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🍴 | "Television back mess problem" Yamazaki's "shelf" was installed and it improved dramatically!

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"Television back mess problem" Yamazaki's "shelf" was installed and it improved dramatically!

If you write the contents roughly
This time I set it according to the height of PS4.

Suddenly, behind the TV in your house ... isn't it like this?Is the code messy?Sweep ... → Continue reading

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PlayStation 4

PlayStation > PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4(PlayStation Four, abbreviation: PS4[11]) Is Sony Computer Entertainment (abbreviation: SCE, now: Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE))2013 May 11Released inHome game console[12][13].

2016 May 11To4K resolution (2160p) Etc. as a high-end modelPlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro) has been released[14][15].


PlayStation 3 The next generation of (PS3),8th generationBelongs toHome game consoleIs[16][Note 3].. 2013May 2(Eastern Standard Time)ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クEvent held at "PlayStation Meeting 2013Was announced at[16]. afterwards,米 国とCanadaIt was released in advance from November 11th of the same year, and sold more than 15 million units within 24 hours of its release.[18]..日本では約3ヶ月後のAbout XNUMX months later in Japan2014 May 2Released by[19][20]("Release date of each countrySee also).

The network function has been strengthened, such as publishing play videos and relaying game play between friends.shareFunctions and "Remote playIs installed to support automatic download of updater and game data in sleep mode at the system level.[16].PlayStation 3Compare withPCClose to the architecture ofmemoryBecause it was prepared abundantly, software development became easy,Third partyThe hurdle to enter is lower[21].. PS3で別売りだったIt was sold separately on PSXNUMXheadsetIs included as standard with all PS4s[22][Note 4]..For compatibility,PS1 --No PS3 compatibility (unlike compatibility, butCloud gaming"Technical implementation"PlayStation NowYou can play some software with ")[25].


At "PlayStation Meeting 4" in February 2013 when PS2 was first announcedcontrollerThe design of the main body was open to the public, but the design of the main body was not open to the public.[16].. same yearMay 6(Pacific Standard Time,Japan time11th),America-Los AngelesHeld atElectronic Entertainment Expo At the (E3) SCE press conference, the parallelogram PS4 body designed by Toru Sumii was unveiled for the first time.[26]..さらに価格についても399米ドル、399ユーロ、349ポンドであることが発表され、同日発表されたIn addition, the prices were announced to be XNUMX US dollars, XNUMX euros and XNUMX pounds, which was announced on the same day.Xbox OneIt was shocked that the US price was $ 100 cheaper than the price of[27]..なお、日本国内での価格・発売日は2013年9月9日に行われた「SCEJA Press Conference 2013」で発表されたThe price and release date in Japan were announced at the "SCEJA Press Conference XNUMX" held on September XNUMX, XNUMX.[28]..日本国内での発売は、2013年11月の北米リリースから約3か月遅れの2014年2月となり、SCEにとっては日本で最初にローンチされない初のThe launch in Japan will be in February XNUMX, about three months behind the release in North America in November XNUMX, and it will be the first SCE to launch in Japan.Flagship hardwareBecame[28]..この他、同プレスカンファレンスではIn addition, at the press conferenceUsed softwareIn principle, there is no online authentication for offline play in the disc version software.Region freeWas also announced[29][Note 5].


  • "PlayStation 4" development project started at SCE[30].


  • May 2(Eastern Standard Time) --At "PlayStation Meeting 2013" held in New York, USA, the release of PlayStation 4 will be revealed for the first time and specifications etc. will be announced[16].
  • May 3(Pacific Standard Time) --The "" held in San Francisco, USAGame Developers Conference],SCEATitled "Overview of PS4 for Developers"presentationWas performed, and a technical explanation of PlayStation 4 from the perspective of developers and designers was given.[31].
  • May 6(Pacific Standard Time)-"" held in Los Angeles, USAElectronic Entertainment Expo(E3) ”SCE Press conferenceDid[32]..The design of the main unit, the price of the main unit outside Japan, and full support for used software (no restrictions) will be clarified.
  • May 6 --From the SCE press release, PlayStation 4 Eye name change, HDD capacity,AV multiIt became clear that the terminals were abolished (for details, see "ReferencesSee).
  • May 8(Central European Time) --The "" held in Cologne, Germanygamescom(GC) ”, SCEE press conference was held, and the release date in Europe and the United States was clarified.[33].
  • May 9 --At the "SCEJA Press Conference 2013" held in Tokyo, we announced the price and release date in Japan, Japanese game titles, etc.[28].
  • May 9 --Chiba PrefectureMakuhari MesseMade inTokyo Game Show 2013It was the first public announcement in Japan. SCEは「TGSフォーラム2013」にて基調講演を行い、リモートプレイやスマートフォンとの連携などが発表されたSCE gave a keynote speech at "TGS Forum XNUMX", and announced remote play and cooperation with smartphones.[34].
  • May 11 --Start of sales in North America[35]..初期出荷台数の0.4%以下で「Blue Light of Death」と呼ばれる症状など、初期不良と推測されるトラブルが発生することが報告されるIt is reported that problems that are presumed to be initial defects, such as a symptom called "Blue Light of Death", occur in XNUMX% or less of the initial shipments.[36][37].
  • May 11 --Achieved actual sales of over 24 million units in the United States and Canada within 100 hours after launch[13].
  • May 11 --Launched in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South America.
  • May 12 --Achieved actual sales of 210 million units worldwide[38].
  • May 12 --Achieved actual sales of 420 million units worldwide[25].


  • May 2 - Smartphone,Tablet terminal OfcompanionApps"PlayStation App" Japanese version released[39].
  • May 2 --Released in Japan[40].
  • May 3 --Achieved cumulative worldwide sales of 600 million units[41].
  • May 4 --Achieved cumulative worldwide sales of 700 million units[42].
  • May 6 - torne PS4 distribution started[43].
  • May 8 --Achieved cumulative worldwide sales of 1000 million units.また、PS4向けソフトウェアの販売店及びIn addition, PSXNUMX software retailers andPlayStation StoreCumulative sales exceeded 3000 million units[44].
  • May 10 --Cumulative sales in Germany exceed 100 million units[45].
  • May 12 --The PlayStation France account on Twitter announced that cumulative sales in France have reached 100 million units.[46].


  • May 1 --Achieved cumulative worldwide sales of 1,850 million units. During the year-end and New Year holidays in 2014, the actual sales exceeded 410 million units and the cumulative number of subscribers to "PlayStation Plus" exceeded 1,090 million.
  • May 1 Sales in Japan exceeded 100 million units.
  • May 3 --Achieved cumulative worldwide sales of 2,020 million units[47].
  • May 9 --Announced that the domestic price of PS10 will be reduced to 1 yen from October 4st of the same year for the purpose of gaining strength in the Japanese market, which is less popular than Europe and the United States.[48].
  • May 11 Sales in Japan exceeded 200 million units.
  • May 11 --Achieved cumulative worldwide sales of 3,020 million units[49]


  • May 5 --Achieved cumulative worldwide sales of 4,000 million units[50]
  • May 7 Sales exceeded 300 million units in Japan.
  • May 12 --Achieved cumulative worldwide sales of 5,000 million units[51]
  • May 12 Sales exceeded 400 million units in Japan.


  • May 7 Sales exceeded 500 million units in Japan.
  • May 12 --Achieved cumulative worldwide sales of 7,000 million units[52]


  • May 1 Sales exceeded 600 million units in Japan.
  • May 8 --Achieved cumulative worldwide sales of 8,220 million units[53].
  • May 8 Sales exceeded 700 million units in Japan. 
  • May 10 --Achieved cumulative worldwide sales of 8,610 million units[54].


  • May 1 --Achieved cumulative worldwide sales of 9,160 million units[55].
  • May 12 --Achieved total worldwide sales of 1 million units.


  • May 4 --Discontinuation of production of CUH-2200 series and CUH-01CB2200 except CUH-7200AB01[56].
  • May 9 --Discontinued all models of CUH-7000 series (PS4 Pro)[56].
  • May 12 --The acceptance of after-sales service for the CUH-1000 series and CUH-1100 series has ended.


  • May 1 --End of after-sales service for CUH-1200 series[57].


2014.2.17 ~ 23309000
   2.24 ~ 3.266000
   3.3 ~ 935000
    3.10 ~ 1630000
  3.17 ~ 2330000
    3.24 ~ 3023000
   3.31 ~ 4.613000
4.7 ~ 1313000
4.14 ~ 2014000
4.21 ~ 2713000
4.28 ~ 5.411000
5.5 ~ 118500
5.12 ~ 186800
5.19 ~ 257500
5.26 ~ 6.16500


When designing PlayStation 4, the highest priority was to utilize the power of game developers while following the same general PC structure as game development machines.[59].

In particular, according to the conventional tendency, the memory capacity of 8GB (5.5GB for games), which is exceptional for a game machine, is popular with developers, and only 256MB for CPU and 256MB for GPU are secured. Compared to PS3 which was not done, it changed to a very easy-to-develop environment.In order to prevent the operation from being sluggish due to memory swap, there is a restriction that virtual memory cannot be used even on PlayStation 4.By adopting unified memory, the memory space handled by the GPU and CPU is shared, facilitating the development of high-speed programs.

The main processor is already mass-produced for PC,AMD Ofx86-64Custom architecture CPU is used[60]..This is because the advantage of developing a CPU dedicated to games has disappeared due to technological advances.In this regardPSCPU / GTE,PS2 OfEmotion Engine, PS3Cell Broadband EngineIt can be said that this is a major change from the past flow of independent development that emphasized peak performance rather than ease of development.

As for the CPU and OS, multiple systems for games and non-games are operating, and the side CPU can perform minimum communication such as software updates even during sleep, and can encode videos for distribution during the game. , Advanced features are included.

The controller is equipped with a Share button, and is equipped with new functions suitable for the SNS era, which makes it easy to record and distribute game patterns.

Main processor

For the main processorAMDCustomized for PS4 made by[16]APU(With CPUBut by the full GPU acceleration techIntegrated singleチップ・ Equipped with a processor), the CPU64 bits2 custom "Jaguar" (8 in total)コ ア), 1.84 for GPUテ ラFLOPS OfSingle precisionFloating pointHas computing performanceRadeonCustom products are used.TSMCManufactured on the 28nm process production line[61].

This APU is a GPGPU assisted technology being developed by AMDHSAToIt corresponds[Question][62], Unified to CPU and GPUAddress spaceIs provided[Note 6], Each have direct access to each other's memory usagehUMAIt is supported[Question][63].

Supercharged PC ArchitectureIn the conceptSuperchargedIn other words, it is the lead architect of PlayStation 4 about the part of original enhancement that exceeds the PC specifications.Mark SarneySays that there are so many points, but there are four typical ones.[64].

  • A mechanism that can transfer data at high speed between the CPU and GPU.
  • A mechanism to reduce the number of writes back from the cache memory in the GPU.
  • An arbitration mechanism that can prioritize arithmetic and graphics drawing processes in multiple layers.
  • A function that allows the GPU to take over the preprocessing of the CPU.

The above four typical points are all related to the main processor.


For CPUx86-64Equipped with two 4-core "Jaguar" with low power consumption and low heat generation with instruction set[65], Each CPU has 2MBL2 cacheIs shared by 4 cores.各コアは命令キャッシュ32KBおよびデータキャッシュ32KBのL1キャッシュを持っておりEach core has an LXNUMX cache with XNUMXKB of instruction cache and XNUMXKB of data cache.[66], The total is 512KB.

Jaguar comes from Bobcat, the previous generation of AMD's commonly shipped productsperformanceFor floating-point arithmetic performance, which is especially important for game consolesSIMDFloating point arithmetic (floating point)Vector operation) The unit has been doubled in performance from the conventional 64-bit width to 128-bit width.

But by the full GPU acceleration tech

GPU core is GCN (Graphics Core Next) In the system architecture, each of the 18 CUs (compute units) installed has 16 SIMD arithmetic units with 4 lanes.動作motionク ロ ッ クIs 800MHz and has a total of 1,152 multiply-accumulate units, so the single-precision floating-point arithmetic performance is 1.84 TFLOPS.

PS3RSX TheDirectX It used to use a 9th generation extended architecture, but this machine is now 2 generations ahead of the DirectX 11th generation.Graphics pipelineToPrimitiveCan be increased / decreased / appeared / disappeared with the GPU aloneGeometry shader, Primitive division / increase / decrease / displacement can be programmedTessellationStages have been added, and many instruction sets and features have been added. RSXのベースとなったIt became the base of RSXG70Was separatedPixel shader,Vertex shaderIs integrated,Unified shaderIt is composed.

Regarding GPU, SCE has made many customizations to AMD's basic design.GPU control that allows GPGPU and pure graphic processing to be mixed, which will be described later, and the task control function for GPGPU have been expanded accordingly.The API provided will be in the same form as the one provided for PS3 and PS Vita,Abstraction layerIt will be a low level without.This is to pursue more performance,OpenGLWrapper API with less overhead and its support for developers who are familiar withSource codeIs also provided.


This machine performs general-purpose arithmetic processing other than graphic processing on the GPU.GPGPUIs particularly important. Due to its characteristics, the GPU is good at repeating simple operations, and in floating-point operations, the GPU of this machine can process 11.5 times faster than the CPU (FLOPS ratio).Physics operationHigh performance can be demonstrated by taking charge of such things. PS3のCellに搭載されたInstalled in PSXNUMX CellSPUCore tooSIMDI was good at floating point arithmetic, but this machine is responsible for this by GPGPU.

GPGPU performs both graphic processing and general-purpose calculation on the GPU, but it is difficult to appropriately allocate the surplus performance to general-purpose calculation while executing graphic drawing processing, so graphic processing is suppressed and general-purpose calculation is performed. The performance must be surplus, and especiallyNVIDIAIn GPU, the handling of internal memory is different for graphic processing and general-purpose calculation, so it is necessary to switch the mode each time, and both cannot be executed at the same time.Therefore, in this machine, SPURS used in PS3 (SPU Runtime SystemIt is said that it has been customized so that graphic processing and general-purpose calculation can be performed efficiently at the same time, with reference to (a mechanism that virtualizes surplus resources such as SPU and allows arithmetic processing to be performed autonomously).その例としてGPUコアからL1/L2キャッシュをバイパスし10GB/sの帯域幅で直接メインメモリーを読み書きできるようになっていること、L2キャッシュに新たにAs an example, bypassing the LXNUMX / LXNUMX cache from the GPU core and being able to read and write the main memory directly with a bandwidth of XNUMX GB / s, a new LXNUMX cachevolatileA tag is provided so that the data written directly to the main memory can be distinguished, and as a result, all the cache memory of the GPU can be efficiently allocated for graphic processing.これらによりGPGPUをCPUのような感覚で容易に行うことができるとされているWith these, it is said that GPGPU can be easily performed like a CPU.[60].

There is the above-mentioned HSA etc. that supports GPGPU, but if a unified programming language and API based on such an architecture are used, development will be easier, but it will be difficult to improve processing efficiency. SCE is unique using its own optimization technologyShader (PlayStation Shader Language; PSSL) is provided.In addition, we will continue to provide deeper level hardware access, general-purpose API support such as OpenGL and DirectX as a medium-term stage, and full hardware access, and in order to facilitate development in the long term. The goal is to allow the same programming language to be used on the CPU and GPU.

Audio DSP

AMD TrueAudio technology is used for audio DSP[67].

Main memory

memoryThe surrounding architecturePCIt has a special structure compared to.Main memoryHas been exclusively so farVideo cardForVRAMWideband that has been used forGDDR58GBMount[Note 7]..このメモリ拡充により、従来With this memory expansion, conventionalSONYThe small amount of memory that has been a problem with game consoles has been resolved.BandwidthIs 176GB / sIn addition to exceeding the 2GB / s of VRAM installed in PS48, it was installed in PS3.XDR DRAMIt boasts a transfer speed that is about 25.6 times faster than the 7GB / s.汎用のGeneral purposeDDR3The 192 bit interface will finally reach 40GB / s, and SIE emphasizes its wide bandwidth.

Although it was not 8GB at the beginning of development, it has achieved 8GB, although it costs money, reflecting the opinions of creators on the manufacturer side.[69].

PS3 has separate memory for system and graphics (with XDR DRAM)GDDR3, Each was 256MB), but with this machine, the CPU and GPU are integrated and directly connected to the APU, so there is no need to separate the memory connection bus for each application and it is shared.またAlsoHSAhUMASince the memory map was unified by the correspondence, it was not necessary to transfer the data to pass the processing to the GPU to VRAM each time, which caused it.bottleneckHas been resolved[Question][63].

Memory is connected to APU via 256-bit bus[70]..メモリーには16個の4Gビットチップ(CUH-1000シリーズXNUMX XNUMXG bit chips in memory (CUH-XNUMX series)[71], CUH-1100 series[72]), Or 8 8 Gbit chips (CUH-1200 series)[73], CUH-2000 series[74]CUH-2100 series), 256-bit interface from bandwidth, 5.5G(English edition) Is expected to have a transfer volume of.

Secondary processor

In addition to the memory for the main processor, 32MB of firmware and 256MB of dedicated memory are connected to the secondary processor to load the firmware for the main processor and play games.suspend,Resume, Of the networktrafficIt is a subsystem for I / O control such as control.

With this secondary processorBackgroundAtUpload-DownloadProcessing, etc.storageThe entire access and download process is carried out by this chip, and it is said that the download will continue even while the power is always supplied and the main unit is turned off.このチップはメインCPUに比べて省電力であり、大きな電力を消費するメインCPUをダウンロードのためだけに待機中動作させ続ける(本体の電源を入れておく)必要がなくなっているThis chip saves power compared to the main CPU, eliminating the need to keep the main CPU, which consumes a lot of power, running in standby just for download (turning on the main unit).[60].

Encoder / Decoder

For PS4 to use for video sharing etc.hardware encoder-DecoderIs also installed.これは単独で搭載されていてAPUやセカンダリープロセッサーから処理の委託を受けるIt is installed independently and is entrusted with processing from the APU and secondary processor.[75].

Video encoding-DecodeBesides, for playing in-game audioCompressed sound sourceDecode,Audio chatIt can also be used for.With this function installed, the CPU, main memory, and even in encoding / decoding of real-time game screen recording and game play real-time relay, etc.BandwidthIs explained not to use at all[76].

By using this video compression hardware,PlayStation Vita Most remote play using (PS Vita)overheadCan be done without.


For all models as local storageHard disk driveThe initial model is 500GB. CUH-1200BB01 is equipped with 1TB.内蔵HDDはPS3同様に交換可能であるThe internal HDD is replaceable like the PSXNUMX[77].

The HDD storage location is above the BD drive when placed horizontally.本体を縦置きにした場合の上半分のパネルが取り外し可能になっており、そこに取り付けられているThe upper half of the panel when the main body is placed vertically is removable and is attached there[78].

Compatible drives are 2.5 inch, 5400RPM, SATA 2 interface, capacity of 160GB or more and thickness up to 9.5mm[79][80].. The reason why it is 160GB or more is that the system reserves an area of ​​92GB or more by default in the initial state at the time of setup, and it secures the work area used by the application with the default configuration and stores the data for updating the firmware. This is because a minimum capacity of 160GB or more is required to do so.Therefore, even if the initial shipping model has a built-in HDD of 500GB as standard, the free space is about 408GB at the time of setup.

External expansion of storage area by USB 3.0 terminal is supported by system software version 4.50.[79]..The recognizable capacity is 250GB or more and up to 8TB, and you can use an external storage that supports USB 3.0 or more.Only data can be moved to external storage, and system areas such as the OS can only be handled by internal storage.

The maximum data transfer rate of SATA 2 which is the built-in HDD interface is 300MB / s, and the maximum data transfer rate of USB 3.0 is 500MB / s. When comparing the reduction of load time when using SSD as storage between replacement with internal HDD and external installation, it was almost the same or the replacement of internal HDD tended to be faster.[81].. Regarding the speed improvement of the system itself such as startup and termination of the PS4 main unit, sleep and wakeup, it is a merit only for internal storage replacement.As for PS4 pro, which will be described later, the built-in HDD interface is SATA 3 (maximum data transfer speed 600MB / s), so it can be faster than the normal PS4.

OS (system software)

PS4User interfaceIs called "PlayStation Dynamic Menu"[82].

The OS is called "Orbis OS"FreeBSD A 9.0-based OS is used[83][84][85], PS Vita as wellMultitaskingCorresponding to[86].

When downloading a game from the PS Store, there is an instant play function that allows you to perform some functions of the game even before the download is completely completed by installing it step by step.[Note 8], SIE calls it PlayGo[87].

When playing game software, without determining the areaRegion freeIs treated as[88]However, the FAQ on the official website suggests that region locks may be applied at the discretion of each software company. SCE recommends the purchase of PS4 consoles and game software sold in the area of ​​residence from the viewpoint of safety standards and operation guarantee in each area.Also, if the overseas version is used in Japan, it will not be supported.

Like PS4, PS3 supports multi-user, multiple accounts can be set for one, and users can be switched.[89]..さらにPS4ではマルチユーザーに加えて、マルチアカウントで、最大4人まで同時サインインが可能Furthermore, in PSXNUMX, in addition to multi-user, up to XNUMX people can sign in at the same time with multi-account.[90]It is now possible to bring a PSN account to a local match where PS4 is gathered.

It is recommended to update to the latest version to add functions, enhance security, and fix bugs.

The function to automatically download update dataPlayStation PlusIs a service provided by PS4, but in the case of PSXNUMX,InstallIt became available to all users with the addition of a function that automatically performs up to[91]..ただし、スタンバイモードでの定期チェック及び自動ダウンロード機能はHowever, the regular check and automatic download functions in standby mode are not available.PlayStation PlusLimited to subscribers.

Of the 8GB of main memory, the capacity that can be used for games is known to game developers, but is not open to the public. OS側も、OS自身や非ゲームアプリケーション動作用にシステムリザーブ領域が有るThe OS side also has a system reserve area for the OS itself and non-game application operation.[89].

PS4 that I always use

In PS4, the handling of download version game content owned by users has been changed. 「いつも使うPS4」としてAs "PSXNUMX that I always use"PSNWhen PS4 is registered in the account, the device is registered in the PSN account as the main user (primary user) of the PS4.その場合いくつかの特権がそのPS4に対して認められるIn that case some privileges are granted to the PSXNUMX[24].

The following shows how to handle the download version of the game from the perspective of a user who has a PS4 registered as "PS4 that I always use".

Handling of download version game content
PS4 that I always useOther PS4
Primary user (self)
  • You can use your DL game only while you are signed in.If it is not on the PS4, you can download it.
  • You can also use the DL version game owned by the PS4 primary user.
  • You or your PS4 primary userPlayStation PlusIf you are a member, you will be able to use online multiplayer as well as a member.
  • IPlayStation PlusIf you are a member, you can also use the free play game while you sign in.
Other users
  • You can use the DL version game of the primary user.
  • The primary user isPlayStation PlusIf you are a member, you will be able to use online multiplayer as well as a member.
  • Only that person can use it.However, only the games owned by the PS4 primary user can be used.
  • The primary user of that PS4PlayStation PlusIf you are a member, you will be able to use online multiplayer as well as a member.
  • That personPlayStation PlusIf you are a member, you can also use the free play game while you sign in.
  • The DL version game owned by each PS4 primary user does not require the primary user to sign in when using it.Use is limited to games that have already been installed.Others cannot download it without permission.
  • The number of PS4s that can be signed in at the same time is only one other than "PS4 that I always use", so if you sign in to another PS1, you should sign out when you are done with it.
  • Only one PSN account can be registered as "Always-used PS4", and the registration can only be canceled by the "Always-used PS1" itself.

Second screen

PS Vita,iPhone,iPad,AndroidEquippedSmartphone,Tablet terminalBy installing the dedicated software "PlayStation App" on the Sony PlayStation, you can use those devices as a second screen linked with this unit via the network.

While playing a game, you can display information that does not fit on the TV screen on your device, view the screen of this unit that your friend is playing, watch your friend's activity when you go out, shop at the PS Store, etc. Usage methods such as use as a PS4 external terminal are listed.[60][92]..In addition, the touch keyboard of the second screen terminal can be used when inputting characters.

In particular, cooperation with PS Vita is special, and system-level cooperation is considered.[60].

The PlayStation App for smartphones and tablets was released on February 2014, 2, and is compatible with Android 14 or later and iOS 4.0 or later.[39]..Up to 16 smartphones and tablets can be registered on PS4.

Remote play

Following PS3, this unit is equipped with a remote play function that can transfer the image of the main unit to the screen of PS Vita etc. and control the main unit.Local networkIt is also possible to remotely control the machine from outside, not just on the top.

Compatible terminals are PS Vita (Vita side system software 3.00 or more) and PS Vita TV (PS4 side system software 1.70 or more, Vita TV side system software 3.15 or more), Android smartphones and tablets (Android 5.0 or later),iPhone,iPadEtc.iOSDevice (iOS 12.1 or later)[93], Windows PC or Macintosh[94].

In PS3, it was necessary to convert the video to be transferred for remote play with the CPU, and it was difficult to implement special implementation for each individual game software to support remote play, but this machine has this. The processing is now handled on the system side, and it is now possible to handle it simply by considering the difference in the arrangement of operation buttons.またPS3では本体のリモートプレイと本体の映像出力を同時に行えなかったが、本機では同じ画面を同時に出力するAlso, PSXNUMX could not perform remote play of the main unit and video output of the main unit at the same time, but this unit outputs the same screen at the same time.MirroringAnd it is said that it is possible to output individual screens for each[95]..リモートプレイへの切替は、PS3の時のように予めリモートプレイモードに切り替えるものではなく、何時でも切り替えられるものになっているSwitching to remote play does not switch to remote play mode in advance as in PSXNUMX, but it can be switched at any time.[96]..カメラ対応など物理的な理由によるもの等を除いて、ほとんどのPS4専用ソフトをリモートプレイで楽しめるYou can enjoy most PSXNUMX software by remote play, except for physical reasons such as camera support.[97].

In addition, the L2 / R2 and L3 / R3 buttons that do not exist on PS Vita can be customized by substituting the front and back touchpads of PS Vita.clientIs developing[96][98].

A dedicated app "PS4 Remote Play" is required for remote play using Android and iOS devices.Use the virtual buttons and sticks displayed on the screen for operation.DUALSHOCK 4とBluetoothIt is also possible to connect and use it.

The resolution of the streaming video differs depending on the PS4 main unit and client device, and supports 360p / 540p / 720p / 1080p (output is possible only when the PS4 Pro main unit is connected to an Android / iOS terminal, Windows PC, or Mac).

The frame rate can be selected from "Standard" and "High" on all client devices, but when "High" is selected, the gameplay recording function is suspended.

In order to perform stable streaming, it is necessary to set all according to the network quality.

Wi-Fi connection is required in the official app, and it is not possible to connect during mobile data communication.

Audio visual

PS4 Pro only,4K resolution (2160p) Is supported and SD output (480i and 480p) is not supported.[15].

Blu-ray DiscVideo playback (UHD Blu-ray disc is not supported[15]),DVDSupports video playback[Note 9].Super audio CDDoes not support readingcompact disc (CD) can be read but does not have a music playback function.[86][60][100].. USBストレージ機器内のIn the USB storage deviceMP3,AACFile playback functionSystem software 2.0Implemented in. Ver.2.50ではIn Ver.XNUMXFLAC,DSEEAlso supports[101].

In the part that becomes the upper part of the main body when it is placed vertically,HDMI,DTS-HD Master Audio7.1,Dolby TrueHD,Blu-ray DiscYou can see each logo mark of[102][103]..製品ではIn the productDTS-HD Master AudioThe decoder will be equipped with the latest 4 at the time of PS7.1 releaseDTSWas announced by.Along with that, the DTS-HD logo on the main unit has also been changed. PS4は同デコーダー初の搭載製品となるPSXNUMX will be the first product equipped with the decoder[103]..オブジェトベースオーディオ(Dolby AtmosとDTS:X)にも対応するAlso supports object-based audio (Dolby Atmos and DTS: X)[104].

At the time of announcementAV multiThe terminal was planned to be installed, but it was changed later and the video outputHDMIIt was decided to be unified to.For this reason, devices that do not have an HDMI terminal (HDTV CRT TVCannot be used (eg, connection using a conversion device or selector is possible but not supported)[105].. Since the minimum output image quality of PS4 Pro is 720p, it cannot be used with devices whose HDMI input does not support HD or 4K image quality.

System software version 4.00 or later reproduces bright and dark areas and widens the color range (HDR) Output is supported by all models)[106].

Regarding HDMI, regardless of the video data including games, if you connect a device that does not support HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) standard with an HDMI cable, you may not be able to output video and audio from PS4. It is clearly stated in the user's guide.この仕様は出力する映像データの著作権保護が目的であるため、シェア機能で投稿可能なゲームの映像についてはHDCP認証を一時的に無効化する修正を行うことで外部機器での録画ができるようにするファームウェアのアップデートがされたSince the purpose of this specification is to protect the copyright of the output video data, it is possible to record the video of the game that can be posted with the share function on an external device by temporarily disabling HDCP authentication. The firmware has been updated[Note 10].

To display 4K resolution, the HDMI cable to be connected must support 18 Gbps, and the display on the display side must support HDCP 2.2. For HDR10, it may be necessary for the display on the display side to support HDCP 1.4 or higher and the HDMI cable to be connected to support 18 Gbps.It goes without saying that the display on the display side needs to be compatible, but if you do not use a wideband compatible HDMI cable, the band will be insufficient and you will not be able to display normally.Even when a pass-through device is connected between the display and the game machine, the device needs to support a wide band.


This called DUALSHOCK 4controllerThen.PlayStation 3 OfDUALSHOCK 3Not to mention the change in designTouch padVarious changes were made, including the adoption of[107]..This is the first time the design has been changed.This controller is included in the main unit and is also sold separately.

With the release of the CUH-2000 series, it will be switched to the new model, and there are differences in performance such as the player who has it can check the color of the light bar and it supports wired connection by USB.

There is also a PS official license acquisition model that follows this controller[108][109].

PlayStation Camera

A dedicated camera called PlayStation Camera (formerly known as PlayStation 4 Eye) is sold as an option (sold separately).PlayStation VRRequired for[110]).

PlayStation VR

virtual realityCorresponding toPlayStation CameraUse in combination withHead mounted display(Virtual reality system)[111].

There is also a gun type controller called "PS VR Aim Controller"[112].

PlayStation Move

Compatible with the conventional PlayStation Move motion controller (navigation controller), PS4 optionalPlayStation CameraUsed in combination with. PS4の標準コントローラであるDUALSHOCK 4はモーションコントローラーの光るタマと同じ役割の「ライトバー」を搭載するため、PlayStation CameraはDUALSHOCK 4の位置も認識できるが、ソニーワールドワイドスタジオヨーロッパのMichael Denny副社長は、「PlayStation Moveの全ての機能と一緒というわけではない」とし、その理由として「Moveコントローラーは多くの動きを検知するために自由に設計できたから」と語っているSince DUALSHOCK XNUMX, which is the standard controller of PSXNUMX, is equipped with a "light bar" that plays the same role as the glowing ball of the motion controller, the PlayStation Camera can also recognize the position of DUALSHOCK XNUMX, but Michael Denny, vice president of Sony Worldwide Studio Europe "It's not the same as all the features of PlayStation Move," he said, because "the Move controller could be freely designed to detect many movements."[113].

Since the shape of the USB terminal is different from that of DUALSHOCK 4, the charging cable cannot be shared.Therefore, a charging cable with DUALSHOCK 1 specifications was added to the new package (CECH-ZCM3JY) that was re-released when PlayStation VR was released, and later the PlayStation Move motion controller (CECH-ZCM4) dedicated to PS2 was released.

Supported video discs

The supported video discs are listed below[114].

Blu-ray Disc
Includes Blu-ray / DVD hybrid discs.
However, it does not support unfinalized ones.
  • Blu-ray 3D (supported by software update)
  • DVD-R / RW (video mode, VR mode)
  • DVD + R / RW
Supports AVCHD and CPRM.
However, it does not support unfinalized ones.

The following are not supported.

Custom soundtrack

You can play your favorite song in the background during the game "Custom soundtrackThe function was only the titles supported by the software on the PS3, but the songs on the USB storage device are supported on the main unit on the PS4.[115]..なお、対応していたIn addition, it correspondedSony Entertainment Network"Music Unlimited", a paid service of the company, ended in March 2015 and is the successor service.SpotifyMoved to "PlayStation Music" by (Started service in Japan from September 2016, 9)[116].


This unit is newly equipped with a "share" function.The game content is constantly recorded, and by pressing the "SHARE button" newly provided on the controller, the game video currently in progress can be distributed on the Internet (Live play), And recorded game videos and screenshots can be cut out and shared.

Gameplay can now be broadcast between friends and other players, and comments can be received in real time. "Second screenWith the function, watching games on the friend side is compatible not only with PS Vita but also with smartphones and tablets.

However, for this share function, depending on the settings on the game side, restrictions such as prohibiting the publication of scenes that lead to spoilers and turning off the audio during the game can be added.[117][Note 11].

Broadcasting not only allows viewers to watch the game, but also provides a mechanism that allows viewers to take some "action" and intervene in the person playing the game.

  • Share play[122][119]
    • Screen sharing
    • Visitors play for you
    • Play games together

This share play is a prerequisite for being a friend.


originally,PSNHas a friend registration function, but with this machineSocial networking services Cooperation with (SNS) is carried out, and it is a policy to use the real name more positively. SNSから取り込まれたフレンドには実名を表示するといったことが可能となったIt is now possible to display the real name on friends imported from SNS[96].

In addition to the real name already registered for the PSN IDプ ロ フ ァ イ ルPhotos can now be registered[82]..A "real name request" is made between friends, and if both parties agree, the real name and profile photo will be published between the IDs.In other words, there are two types of friends: anonymous friends and real name friends.これはシステム上でもゲーム上でも同じ扱いになるThis is treated the same on the system and in the game[82]..Therefore, in the case of an actual friend, making it a real name friend has the effect of quickly identifying the ID.

Maximum number of registrations will be increased from 100 to 2000[82].


So farPlayStation-PlayStation 2-PlayStation 3(Only for some models) The main body has backward compatibility and is the same as the previous generation machine.Package softwareIt was possible to play, but the compatibility function of PS1 has been abolished, and this machine hasEmbroideryAnd there is no direct compatibility with the hardware itself.これは前世代機であるPS3が採用していたThis was adopted by the previous generation PSXNUMXCellThis is because it is difficult to achieve compatibility with the previous generation machine, which makes it impossible to start the package software for the previous generation machine as it is (next generation machine ""PlayStation 5] Is the same).

Cloud games

Not compatible, but on the other handCloud-based game serviceI will provide aGaikaiHas been acquired (made a subsidiary), and using the company's technology, the PS3 title will be first released on PS4.StreamingIt was announced that it will provide a service that can be played on, and then provide all PlayStation content as a long-term goal.[123]. AlsoPlayStation StoreIn 2014, a service to try out games by streaming before downloading the game from was also offered.

Held in Las Vegas on January 2014, 1CESIn the aboveGaikaiCloud-based game service byPlayStation NowOfficially announced under the name[25].. Compatible with PS3 and PS2 games. Open beta testing began in North America in the summer of 2014, and beta services began to be offered in Japan in September 2015. Over 9 titles have been distributed.

Web browser

By standardWWWCan be viewedBrowserIt is equipped with.WBased on[79],Flash PlayerDoes not correspond to[124].HTML5If it is an HTML5 page, it can be displayed even on a page with embedded videos.[100].

DRM (Digital Rights Management)

Handling of used software

Used software can be started on PS4 without any restrictions.

Before the announcement of PS4, rumors were circulating that "used software will be limited in the next generation PlayStation"[125]..また、ソニーが取得していた特許In addition, the patent that Sony had acquired[Note 12]ByActivationIt was also pointed out that it would be impossible to "play with used software" and "play by lending and borrowing software".[126][127]..これについて2013年2月にSCEワールドワイドスタジオのAbout this in February XNUMX at SCE Worldwide StudiosShuhei YoshidaWhen asked, "Can I buy a game disc and run it on another person's PS4?", The president replied, "It works."[128].. HoweverDRMRumors of restrictions on used software by PS4 have not stopped, and SCE and game industry officials including Yoshida demanded that PSXNUMX not restrict used software.TwitterThe movement to send messages to your accountInternet forumSo raised and put into practice[129].

At the SCE press conference at E2013 in June 6, it was reiterated that the restrictions on used software will not be enforced on PS3, and the audience at the venue cheered.また、SCEは中古ゲームの説明ビデオと称する動画In addition, SCE is a video called an explanation video of used games.[130]Was published on the Internet.吉田によれば、中古ソフトの扱いについて以前からPS3と同じ方針であり、中古ソフトに関するポリシーにも余り迷いは無かったが、いったい何が起こったのか何故か大事になってしまったので、冗談半分ながら急遽説明ビデオを作成したというAccording to Yoshida, the handling of used software has been the same policy as PSXNUMX for a long time, and there was not much hesitation about the policy regarding used software, but it became important for some reason what happened, so I'm half joking. It is said that he made an explanation video in a hurry[131].

In order to make a difference between new and used buyers, software makers allow certain items to be downloaded only once, and unless the new buyer sells the item without downloading it, the used buyer will There are many cases in PS4 and other hardware game software that prevent the item from being downloaded.

Online authentication

PS4 does not perform online authentication at all even while playing the disc version of the gameElectronic Entertainment Expo Announced in 2013[132].


List of main unit specifications[133]
Main processorAMD Custom APU (Single Chip)
 CPU“Jaguar” 8 cores (x86-64)
But by the full GPU acceleration techRadeon custom product
  • CUH-1000 / 1200/2000: 1.84TFLOPS
  • CUH-7000: 4.20TFLOPS
Secondary processorPower saving custom CPU[22]
Main memory8GB GDDR5 + 256MB DDR3
  • System graphic sharing

CUH-7000: 8GB GDDR5 + 1GB DDR3

External dimensions (width x height x depth)
  • CUH-1000 / 1200: Approximately 275 mm x 53 mm x 305 mm
  • CUH-2000: Approximately 265 mm x 39 mm x 288 mm
  • CUH-7000: Approximately 295 mm x 55 mm x 327 mm
  • CUH-1000: Approximately 2.8 kg
  • CUH-1200: Approximately 2.5 kg
  • CUH-2000: Approximately 2.1 kg
  • CUH-2100: Approximately 2.0 kg
  • CUH-7000: Approximately 3.3 kg
  • CUH-7100: Approximately 3.2 kg
optical driveRead-only Blu-ray Disc / DVD / CD drive[Note 13]
 BD6x speed (Constant angular velocity)
DVD8x speed (same as above)
CDCurrently unreadable.ドライブ自体は対応The drive itself is compatible[60]
电源ACPower terminal 100 --240 V, 50/60 Hz[33](Built-in power supply unit)
Rated power consumption 252 W[136]
Maximum power consumption 250 W[33]/ CUH-1200: 230 W / CUH-2000: 165 W / CUH-7000: 310 W
operating systemFreeBSDBase
Operating environment temperature5 - 35 ℃[33]


CUH-1000 series

The suggested retail price is 39,980 yen. The touch sensor type power switch and disk eject switch installed in the PS3 early model have been revived.In addition, the slot loading method has also been revived.In addition, PS1, PS2, and PS3 functions are not supported, and after-sales service for the CUH-1000 series and CUH-1100 series has ended on December 2020, 12 (Friday) due to the exhaustion of parts inventory.

Standard model

For domestic use in Japan
Model numberNameRelease date
CUH-1000AB01Jet Black 500GB2014/2/22
CUH-1000AA01Jet Black 500GB PlayStation Camera Bundled Version2014/2/22
CUH-1100AB01Jet Black 500GB2014/9/30
CUH-1100AB02Glacier White 500GB2014/10/9
CUH-1100AA01Jet Black 500GB PlayStation Camera Bundled Version2015/4/1

Limited model

For domestic use in Japan
Model numberNameRelease dateRemarks
CUHJ-10000First Limited Pack2014/2/22
CUHJ-10001First Limited Pack with PlayStation Camera2014/2/22
CUHJ-100022014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Limited Pack2014/6/5
CUHJ-100032014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Limited Pack with PlayStation Camera2014/6/5
CUH-1000AB01 / LUThe Last of Us Remastered Limited Edition2014/8/21Sony store limited sale
CUHJ-10005Destiny Pack2014/9/11
CUHJ-10005 / DEDestiny Pack Limited Edition2014/9/11Sony store limited sale
CUH-1100A A20PlayStation®4 20th Anniversary Edition2014/12/3[Note 14]Sony store limited sale
Limited to a total of 12,300 units worldwide
CUHJ-10006Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition2014/12/11
CUHJ-10007Grand Theft Auto V Pack2014/12/11
CUH-1100AB / GEGOD EATER 2 RAGE BURST Edition2015/2/4Sony store limited sale
CUH-1100AB / RKYakuza 0 Kiryu Kazuma Edition2015/3/12Sony store limited sale
CUH-1100AB / RMYakuza 0 Goro Majima Edition2015/3/12Sony store limited sale
CUHJ-10008FINAL FANTASY Type-XNUMX HD Suzaku Edition2015/3/19
CUH-1100AB / OPOne Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Special Edition2015/3/26Sony store limited sale
CUH-1100AB / BLBloodborne Limited Edition2015/3/26Sony store limited sale
CUH-1100AB / NPNew Dimension Game Neptunia VII Next Purple Edition2015/4/23Sony store limited sale
CUH-1100AB / NWNew Dimension Game Neptunia VII Noir Edition2015/4/23Sony store limited sale
CUH-1100AB / SMMegadimension Neptunia VII Guardian Goddess Edition2015/4/23Sony store limited sale
CUH-1100AB / FFFINAL FANTASY XIV HEAVENSWARD EDITION2015/6/23Sony store limited sale
CUH-1100AB / BMBatman: Arkham Knight KNIGHT EDITION2015/7/16Sony store limited sale
CUH-1100AB / SBSengoku BASARA 10th Anniversary Edition2015/7/23Sony store limited sale

CUH-1200 series

The suggested retail price is 39,980 yen. Revised to 2015 yen from October 10, 1. CUH-34,980との違いは、CUH-1100から1100%の消費電力低減と8%の軽量化をし、HDDカバー表面は本体と同様のThe difference from CUH-10 is that the power consumption is reduced by XNUMX% and the weight is reduced by XNUMX% from CUH-XNUMX, and the HDD cover surface is the same as the main body.Texture processingWas changed to[137][138].. The power switch and disk eject switch of the CUH-1000 series were touch sensors, but they have been changed to physical buttons from this generation.

Standard model

For domestic use in Japan
Model numberNameRelease date
CUH-1200AB01Jet Black 500GB2015/6/24
CUH-1200AB02Glacier White 500GB2015/6/24
CUH-1200BB01Jet Black 1TB2015/12/3

Limited model

For domestic use in Japan
Model numberNameRelease dateRemarks
CUH-1200AB / AMThe Heroic Legend of Arslan x Musou Limited Edition2015/10/1Sony store only
CUHJ-10010Call of Duty Black Ops III Limited Edition 1TB2015/11/6First in Japan 1TB HDD equipped model[139]
CUH-1200AB / SGSword Art Online Game Director's Edition "Aincrad" Model2015/11/19Sony store only
CUH-1200AB / JJJoJo's Bizarre Adventure Eyes of Heaven Limited Edition2015/12/17Sony store only[Note 15]
CUH-1200AB / RKYakuza Goku Edition2016/1/21Sony store only
CUH-1200AB / DBDragon Quest Builders Edition2016/1/28Sony store only
CUH-1200AB / SFStreet Fighter V Special Pack (4 types available)2016/2/18Sony store only[Note 16]
CUH-1200AB / DSDARK SOULS III Limited Edition (There are two types of HDD, 500GB and 1TB)2016/3/24Sony store only[Note 17]
CUH-1200AB / SOStar Ocean 5 Edition2016/3/31Sony store only
CUH-1200AB / POPhantasy Star Online 2 Edition2016/4/20Sony store only[Note 18]
CUHJ-10011Uncharted Limited Edition2016/4/26
CUH-1200AB / BHResident Evil Special Pack2016/6/23Sony store only[Note 19]
CUH-1200AB / HMHatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Special Pack2016/6/23Sony store only[Note 20]

CUH-2000 series (Slim)

Suggested retail price is 29,980 yen[140]..A low-priced model that is compact and lightweight.The main changes are the change of the housing design, the change from USB 3.0 x 2 to USB 3.1 Gen.1 x 2, support for IEEE 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0, deletion of the optical digital terminal, etc.Also, up to the CUH-1200 series, the power lamp had a line shape that crossed the central part of the upper surface of the main body, but from this generation it was changed to a small lamp built in the power button part.

Standard model

For domestic use in Japan
Model numberNameRelease date
CUH-2000AB01Jet Black 500GB2016/9/15
CUH-2000BB01Jet Black 1TB2016/9/15
CUH-2000AB02Glacier White 500GB2017/2/23
CUH-2000BB02Glacier White 1TB2017/2/23
CUH-2100BB01Jet Black 1TB2017/7/4
CUH-2100AB01Jet Black 500GB2017/7/24
CUH-2100AB02Glacier White 500GB2017/7/29
CUH-2100BB02Glacier White 1TB2017/7/29
CUH-2200BB01Jet Black 1TB2018/6/25
CUH-2200AB01Jet Black 500GB2018/7/2
CUH-2200BB02Glacier White 1TB2018/7/5
CUH-2200AB02Glacier White 500GB2018/8/2

Limited model

For domestic use in Japan
Model numberNameRelease dateRemarks
CUHJ-10012Persona 5 Starter Limited Pack2016/9/15
CUHJ-10014Yakuza 6 Starter Limited Pack2016/12/8
CUH-2000AB01 / KH (HDD 500GB)
CUH-2000BB01 / KH (HDD 1TB)
KINGDOM HEARTS 15th ANNIVERSARY Edition2017/1/12Sony store only
CUH-2000AB01 / NA (HDD 500GB)
CUH-2000BB01 / NA (HDD 1TB)
NieR: Automata Emil Edition2017/2/23Sony store only
CUHJ-10015Dragon Quest Lotto Edition2017/7/29
CUH-2100AB01 / CR (HDD 500GB)
CUH-2100BB01 / CR (HDD 1TB)
Code: Realize ~ Bouquet of Saihong ~ Special Edition2017/8/24Sony store only
CUH-2100AB01 / SK (HDD 500GB)
CUH-2100BB01 / SK (HDD 1TB)
The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki III Special Edition2017/9/28Sony store only
CUHJ-10016Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edition2017/10/19
CUHJ-10017FIFA 18 Pack2017/9/29
CUHJ-10018Call of Duty World War II Limited Edition2017/11/3
CUH-2100AB01 / MK (HDD 500GB)
CUH-2100BB01 / MK (HDD 1TB)
Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Future Tone DX Special Pack2017/11/22Sony store only
CUH-2100AB01 / K2 (HDD 500GB)
CUH-2100BB01 / K2 (HDD 1TB)
Yakuza Goku XNUMX Edition2017/12/7Sony store only
CUHJ-10022MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD Starter Pack Black2018/1/26
CUHJ-10023MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD Starter Pack White2018/1/26
CUH-2100AB01 / SM (HDD 500GB)
CUH-2100BB01 / SM (HDD 1TB)
Shin Sangoku Musou XNUMX Edition2018/2/8Sony store only
CUH-2100AB01 / HG (HDD 500GB)
CUH-2100BB01 / HG (HDD 1TB)
Hokuto ga Gotoku Edition2018/3/8Sony store only
CUH-2100AB01 / VC (HDD 500GB)
CUH-2100BB01 / VC (HDD 1TB)
Valkyria Chronicles XNUMX Limited Edition2018/3/21Sony store only
CUH-2100AB01 / OD (HDD 500GB)
CUH-2100BB01 / OD (HDD 1TB)
Caligula Overdose Limited Edition2018/5/17Sony store only
CUH-2100ABZNDays of Play Limited Edition2018/6/8
CUHJ-10026MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD Value Pack2018/7/26
CUH-2200AB01 / KD (HDD 500GB)
CUH-2200BB01 / KD (HDD 1TB)
KINGDOM HEARTS III EDITION2019/1/25Sony store only
CUH-2200AB01 / JF (HDD 500GB)
CUH-2200BB01 / JF (HDD 1TB)
JUMP FORCE Edition2019/2/14Sony store only
CUH-2200BBZRDays of Play Limited Edition2019/6/7
CUHJ-10030Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Master Edition Starter Pack Black2019/9/6
CUHJ-10031Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Master Edition Starter Pack White2019/9/6
CUH-2200AB01 / PR_CUH-2200BB01 / PRPersona XNUMX The Royal LIMITED EDITION Jet Black2019/10/31
CUH-2200AB02 / PR_CUH-2200BB02 / PRPersona XNUMX The Royal LIMITED EDITION Glacier White2019/10/31

CUH-7000 series (Pro)

The suggested retail price at the time of release is 44,980 yen[14], 2018 yen from October 10. The first high-end model for a PS platform (not a new generation console, no dedicated game)[15][141]..モデルチェンジサイクルの新しい提案とされるIt is said to be a new proposal for a model change cycle[5].

The basic specifications are based on the CUH-2000 series, but the hardware specifications of the CUH-7000 have been strengthened from full HD to 4K specifications.As a result, the BD playback image quality at 1080p output has improved to the extent that it surpasses that of high-end BD players on the market, including those made by Sony. When playing the game software labeled "PS4 Pro Enhanced", some video expressions will be enhanced compared to the regular version PS4. The line-shaped power lamp, which was abolished in the CUH-2000 series, is installed so that the lower slit on the front of the main unit shines when it is placed horizontally.

On the other hand, the screen output image quality is not compatible with 480i and 480p, and 2160p is newly added.The minimum screen output image quality is 720p, making it impossible to connect to an SD standard TV via HDMI.

  • Pseudo 4K drawing or upscaling of the game[142]
    • Basically, full 4K drawing is not performed. For PS4 Pro compatible applications, it renders at an appropriate resolution exceeding full HD such as 2560 x 1440 pixels or 2840 x 1600 pixels, and upscales this to 4K resolution and outputs it.For existing PS4 compatible applications, simply upscale to 4K resolution and output.
  • Not compatible with 4K Blu-ray / UHD Blu-ray[5]
    • Supports DVD video and Blu-ray Disc playback as with previous models. For playback of SD video such as DVD video, the minimum output image quality is 720p, so the video will be output after being up-converted.
  • Compatible with HDMI 2.0b (fully compatible with HDR10, but not compatible with Dolby Vision), 1 USB added, optical digital terminal mounted, Serial ATA 3 compatible[5].
    • The standard HDD is the same SATA 4 standard HDD as the normal version PS2, and it is the performance of SATA 3SSDOnly when replacing with high-speed storage such as[143].
  • 4K compatible Streaming video support
  • CPU expanded from 1.6GHz to 2.1GHz
  • Expanded from GPU 1.84 TFLOPS to 4.20 TFLOPS, expanded from 18 CUs (compute units) to 36
  • Main memory GDDR5 bandwidth expanded from 176GB / sec to 218GB / sec
  • Sub-memory DDR3 expanded from 256MB to 1GB
  • Remote play 1080p support (existing models that are not Pro series supported up to 720p)
  • In system software Ver.2017 delivered on March 3, 9, "boost mode" has been added, which can provide benefits such as improved frame rate and shortened loading time even with conventional PS4.50 software that has not been updated for PS4 Pro.[144].. 2018å¹´3月8日配信のシステムソフトウェアVer.5.50では、4K解像度対応のソフトの一部がフルHD等の4K未満の解像度のテレビに出力する際に画質が向上する「スーパーサンプリングモード」が追加されたIn system software Ver.XNUMX delivered on March XNUMX, XNUMX, "super sampling mode" has been added to improve image quality when some XNUMXK resolution compatible software is output to a TV with a resolution less than XNUMXK such as full HD. Was done[145].

CUH-7100 series (Pro)

  • Weight reduced from approximately 3.3kg to approximately 3.2kg

CUH-7200 series (Pro)

  • Power consumption reduced from maximum 310W to maximum 300W

Standard model

For domestic use in Japan
Model numberNameRelease date
CUH-7000BB01Jet Black 1TB2016/11/10
CUH-7000BB02Glacier White 1TB2017/9/6
CUH-7100BB01Jet Black 1TB2017/10/2
CUH-7100BB02Glacier White 1TB2018/3/8
CUH-7200BB01Jet Black 1TB2018/9/18
CUH-7200BB02Glacier White 1TB2018/10/12
CUH-7200CB01Jet Black 2TB2018/11/21

Limited model

For domestic use in Japan
Model numberNameRelease dateRemarks
CUHJ-10019Star Wars Battlefront II Limited Edition2017/11/14
CUHJ-10021God of War Limited Edition2018/4/20
CUHJ-10024PlayStation VR Days of Play Special Pack2018/6/8
CUH-7100BA50500 Million Limited Edition2018/8/24
CUHJ-10027Marvel's Spider-Man Limited Edition2018/9/7
CUHJ-10028Red Dead Redemption 2 Pack2018/10/26
CUHJ-10029PlayStation VR Days of Play Pack 2TB2019/6/7
CUHJ-10032Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Master Edition Starter Pack2019/9/6
CUH-7200BB02 / PRPersona XNUMX The Royal Limited Edition2019/10/31
CUHJ-10034The Last of Us Part II LIMITED EDITION2020/6/19


Genuine and Sony Group released devices

For domestic use in Japan
Model numberNameRelease dateRemarks
CUH-ZAC1PlayStation VR AC adapter2016/10/13Included with PlayStation VR.Not sold separately.
CUH-ZCT1JWireless controller (DUALSHOCK 4)2014/2/22One is included in the CUH-1000 series main unit. Only Bluetooth connection is supported.
CUH-ZCT2J2016/9/15One is included in the main body. Supports Bluetooth connection and wired connection.
CUH-ZDC1JDUALSHOCK 4 charging stand2014/2/22A stand for charging the DUALSHOCK 4. The AC adapter uses ADP-10MR A (PDEL-100 shared with PS Vita TV).
CUH-ZEY1JPlayStation Camera
CUH-ZEY2J2016/9/15It is smaller than the conventional product and comes with a stand.
CUH-ZST1JVertical stand2014/2/22For CUH-1000 series
CUH-ZST2J2016/9/15For CUH-2000 series / CUH-7000 series
CUH-ZVR1PlayStation VR2016/10/13
CUH-ZVR22017/10/14Supports HDR video pass-through.
CUH-ZWA1JDUALSHOCK 4 USB wireless adapter2016/9/6Adapter for wirelessly connecting the DUALSHOCK 4 to your PC
CUHJ-15000High speed HDMI cable2014/9/25
CUHJ-15001Wireless surround headset2015/12/3Shared with PS3.Includes wireless adapter.
CUHJ-15002High speed HDMI cable2015/11/16
CUHJ-15004nasne(Nasune)2016/12/81TB model. AC adapter is CECH-ZAC3J
CUHJ-15005Premium Wireless Surround Headset2017/1/19Includes wireless adapter.
CUHJ-15006PlayStation VR shooting controller2017/6/22
CUHJ-15007Wireless surround headset2018/3/8Not compatible with PS3.Includes wireless adapter.Weight saving.It's gone because it's folded.
DUALSHOCK 4 Days of Play Special Pack2018/6/8DUALSHOCK 4 (CUH-ZCT2J) and charging stand set
CUHJ-15017DUALSHOCK 4 rear button attachment2020/1/16Attachment that adds a button to the back of the DUALSHOCK 4
CUHJ-16001PlayStation VR PlayStation Camera bundled version2016/10/13Set of PlayStation VR (CUH-ZVR1) and PlayStation Camera (CUH-ZEY2J)
CUHJ-160032017/10/14Set of PlayStation VR (CUH-ZVR2) and PlayStation Camera (CUH-ZEY2J)
CUHJ-16004PlayStation VR Days of Play Special Pack2018/6/8Two sets of PlayStation VR (CUH-ZVR2), PlayStation Camera (CUH-ZEY2J) and motion controller (CECH-ZCM2J)
CUHJ-16005PlayStation VR Exciting Pack2018/9/13
CUHJ-16007PlayStation VR Special Offer2018/12/6Set of PlayStation VR (CUH-ZVR2) and PlayStation Camera (CUH-ZEY2J)
CUHJ-160112020/6/3PlayStation VR (CUH-ZVR2), PlayStation Camera (CUH-ZEY2J) and "PlayStation VR WORLDS" package version set
CFI-ZWH1JPULSE 3D wireless headset2020/11/12Supports 3D audio
Equipped with a noise canceling microphone.Includes wireless adapter.
CECH-ZA1JUSB AC adapter2008/12/7Supports charging of DUALSHOCK 4 and PlayStation Move in combination with a USB cable.
CECH-ZCC1JPlayStation Move charging stand2010/10/21A stand for charging the PlayStation Move. AC adapter is CECH-ZAC2 (PSP-380 can be used instead)
CECH-ZCM1JYPlayStation Move Motion controller2016/10/13Shared with PS3.
CECH-ZCM2J2017/11/1Not compatible with PS3.Terminal changed from Mini B to Micro B.
CECH-ZCS1JPlayStation Move navigation controller2010/10/21Shared with PS3.
CECH-ZKB1JPWireless keyboard2011/6/30Shared with PS3.Requires 2 AA batteries.
CECH-ZUC1USB cable 2.8m2010/12/16USB cable with Mini B terminal.The USB cable 3m included with the PS1.5 main unit can also be used.
CEJH-15019PlayStation Move Racing Wheel2013/1/17A mounting part that can be handled like a handle by attaching it to a motion controller. Shared with PS3.
PCH-ZHS1JInner ear headset2011/12/17
SCPH-10050繝 繝2000/3/4PS4 Pro cannot be used.However, it can be used with the final PS4 Pro, the CUH-7200.
USB cable 1.5m2014/2/22Included with the main body. USB cable with Micro B terminal.
HBC-CV01HDD bay cover2015/11/6Sony store only
7 color variations[Note 21]
2015/11/13Sony store only
Gold / silver[Note 22]
ECM-PCV80UElectret condenser microphone2011/10/10JOYSOUND.TV Plus,Karaoke @ DAMA microphone that can be used in such situations. Sony products, not SIE.
GCM10Game controller mount2015/1/24To DUALSHOCK 4XperiaMount to fix. Sony products, not SIE.

Licensed product

Full HD LCD monitor
Model number: PS4-014.A licensed product released by Hori. For CUH-1000 series.

catch copy

  • The world becomes one by play.
  • play & peace
  • The actors are all there.
  • What you can't do is the best you can do.
  • Alright, let's go.To the best playground.

Release date of each country

Starting with its launch in North America, it continued in Europe, South America, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.特に香港・韓国・台湾でのアジア先行発売は大きな驚きをもって現地に受け入れられ、台湾メディアの記者には感状極まり涙を流す者も居たというIn particular, the Asian pre-sale in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan was accepted locally with great surprise, and some Taiwanese media reporters shed tears.[149]..日本においては発売に先駆けて公開されたティーザーCMで「日本凱旋」と銘打ち、世界中のリリース・イベントをダイジェストで流すという演出が取り入れられたIn Japan, the teaser commercial released prior to its release was named "Japan Triumph", and a digest of release events from around the world was introduced.[150].

2013 May 11
2013 May 11[151]
2013 May 12[152]
2013 May 12[153][154]
2013 May 12[155]
Republic of China flag Taiwan
2013 May 12[156]
Singapore flag Singapore
2013 May 12[157]
Malaysia flag Malaysia
2014 May 1[158]
Indian flag India
2014 May 1[1]
Indonesian flag Indonesia
2014 May 1[2][3][4]
2014 May 2[159]
Japanese flag Japan
2015 May 3[160][161]
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku
 Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

Indies / Doujin

On PS4IndiesDevelopers are treated as publishers and are treated the same as major publishers[162]..Free release date, promotion, open door policy, and simplification of screening are the four indie policies for PS4.

For Japan, there is a “Play, Doujin!” Project promoted by Mediascape.[163].


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