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🍴 | [BTS gum] The 5th is a cube type!It's a pouch type that's convenient to carry around.


[BTS gum] The 5th is a cube type!It's a pouch type that's convenient to carry around.

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Chew the gum and inflate it into a purple-colored chewing gum.

From April 2022, 4, Lotte designed the smiles of members of the popular Korean group "BTS" (BTS) ... → Continue reading

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Chewing gum

Chewing gum(British: Chewing eraser) Is chew rubber In the sense of (gum), it is a gum basetasteEnjoy the flavor and mouthfeel by adding aroma and chewingConfectioneryIs the generic name of[1].Gum Often abbreviated as (gum). Although it is sometimes called "chewing gum," the official name for the manufacturer is "chewing gum," which does not include "gu."


Common shapes include plate-like (plate gum), granular (grain gum), and spherical (gum ball).The granules are often coated with a sugar coating.Many are individually wrapped.


The main ingredient for gum base is from South AmericaSapotaceaeTreeSapodillaCan be taken fromSapNatural resin made by boilingChicleIs mainly used.チクルから採取されたCollected from chiclerubberIs poly-1,4-Isopreneso,Are you thereWith 65% moldtrannyA mixture of 35% mold[2]..Currently, for the purpose of cost reduction and adjustment of chewing comfort,Pine treeSap (Rosin) To process(English edition), Synthetic resinVinyl acetateresin(Polyvinyl acetate) AndPolyisobutyleneIs also used[3]..Vinyl acetate resin, which stretches well, is often used for bubble gum.これらに、卵の殻などから作られるThese are made from egg shells, etc.Calcium carbonateAdd to keep firmness and flavorsweetener,spicesEtc. are added and molded.

The taste can be set freely depending on the ingredients to be mixed, but in many cases it is sweetened.sugarGum withoutXylitol(Gum with chewing gum, etc.)dentifriceMay be bitten instead of.

how to eat

Normally, you just chew and do not swallow.もし飲み込んだとしてもガムベースは体内に吸収されず、多少残っても便として排出されるので健康上の問題はないというEven if swallowed, the gum base will not be absorbed by the body, and even if some remains, it will be excreted as stool, so there is no health problem.[4]. But,Fear of clogging in the throatPlease note that there is.You had better wrap it in paper and throw it away.

Bubble gum (bubble gum) isRubber balloonIt is a gum made to inflate like this, and it also has a sweet taste.

Also, if you put gum and food containing oil in your mouth at the same time, the gum will dissolve little by little.This is because the resins used for gum, including chicle, are oil-soluble.チ ョ コ レ ー ト,CrispsGum can be melted in foods that contain isooil.


CenterAmericaLived inAztecTribeMayaLike a tribeIndigenous peopleIs a sapodillaSpruceI had a habit of chewing a lump of sap.両文明が滅びた後もこの習慣はThis custom remains even after the destruction of both civilizationsMexicoIt is said that it was inherited by Indio and spread to Spanish immigrants, but there is a theory that there was a custom of chewing elastic substances in Europe before this.

The first gum is tastelessパ ラ フ ィ ンIt was made of.1848/,The United States of AmericaJohn Curtis saidMaineReleased a paraffin gum called "genuine spool gum".

1860/Around the time in MexicoSanta AnaThe general initially tried to use the chicle for another purpose, but this did not work.しかし、チクルには噛むと歯が白くなるという効能があることを発見したため、チクルをあめ玉状にして売り出したHowever, I discovered that chicle has the effect of whitening teeth when chewed, so I made the chicle into a candy ball and put it on the market.[5]..At this time, it hadn't tasted yet.将軍の支援者であったアメリカ人のOf the Americans who were supporters of the shogunThomas adamsAdded sweeteners to chicle and released a chicle gum called "Adams New York", which gained popularity and spread all at once.

1869/Released the first flavored gum with flavors in addition to sweeteners.

Balloon gum1880 eraWas present in.最初の製造者はThe first manufacturer(English edition)Is told.

Of gumvending machineIs in America19st centuryIt already existed at the end.

in Japan1916/First imported in (Taisho 5)1928/Since (Showa 3), it has been produced in Japan as well.[5].. in Japan,Heian period,May 6ToMochiEat hard foods such as, and pray for health and longevity.Teeth firmingBecause of the custom, the Japan Chewing Gum Association1994/, Same dayGum Day / Chewing Gum DayWas set.

During World War II, in the U.S. militaryBattle rationChewing gum was distributed in the form of components of.The fact that US soldiers who went abroad used it for bartering and gifts in the field contributed to the spread of chewing gum all over the world.

2016/Currently in Japan, according to the Japan Chewing Gum Association2004/Is the peak of gum production and retail volume.Production has dropped from 46000 tonnes by about half in 2015.これはゴミの少ないThis is less garbageTablet confectioneryThe rise of alternatives, the spread of smartphones, and the love of gumBaby boom generationAlso cited as a reason for the large number of retirements[6].


It is not limited to gum, but it is said that by continuing to chew things (continuous chewing motion), drowsiness can be prevented and concentration can be improved.That is, when chewing gum, the masseter muscle that moves the jaw moves actively, so the spindle-shaped sensory organ inside the masseter muscle "Muscle spindleThis is because the sensory nerves become active by stimulating.またこの継続した咀嚼運動はAlso, this continuous chewing motionSerotoninThere are also reports that it stimulates the secretion of gum, which means that chewing gum is the most affordable way to secrete serotonin.唾液の分泌を促し、胃腸の働きを整える作用もあるIt also promotes saliva production and regulates gastrointestinal function.[7].

As a gum to prevent drowsinesscaffeineIt is sold that is expected to be more effective by blending or making it a stimulating taste.There is no particular taste for improving concentration,NBA,MLBSometimes a player in the game is chewing gum even during a match.However,Chewing tobacco,Sunflower You may be chewing on the seeds.In Japan, chewing gum during a match was sometimes criticized as "not serious or serious" (巨人-Shinnosuke Abeな ど[8]).In addition to the effects listed above, chewing gum by athletes can be thought of as an act to relieve the shock of chewing when stepping on, but the effect is only folk remedies and science. It is not based on scientific grounds.

Gum keeps chewing to strengthen the jaw muscles, soTemporomandibular disordersIt is thought that it will lead to prevention and alleviation of various symptoms associated with it, but on the contrary, there is a view that it is strictly prohibited for the affected person because it overuses the jaw.

Problems and countermeasures

It's a matter of etiquette of the eater, but some people don't handle the chewed gum properly.公共施設の床面や大都市の歩道(特に不特定多数の人が行き交うFloors of public facilities and sidewalks in large cities (especially an unspecified number of people come and go)Railway station Ofplatform,Stairs, Passages, etc.) and may step on the discarded gum while walking.Removing ugly littering gum is a pain for each manager and also costs cleaning costs.Some places, such as Tokyo Harajuku Omotesando, have introduced equipment for removing gum such as gum busters.

Also, if it adheres to the hair, it is difficult to remove it,Pomadeな どoilIncludingHairdressing chargesThere is a way to take it with.頭髪用のFor hairrinse(conditioner) And mousse are also effective, it was introduced on TV.The gum attached to the clothes氷The easiest way is to cool it with a cloth, harden it, and then peel it off.Also gumoil,solventBecause it dissolves easily inBenzine-keroseneHowever, it should not be used at home because it causes dirty stains.Besides, commercially available strong dirt remover (Orange oilEtc.) orNeutral detergent(alcohol) OrManicureNail polish remover (acetone) And IPA (Isopropyl alcohol) AndethanolThere is a way to take it with.

Because of this problemJapanThen littering gum food wasteLight crime lawIt is a violation.

SingaporeIn, possession of gum itself is prohibited.Travelers cannot bring in gum either.But since 2007XylitolThe ban has been lifted on gums that can be considered to be good for your health.However, it is only sold at pharmacies because it is for health reasons.

In addition, sugar has been used for seasoning since ancient times,toothIf you are exposed to sugar for a long time or if you neglect to take care of it after eating, acid will be generated and tooth decay will progress.It was also one of the factors of unnecessary calorie intake.そのため近年は、体内に吸収(もしくは分解)されないTherefore, in recent years, it is not absorbed (or decomposed) in the body.Synthetic sweetenerThe number of products with 0 grams of sugar has increased.Among them, there are products certified as foods for specified health use because they are useful for dental health.However, some synthetic sweeteners make you hungry depending on your constitution when you take a large amount, so you need to be careful about overdose and know your limit.Also, if you have stuffing on your teeth, you should avoid chewing because it sticks and is easy to remove.

Major manufacturers


Outside Japan


  • World's Largest Chewing Gum-A chewing gum with a length of about 2013 cm and a width of about 10 cm made in Sapporo, Japan on October 6, 110.ブルーベリー味Blueberry flavor[9].
  • The World's Largest Gumball-As of January 2013, a man in California, USA, has finished chewingNicotine gumWhat we continue to make by sticking together.重さ約80キロ、円周約157センチWeight about XNUMX kg, circumference about XNUMX cm[10].

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