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🍴 | Quickly expand nationwide ...!It's hard because I like this local chain "cafe" too much

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Quickly expand nationwide ...!It's hard because I like this local chain "cafe" too much

If you write the contents roughly
There are many unique products such as cup-on-coffee and coffee beans in collaboration with the anime "Girls und Panzer" set in Ibaraki (Oarai).

I'm from Ibaraki, and I have a "cafe" that I would like to recommend from the bottom of my heart.It's ... "Saza Coffee"!In Ibaraki ... → Continue reading

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  1. Germanで鎧,ArmorMeaning of. However, in modern times, the German word for "armor" is Rüstung, and the word has been replaced by the meaning of 2.
  2. Turned from 1., after World War Itank(Abbreviation for Panzerkampfwagen) German. Similar to the English Armor, but more of a word that means the tank itself, especially when used in English.Second World WarRefers to the German tank of the time. In Japanese, it is often translated as "armor".
  3. The tank magazine "PANZER" was first published in 1975 by Japan's Sunday Art Company (later renamed Argonaute) and is still published.[1].



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