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🍴 | Croccan Shoe Crunchy, Valentine's Day Limited Flavor Appears


Croccan Shoe Zaku Zaku, Valentine's Day Limited Flavor Appears

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"Crocan Shoe Zaku Zaku Chocolate" is a product that has appeared as a Valentine's Day limited flavor of "Crocan Shoe Zaku Zaku" since 2019. It is a cream puff that uses abundant chocolate in custard cream and flakes, and finishes with chocolate sauce.

BAKE's cream puff shop "Crocan Shoe Zaku Zaku" has a limited-time flavor of "... → Continue reading

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Cream puff

Cream puffWas baked so that the inside was hollowClothTocustard creamPacked withWestern confectioneryKind of.Frenchso"cream puff"(Shoe a la claim) Is a confectionery called[1].. packcreamAbout the confectionery stores/eachManufacturerBy etc.Chocolate cream,fruit juice(Strawberry,melon,mangoThere are various variations such as creams using).


French Shu (cabbage [ʃu], PluralcabbageSame pronunciation in English)cream(cream) Consists ofJapanese foreign words.. In Frenchcream puff"(Shoo a la claim)[1].. "Shoo" is in Frenchcabbage,Chinese cabbageEtc.Leafy vegetablesAndButtonIt is a general term for plants, etc., but here we mean cabbage, and we call it “shoe” in the same way as a cabbage that is made by squeezing and baking a round dough. Raw dough ischoux pastry(Part a shoe,Shoe cloth) Called.

There are still some misunderstandings, but in EnglishshoesIt has nothing to do with (shoe), and if we say "cream puff" in the English-speaking world, it does not mean the Western confectionery.

Also, a small bite-sized cream puffprofiterole"(Profitrol, "Meaning")[Outside 1].. Especially,Chocolate sauceProfitrol Oh Chocolate (Profiterole au chocolat) May mean.

EnglishIn the areacream puff"(Cream puffIt is known as "profitrol", mainly in the UK (regardless of size), or plump with cream.


The prototype of the shoe batter is said to be "fried shoe ()". There are various theories about the origin of modern shoe, but in general,1553/ToCatherine of the Medici familyIt is said that when the princess put it in her hand, it was transmitted to France by the confectionery craftsman Popleine. At this point it was called Puplan, which means breast[2], Then1760/Is said to have been completed.

I told Japan thatBakumatsuIt was the first to open the western confectionery store Yokohama XNUMXth Building in Yokohama.1883YearsToYonezu FugetsudoIt is sold from.

It’s popularRefrigerator Becomes popularShowa 30'sFrom[3].

In modern France, the simple cream puffs you see at a Japanese confectionery store are “chou a l'ancienne” (Shoe a lancienne, Means old-fashioned cream puff). In Paris in the 1990s, it was considered to be a confectionery that could be made at home, so it was not a confectionery that is generally available in stores.[1].. While using shoe clothEclair,Saint-Honoré,Paris BrestIt was said that sweets with a different texture tended to be preferred.[4].

In the 2010s, a specialty store specializing in one sweets boomed in Paris in 2011, the puff cream specialty store Popellini opened in North Male in 2013, and the Odette Paris opened in XNUMX.[1].. Shoe dough, such as Poperini and Odette Paris in Paris, uses a roughly textured dough called Shoo cracklan.[1].


In recent years, large cream puffs have been sold. Also, on the surfaceク ッ キ ー"Cookie shoe" using dough,custard creamInstead ofチ ョ コ レ ー ト,Whipped cream,An OguraAn odd variety withice creamPuffed ice cream, etc. are also on sale. For traditional French confectionery made from the same shoe clothEclair,Black canvas,Shoeand so on.

As a confectionery using choux pastry,swanMold of swan (signes Buddha: SwanThere is). Also of bicycle competitionParis Brest ParisWas created to commemorateParis BrestSeems to be a souvenir of a bicycle race, and the dough is finished in an annular shape in the shape of a bicycle wheel, and cream (mostly butter cream with crushed almond praline added) is packed into it.


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