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📝 | Remake the remainder of the New Year dishes!Easy "black soybean pound cake"


Remake the rest of the New Year dishes!Easy "black soybean pound cake"

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By the way, the recipe I will introduce at the beginning of the new year is "pound cake" using the popular New Year's menu "black soybeans".

Happy new year everyone.I'm Eiko Murayama, a cook.This year's breakfast is easy to make and delicious ... → Continue reading

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Pound Cake

Pound Cake (British: pound cake) IsButter cakeKind of.Wheat flour-バ タ ー-sugar-egg1 eachlb Because it is made using "(pound)" one by onePoundIt was named the cake.BuddhaBrittany,United KingdomFor homes of origincake.


In FrancePound cake (Buddha: pound), Which means "four-quarters".This is also derived from using the same amount of four ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, and eggs (4 = 4 × 1).As a development, tofe (scented with lemon peel and coated with lemon-flavored sugar)Buddha: early-factThe same kind of cake that means "I can do it right away" is also baked.[1].

In England, this kind of cake began to appear in recipe collections in the early 18th century.At that time, it was a transitional period of cake inflating technology, and among the newly introduced cakes that inflated with eggs, pound cake became a staple.It was not uncommon for early recipes to set the time to stir the ingredients for a long time, which is unthinkable in modern times.The material cost is also higher than the cake using yeast, so it was considered a good cake.[2].

Modern pound cakes have undergone various evolutions, and it is said that the taste changes depending on the type.

Pound cake molds that mainly use the following ingredients are common.

  • stainless
  • Tinplate
  • Aluminum
  • silicon
  • Glass

In addition, ideal pound cake molds have also appeared, such as the heat conduction of aluminum and the good release of silicon by processing each material.


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