty store in New York. Opened in Midtown in 1974, ... → Continue reading

 NY Japion

NY Japion has issued it as "Life Information Paper that makes American life more enjoyable and active" for Japanese nationals living in the New York Tri-state area and short-term residents from Japan in April 2001.

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anniversary(anniversary,British: Anniversary) is about doing things and past eventsCommemorativeToDayIs. In a broad sense, it includes weeks and months,Annual eventMay also include.National holidaysIs a kind of anniversary.

The word commemorative is also used for other than celebration days. (Example: Anniversary of the end of the war)


On the anniversary,birthday-wedding anniversary-Death dayIn addition to personal anniversaries such as, anniversaries established by public institutions, such as local governments promoting the area and special products, and large local eventsdisasterThere are anniversaries set up to remember, and there are also anniversaries set up by companies and shops to promote products.


Anniversary date is supposed to be the day when there was a historical event in the past,JapanThen.punThere are many due to. Also otherAnnual event(バ レ ン デ ーAgainstTanabataAgainstRiver day,Yukata dayEtc.)CarpoolThere is also an anniversary.

Although there is a suitable date, if it is not convenient for some reason, another date may be set as the anniversary. For exampleSDF Memorial DayIs originallySDF1954, the day of its inaugurationMay 7It should be, but at this timetyphoonSince it is expected that the Self-Defense Forces will be dispatched due to natural disasters such as, avoid this day considering preparations for the ceremony.May 11It has become[Source required]. Also,Tsunami disaster prevention day TheTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake-Great East Japan EarthquakeThere has occurredMay 3not,Ansei Nankai EarthquakeThere has occurredMay 11Is defined as[1].. Besides, in JapanEmperor's birthday holiday, NetherlandsThen.Royal birthdayIs set up, and the monarch's birthday is a holiday (National day),Emperor TaishoThe era of the original birthdayMay 8notMay 10Was a holiday. NetherlandsThen.BeatrixIn the Queen's day, her birthdayMay 1But the queen's birthdayMay 4Was said.This is an example of staggering the time because various ceremonies were expected to be difficult during the midsummer and midwinter seasons.

Anniversary in Japan

Anniversary set by the country or national institution

Taizi TheNational holidays.

Anniversary group

"Designate" or "establish" anniversary in JapanVoluntary groupThere are several, but none of the following are public institutions.It is neither necessary nor obligatory to be accredited by these bodies to establish an anniversary.There are many anniversaries that have permeated the world without being certified.

Japan Anniversary Association

Established in 1991 (Heisei 3).A general incorporated association that conducts various public relations such as accrediting and registering anniversaries established by companies, groups, individuals, etc. and introducing them on the website.[4]. Anniversary registration requires applying for registration and paying a registration fee[5]. The number of anniversaries registered in the association is about 2012 as of May 5.[6], 2018 cases as of May 5, increasing at a pace of more than 1,904 cases per year[7]. Anniversary calendar, memorial day encyclopedia, etc. are also published. The "Anniversary Cultural Institute" is also attached.

Japan Anniversary Council

2013 (as an institution that examines, certifies, and registers various anniversaries established by groups, companies, individuals, etc., and widely permeates societyHeisei25 years) was established in April[12]. officialマ ス コ ッ トThe character is "Aniver-kun"[13].

It takes about 15 business days to certify an anniversary, and there is a fee (certification fee) for certification.[Note 1]) Required payment[12].

Full-scale activities since May 2013. Established marketing company in August[12].

Then 2015May 5Last official postFacebookUpdate stopped[17]. The official website was closed in the latter half of the year[18].

Japan Anniversary Council Certified Anniversary List (as of January 2015)[19]
01May 03Sado Day
03May 04Shimanto day
04May 04Craft beer day
05May 08Yakinik Day
06May 04Castle day
07May 04Day to think about interior
08May 06Esperanto Day
09May 08After all it is home day
10May 08Ramen anniversary (chicken ramen birthday)
11May 03Momofuku Ando Day
12May 06Yokohama Port Memorial Day
13May 11Pocky & Pretz Day
14May 08Cafe ole day
15Monthly 19 Date2 stage ripe curry day
16May 09℃-ute day
17May 07Gift day
18May 12Movie day
19May 07Architect's day
20May 01Acai day
21May 03Chair day
22May 01Afro day
23May 04Broken heart day
24May 04Love hotel day
25OctoberMame plus month
26May 10Elephant and rhino day
27May 12The day when dogs, cats and people become one


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