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🍴 | This year, BT21's "Ehomaki" will bring in good fortune!You can make a reservation at Kura Sushi ~.


This year, BT21's "Ehomaki" will bring in good fortune!You can make a reservation at Kura Sushi ~.

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Ehomaki is wrapped in a colorful vegetable sheet instead of seaweed to give it a cute appearance.

In the conveyor belt sushi chain "Kura Sushi", the global popular character brand "B ..." of "LINE FRIENDS" → Continue reading

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Ehomaki,EhomakiWhat is (Ehomaki)?節 分ToEhomakiIt is said that it is good to face and eat silentlySushi rollsThat[1].


Commercial cityOsakaOf originCustomIs said to be[2][3][4], The established theory of its origin does not yet exist and there are many unclear points[5].

Currently, "On the night of Setsubun,EhomakiWhile thinking of your wishes, you can grab them in a circle and eat until the end without saying any words. "[2][3][6][7]. "EyeClose and eat "[8]Or, some people say, "Eat while laughing," and this varies.Also, instead of thick rolls, "medium and thin rolls"[9]And some people eat "hand-rolled sushi"[10].KinkiIt is also considered that the word "round cover", which is the expression of "Maru Kaburi", did not originally wish for the safety of a prosperous business family.[11].folkloreMay be treated as a research topic on folklorism[12][13]..Other names include "lucky maki sushi," "ehomaki sushi," and "blessed maki."[14][15].

Spread nationwide from around 1998[16][17][18], Spread rapidly after the 2000s[19]However, no literature has been found that was called "Ehomaki" before that.[19].


It is said that seven kinds of ingredients are used for thick sushi rolls.The number is hoping for prosperous business and no illnessSeven Lucky GodsIt is named after, and it is meant to involve fortune.[20]..There was another interpretation, and the demon who escaped the thick sushi was forgotten.Gold barThe theory that it is regarded as a demon extermination, as if it were a (demon's gold rod)[21]There is also.Although the specific 7 types of ingredients are not fixed, the following are used as typical examples (note that there are cases where there are not 7 types).

Also, from the Taisho era to the early Showa erapicklesWas often mentioned[19]..In addition, grilled sockeye salmon, kamaboko (crab-flavored kamaboko), Koya tofu, shiso (perilla), trefoil (spinach), ginger, rape blossoms, carrots, etc. may be used.

Since the 2000s, salmon, salmon roe, squid, shrimp, tuna (negitoro, pickled tuna), etc. are sometimes sold in stores under the name of "seafood ehomaki" (Later).The number of types of ingredients is not limited to 7 types, but can be reduced to 2 or 5 types.[22][23], 11 kinds, 12 kinds, 15 kinds, etc. may be increased[24][22][23].


SetsubunTribute(Mamemaki and Oni) was originally an event on New Year's Eve in Miyanaka[25]Met.Tokujin[26]At dawn[27]・ "Ehomaki[28]To Tokutoku shelf[29]The New Year's custom of celebrating the New Year's god by matching the directions of the rice cakes is still in the back of Heiankyo.[30]In the southShinsenenNew Year's Eve Tokujin Mawashi[31]Can be seen at (wrong type)[32]..New Year's Eve in the Meiji era dictionaryNew Year's Eve and SetsubunMeaned[33]..Before the transition to the new calendar (solar calendar), January (Mutsuki) of the lunar calendar was around February of the new calendar, and Mutsuki meant spring.In other words, New Year's Eve, the day before New Year's Eve, was setsubun on the day before the beginning of spring, and it was over a year.[34]..Setsubun's New Year's soba is still at Yoshida Shrine[35]Is being eaten[36].

Showa period and origin

京都Old custom of sushi[37]Osaka sushi trade association advertising leaflet that referred to1940/The owner of the sushi restaurant in Osaka that was distributed around the time went to Osamu Shinoda1969/I talked about "Shinko = Joshinko rice cake in the Taisho era"[38], Koko = Shinka[39]) Maki Sushi Marukaburi Hanamachi Origin Theory "Hearsay,1932/The theory of origin of the Hanayanagi world in the sushi industry advertising leaflet is treated like a historical fact, but there are various theories about the origin and origin of Ehomaki, and the credibility of any of them is uncertain.[5]There are multiple theories[12][40][41].

  1. From the end of the Tokugawa shogunate to the beginning of the Meiji era, it began with a wish for prosperous business, no illness, and a healthy wife in Senba, Osaka. (From the leaflet of the Sushi Association)
  2. The theory is that a woman stood in the middle of the stairs in the colored streets of Senba and grabbed a circle to make a wish. (From the leaflet of Super U)
  3. Setsubun was the time when new scented foods were pickled, and in the middle of the Edo period, sushi rolls with scented foods were eaten as they were, facing Ehomaki, and were auspicious.The theory is that this became the practice of blessing that if you turn to Setsubun and put on a roll of sushi, the fortune of the year will be lost. (From the leaflet of Super D)
  4. The theory that the husband of Senba had a prostitute wearing a roll on the day of Setsubun and was playing a lot (interview with Hideo Fujimori, the secretariat of the Osaka Nori Cooperative Association at that time) )
  5. Warlords of the Warring States period (Yoshiharu HorioIt is said that), but he won the battle when he started his career in Setsubun, so he said that it started with Mizusho. (Interview with Hideo Fujimori)

The above theory is based on the theory written by Takehiko Iwasaki on leaflets such as supermarkets and the interview with Hideo Fujimori, who was the secretary general of the Osaka Nori Wholesaler Cooperative in 1990 when his investigation was conducted. It is a summary of the obtained origins.

— Hiroyuki Kasuzawa, Meaning Found as an Annual Event in Modern People-A Case Study of Ehomaki-, 2009[19]

In Osaka, where merchants have been concentrated since ancient timesCentral business districtIsWholesale districtMetSenbaToColor streetHas no history of existence.

Maki sushi first appeared in the literature as "Cooking Sankaigo Vol. 1749 ”(written by Hiroko, XNUMX) and“New menu category collection(Written by Motoaki Saeki, 1776).[42][19]..To trace the origin further, "Maki" is the Osaka languageSushi rollsNot only udon noodlesSteamed Odamaki,Egg roll[43], In Kyoto dialect and Osaka / Senba languageChimakiIs an abbreviation for[44], Chimaki was sown like beans in Setsubun[45]It is unknown.

In 1960 and 1961, the sushi restaurant in Kyoto opened on the day of Setsubun in the 1800s, in Shinmura near Osaka (currentlyKonohana WardThere is also a theory that men and women of all ages who live in the vicinity of Denpo (Hisada) gathered and listened to an episode that when eating sushi rolls, they put on a single round sushi to save the trouble of cutting it.[46][47].

From the Taisho era to the postwar period

There is no established theory[5].. Even if you refer to the 1962-1964 folk survey "Japanese Folk Map" and the "Complete Works of Japanese Eating Habits" from the end of the Taisho era to the beginning of the Showa era Was not found, and it was recorded that sushi was eaten at the festival in Gome Chirashi (Tokyo), Gomezushi / Nigiri Zushi (Shizuoka Prefecture), and Sushi (Tokushima Prefecture / Ehime Prefecture).[48].

This custom is originally thought to begin in Osaka, but its origin is uncertain ... there is no established theory and it is unknown.
—Osaka Museum of History, Setsubun "Maru Kaburi Sushi" Custom, 2014[5]
The following description can be found in the section of Setsubun and Makizushi in Osamu Shinoda's "Sushi Book", which is famous for his research on sushi. It is the oldest "probable" record that can be traced.
—Hiroyuki Kasuzawa, Meaning Found as an Annual Event in Modern People-A Case Study of Ehomaki-, 2009[19]

Referenced by KasuzawaShinoda"Sushi Book" (1970)[49][19]In 1969, a sushi restaurant in Uehonmachi, Osaka City, Mitori told the authors about the tradition of the early Taisho era around Hanamachi. doing)[5].

Setsubun and Makizushi On the day of Setsubun in the XNUMXth year, at the monthly meeting of the Food History Subcommittee of the Historical Society of Japan,Osaka City MuseumToshijiro Hirayama, the director of the museum, asked me, "On my way here, I saw an advertisement on the front of the sushi restaurant in Abenobashi saying that there is a sushi roll today, but what is it?"In response to Toshikazu Kubo of Mito Toshizushi, the wind of eating Setsubun was already in the early Taisho era.It's mainly held in Hanamachi, and it's the time when the new kokou is soaked, so it's a reason to eat the glue rolls with the spring scents around the core, without cutting them, facing Ehomaki.It is said that the old Chinese people are still known to this day.Of course, I'm new to it.It seems that ordinary townhouses do not do much.How about all over the country? — Osamu Shinoda, Sushi Book, 1970[49]

It can be seen that in 1969, Osamu Shinoda and Yoshicho Shioji, who were Naniwa children, and Toshijiro Hirayama, the director of the Osaka City Museum, did not even know.

There is no Osaka word for "new kokou", but Shinko is Shinko mochi and new powder mochi.[38](Shiraito in Kyoto), Koko is Shinka, Oshinko[39](Okoko in Kyoto).Maki is an abbreviation for Odamaki, Egg Maki / Makizushi, and Senba Word Chimaki.Shinko, or Joshinko mochi, is also the content of the headband.AbenobashiIn April 30Transferred to Osaka CityOldTennoji VillageIt is an area.

In the experience of 1955, Senba, Osaka, which was founded in 1841, testified that Yoshino Sushi's Mt. Ooyama did not know about Setsubun Maki Sushi.

Mt. Ooyama Yuichi (68) of Osaka's long-established sushi restaurant "Yoshino Sushi" (Chuo-ku, Osaka) said, "The night of Setsubun around 1955 (Showa 30) when I entered a sushi restaurant in Hyogo prefecture. On the go, a crowd of entertainers who had a hard time wearing sushi were wearing sushi rolls. I wondered why a woman was doing this even though she was not well-behaved. I was told that there is. " "I thought it was a small part of the custom at that time. It would be so exciting later," said Mt. Ooyama. "Long and round things like burdock in New Year dishes are one of the lucky charms. Eat lucky charms. People nowadays have the same desire to fulfill their wishes and to cling to something. " — Mainichi Shimbun, [Food] Rolled-up "Round Cover" Gabri, Mogumogu ... "Happy Come!", January 2004, 1[50]

In 1932, the Osaka Sushi Trading Union entitled "Makizushi and Fukujin Setsubun no Himaru Kaburi" for the purpose of sales promotion.Advertising flyerWas distributed and "Lucky Makizushi" was promoted.[40][24][51].

Makizushi and the God of Fortune Setsubun Day
This epidemic has long been hailed by the Hanayanagi world.Recently, it has been generally argued that Makizushi is eaten as soon as he can eat beans only for the age of the year.
This is limited to the day of Setsubun, and if you silently wear the Makizushi of Tsubomoto toward the Ehomaki of the year, you will be lucky that year.
Considering the fact that it was popular without anybody without proclaiming it, it should not be overlooked as a superstition.
Fortunately, if you are lucky this year, we would like to thank you for your patronage and for your patience.
I hope that the whole family will try it, and I would like to thank you for your good luck this year.
Setsubun, Showa XNUMXth February XNUMXth Ehomaki Northwest (Yokono-ma)
Lucky Maki Soji Ippon Kinho Goho Osaka Sushi Trading Association — Osaka Sushi Trading Association Flyer

In 1940, an advertising leaflet about "Setsubun no Maru Kaburi Toshi" was published at the Osaka Sushi Trading Association Supporters Association.The price at that time was 1 sen per bottle[5][40][24].

Lucky Maki Sushi Round cover on Setsubun day
It has been a long-standing practice that if you eat sushi on the day of the snake, you can eat sushi on the day of Setsubun, and if you wear a sushi roll on the day of Setsubun, you will be struck by good luck. It is one of the events and is becoming more and more popular every year.
We recommend that you do not miss the good luck of this year.
Setsubun, February XNUMX, XNUMX Ehomaki Nishi (Monkey Rooster Room)
Good luck sushi roll, XNUMX-chome, Uehonmachi, Higashi-ku, Osaka
Customer (February XNUMX, sponsored by the Osaka Sushi Trading Association)[5]

In 1932, the Osaka Sushi Trading Association described the custom of sushi rolls in the Hanayagi world in comparison with Setsubun beans, and in 1940, Mizushi, an ancient Kyoto custom of eating sushi on the day of the snake instead of the Hanayagi world. )[37]Is explained as an example.Mizushi (Mikuriya) is a lady-in-waiting at Uchizenji Mikuriya, and Mizushi (Mikuriya) is a maiden.[52]Also means.Hinamatsuri is a festival of Kamimi.Since the zodiac of Setsubun on February 1932, 2 (December 4, lunar calendar) when the advertisement leaflet was distributed last time was Yin Wood Goat, 12 was the day of the snake in 28. It is possible that the habit of sushi was taken as an example.

Osamu Shinoda heard a hearsay from Toichi Kubo of Mito Toshizushi in 1969, a description of a 1932 leaflet stored at (book) Fuku Sushi in Tenma, Osaka, and distributed by Mito Toshizushi in Osaka. It is presumed that it was a custom from the Taisho era because there is a description of the Taisho era in the description of the 1940 advertising leaflet.It can be said that the sushi industry used it to promote sales with the touch that it is an old tradition.[19]..The Osaka Museum of History is unclear about the origin of Senba and the Hanamachi customs theory, and although it was advertised by people involved in the sushi industry from the early Showa period, it is said that its name was extremely low even after the war.[5].

1949 years,The habit of eating eel on the day of the OxAs a means of sales promotion to counter the problem, the Osaka Sushi Trading Union planned to revive the "Setsubun Marukaburi Sushi" advertisement that had been held before the war.[40].. Around 1955Original Tako MasaYamaji Masahiko devised Ehomaki as part of the seaweed sales promotion activities that were being carried out at that time.[40][53].

In the first half of the 40's, the seaweed wholesaler cooperative in Osaka and the sushi union collaborated to charter an airplane and spread advertising villas as part of the event promotion activities.However, this was only done once due to excessive expenses.[19].

4 generations at this timeBun'ya OkaEssay "Change of goods" ("Bunya elephant"New Japan Publisher, 1980, p28-29), when he spent Setsubun in Osaka, he squeezed a "horse-sized norimaki" called "Fukuzushi" toward Ehomaki. It is written that he encountered the custom that "If you finish eating Fukuzushi, your wish will be fulfilled, but if you speak, you shouldn't."In addition, "even if you eat a little, it is permissible to say" I got it "."

Media exposure since the 1970s

From the mid-1970sMass mediaBecame taken up by[54]After that, it became established again. A poster created by the Osaka Nori Wholesaler Cooperative since 1973Sushi ShopJointly posted on the store, and a sales promotion campaign was developed with thick sushi rolls using seaweed as "lucky sushi rolls".[8].. In 1974, the owners of a seaweed shop in OsakaOil shockAiming to expand the demand for seaweed later, the "Maki Sushi Fast Eating Competition" was started at the Setsubun event, and in 1977, the Osaka Nori Wholesaler CooperativeDotonboriThe event that was held in Japan was taken up by the media, and the Kansai Atsushi Yaki Industry Association also started advertising activities around the same time, and the name gradually increased and became popular.[55][8][40][24][51]..After that, in Osaka, on the last Sunday of JanuaryTombori River WalkIn addition to the ongoing "Maki Sushi Eating Contest", on the day of SetsubunOsaka Tenmangu Shrine"1000 Maki Sushi Maru Kaburi Event" is being held at[56].

Nationwide expansion


Priest sushiSince the mid-1980s, it has been expanding nationwide under the name of "Engi Maki" (trademark application in 1986, registered in 1989), and although it has been campaigning every year, it has not become so booming.afterwards,Seven-ElevenBy paying attention to Marukaburi sushi and developing it as "Ehomaki", it will be widely used.[57][58][59][40].. In 1989, the "Operation Field Counselor," who was in charge of 7 to 8 member stores in Hiroshima City, learned about the existence of Ehomaki in a conversation with the member store owners, and as a new event, Seven in Hiroshima City. -Eleven starts selling[59].. The sales area has been expanded since 1990, the sales area has been expanded to western Japan since 1995, and it has spread rapidly since it was expanded nationwide in 1998.[57][58][59][8][60][61]..Miyagi prefectureKesennuma CityThen, make it about 5 cm in diameter and 20 cm in length, similar to the one at Iwasakunesaku Shrine in Tochigi Prefecture.However, there are only two ingredients that use ordinary rice instead of vinegared rice, umeboshi and soy sauce, and the name is simply "Taimaki".The time to eat is not particularly limited, and it does not mean that it is something to eat in Setsubun. In the 2s, sales promotion campaigns were held mainly at convenience stores nationwide.[6][40][62].

In the supermarketDaieiWas sold in the Kansai region around the 1980s, and in some areas of the Kanto region, sales began in the early 1990s.Jusco(Current:ion) Started selling at the same time nationwide from 1992[63], And so onThe same retail formatBut promotion activities have started to take place[24].. Since the 2000s, there is a movement to enter small local supermarkets and privately owned stores.[22].

2000, Iwasakunesaku Shrine (Shimotsuga-gun, Tochigi Prefecture)Mibu Town) At the Setsubun Festival, the event of eating thick sushi was introduced for the first time at a shrine in the prefecture.[64]..At the shrine, there is a thick sushi called "Yumefuku Maki Sushi" that is served by the attendees of the Setsubun Festival.KazeThere is a stone monument of "Birthplace of Fukumaki Sushi" built on the directional board of[65]..After the priest performs the Shinto ritual, a thick sushi roll with a thickness of about 5 cm and a length of about 20 cm is distributed in the hall of worship, and everyone turns to the ehomaki of this year and wears the thick sushi roll with a signal of a drum.[64][66]..Thick sushi rollDemon OfGold barIt has the meaning of "to exterminate evil spirits", and it also means "to not cut the edge" and "to wrap up fortune" by eating thick sushi rolls for a long time without cutting. Be supposed to be[66].

According to the Mizkan survey, the national average of Ehomaki was 2002% in 53 and 2005% in 88.[67][68], MyVoiceCom survey shows that there is an increasing trend in terms of "recognition" and "experience of eating"[69]However, the national average of those who answered "I actually ate" was 2006% as of 54.9.[67][68].. According to the 2018 questionnaire, the recognition rate of Ehomaki nationwide was 84.2%, and the eating rate was 61.1%.[70].

The number of units sold in Japan in 2007 was about 3000 million.[71][72].. In the two days of February 2008 and February 2, 2, Seven-Eleven alone sold 2 million units, and three major convenience store companies sold about 3 million units.[73].

In addition, there is a large regional difference in "whether to actually eat Ehomaki", and in a survey conducted by iShare in the latter half of December 2008, "actually eat" accounted for more than half in Kansai, Chugoku, and Shikoku. On the other hand, in Kanto, 12% of the respondents said they would not eat.[74].

Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living in 2011Three major metropolitan areasWhen asked what they did at the Setsubun event, 48% answered that they ate Ehomaki and 44% answered that they ate beans, and answered that they ate Ehomaki. It was shown that the number of people who planted beans surpassed that of people who planted beans, and that it was established as a national event.[75].

Mainly as a sales event from late January to early February, when sales are falling commerciallyconvenience storeWith a focus onsupermarketDeployed in various stores such as.AboveThere was also the influence of the sales promotion event in Dohtonbori.

At a convenience storeFamilyMartWas a pioneer, and sales began in Osaka and Hyogo prefectures in 1983.[76].

The promotion activities of the Kansai Atsushi Industry Association are carried out extensively, and around 1987, the promotion villa of "Good luck winding sushi" was directed to each city such as Kyushu region, Gifu city, Hamamatsu city, Niigata city in addition to the Kansai region. Was sent[24]..In the Kanto region, Kawasaki's Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine has started the Ehomaki event from this year.

Sales other than Spring Setsubun

As a related new development, Aeon, a major supermarket that focused on the fact that Setsubun is not only in February but four times a year, started in 2 with "Summer Ehomaki" (August) and "Autumn Ehomaki" (4). (Monday) has started to be released[77].

In 2011, the summer Ehomaki was held in the supermarket and convenience store industries.[78]..Aeon continues in supermarket relations[78], FamilyMart in convenience stores[79]Has begun a new development.

In 2012, the number of new entrants increased in the summer Ehomaki, and it was widely held.[80]..In Aeon, which continues to develop in supermarket relationsDoraemonIn addition to launching products that useSummit,YaokoEtc. enter the summer Ehomaki[80]..In terms of convenience stores, in addition to FamilyMart, which continues to develop summer ehomaki, Seven-Eleven andCircle K ThanksThe movement is expanding year by year, such as following[80].

About spring Ehomaki (May), at the same timeBoys' FestivalThere was little need to start a new sales battle because of the existence of Ehomaki, but as the summer and autumn Ehomaki became established, some stores were gradually selling.[81].

Commercial event arrangement products

How to spread nationwideバ レ ン デ ー-White Day-Orange dayAs a commercial event related to Setsubun, there are criticisms aimed at promoting sales by skillfully using Ehomaki under the leadership of related industries such as the seaweed industry and convenience store industry.[40][82].. Since the latter half of the 2000s, sales battles related to piggybacking products have become overheated in addition to Ehomaki.[83][54].

It is an ingredient closely related to Setsubun.beans,イ ワ シCompared to Ehomaki, new product development has been carried out because various arrangements are possible.[84]Since the 2000s, not only the original "thick sushi" but also "seafood sushi" and "half size" have become more diverse in ingredients and sizes.[84][83]Or "Hanshin TigersOfficial goods such as "Version Tiger Ten Volumes"[85]Has appeared.Also,Tobu Department StoreWe also prepared multiple types of Ehomaki such as Chinese and Western style at department stores such as[86].. In 2013Gold leafEhomaki using grilled seaweed that was crimped was released in a limited quantity[87].

In addition, various products that imitate Ehomaki are being developed for foods that have nothing to do with the original thick sushi rolls.The following are examples.

Mass disposal and economic benefits

Discovery of disposal problem

In 2017, the shop side produced a large amount of Ehomaki, and the convenience store's "Employees and part-time jobs"Sales quota,Suicide businessA tweet by an employee / part-time job who complained about the fact that he was forced to take over in the form of[96]..A large number of unsold products in Japan are discardedFood lossHas become a social problem, and from 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has also taken an unusual response to notify convenience stores and supermarket affiliates in writing so that they can sell Ehomaki to meet demand.[97], The food loss reduction promotion bill is expected to be passed in May 2019.In addition to that, the burden on member stores of discarded products was regarded as a problem, and from that background, convenience stores and supermarkets such as FamilyMart and Aeon strengthened pre-order sales from FY5, and unsold and discarded products as much as possible. We have begun to build measures that are beneficial to customers, affiliated stores, and headquarters.[98][99][100][98][101].. A survey of 2021 stores in Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Okinawa prefectures on February 2, 2 shows that the 124 segment has a higher sold-out store rate than 2021 and is sold out. The time zone has come earlier.In addition, a line was formed at the first sushi restaurant in the survey, and even at various types of restaurants, sold-out thank-you notes and apology tags were conspicuous.Comparing the sold-out rates of Ehomaki by business type, convenience stores were 2020%, supermarkets were 78%, and department stores (depachika) and sushi restaurants were 96% sold out.Ehomaki sold out rate by locationStation Naka100%, 88% in front of the station, 90% "a little far from the station"[101].. In Setsubun in 2020Nihonbashi TakashimayaEhomaki reservations increased by 7% from the previous year, and sales on the day also increased by 2% and sold out.[102].

Background of the problem and new challenges
Supply and demand of Ehomaki
Therefore, the amount of waste will start to decrease from 2019 onwards.[101]In January 2020, the Food Loss Reduction Promotion Law was also enacted, and in the same year, the number of stores selling "sold out by advance reservation" began to increase.The word "Ehomaki refugee" was also coined on some SNS, and there were some opinions that it was not possible to buy Ehomaki that could be purchased before.However, at some stores, mass production → mass disposal in anticipation of excessive demand is still being carried out, and Ehomaki does not reach the hands of those who really want it, while overproduction produces a large amount of waste. The distorted current problems of the food industry have been highlighted.[103][104]
Background of overproduction and mass disposal
Ehomaki is behind the "massive" disposalLongevityIt is a product that cannot be sold, and from the perspective of sales and manufacturing, the profit from manufacturing that does not generate sales opportunity loss (inventory loss) is larger than the disposal cost (disposal loss) itself.On the contrary, sold out causes pressure on profits, and stores with many opportunity losses need immediate action.[103]..If there is a lot of space on the shelves, it will lead to a decrease in customers (repeaters, etc.), and there will be an "opportunity loss" that may have been sold. It is better to remain. ""In addition, there is room for improvement not only on the sales side but also on the consumer side and values, such as not allowing stores that sell out what they want because there are many empty shelves, so it cannot be said that it is a problem only on the sales side. ..[105]
Reaction on SNS by celebrities
singer·Fujii KazeOn February 2rd of the same year, he tweeted that he was eating "Eclair" instead of Ehomaki and "Ehomaki was already sold out."東京 03Satoshi Iizuka also tweeted, "Since Ehomaki was sold out, I had no choice but to buy a hamburger steak and ate it heading south-southeast, but my wish wouldn't come true."[104][106].
Economic effect / disposal cost

By "Setsubun sushi" such as Ehomaki in 2022Economic effectsIs about 1 yen, which is "a phenomenal economic effect if it is only one day's economic effect".Ehomaki's sales are about 649 million yen, and the amount of loss due to disposal such as unsold goods is about 2096 yen.[107].


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