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📝 | Setouchi Hiroshima Lemon Japan Tourism Specialty Award Grand Prix Domestic popularity towing / regional revitalization evaluation

"Setouchi Hiroshima Lemon" (in Hiroshima City), which won the "Grand Prix", a photo tourism specialty award

Setouchi Hiroshima Lemon Japan Tourism Special Award Grand Prix Domestic Popular Towing / Regional Revitalization Evaluation

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The Japan Tourism Special Award XNUMX was announced on the XNUMXth, and JA Hiroshima Fruit Ren (Hiroshima Ren)'s "Setouchi Hiroshima Lemon" won the Grand Prix ... → Continue reading

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"Japan Agricultural News" is the only daily agricultural newspaper in Japan. It was issued as a "market report" in 1928, and in August 2002, it became a joint-stock company that connects all JAs from the "agricultural cooperative organization" based on the Agricultural Cooperatives Law.It is the only daily agricultural specialty newspaper in Japan that celebrated its 8th anniversary, and continues to be the comprehensive information media for food and agriculture.

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