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🧁 | Irie Fever is expanding!One day police chief is busy with a celebration party and his favorite "frog" sweets also appeared (Tottori, Tokyo)


Irie Fever is expanding!One day police chief is busy with a celebration party and his favorite "frog" sweets also appeared (Tottori, Tokyo)

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Limited sale of 1 pieces a day at the antenna shop in Tottori prefecture in Tokyo.

Next, Irie Fever is expanding.Tokyo Olympics boxing women's gold medalist Sena Irie celebrates with the police chief for a day ... → Continue reading

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This is an account of "San'in Chuo Television Broadcasting" (Fuji Television affiliate) news. We will send you the latest news from Shimane and Tottori prefectures.

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Antenna Shop

Antenna Shop(Antenna shop) is a companyMunicipalitiesEtc. widely introduce their own or local products,consumerA store opened for the purpose of exploring the reaction of.

Corporate antenna shop

Antenna shops in general companies are mainly opened by companies that handle final products for consumers.So-calledshowroomIn addition to the function as a product, it often provides support counters and repair receptions for users of its own products, and sales of consumables.Also of new productsTest salesIn some cases, we may prepare goods limited to antenna shops.

As a place, it is common to open a store mainly in or around the head office building of the company, or in a busy downtown area (example:Mercedes-Benz Connection,HondaWelcome Plaza Aoyama etc.).recentlyKioskSome of them have the function of an antenna shop (see the section on Kiosk for details).

またFranchiseDeployChain storeIn many cases, directly managed stores actually play the role of antenna shops.In particular, at directly managed stores near the head office / headquarters of the chain, trial menus are often sold or stores with experimental formats are often opened.

A company may develop an antenna shop that widely collects products of other companies such as local products for the purpose of contributing to regional revitalization in addition to profits, instead of its own products.East Japan Railway(JR East) "Stuff'[1],Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdingsby"Traveling market"(Tokyo)[2]And so on.

Municipal antenna shop

As the predecessor of the antenna shop operated by the local government,1932 (Showa8 years)Marunouchi BuildingThere is a local product display office built in an empty booth on the first floor[3]..The exhibition hall is sponsored by 15 local governmentsJapan Tourist BureauBy setting up an information center, we provided information and arrangements for local products for foreign tourists as well.After the warYaesu OfInternational Tourist CenterA similar project was carried out at the Railway Hall, but all of these were small booths.HeiseiFrom around 6 years, each local government began to operate independent stores as antenna shops.[3].

Local government antenna shops are set up and operated by local governments, their affiliated organizations, and companies invested or contracted by local governments.Food andTraditional craftsな どSpecialty goodsTourists and travelers, with the main purpose of promotingU-turn-I-turnAiming for a spillover effect on attracting companies[3]..Therefore, there are many visitors from consumers, businesses, other regions and overseas.TokyoOften placed inside.As of 2019, the number of local government antenna shops in Tokyo has increased to 79, the highest number ever (Survey by Regional Revitalization Center).[4].Three major metropolitan areasIs the central city ofOsaka,Nagoya citySuch,Capital AreaBesides, some local governments have opened stores[5][6]..When prefectural governments install in Tokyo, mainlyYamanote LineAlong the line and inside itCity centerIt is located in the department.Yurakucho StationpreviousTokyo Transportation HallThere is also a facility where multiple antenna shops gather.TokyoIs also installed in Tokyo, and some of themHokkaido,OkinawaSome local governments have multiple antenna shops (including locals)[7]..For a limited time[8]Or, not the prefecture but the municipalityShopping districtAntenna shop set up in[9]There is also.

Not only the sales office of special productsGallerySome stores also have a tourist information corner.Not only can residents of the Tokyo metropolitan area obtain information on distant products and tourists, but it is also a place where people from rural areas can buy food from their hometown.InsideHokkaido OfHokkaido Dosanko Plaza,Miyagi"Co-co-Miyagi",Niigata"Nespas",Kagawa-EhimeJointly installed "Setouchi Shunsaikan"KagoshimaSome have restaurants such as "Kagoshima Yurakukan".

TokushimaThe "Turn Table" opened in 2018 is also available for accommodation[10].

As is the case with companies, antenna shopsPR activitiesIs an important factor, so a location with a good location is inevitably selected even in urban areas.Therefore, it can be said that the difficulty is that maintenance costs such as tenant fees are high.[3]..To the antenna shopPublic fundsIt is said that the minimum input amount is 300 million yen, and the maximum amount is about 2 million yen, and there are many stores other than popular stores that are unprofitable.[3]. TokushimaLike, instead of your own antenna shop, in the neighborhoodconvenience storeIn some cases, a special product corner is provided inside.

Recently, there are increasing cases where local residents do not know local specialties and processed products in the first place, so there is a movement to set up antenna shops for each region in the jurisdiction.Tottori OfTottori Chubu Hometown Wide Area UnionOperated byCoup! La cafe"(Kura Cafe) is a typical example.

Main antenna shops of each local government in Tokyo

Cities nationwide
  • Tsugaru City(Aomori) --Melon & Roman and Romance (Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku) * Newly established in July 2019[11]
  • Hachinohe Wide Area (Joint) (Aomori Prefecture) -8base (Eight Base) * Opened in September 2020[11]
  • Tsuruoka(Yamagata) --Tsuruoka Edo Mansion (Edogawa-ku, Tokyo)Nishikasai
  • Kawakita(Yamagata Prefecture) --Kahokushi, an antenna shop in Hebei Town, Yamagata Prefecture (Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku) * Newly established in January 2019[11]
  • Iide-machi(Yamagata) --Iide Town Antenna Shop[11]
  • Shimotsuma City(Ibaraki) --Shimotsuma City specialty antenna shop "Simon-chan no Ie" (Tokyo)Adachi-kuSenju Asahi Town
  • Kasumigaura City(Ibaraki) --Kasumigaura City Specialty Antenna Shop (Tokyo)Itabashi ku
  • Sumida-ku(Tokyo) --Industrial Tourism Plaza "Sumida Machidokoro"[11]
  • Edogawa-ku(Tokyo) --Traditional Craft Cafe Artisan (Shinozakimachi, Edogawa-ku) * Newly established in July 2008[11]
  • Edogawa-ku (Tokyo) --Antenna shop Edomachi (Funabori, Edogawa-ku) * Newly established in August 2018[11]
  • Musashino(Tokyo) --Antenna shop "Straw Hat"[11]
  • Uozu(Toyama) --Uoduya (Nakaitabashi, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo)
    • Operation of Nakaitabashi Shopping District Promotion Association.Annexed a direct restaurant[13].
  • Kanazawa(Ishikawa) --Kanazawa, Ginza (Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
  • Azumino(Nagano) --Antenna shop "Straw Hat" (Musashino City, Tokyo)
  • Atami(Shizuoka) --Atami City Information Center (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)Kyobashi
  • Takahashi(Okayama) --Binaka Takaryokan (Suginami-ku, Tokyo)Nishiogikita[14]
  • Fuchu-shi(Hiroshima) --Hiroshima Prefecture Fuchu City Antenna Shop NEKI (Kanda, Chiyoda-ku) * Newly established in August 2017[11]

Main antenna shops of each municipality in other prefectures

Main antenna shops closed

  • Whole country - Ginza aim Marche(TokyoChuo-kuGinza
  • Hokkaido-Sapporo Sweets Cafe (SapporoChuo-kuSapporo Underground(In Aurora Town)
  • Hokkaido-Come in Hokkaido (Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture)
    • Closed on August 2012, 3[16]..After the store closed, the "Hokkaido Kagoshimakan" was opened on June 6st in collaboration with Kagoshima Prefecture.
  • Hokkaido / Kagoshima Prefecture- Hokkaido Kagoshimakan[Broken link]
    • The store was opened as a successor to the aforementioned "Come in Hokkaido", but is currently closed.
  • Hakodate City (Hokkaido) --Hakodate is here. (Inside the Kyobashi Lawson Kyobashi station square store in Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
  • Nagano Prefecture-Delicious Sanpo Shinshu (Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)Natural lawsonOpened as a special product corner at the Tsukiji Togeki Building store
    • Opened in April 2010, closed in March 4[17]
  • Tottori Prefecture- Food Miyako Tottori Plaza(Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
    • It was operated by Tottori prefecture alone until August 2014, 8.After the store is closed, the function of the antenna shop will be changed to the above-mentioned "Tottori Okayama ShimbashikanInherit to[18].
  • Iwaki(Fukushima) --Iwaki Lalamew (Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
    • Opened in 1994, but closed in March 2011[19].
  • Miura(Kanagawa) --Miura City Tokyo Branch "Nagomi Fresh Fruit" (Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) * Closed[11]
  • Toyooka(Hyogo)- Toyooka City Antenna Shop "Stork's Blessing Toyooka"(Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
    • Closed at the end of May 2020.
  • Kyoto City(Kyoto) --Kyotokan.Opened in 1999 in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo.It closed in 2018 in Yaesu, Chuo-ku, and converted to a non-directly managed official store.

Foreign antenna shop

Asia Pacific

Middle East

  • South Africa --Made Leaf & Canilus (Tokiwa, Urawa-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture)
  • Turkey --Casseria (Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture)
  • Chugoku --Chinese product Changjiang (Tsubaki-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi)


  • Germany --Dunke (Nishi Asahioka, Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture)


  • South America --Alpaca House 3502-1 Chino, Chino City, Nagano Prefecture Belvia 2F


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外部 リンク


Tottori(Tottoriken,(British: Tottori Prefecture) IsJapan OfChugokuに 位置 す るPrefecture.Prefectural office location TheTottori City.

Sea of ​​Japan sideIn[1],San'in districtOccupies the east side of.areaIs about 3,507square kilometer[1]And the 7th smallest in the whole country,populationIs about 55[1]Is the least.Basic municipalityIs 4City14town1village[1]And the number of cities is also the smallest.



Geographical Survey InstituteAccording to the national area distribution of prefectures, the area of ​​Tottori prefecture is 3507.13 square kilometers.[2].

Geospatial Information Authority of JapanAccording to the report, the north, south, east and west ends of Tottori Prefecture are located at the following locations, with an east-west length of 125.41 kilometers and a north-south length of 61.79 kilometers.

Northern end
North Latitude 35 Degrees 36 Minutes 52 Seconds East longitude 134 degree 22 min 12 sec /35.61444 degrees north latitude 134.37000 degrees east longitude / 35.61444; 134.37000 (Northernmost tip of Tottori prefecture)
Center of gravity
North Latitude 35 Degrees 21 Minutes 49 Seconds East longitude 133 degree 50 min 56 sec /35.36361 degrees north latitude 133.84889 degrees east longitude / 35.36361; 133.84889 (Tottori prefecture center of gravity)
West end
North Latitude 35 Degrees 4 Minutes 13 Seconds East longitude 133 degree 8 min 9 sec /35.07028 degrees north latitude 133.13583 degrees east longitude / 35.07028; 133.13583 (Westernmost part of Tottori prefecture)
Center point
North Latitude 35 Degrees 20 Minutes 9.5 Seconds East longitude 133 degree 49 min 32 sec /35.335972 degrees north latitude 133.82556 degrees east longitude / 35.335972; 133.82556 (Tottori prefecture center point)
Eastern end
North Latitude 35 Degrees 16 Minutes 40 Seconds East longitude 134 degree 30 min 55 sec /35.27778 degrees north latitude 134.51528 degrees east longitude / 35.27778; 134.51528 (The easternmost point of Tottori prefecture)

Southern tip
North Latitude 35 Degrees 3 Minutes 27 Seconds East longitude 133 degree 16 min 9 sec /35.05750 degrees north latitude 133.26917 degrees east longitude / 35.05750; 133.26917 (The southernmost tip of Tottori prefecture)



nature Park


In Tottori prefecture, almost all of the prefectureSea of ​​Japan side climateAnd the whole areaAct on Special Measures for Heavy Snow Regionsbased onHeavy snowfallIt is specified in. (The heavy snowfall area in the entire prefecture is the westernmost part of the country. However, no special heavy snowfall area is designated.)

There are many sunny days in spring and autumn, and the southerly wind in summerFern phenomenonExtremely hot dayIt may be, but even in the plainsTropical nightIs few.

There are many cloudy, rainy and snowy days in winter, but the average January temperature in the plains is 1With a standTokyoSuburbs orAichiNagoya city,Kyoto CityIt is about the same as, and the chilling is not severe.YonagoThe deepest snowfall in normal years is 20 in the western coastal areas such asCentimeterAlthough the amount of snow is relatively small, the amount of snowfall / snowfall increases toward the east, and in Tottori City, the deepest snowfall of 40 cm or more is observed even in the center of Tottori City.In the eastJPCZ (Japan Sea polar air mass convergence zone)Tottori City, which is easily affected byIwami TownCoastal areas such asChizu TownThere may be more snowfall than inland areas such as. EspeciallyMt. OoyamaThe surrounding inland mountainsSan'inIt is the most heavy snowfall area, and the cold weather is severe.-It can drop below 15 ° C.

Normal values ​​in various areas in Tottori prefecture (statistical period: 1981-2010 (Lake mountains since 2003), Source:Meteorological Agency, past weather data search
Average price
Coastal areaInland
Iwami Town
TottoriTottori City
Tottori City
KurayoshiMt. Ooyama Town
YonagoSakaiminatoChizuNichinan Town
(° C)
Warmest month25.5
Coldest month3.5
Precipitation amount
Most months244.2
Minimum month117.7

Area classification

The prefecture area is onceInaba,HokokuThere are 4 cities, 5 counties, 14 towns, and 1 village (all towns are read as "cho" and villages are read as "son").Currently, it is generally divided into three areas: eastern, central, and western, centered on Tottori City, where the prefectural office is located.eastIs the former Inaba country,KurayoshiCentered onCentral partYonago,SakaiminatoCentered onWestern partIs the old Hokoku. To the eastern part of the former Inaba, the western part and the central part of the same hoki were collectively calledMidwestSometimes divided into two[3].

Eastern district

Equivalent to the area of ​​the former Inaba country centered on the Tottori Plain,Tottori sakyu,White rabbit coastThere are scenic spots such as. The prefecture's only locationCore cityTottori City isliquid crystalFactories are locatedIndustrial cityBut also.

area: 1,518.22km2, Estimated population: 222,268People, The population density: 146.4 people/km2

Central Region

An area centered on the Kurayoshi Plain in the eastern part of the former Hoki Province.White wall storehousesBut also knownKurayoshiWith a focus onMisasa Onsen,Hawai Onsen,Togo Onsen such ashot springThere are also many.

area: 780.43km2, Estimated population: 97,796People, The population density: 125.3 people/km2

Western Region

The western part of Hoki, the Yonago plain andHino RiverArea including the basin. Chugoku regionHighest peakNihon Hyaku Meizan(Japan's hundred famous mountains)one of·Mt. OoyamaThere is (1,729m), which has been westward since ancient times.Shimane OldIzumoHas strong ties with the community.

area: 1,208.48km2, Estimated population: 227,786People, The population density: 188.5 people/km2

Forecast classification by the Japan Meteorological Agency

Is "Tottori prefecture". Is 2 categories and “” is 5 categories. Is divided by municipalities except Tottori City, and only Tottori City is divided into the north and the south.


A story about the origin of the prefecture name

The word "Tottori" is "Record of Ancient Matters''Japanese calligraphy"ofEmperor Suren"Tottori Zou" and "Tottori Miyatsuko"Tottori club(And ladle)" is visible.

In "Kojiki",Yamato Imperial CourtThere was a swamp and a lot of swamps at that timeSwampThe hunting people who lived by catching the birds gathering on the waterside in the Tottori PlainYamato(CurrentNara) Was incorporated into the system of control and became subordinate to the "Tottori club", and from there it is said that the land was called "Tottori".[4].

The story of the origin of "Tottori" can be seen from Emperor Tarinin "Nippon Shoki" from September to November XNUMX.Prince of honors(Miko Homutsu) can't speak even if she grows upEmperorWhen I was worriedswanWhen he found that he was flying, he said, "What are you doing?" The emperor rejoiced and ordered the capture of the bird.Tenyu river board(Ama no Yukawatana) continues to chase the birds and travels around the country, finallyIzumoLand (current Shimane PrefectureYasugi regionThe theory is that it is. ) Succeeded in capturing. From this achievement, the title of "Tottori" (Last name= Kabane). Similar to "Kojiki"NarrativeCan be seen, but the ending is different.

"Japanese name JujuInaba countryOumi-gunTottori is one of the five townships.The name of this town is derived from the Tottori club, which was set up for Prince Homutsuwake, the prince of Emperor Suinin.The whole area around hereSwamp, The relation with the swan legend of the whole country is taken up. In the document,Tenkei3 years(940 ) InabaTakagusa-gunTodaiji TempleTerritory gardenvillage“Insistence Tottori Takatoshi” (GunjiEstimated)signatureIs the first look[5].

Sanin road : Inaba-Hokoku

Ancient times

From Mt. Ooyama Susono HillsLate Paleolithic OfobsidianMade andAndesiteMade ofKnife shaped stoneware,Shaving machine, Sculpting and scraping tools have been found. It is presumed that it is from about 2 years ago. Also made of obsidian from the end of the Paleolithic periodFine stone bladeA stone tool called "is" has been discovered. Although a small number of relics have been discovered in this way, the ruins where people lived have not been discovered within the prefecture.

Muromachi/Sengoku period

Mr. YamanaWas a territory ofSengoku periodAt the endTerumoto MoriOda NobunagaBecame a disputed place under NobunagaHideyoshi Hashiba Capture Tottori Castle..SubordinateMiyabe TsunejunBecame the official Tottori castle owner after passing through the castle.HokokuIn the eastern part, the eastern part became under the control of Mr. Hashiba, due to the harmony of Mr. Hashiba and Mori.Mototsugu NanjoBut in the west, MouriMr. YoshikawaWas relieved.

Edo Period

In InabaBattle of SekigaharaWas the Western Army lost inMiyabe,Kazuya Kakiya,Kinoshita ReformAnd insteadKamei Noriyuki,Nagayoshi Ikeda,Yamazaki familyThe three daimyo ruled. Before the Battle of SekigaharaKano CastleWas the LordKameiWith respect to, the other daimyo were transposed.

Even in HokiHirokawa Yoshikawa(Yoshikawa MotoharuThird son),Mototada Nanjo(The child of the former) was tampered with and transferred as a Western army.Chuichi NakamuraJoined the club.Keicho14 years(1609 ) Suddenly died in Nakamura, and the following yearSadayasu Kato,Ichihashi Nagakatsu,Kazumasa SekiWas divided into three daimyo. This time,Kawamura-gun-Kume-gun TheEdo ShogunateHeaven(Direct territory),Yasukatsu Itami Deputy officialWas dispatched as. In addition, 19th year of Keicho (1614 )Satomi Tadayoshi KurayoshiToDistributionAnd part of Kume-gun 4,000stoneWas given.

after that,Genwa4 years(1618 ),Mitsumasa IkedaJoined Tottori Castle and consisted of two countriesTottori DomainWas established. other than this,Deer clan-Wakasa DomainThere were two Nitta clan.

HokokuSweat-gun OfMt. Ooyama TempleIs a monkAustralian Yen15 years by the success of (1610 ),Tokugawa HidetadaThanTemple3,000 stones were recognized.This Mt. Ooyama temple territory is scattered throughout the Nishi-Hoki area, and 18 villages are under the jurisdiction of Mt. Ooyama Teramotobo Seirakuin. Mt. Ooyama Temple is called different from Tottori DomainsamuraiWas promoted and was involved in the rule of the temple.

Modern times


Tottori Prefecture is the least populated prefecture in Japan.In addition, which of the whole countryGovernment-designated cityThe population is small compared to, and it is the largest except for ordinance-designated cities.Chiba OfFunabashi,Saitama OfKawaguchi city,Kagoshima OfPrefectural office location OfKagoshima,TokyoThe onlyCore cityBut alsoHachioji CityLess than. In March 2021, the prefecture's population fell below 3 for the first time after the war.[23].

The number of migrants from outside the prefecture is about 2,000 a year, and we are trying to attract migrants by setting up "wortation" to have them work in a land where they can enjoy their vacations easily.[24].

However, since the area is also smallThe population densityLooking at it, it is 168.5 people / square kilometer, which is the 37th place, Kagoshima prefecture.NaganoClose to that[25].

Population distribution by age in Tottori prefecture and Japan (2005)Tottori Prefecture Age and Gender Population Distribution (2005)
Purple-Tottori prefecture
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Tottori prefecture
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Prefectural government

In TottoriAdministrationIn addition to the Tottori prefectural government office, there are general offices as local organizations.[26].. In addition,Tottori City-Iwami Town-Wakasa Town-Chizu Town-Yazu TownRegarding this, the central office is in charge. Hoki Town (formerlyMizoguchi) Is2005 (17)May 4From Hino General Office to Western General Office, Tottori City (Kawaramachi-Yoze Town-Saji Town) Is2007 (19)May 4Were transferred from the Yazu General Office to the Eastern General Office.2013 On April 25, 4, the eastern and Hachizu general offices were consolidated into the central office, and the Hino General Office became the Western General Office Hino Promotion Center.2014 (26) On April 4, some operations of the prefectural tax department were consolidated into a specific prefectural tax office.[27].2018 (30) With the transition of Tottori City to the core city of April 4, 1, Tobu City Health and Welfare Office was transferred to Tottori City and became Tottori City Health Center. (Iwami-cho, Wakasa-cho, Chizu-cho, and Yazu-cho are also transferred to Tottori-shi through an administrative consignment from Tottori Prefecture).

  • Central Office (Tottori City):Tottori City,Iwami Town,Wakasa Town,Chizu Town,Yazu Town
    • Genki making headquarters
      • Eastern Promotion Director, Eastern Promotion Division
    • General Affairs Department
    • Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department
      • Eastern Agriculture and Forestry Office (Tottori City): Tottori City, Iwami Town
        • Yazu Office (Yazu Town): Wakasa Town, Chizu Town, Yazu Town
    • Prefectural soil maintenance department
      • Tottori Prefectural Soil Maintenance Office (Tottori City): Tottori City, Iwami Town
      • Yazu Prefectural Land Development Office (Yazu Town): Wakasa Town, Chizu Town, Yazu Town
  • Chubu General Office (Kurayoshi City):Kurayoshi,Misasa Town,Yurihama Town,Kotoura Town,Hokuei Town
    • Regional Promotion Bureau
    • Health and Welfare Bureau (Kurayoshi Health Center (Health and Welfare Department))
    • Living Environment Bureau (Kurayoshi Health Center (living environment department))
    • Agriculture and Forestry Bureau
    • Prefectural Land Maintenance Bureau
  • Western Office (Yonago City):Yonago,Sakaiminato,Hiyoshitsu Village,Mt. Ooyama Town,Nanbu Town,Hoki Town,Nichinan Town,Hino Town,Kofu
    • Regional Promotion Bureau: Yonago City, Sakaiminato City, Hiezu Village, Mt. Ooyama Town, Nambu Town, Hoki Town
    • Health and Welfare Bureau (Yonago Health Center (Health and Welfare Department))
    • Living Environment Bureau (Yonago Public Health Center (living environment department))
    • Agriculture and Forestry Bureau: Yonago City, Sakaiminato City, Hiezu Village, Mt. Ooyama Town, Nambu Town, Hoki Town
    • Yonago Prefectural Land Development Bureau: Yonago City, Sakaiminato City, Hiezu Village, Mt. Ooyama Town, Nambu Town, Hoki Town
    • Hino Promotion Center (Hino Town): Nichinan Town, Hino Town, Kofu Town
      • Hino Promotion Bureau
      • Hino Prefecture Soil Maintenance Bureau




  • Standard financial scale 1881 yen
  • General account revenue 3763 billion yen
  • General account expenditure ¥3695 billion
  • Fiscal strength index 0.26
    • IV Group (Financial Power Index less than 0.4) 10th out of 8 municipalities
  • Current account ratio 92.8% (prefectural average 92.6)
  • Real balance ratio 2.71%
  • Number of employees per population 100,000 1,792.17 (prefectural average 1,173.11)
  • Laspeyres index 97.3 (prefecture average 99.6)
  • Personnel expenses, property expenses, etc. per person population 1 yen (prefectural average 18 yen)
    • Larger population is an index that gives merit of scale
  • Real debt service ratio 13.0% (prefecture average 14.7%)
  • Municipal bond present per capita current amount of JPY 1 100 (prefectural average of JPY 9078)

Balance of local bonds

  • Municipal bond current amount for ordinary account 6122 billion yen
  • Local bonds for special accounts other than the above, current amount of ¥304 billion
    • Especially for hospital business accounting 128 million yen
  • otherThird sectorDebt guarantee balance, etc.
    • Tottori Prefectural Agricultural Development Corporation loss compensation debt balance 84 million yen


  • Fiscal strength index 0.24
    • IV Group (Financial Power Index less than 0.4) 14th out of 12 municipalities


  • Fiscal strength index 0.23
    • IV Group (Financial Power Index less than 0.4) 15th out of 13 municipalities

Successive governors (public election)

National politics

House of Representatives OfSmall districtThere are 2 wards.House of CouncilorsThen.Tottori Prefecture Election DistrictAs a whole, it constituted one ward, but in 124rd House of Councilors ordinary electionThanShimane Prefectural constituencyWas merged withTottori Prefecture/Shimane Prefecture Election DistrictConsists of 1 ward together with neighboring Shimane prefectureJoint constituencyWas founded.

Economic and industrial

Prefecture gross product

Tottori Prefecture has the smallest population in Japan, so its gross domestic product (nominal GDP) is also high.2008 From October2009 Basis until March (FY3 statistics) is 20 billion yen[28]And the smallest in 47 prefectures, in the worldGDP (GDP) rank is about the same as 90 countries[29].. If you look at this per personWakayama-IwateClose to that of.The per capita prefectural income is 230.4 yen, which is 83.7% of the national average.this is,Kumamoto-KagoshimaClose to that.

By the way, Tottori prefectureStarbucksWas the only prefecture with no stores yet,2015 May 5Tottori Prefecture's first store inTottori City OfTottori StationOpened near the south exit. This makes Starbucks 47PrefecturesWe decided to set up stores in all. afterwards,AEON MALL TottorikitaThere is also a store inside.

Population by industry

Specialty goods

cropsThen.watermelon(watermelon),Lucky,Twentieth century pearIt is famous all over the country.Rice,Vegetables,fruitEtc. are also produced in a well-balanced manner.Sand Dunes Rakkyo, Mt. Ooyamabroccoli, Koge Flower Imperial Palacepersimmon, Daiei watermelonGeographical indication(GI) Registered[24].

In marine productsMatsuba CrabIs a specialty, and there is a prefecture-certified brand crab called "Itsukiboshi".[24].


Vegetables account for the largest proportion of agricultural production at 28.4% of total production, and rice at 19.5%.chicken(Chicken eggs-broiler) Is 13.6%,Dairy cowAccounts for 10.5% and 9.4% of fruits.[30]



Financial institution
Major companies with stores in the prefecture


Major companies headquartered in the prefecture
Major companies with base offices in the prefecture

Life and transportation


It is under the jurisdiction of the Tottori Prefectural Police Headquarters.2005 (17)May 4Has been reorganized in, the following 9 police stations are located.


Mostly, the old along the coastline from the Hyogo prefectural border to the Shimane prefectural borderSanin roadThe main line running along the routeSan'in Main Line,National Route 9Line) passes through (or near) major cities in the prefecture, and from the vicinity of Tottori/Yonago/Kurayoshi cities to the Chugoku Mountains/SanyoIt has a structure in which the route branches toward the direction.


Lines without parentheses run only within the prefecture.

Abandoned railway line


Hinomaru Motor,Japan trafficThere are two companies in the prefectureTransit BusAnd connect each city in the prefecture with the outside of the prefectureExpress BusRun.

Other patrol buses/circular buses

Donguri Korokoro is operated by Yonago Daiichi Kotsu, Hamamaru Bus is operated by Hinomaru Motor, and the other three are operated jointly by Nippon Kotsu and Hinomaru Motor.

Bus from next prefecture
Prefecture bus transport personnel (annual)
  • 2012 671

Tottori Prefecture has the fewest bus users in Japan[31].


In Matsue City, Shimane PrefectureMatsue RoadOpened1998 (10)May 4Since then, Tottori Prefecture has long been "the only city in Japan where prefectural offices are located."highwayThere was no prefecture,2004 (16)May 11ToSan'in ExpresswayAoya interchangeHaveAoya TownWas merged and merged, so it was resolved.


EasternTottori Airport,WesternYonago AirportWith two airports.
Main port
Japan Sea side leadingFishing portIsSakaiminatoAndImportant port OfTottori Portand so on.

Car registration number sign

  • Tottorinumber -Whole prefecture

Medical and welfare

Disaster base hospital
Licensed Nursery School


University/Junior college

College of technology
Vocational school
Special school
high school
Junior high school
primary school

Mass media

News (Chinese)

Local newspaper
  • Nihonkai newspaper: Tottori PrefectureLocal newspaper..It is also sold in the eastern part of Shimane prefecture and the northern part of Hyogo prefecture.
  • Sanin Chuo Shimpo: A local newspaper in Shimane prefecture, which is also sold in parts of western Tottori prefecture.
  • Chinese newspaper : HiroshimaHeadquartered in ChugokuBlock paper..It has a branch office in Tottori City, and until the 1970s there was a Tottori version, but now only a few Shimane versions are on sale.
National newspaper
Yomiuri Shimbun,Asahi Shimbun,Mainichi NewspapersHas a Tottori edition.
Nihon Keizai Shimbun,Sankei ShimbunHas a local version for the Chugoku region. "Local versionSee section.


Prefectural commercial broadcasters in Tottori and Shimane prefectures are broadcasting in each other's prefectures.For more information,"Mutual radio service #Tottori/Shimane prefecture private broadcast servicePlease refer to the item.The station location is in parentheses after the station name.

Commercial TV station

* In the San'in region ANN(TV Asahi) Affiliated stationsTXN(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) Since there are no affiliated stations, you can watch affiliated stations outside the prefecture via cable TV.[Annotation 1]..Regarding TV Asahi,Key stationTV Asahi as an interview baseTV Asahi Yonago Branch-TV Asahi Tottori BranchIs placed.

AM radio
FM radio
Cable TV
Community FM



In TottoridialectVary greatly between the eastern/central and western regions. In the eastern part (Inaba)Inshu dialect・Chubu (Tohaku)Kurayoshi dialectIs in the northern part of Hyogo prefectureTajima dialectHas the same features asHigashiyamain dialectIt is classified into.on the other hand,Western dialectIs in the eastern part of Shimane prefectureIzumo valveHas the same features asUnhaku dialectIt is classified into.

Food culture:

local cuisine

Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Traditional crafts



Sports team
Sports teams that existed in the past


Tangible cultural property building

National treasure
Important traditional buildings preservation area

Scenic spots

Historic site/shrine

Leisure facilities, tourist facilities, cultural facilities

Festivals and events

"Hoshitori Prefecture"

Advocated by the Youth Department of the Tottori Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it has been used since 2017.There are few artificial lights at night, and from any municipality天 の 川It is named after the fact that Tottori City has become the most visible star in Japan, and that the prefecture has been using "Crab Tottori Prefecture" for a long time.[32][33].

Sales of the brand rice `` Hoshizora Mai'' named after this started in 2019[24].

Foreign relations

Sister municipalities/affiliated municipalities



A work set in Tottori prefecture

Novels, essays, etc.

Films filmed in Tottori Prefecture

People from Tottori Prefecture


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注 釈

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