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🧁 | Atelier Chocolat Entur's new "Chocolat Mont Blanc Strawberry" for a limited time!


Introducing "Chocolat Montblanc Strawberry" for a limited time from Atelier Chocolat Entur!

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From the bottom, homemade meringue using almond and cocoa powder, chocolate-flavored sponge dough, and strawberry mousse are on top.

From the popular chocolate sweets specialty store "Atelier Chocolat Entur" in Sakanamachi, Naka-ku, a new cafe-only menu ... → Continue reading


Kokohama is a web media that introduces local information centering on Hamamatsu to the western Shizuoka area.
The contents of Hamamatsu's natural contents, attractive events, unique shops, inspirational culture, etc. are expressed in content and conveyed!
Instead of one-way information transmission, we will continue to transmit information every day with the aim of creating a warm medium that integrates the WEB and the real world, and the media and people.

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