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🍴 | Super healthy as it is delicious Hiroshima okonomiyaki restaurant succeeds in 80% off sugar

From the website of the photo "Tokugawa"

Super healthy as it is delicious Hiroshima's okonomiyaki restaurant succeeds in reducing sugar by 80%

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It is said that it is a trade secret fabric that the store manager himself tried over 10 types.

[Mimi Yori Live 5up – Hiroshima Home Television] In the broadcast on November 2021, 11, sugar is cut by about 25% ... → Continue reading

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Store manager himself has more than 10 types

Trade secret

Trade secret(English: trade secret) IsBusiness Administrationthe termOne of theCompany managementConfidential in doing情报That.for example,Customer informationAnd undisclosed new product informationTechnologyIt is confidential information that benefits the company by its existence, and if it leaks, it causes damage to the company.Mostly in JapaneseTrade secretSay.

The second edition of the World Encyclopedia states that "technical secrets and trade secrets fall into this category."[1]In other words, corporate secrets include technical secrets and trade secrets.

Relationship with each regulation

Unfair Competition Prevention LawIt is called a trade secret, and its constituent requirements are usefulness, confidentiality management, and non-publicity.[2].

Trade secretFraudIf you obtain it or illegally leak or disclose it, this is the Unfair Competition Prevention Law.violationIt means that[3][4], The company side that illegally obtained or disclosed illegally is suspendedRestitution for DamagesYou can ask for a claim.


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