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☕ | [Shinjuku Milord] At BOX cafe & space, the theme cafe "NCT zen ..." of "NCT 127"


[Shinjuku Milord] At BOX cafe & space, the theme cafe "NCT zen ..." of "NCT 127"

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It will be held from February 4, 2022 (Tuesday) at 2 locations (Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya) nationwide, including BOX cafe & space in Shinjuku Mylord and Omotesando Hills.

At BOX cafe & space on the 7th floor of Shinjuku Milord, the theme cafe "NCT ze ..." of "NCT 127" → Continue reading

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Omotesando Hills

Omotesando Hills(Omotesando Hills) is located in Tokyo.OmotesandoConsists of commercial facilities, residential facilities, and parking lotsComplex facilities..Existed thereDojunkaiAoyama Apartments(Shibuya apartment)RedevelopmentAs a project (Type 1 urban redevelopment project)2006/Opened in.


2006/May 2(Foundation Day) Open.The total length is about 250 meters, 6 floors above ground and 6 floors below ground.It consists of the West Building, the Main Building, and the Dojunkan. The 3rd basement floor to the 3rd floor above ground are commercial facilities where famous domestic and foreign brands live, and the 4th floor and above are residential facilities.The feature is that the floor is sloped according to the slope of Omotesando.The inside of the main building has a 6-story atrium structure, and a passage called a "spiral slope" is connected in a spiral around it.

Omotesando HillsDojunkai Apartment(Aoyama Apartments) Was demolished.Dojunkai Aoyama Apartment1927/It was completed in Japan and was 80 years old.RedevelopmentMori BuildingPlayed a central role in promoting the plan.The design isTadao AndoIs.Since it was originally a long and narrow site sandwiched between roads, it was difficult to build a high-rise building due to the restriction of diagonal lines.ZelkovaIn order to harmonize with the landscape of trees, the above-ground part is kept as low as the 3rd floor, and the floor is 3 floors including the 6rd basement floor.The design of the external lighting is by the lighting designerSatoshi UchiharaIs in charge of equipment design related to air conditioning, hygiene, and electricityMorimura DesignWent.

A new Dojunkai apartment building at the eastern end has been recreated and is now used as a store named Dojunkan.Also, initially adjacentShibuya Jingumae Elementary SchoolPromote a plan to incorporate the above into the facility and promote the two plans to the general public at the same time.ProposalWas done.As a result, the idea of ​​incorporating an elementary school was concentrated, but due to the difficulty of public-private projects and financial difficulties, the current plan was settled.

Building data

  • Architect: Jingumae XNUMX-chome District Urban Redevelopment Association
  • Design: Tadao Ando Architectural Institute, Mori Building Design Joint Venture
  • Construction:Obayashi Corporation, Ltd.Kandenko,Takasago Thermal EngineeringSanken Equipment Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Number of stores: 105 stores in total (2006/12Current)
  • Number of residences: 38 units in total "Zelkova Terrace" (abbreviation: zelkova residence).
  • Parking lot: 182 cars, 35 motorcycles
  • Number of floors: 12 floors in total. (3 floors of residence, 6 floors of commercial facilities, 3 floors of parking lot.)

Regular closure

This facility is scheduled to be closed for two consecutive days about once every six months.Just once2007/May 8The entire building has been closed.

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