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🍴 | Rice goes on just by mixing and frying!The rich and spicy stir-fried bean sprout recipe is amazing


Just mix and fry and the rice will go on!The rich and spicy stir-fried bean sprout recipe is amazing

If you write the contents roughly
If you are not particular about it, fry the bean sprouts and the ground meat at the same time.

Bean sprouts that can be easily bought at supermarkets and are indispensable for saving recipes.It's a delicious ingredient to use as stir-fried vegetables, but ... → Continue reading

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Minced meat

Minced meatWhat is (ground meat)?牛,Dream PorkSuch asEdible meatIs mashed with a mincer and shredded.

Low commercial valueScrap meatMay be a material.Also, moldingsteakSuch asMolded meatMay be used as a material[1].


Using minced meatCuisineAs for the history ofGermany-HamburgNamed after the place namehamburgerPrototype invaded EuropeMongolian Empire(Tatar)Tartar steakWas allegedly[2]..Hard and hard to eathorsemeatIt was devised to make it easier to eat.EuropeHowever, it has become widespread as a means for workers to make cheap offal into a palatable dish.

JapanThen,Tokyo OfWestern foodThe store is "Mincemeat"cutletIt is recorded that it was sold as[Source required]..Later this is "Ground Meat CutletIt came to be called.Menchi-katsu and menchi croquette are also simply called "menthi".However, I used minced meatcroquetteEven so, it is sometimes not called "menth", but the boundary line is uncertain.[3].

Kind of minced meat

Classification by meat type

Ground beef
beefProcessed into minced meat.
Minced pork
豚 肉Processed into minced meat.
mixed meat
Minced meat processed from both pork and beef.GrindAlso called.In rare cases, pork and chicken are processed.
Minced chicken
chickenProcessed into minced meat.

Classification by grinding method

  • Depending on the fineness of the grind,Coarse grind,Medium grind,Finely groundEtc.
  • Depending on the number of grindsGrind onceとGrind twiceIt is divided into

Foods / dishes using minced meat / surimi (in alphabetical order)

Cases of mixed meat that are not displayed

  • 1969/ ――Because the price of pork has risen in JapansupermarketAnd at department storesRabbitSales of minced pork with meat were rampant.The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry instructed prefectures to strengthen their guidance, and instructed industry groups to ensure that raw material names were displayed.[5].
  • 2013/ --In European countrieshorsemeatIt was discovered that processed foods made from minced meat usingThis was a big problem, especially in countries that do not have a habit of eating horse meat.


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