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🍴 | Adult dreams are packed ...!Komeda's "Limited Shiro Noir" Coffee is too happy!

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It's full of adult dreams ...!Komeda's "Limited Shiro Noir" Coffee is too happy!

If you write the contents roughly
Doria is full of colorful ingredients such as eggplant, bacon, shrimp, and pods.

A new Shiro Noir from Komeda Coffee has arrived.Here it is! "More adult noir".The price is 750 ... → Continue reading

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Green pea

Green pea(British: podded pea)peaThis is the name used when the young pods are edible.In Kanji, it is also written as pods and silk pods.Fried vegetablesIt is used as an ingredient for miso soup.In English, "Snap pea" is not a peasSnap peasMeans.When using immature beans, it is also called "real peas", and the representative is green peas.Also,SproutA kind ofBean sprouts(Toumyo) is a young shoot of peas.The representative of the peas is the silk pod.[3].


The place of origin isCentral Asia~Middle East,地中海It is considered to be a coastal areaB.C.More existentTutankhamunExcavated from the grave ofAncient rome,GreeceBut activelyCultivationIt had been.The red-purple seeds of the pods found in the tomb of Tutankhamen later germinated, and the same varietyKitchen gardenCurrently sold for use.laterIndiaからChugokuTransmitted toJapanIt is believed that it entered the area around the 8th-10th centuries.It is said that peas are mentioned in the Heian period dictionary "Wamyō Ruijushō" as wild beans.Peas are eaten in JapanEdo PeriodSince[3].

at first穀物Used for a long time as13st century OfFranceI started eating young pods for the first time.Later this will be used as a green peas.in JapanMeiji EraOrWesternWhen excellent varieties were introduced from, it spread all over the country at once.[3].

Types of snow peas

  • Silk sheath
Known varieties include "Izu Akahana" in Shizuoka Prefecture and "Atsumi Shirohana" in Aichi Prefecture, and improved varieties include "Kinkomachi", "Toyonari", and "Narikoma XNUMXth Day".[4].
  • Large silk pod
It is larger than silk pods and grows to 10 cm or more.In Japan, there are varieties such as "Dutch large pods" and "French country large pods" imported from Canada in the early Showa period.Kansai,KyusyuIt is cultivated a lot in.


Preservation method

Since it is vulnerable to drying, it is stored in a plastic bag in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator, but it can be eaten deliciously for up to 3-4 days.When a large amount is collected in a vegetable garden, it can be stored for a long time by freezing.In this case, remove the streaks, boil it hard, drain it, put it in a storage container, and freeze it. Can be stored deliciously for about a month[3].

Cooking method

By shortening the heating time, the texture does not deteriorate.When making simmered food, add it just before turning off the heat.If there are streaks, take them.The color improves when it is soaked in cold water after boiling.[3].


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