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🍴 Eating chok | [Ended! ] [First held] 47 prefectures eating chok cup | eating chok

【Ended! ] [First held] 47 prefectures eating chok cup | eating chok

I think everyone has one recommended area, such as their hometown or an area with memories!

And when it gets noticed, it makes me feel a little happy ...!

This time, we will hold a plan to liven up such a recommended area 👌

🗾 47 What is a prefectural eating chok cup?

Producers compete for points awarded based on the number of orders in each of 47 prefectures 👑

Special gifts are available for prefectures with final rankings from 1st to 15th, so producers aiming to win may be making great deals ...! ?? 👀

We will announce the ranking as of November 11st! !! (Ranking from October 1st to 10st)


🎫 Get coupons to liven up the recommended area

By lottery from the posts containing the hashtags "#eat chok" and "#prefecture" on Twitter,500 yen off couponWill be presented to 10 people!

Liven up your favorite area on Twitter 🙌

We support Kochi prefecture, where we are from!Yuzu and delicious bonito are available!I bought ginger and cheered on it 🥰 #Eating chok #Kochi prefecture

Recommended information

Producers aiming to win the Eating Chok Cup will introduce specially exhibited products for this project 😋
You may find a product that is a little better than usual ... ✨

Click here for recommended products

About products for each prefecture

You can check the ingredients for each prefecture by the following methods!
◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆
・ Web version
Click "Find Product / Producer" at the top of the site to see the place of origin

→See more in detail in the "Eat Choku" recommended article where selected vegetables arrive directly from producer