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🍴 | Brand bags are also half price! ??Rakuten's daily limited sale (12/8) items are too luxurious!

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Half price for branded bags! ??Rakuten's daily limited sale (12/8) items are too luxurious!

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Half the price of the shoulder bag that was very popular in the 2021 SS collection.

1. Salmon roe pickled in soy sauce Normal 5022 yen → 2511 yen Sale time: December 12th 8: 17-00: 17 During the year-end and New Year holidays ... → Continue reading

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Characters contained in this item"bag'It is,operating system,ブ ラ ウ ザThe display varies depending on the environment such as.

bag(bag,British: bag A bag) is a (usually soft) container that you can put something in and close to hold, store, or carry.[1]..SuppleMaterialA container made of, with an opening on the upper side, used to carry something[2].. A Western-style container (generally made of durable material) that can be carried or moved by a single person.[3]..It is often referred to as "bag" in English katakana notation, and is often referred to as "bag" or "bag" in hiragana or katakana.

In the following explanation, all of "bag", "bag" and "bag" are used.


A bag is basically a container large enough to be carried by one person to carry something.Mostly made of reasonably supple material, usually with an opening on the top.

There are bags of various designs.Looking only at the parts for a person to hold a bag, for example, some have a handle to hold it in the hand, while others have a shoulder strap to hang it on the shoulder.For example, some have two handles and some have one.Some are designed to be worn on the shoulder, while others are designed to be worn diagonally on the shoulder, while others are designed to be worn on one shoulder.Some bags have no handles or shoulder straps, and have a belt that you can attach to your waist.

Even if you focus on the opening for putting things in and out, on the other handzipper,ボ タ ンMany are (clasp type), string, or foldable and can be sealed, and some travel bags can be further locked, but on the other hand, there are also bags with "leave open" openings.

In addition to the main bag-shaped storage spacepocketIn many cases, the bag is designed to be easy to organize and take out by using a partition or a partition, but some bags have no pocket or partition at all.

The size also varies depending on the application.Called a pouchWalletThey come in a variety of sizes, from small bags that can hold just one, to golf bags that can hold a set of golf clubs, to bags that soldiers carry with large weapons.In addition, bags with unusual designs are being made every day. →#Bag type

As explained in the definition sentence, the material has flexibility in general terms, and traditionally, it has flexibility.leather,clothIs. Since the latter half of the 20th century, the use of artificial materials has increased. →#Material


The bag is handmade.Dozens of handmade books have been published, including books on bag patterns and books that explain how to make leather bags.There are also many classrooms for making bags.As children go to nursery schools and kindergartens, cloth bags are often made at home for the children.When a child starts attending elementary school or junior high school, it is often the case that an auxiliary bag for attending school is made.It is also popular for adults to make their own bags.canvasでtote bagIt is relatively easy to make, etc. (especiallyミ シ ン(If you use, you can do it in a short time) You can make it with cloth of each person's favorite color, arrange the design as you get used to it, and gradually challenge difficult designs.Also, among leather lovers, get leather in the form of material and make it your favorite color.dyed, It is practiced to sew one stitch at a time by hand sewing.It can be made with a combination of your favorite design and your favorite leather type, and the pockets and zippers can be placed in different positions according to each person's needs.You can make a "one-of-a-kind item" just for yourself.Making bags from rattan has been popular for a long time.

Commercial item

Of a commercial bagPriceIt is,100 Yen shopThere are various types, from cheap ones that can be purchased at, to those that are classified as "luxury goods", and expensive ones that cost hundreds of thousands to millions of yen.

Various bags for men
Various bags for women


Bags, or portable bags for storing things, have clearly appeared in history.中 世In the middle,SaracensOmoniere that appears by taking in the wind (fr: Aumônière)Ppelvic girdleIt is a sack bag, which became the prototype of bags and bags.[3]. AlsoPochette(fr: pochette) Etc. are also considered to be a type of bag prototype, which was originallyCrusaderIt was used under the influence of the expedition[3]..Omoniere18st centuryUsed extensively19st centuryAfter entering, the materials up to that pointleatherIn addition toズ ッ クEtc. appeared and the materials became diversified and differentiated into various types of bags.[3].

A rustic bag from centuries to a century ago (Kazukazu, the prototype of modern bags)

Bag classification / type

(In alphabetical order)

Classification by holding method

#historyAs you can see from the section, the prototype of the bag was something to hang on the shoulder like a pochette or something to wear on the pelvic girdle, so I will list it first, and then list the ones that I have in my hand.

Long straps to hang on your shoulders and neck

Shoulder bag(British: shoulder bag)
A bag with a long strap to hang on your shoulder.Some are used diagonally, while others are worn on one shoulder.Generic termTerm that can be used as a target.
Satchel (English
A traditional British student bag, used to store textbooks, teaching materials and notebooks, and slanted with a strap.
Pochette (France:clutch)
A small, diagonal bag.The shoulder straps are long.Used to put small items.It is also decorative and is widely preferred by women as a fashion item.
Messenger bag
Use it diagonally.When moving, it is convenient to carry it on your back so that it does not get in the way, and when you take out the contents, slide the strap and put it on the ventral side for easy removal.The capacity is also large.
Skull bag(Zudabukuro)
Originally used by Buddhist monks, this bag is hung from the neck.The structure is the same as the shoulder bag.The way to use it is slightly different.What's more, when you wear a kimono for Dhutanga, you hang it in front of you (on your neck), but recently, temple monks also wear it diagonally like a normal shoulder bag when they wear it for everyday wear (clothes).

What to wear on your waist

Waist bag
A bag with a belt that wraps around the torso.Although the capacity is small, it has high functionality because both hands are free and can be taken in and out with it on.As the number of items to be stored increases, it will drop around the bag.
Belt pouch
BeltA small bag that is used through the bag. Highly functional like a waist bag. Used by security guardsキ ー"Bag" is also this kind.

What to carry

school bag
A leather bag to carry on your back.Originally for Japanese school children, it has recently become popular in Europe and the United States for adult women to use it on a daily basis.
Backpack (backpack)
A backpack.

What to hold

Garment bag
A bag that can be carried by folding it in half with a suit (jacket and slacks, top and bottom).
Carry bag
A bag used as a document holder for business purposes.I often held it, but in JapanTaisho eraFrom the middle of the year, there are more hand-held types,Student bagIt was widely used as a student, but now it is declining for students (a small part of it).Middle school students,A high school studentUsed only).
Carry Bag(English:Carrier bag)
A small to medium-sized bag for carrying around. There are various types, such as holding type and hanging type on the shoulder. Made of paper or plasticShopping bag.
Clutch bag
A small handbag without shoulder straps.
Kelly bag
A type of women's handbag.The originator is the old "Sack a Croix" of Hermes.
Second bag
A small bag to hold in your hand. Conventionally, it was used by putting it in a large bag.
tote bag
A bag with a square shape and two handles. Used for multiple purposes. In many cases, only the top of the bag (heaven) is the opening. Thin things can be folded and carried in a small bag. recent years,Shopping bagIt is attracting attention as a "my bag" for reduction and environmental protection.
Drum bag
DrumA bag that has a shape. Also called Roll Boston.
Trolley bag'(Trolley case)
A travel bag with casters that allows you to put in and take out the handles attached to the bag.Trolley caseAlso called.
Briefcase(brief case)
A bag for storing documents.It's just a bag for a small amount of documents, it's very thin, and it can only fit a hardcover book.OnceEmbassy member,In particularClerk,Expeditionary officer(In FrenchAttache"attached) Was used to carry documents, so it is also called an "attache case".That French goes into EnglishAksanteguGot rid ofattache(In English, "Nama" is pronounced "Attach") may be incorporated in Japanese, and both notations are used in Japanese.[4].
Frame top case
Also known as a "top frame briefcase" in the United Kingdom.Also known as "Doctor's bag" and "Royer's bag" in the United States, and "Dulles bag" in Japan.
The British name is obediently based on the structure of the bag.Because the upper opening of the bag has a base structure.A clasp-type briefcase with a wide gusset is called this.The material isHard and thickCowhideIs often used.Many items to carry in the United StatesDoctorBecause it is used a lot, the doctor's bag (Medical bag), Or because it is often used by lawyers who carry a large number of documents, it is called a Lawyer's bag.Japanese bag specialty store is AmericanDulles Special EnvoyI gave this nickname to my product without permission because I used it habitually (it is just a nickname).It used to be popular as a robust and flexible bag,NylonIt is likely to be popularized by light-weight bags made of steel.Mr. BeanIs also using.
A small bag that holds small items. Pouch in English.
Boston bag
The bottom is rectangular.Boston UniversityIt has this name because it was loved by the students. In Japan, it is manufactured from the end of the Taisho era, but since the early Showa era, the fastener type has been the main product.Madison bagIs famous.

Three Way

Three-way bag (3WAY bag)
It is a general term for a bag that has three ways of carrying around: holding it by hand, hanging it on your shoulder, or carrying it on your back. One of these is Habasak (US military warbag during World War II).

Classification by purpose of use

Student bag
A bag for students to carry textbooks.In a narrow sense, it refers to a leather bag, but in a broader sense, it can also refer to a cloth shoulder bag that hangs diagonally on the shoulder.
Musical instrument case
Violin,TrumpetSuch asMusical instrumentA bag to put in.A sturdy "hard case" that can damage the instrument if it receives an impact.
Cue case
queueA bag for storing.
Golf bag
GolfA bag for storing tools (clubs, shoes, etc.).
Swimming bag
æ°´ æ³³Supplies (Swimwear,Swim cap,goggles,TowelEtc.) to putCircular Moored Net:A bag in the shape of a bag.Also called a pool bag or swimming bag.
Saddle bag
Saddle,saddle, A bag to be attached to a bike or bicycle.
(Scissor pouch)
OriginallyHairdresser,Flower shop scissorsA small leather bag that I used to hold my bag. Currently used for casual purposes. A type of pouch.
Calligraphy case
calligraphyBag for storing other tools.
Shopping bag
A shopping bag. A paper bag with a handle provided by the store or brought by customers for take-out at the time of shopping.Shopping bag-Eco bagA generic term such as. Some paper products are covered with vinyl to increase their durability. Female in englishホ ー ム レ スIs commonly referred to as the "shopping bag lady" because it carries all the property in one shopping bag.
suitな どOutfitA medium- or large-sized bag for putting and carrying. With top and bottom wearing on the hangershirt・In particular, leather shoes and other items that can be stored only a littleGarment bagIt is called (garment bag).
Sports bag
A bag for students to carry sports equipment.
Tank bag
オ ー ト バ イRefers to a bag attached with a magnet on the fuel tank of.So that you can carry it in your hand or hang it from your shoulderstrapIs equipped with.
Chalk bag
rock climbing OfChalkThe bag that was used when putting in. Currently used as a casual bag. Close to the waist bag.
case for botanical specimens
A hard bag for carrying around insects and plants collected outdoors without damaging them.Lower from the shoulder.
The briefcase is a slightly thinner design that is more specialized for document cases. In many models, the zipper is fully open and has a handle that can be stored in the main body, which is called a puller. A small bag for closing documents,A4Made of thin leather with a size.Case,FileClose to.
Travel bag (travel bag)British: travel bag
TravelBag for.
Large suitcase. In Japan this kindLong lastingThere is.
Handbag (British: Handbag)
The ladyWallet,CosmeticsA small bag that carries small items such as. Women's clothing (especiallyEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euSince there are few pockets in ), many adult women carry it.purse (English version)(Women's shoulder strapless handbag)
Business bag
A general term for bags for a wide range of business purposes.Businessman,OLWhat is used by.
Weapon case
Sword,bow,銃A bag for storing.
A bag for documents (brief).Mainly usedWhite collarMen.With the times, the width of the gusset has become wider to accommodate items other than documents, and items with shoulder straps have been created for the convenience of carrying.The shape is very similar to the above bag, but typical shapes are a zip top case with a zipper opening at the top and a flap top case with a flap covering the top opening. , There is a Foster top case (Dulles bag) with a mouthpiece at the top opening.To the bottom so as not to fallBottom studIs often attached.
Music case
Musical scoreThe bag that I used to put it in.
Messenger bag
Originally designed for messenger to use.A bag that is easy to hang diagonally and has plenty of capacity.


As explained in the overview, the material of the bag is generally a material with flexibility, such as leather and cloth.

Various leathers can be used for the bag.Cowhide,,,,, ... can be mentioned endlessly, and there are no particular restrictions.
The above is roughly listed as "cowhide, pig leather ...", but even if you say "cowhide" in a word, for example, it is classified as "stairhide", "cowhide", etc. according to the age and gender of the cow. There are leathers that are suitable for bags and leathers that are not suitable for bags.Pig leather, goat leather, etc. are also subdivided in various ways, and if you look closely, they are not suitable.
Aiming for the fun of the atmospherepatchLeather (leather spliced ​​together) is sometimes used.
For women's handbags,VanityLeather is sometimes deliberately chosen for its owner, who has a unique surface pattern (even if it's not really suitable for a bag), which makes it seemingly unusual, hard to come by, and expensive.In other words, the bag is used as a tool (psychological manipulation tool) to make people think that "there is a rich man who will surely buy a high-priced bag" or "(the person) is rich". Bags that are sometimes used and used for such purposes use such special leather as a material.[Original research?].
Artificial leather
Artificial leatherBecause it is made of artificial material and looks like leather only. Since the latter half of the 20th century, it has become possible to manufacture a large amount of chemical materials at low cost, so the number of bags made of artificial leather has increased.It is used when you want to get it much cheaper than leather and just look like leather at first glance.However, the surface material of artificial leather is relatively weak, and when used as a bag, the surface is generally worn out after several to several tens of times of use.In addition, the chemical material on the surface tends to deteriorate over time. For example, even if you leave it in the closet without using it at all, it will undergo a chemical change within 5 to 10 to 15 years, and it will become tattered without permission. There are many things.
The cloth used as the material for the bag isWoven clothAlso in the case ofKnittedIn some cases.
Furthermore thatfiberWhen subdivided withcotton,hemp, (From the middle of the 20th century)Chemical fiberSuch.Light and durable in recent yearsCarbon fiberMay also be used[5].
Since ancient timesRattan,bambooVegetable materials such as are also used.
Also after the latter half of the 20th centuryPVC,金属Etc. may be used as a material.On the surfacebeadsIs sometimes used.
There is also a "paper bag" (although non-durable materials are out of the mainstream of bags, as Nipponica says "generally made of durable materials").

Japan and bag

One theory that leather bags were introduced in Japan isFranceThe merchant who was staying inYamashiroya WasukeWas brought back in 1893 (Meiji 6), and it is said that it was the first time that the foreman Morita Nana imitated and made it.[6].

In Japan,Household goods quality labeling methodAre subject to the application of the standard and are stipulated in the regulations for displaying quality of miscellaneous goods[7].


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