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📝 | It will be helpful if it is at the end of the year!3 simple "carrot" recipes


It will be helpful if it is at the end of the year!3 simple "carrot" recipes

If you write the contents roughly
"Prosciutto & Orange Carrot Trape" is an excellent pre-made product with plenty of vitamins.

Only a few left this year ...At the end of the year, there are a lot of things to do such as cleaning, so you are very busy.In the refrigerator at this time ... → Continue reading

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Carrot trape

Carrot trape(grated carrots,salade de carottes râpées ) IsFrance OfcarrotUsedsalad.Carrot rapeSometimes called. [1]


Frenchof"s"Is"saladIs a word that means ""de IsEnglishIt corresponds to "of" and means "of".also"carrots "Is"carrotThe noun that means ""carrot "ofPlural formAnd thengrated In the sense of "grated"FemalePlural past participle.Therefore, the French word "salade de carottes râpées "" Means "grated carrot salad".


carrotLightly soak in salt and leaveOlive oil,mustard,Dijon mustard,salt,pepper,lemon juice,sugar, ChoppedHerbs(parsley,Tarragon,chervilEtc.).

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Ham(British: ham) Is豚 肉-porkThigh meat remains in chunksSalted officialmanufactured food..Or a similar product.The English word ham originally meant "animal (mainly pork) thigh meat", but it is often used to refer to "processed food made by salting pork thigh meat".SmokedMany have done, but some have not.

さ ら に米 国,JapanOften refers to processed foods other than pork thighs.This item also describes ham in a broad sense.


Since ham is a loose definition of salted pork thighs, many processed foods are included in this category, and there are various types and classification methods.

Smoked and boiled pork products include "bone-in ham" that uses bone-in thigh meat as it is, and "bonless ham" that uses bone-free thigh meat.

The process up to salting is common, but there are some that perform subsequent processing such as heating and boiling, and some that do not.What you don't do in JapanRaw hamOften referred to as.On the contrary, prosciutto is commonSpainThen non-raw ham(Spanish version)(York ham) and Hamon cosheet (boiled ham) are used to distinguish them.Prosciutto ham that is smoked but not heated (lux ham), and that is only salted and dried and not smoked (smoked ham)Prosciutto,Jamon SerranoEtc.).

In addition, there are regional differences in the spices to be added when salting, and since the type of wood used for smoking differs depending on the region, there is a large difference in flavor due to this, and in many cases names are given for each production area.Black Forest ham (black forest ham) etc. are widely known including counterfeit products.Produced in China "Jinhua ham"(Jinhua Huotoei, Jinhua Ham), etc.Chinese ham(Ham; huǒ tuǐ, Huotoei) is also one of the hams distinguished by the place of origin.Chinese ham is characterized by a change in flavor due to mold.

"Ham" in a broad sense

Ham-like or salted processed meat that resembles ham is sometimes referred to as "ham."

For example, for "ham" using pork other than thigh,LoinUsing meat "Roast ham", Using shoulder meat"Tasso hamThere are "shoulder ham" and "berry ham" made by rolling ribs.Since ham is the name of pork thigh meat, those using other than thigh meat are not strictly ham, but in areas such as Japan and the United States where there is little tradition of processed meat other than thigh meat, these also tend to be collectively called ham. is there.To distinguish it from these, ham made from thigh meat is sometimes called "thigh ham".

There are also foods that are shaped and seasoned to resemble ham by adding various types of meat pieces such as minced pork, horse meat, lamb, and rabbit meat, and auxiliary ingredients such as soy protein.(English edition)(Also known as "Taylor Ham") and "Taylor Ham" in JapanPress hamWas sold to the public.These are cheaper and cheaper than the original hams mentioned above, and tend not to be made after the era of shortage of supplies.

In addition, salted processed meat made from materials other than animal meat is sometimes called "ham".Turkey ham And fish ham are typical.Nowadays, when the adverse health effects of processed meats are known, they tend to be accepted as health-conscious substitutes.

When the broad sense of "ham" is used generically without using the word ham, it is often referred to as "processed meat" or "cured meat".These words arebacon,PancettaAre also collectively referred to.

Manufacturing method

Shape the pork chunks andsaltOr soak in salt water and squeeze the blood.When salt is added to meat, the water inside the cells goes out and at the same time the salt enters the cells, which suppresses the growth of microorganisms and molds that cause putrefaction.In addition, the muscle tissue of the meat also absorbs salt, loosens protein fibers and softens the meat.After this process, ancient Roman ham was salted, dried and vinegared and oiled to complete.Next, salt,Spices,seasoningAdd (Salt cough).Is a color formerSodium nitriteSuch asNitrite,Food additiveIf you want to add, do it at this stage. In the 16th and 17th centuriesPotassium nitrateIt has become known that the addition of (Salt Peter) makes the color of the meat brighter, and at the same time increases the flavor and the shelf life.Further research progressed and replaced nitrite in the 20th century.Rock salt commonly used in Europe contains nitrite, such as traditional ham made by long-term aging.Food additiveThe same effect can be obtained without adding nitrite.[1][2].

SaltedAfter aging, bone-in ham and lux ham smoke as they are.Other types are heated and then smoked to the extent of flavor.Then boil in hot water.In recent yearsSmokedbycarcinogenicHas been pointed out, and it is done not as a preservation method but as a scent.There are two types of smoking methods: high-temperature method, in which smoke is smoked with hot smoke, and low-temperature method, in which smoke generated in a kettle is smoked with cold smoke through a pipe, etc.The high-temperature method can be done in a simple facility and has a high bactericidal effect, but meat The low-temperature method has the disadvantage of drying and hardening, and the smoke component adheres 2 times faster than the high-temperature method and does not affect the meat quality, but equipment for that is required.[3].

Processed original meat, such as ham with bone, naturally has the same shape as the original meat.

how to eat

The one with good flavorsalad,sandwich,Hors d'oeuvreEat without cooking.

Bakeham and eggs,Omelette,flyAnd so on.Cut it thickHam steak,Ham cutletTo do.

In addition, since ham has a salty taste and a rich umami taste, it is sometimes used as a soup stock, which is similar to a seasoning.This is especially noticeable in hams that have not been boiled or desalted.Chinese hamSaltyBecause it is strong, it is rarely used for raw food, mainlychickenTogether withsoup stockUse to takeFish,Chinese cabbageIt is mainly used for seasoning by steaming with vegetables such as.Usage similar to seasoning is also used for processed meats other than ham, such as bacon, pancetta,GuancialeHas a strong tendency.

Also, especiallyChristmasWhat you can eatChristmas hamIs called.

Similar foods

Bacon is a processed food made from smoked pork ribs.Most hams are boiled or steamed after smoking, but bacon does not.Therefore, bacon has a strong smoked aroma.In the case of ham, there is pressed ham made by joining meat, but in the case of bacon, there is no such product because the joined product is completely different from the original product.
Sausage is also a processed food made by smoking or boiling meat, but it is characterized by using minced meat as opposed to ham that uses chunks of meat.OriginallyBowel fillingHowever, there are some that substitute artificial casings and do not clog the intestines.
Chicken ham
Smoked chicken, which is made as a special product in the chicken producing area.
Turkey ham (turkey ham)
The United States of AmericaA cheap alternative to ham, which is popular in Japan.Compared to pork, it has less fat and is considered healthy.
Bird ham
A dish that cooks chicken in a ham style.The taste is similar to the above-mentioned turkey ham.
Fish ham
Walleye pollockSuch asFishA food that uses ham and has a flavor similar to ham.The manufacturing method and tasteFish sausageClose to.Some products are mixed with livestock meat such as pork.
Tuna ham
Soy ham
It is widely used as an alternative for people who cannot eat livestock meat.
Dream PorkLardSaltedorSmokedWhat I did[4].Lardo di Colonnataetc.

Ham-themed paintings


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