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🍴 | "Housework Yarrow" Amazing cheese toast is the best "something" to be a demon horse


"Housework Yarrow" Amazingly stretchable cheese toast is the best "something" to be a demon horse

If you write the contents roughly
If you want to taste a little rich cheese toast, give it a try.

[The topic of "Toro Toro Cheese Toast," which was also introduced in "Housework Yarrow."I was too happy when I tried it ...In the morning ... → Continue reading


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Cheese toast

Cheese toast(Or Cheese on toast)BreadTo slicedcheesePut ongrillIt is a snack that is baked in and melted with cheese.It is commonly eaten as a simple meal in England.

Cooking method

Cheese toast is toasted with cheese on one side of the bread, and it may be placed after buttering the bread or it may be placed without it.Other toppings depend on your taste.The most basic isonionChopped, this is raw or grilled with cheese,Steak sauceOrketchupAdd.Cucumber Ofpickles,(English edition)[Annotation 1],BakedTomato,Fried egg,Worcester sauce,Baked beansIs also common[1][2]..Another common way to eat is tomato and cheese on top of each other.[3]..From the top with cheeseMarmiteShake[4], On the breadVegemiteThere is also a way to apply and put cheese on it[5]..In Japan, as a Japanese flavor, put cheese on breadDashi no MotoShake and bake, or bread with mayonnaisewasabiWith cheese and cucumberSeaweedSome are toasted after being rolled up[6][7].

Cheese toast recipes and online articles tend to make basic cheese toast a fancy dish.I try to add more ingredients and specific toppings to make the recipes more interesting to read.As a result, recipe books rarely cover basic cheese toast, so I'll introduce it.Welsh rarebitOften referred to as Posh Cheese on Toast (luxury cheese toast)[8]..According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), the term Welsh rarebit existed in 1725.This expression is because the Welsh people are too poor or stupidRabbitIt is said that he couldn't catch the cheese and used cheese as meat.The recipe for Welsh rarebit is to bake both sides of the bread well, bake only one side of the cheese, place it on the toast with that side down, color one side with a roasting iron, and rub the mustard.[9].

There is also a traditional Welsh rarebit recipe like this.Gloucester cheesePeel the exodermis, slice it into thin slices, put it in a baking dish, and put a small amount of English mustard on it.AlePour.Warmed itovenPut in and leave until the cheese is tender and melts.Prepare the roasted toast, pour the ale warmed in a pan, and then cover with melted cheese.It is recommended to eat while hot[10].

Cheddar cheeseIs especially suitable for cheese toast and is often used.Lancashire OfDairyOfficials have set up a National Cheese on Toast Day, named after it.(English edition)Is trying to spread as the best cheese for cheese toast[11].

Master and Commander

Aubrey & Maturin SeriesBased onmovies"Master and Commander], Various scenes in the original appear.One of themコ ッ クKirick is Jack AubreyCaptainWhen,Military doctorThere is a cheese toast to make for when Steven Maturin's ensemble is over.Called toasted cheese in movies and originals[12]..Kirick was brought in by Maturin,Alcohol lampTsukinoSilverI'm making toasted cheese on a plate of[13], Aubrey and Maturin with this toasted cheesecoffeeIs also eaten as breakfast[14]..Kirick makes toasted cheesePort wineThere is also a theory that is used.The reason is that port wine is always available, no matter how long the voyage is.[15].

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  1. ^ A type of British vegetable pickle.


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one time(Ichido) OrunisonAnd in musicPitchIs one of the.

Perfect onceFrequencyThe ratio is 1:1.

Once completelyP1Is abbreviated.

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