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🍴 | A mysterious shop along the national highway where Tokoro-san and pacific saury-san also came! ??The assortment is a hot topic


A mysterious shop along the national highway where Tokoro-san and pacific saury-san also came. ??The assortment is a hot topic

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Mr. Ashida proudly says, "If I let Kenji Tamura, an entertainer, eat wild boar, the number of customers increased."

Along National Highway XNUMX in Okuyamada, Ujitawara-cho, Kyoto Prefecture, there is a store that attracts attention due to its unique selection of products and the personality of the owner.Te ... → Continue reading

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Hello. This is the "Maidena News", a soft news site from Kansai. We will introduce in a timely manner what has become a hot topic on the internet and in the Kansai area centered around Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto. Introducing and commenting deeply on the news and seasonal information that disturbs society from the perspective unique to Kansai. We can answer the "feelings we want to know" of all our users with the spirit of "Kotekote" service unique to Kansai.

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Kenji Tamura

Kenji Tamura(Real name:Kenji Tamura(Same reading),1973/〈Showa48 years>May 5 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,chairperson,Businessman.OsakaHannan CityI'm fromYoshimoto KogyoBelongs to the Osaka head office.NSC11th gen member of Osaka school.Height 180 cm, weight 82 kg.Foot size 28.5 cm. "Charcoal grilled meat tamuraRepresentative director of Tamura Dojo Co., Ltd.Nickname is "Tamura. "

Hannan City Kaikake Junior High School,Osaka Prefectural Izumi High Schoolgraduate.I have one man and two women with my ex-wife.


Osaka stationProductionKansai localHas a lot of regulars on the show.

Kentaro Tsuji (Kentaro Tsuji) as a classmate in elementary and junior high schoolEvery day broadcastingCommentator), NSC Osaka school 11th gen memberJinnai Tomonori,Kendo Kobayashi,Nakagawa family,Harigane Rock,Karasukawa Koichi,Hollywood the Koshisha,TaizoAnd so on.For synchronization other than YoshimotoKazuya Kojima(Unjash) And so on.

When it comes to sportsbaseballI liked it and played as a catcher on a Japanese-style baseball team when I was in elementary school.Previously, formerSaitama Seibu Lionspitcher OfShinji YanakaI was building a battery.Professional baseballThen, before, due to the influence of my father巨人I was a fan, but in 2004Ball world reorganization turmoilAfter that, why did the giant get sick?Orix BuffaloesIt is professing that it has been replaced with.In addition to possessing a custom-made uniform with the name of Tamura, ORIX'sT-OkadaTaught the original performance to[2].. Besides this,Hanshin TigersAnd have a close friendship with giant playersTsuyoshi Nishioka,Kousuke Fukudome (Current:Chunichi Dragons) I'm on good terms.

サ ッ カ ーThen.Gamba OsakaAs a fan ofGAMBA TV-Blue and Black-』(Every day broadcastingAlso in charge of MC of Gamba information and support program).Gamba OsakaOld and new playersFC Ryukyu OfRyuji Banto(Belonging to G Osaka until 2009) I'm on good terms with GambaGoalkeeperwasKimura AtsushiHe is involved in "Charcoal-grilled meat Tamura" that Tamura runs himself.again,Tokyo Verdy OfYoshito Okubo 2010 FIFA World CupIf you score a goal withGoal performanceI had promised to do "Cha", which is also the story of Nitamura[3].

Since middle schoolSoft tennisHe has won the Osaka Prefectural Tournament when he was in the second grade.She chose Izumi High School to go on to Tamura because it was a strong school for soft tennis.[4]..Tamura still plays soft tennis on a regular basis.Tamura has a desire to become a major sport and will be held from December 2021 to February of the following year.Japan Soft Tennis FederationAlso appointed as an ambassador for the "national team dispatch business"[5].


  • A word to defeat the selling entertainers, led by Tomonori Jinnai[6]There are many puns using the "cha" that you have[7]..I used that loinclothShort controlOr, I replaced the selling entertainer's story with "Cha"small profitThere is also a story "a series that makes you feel free to gag other people".There are also gag such as "Aya Yai"[8].
  • By the way, Tamura's son devised a familiar trick called "Cha".[9], Tamura bought it for 5,000 yen[8].
  • The tongue is long, and there is one trick to use the tongue to put a green peas in the nose hole.[10].



Tamura1992/From the duo "Takahiro Ohkita, a classmate of Osaka Prefectural Izumi High School"lalalaI was working as a professional by forming1999/The duo were also disbanded in August.In October of the same year, the stage name was changed to hiragana, and after that, it was written in hiragana.Pin entertainerAre active as[11]..I have been forming a combination with Ohkita since I was a high school student, and I attended cultural festivals.

January 2001base YoshimotoAfter graduating, he advanced to Tokyo, mainlyLUMINE the YoshimotoDoing solo comedians on the stageNew comedyWas participating in.However, he returned to Osaka in 2003, and since thenUmeda KagetsuWe are active around.

2006/Is,M-1 Grand PrixYamazaki Kunimasa (currently:Tsukitei Hosho)WhenTakanori TakeyamaWithKenji Tamura and TakeyamazakiI participated in the war.However, the result was a defeat in the third round, and in addition, it was a forced termination due to time out.

2012, the first time in 10 yearsR-1 Grand PrixParticipate in the war.Ten years ago, Tamura also vowed to humiliate himself because he suffered a defeat in the first round, which is almost impossible for a gein, but in the end he was defeated in the third round.[12].

October 2012th and 10st, 20, 21th anniversary live "TKF"Great Festival"Awaji IslandAkashi Kaikyo National Government ParkHeld at.Many entertainers and singers who transcended the boundaries of their offices appeared.

MBS broadcast on December 2021, 12 "Seyanen!In the VTR, Tamura said, "I'm thinking of retiring on my 50th birthday," suggesting that he will retire as a gein.On the other hand, he also said, "I'm sorry if I was a gein until I was about 70 years old."When Tamura was asked by a reporter about his remarks in the program during a soft tennis event on the 18th of the same month, he decided to retire as an entertainer on his 50th birthday (May 2023, 5) if the situation was right. I made a statement again.Tamura said, "I was allowed to laugh at Max. I burned up as a laughing entertainer. There is no more." I want to put it on and jump into a different place. "This remark by Tamura is also Yoshimoto's senior.Downtown OfHitoshi MatsumotoHave also reported[13][14].


December 2006, TamuraOsakaJoto(Gamo XNUMX-chome) At the yakiniku restaurant "Charcoal grilled meat tamuraOpened the first store.Of the store signLogo lettersIs a junior entertainerWild bomb OfKunihiro KawashimaBy (currently Kunihiro!)[15]..Originally, the store was run by Tamura's mother-in-law, but due to various circumstances, Tamura himself took over the management.[15].

On November 2007, 11, Osaka CityChuoMinamisenbaOpened the second store in.The image of a "businessman entertainer" is firmly established after being repeatedly made into a story by juniors and comedians of the same period. TBS for broadcast on February 2, 2008 "Messy!』, Revealed that the annual sales are 6 million yen.At this time, she also confessed that Tamura hadn't made the material for eight years.

Done on September 2008, 3Kouki Kameda"Charcoal-grilled meat tamura" was sponsored by Kameda in the return battle of[16].. July 2008, 6,Nagoya cityComplex facility ofSunshine SakaeOn the 6th floor, the fashion designerNIGOOpened the 3rd Yakiniku restaurant "Charcoal-grilled Yakiniku Tamura", which was designed by the company and has a VIP room. July 2008, 7,Kobe City-Suma beach"Charcoal-grilled meat Tamura Suma no Umi no Ie" will open in Uchiumi no Ie "fu-rin" for a limited time until August 8st.[17].

On July 2008, 7, the "Charcoal Grilled Meat Tamura" Nagoya store suffered food poisoning damage to four customers and was suspended from business, and Tamura held an apology conference.At the press conference, Tamura decided to refrain from doing business at the same time, including the three stores that have not been ordered to suspend business.In response to this turmoil, it was scheduled to continue from the previous yearYomiuri TelevisionSponsored event "Exciting Treasure Island 2008Canceled opening a store in[18].

On June 2009, 6, "Teppanyaki Tamura" was opened. September 6, 2011,Shin-Osaka StationOpened "Curry shop with charcoal-grilled meat Tamura meat" at the food court "Osaka Renmeguri" on the premises. On April 2012, 4, the "Charcoal-grilled Meat Tamura" Nara store opened. As of September 27, Yoshimoto Kogyo, who has a talent contract with Kenji Tamura (businessman, real name, Kenji Tamura), who is a "curry shop with charcoal-grilled meat Tamura meat" in Shin-Osaka, also publicly explained. Closed with the vague form of adult circumstances that cannot be done[19]..Later, before the renewal of the restaurant area at Itami Airport, the Itami Airport store was opened for a limited time, "a curry shop with charcoal-grilled meat and tamura meat."In addition, as a derivative of curry, "Curry bakery with charcoal-grilled meat Tamura meat" was opened in Tenma and Janjan Yokocho.

2015/May 5Is sponsored by Tamura himself.Osaka Metropolitan concept"Study LIVE" was held[20].. In October 2015, the cafe "nagood" was opened in Sanjo-cho, Nara City, but later closed. In 10, we opened "Fish Bull Co., Ltd." in Minoo City, Osaka Prefecture, which sells, purchases, and maintains new and used cars.He also produces a dog's homemade rice called "Tamu Inu.com".

When he declared his retirement as a gein in 2021, Tamura said, "AmericaI have some things I want to do when I retire. "When asked by a reporter about the possibility of expanding a yakiniku restaurant overseas, Tamura replied, "It wouldn't be interesting" and "If you do, you would create a Michelin restaurant." Told[13][14].

Improve Your Social Life

Before his debut, when Tamura was 20 years old, he was a model in his hometown of Osaka.Suzuki SarinaI was dating (16 years old at that time). Broadcast on February 2014, 2, "Mecha x 2 is cool!After being discovered in[21], I often co-starred with Sarina on the show.

On July 2013, 7, he divorced his wife, who was once separated, in mid-July, and became married for about 29 years.periodIt is reported that he hit.

At the beginning of January 2019, at a ramen shop in Osaka city, I agreed to the sign and commemorative photo requested by the staff, and after that, TamuraTwitterThen, the staff of the store insulted me, "I wouldn't have been a funny guy without a microphone and a camera."The store was flooded with criticism, but the turmoil soon subsided as Tamura tried to put an end to the situation, saying, "Let's stop talking to the other side."[22].

August 2020, 6,New coronavirus infectionAs a countermeasure, use about 450 liters of alcohol disinfectant (equivalent to about 500 900 ml alcohol bottles).Hannan CityDonated to[23].


TV program

Current regular appearance

Past regular appearance

Radio program

  • Yuichi Uezumi!(Every day broadcasting) --From April 2009, when the broadcast started at lunchtime on weekdays, to March 4, Tamura served as a regular partner on Monday.After April 2015, when she moved the broadcast slot to the evening of weekdays, she appeared irregularly on Friday and then dropped off naturally.

Web tv



  • Gulf Full Throttle 1 (2008) as Tsujimoto (R Magic Legendary Tuner)
  • Gulf Full Throttle 2 (2008) as Tsujimoto (R Magic Legendary Tuner)
  • Niimi Fairytale (2013)





V cinema

  • Gulf Full Throttle (2008) LegendaryrotaryTuner Tsujimoto


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