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🍽 | Newlyweds and Aya Omasa's dishes are cooked by an internet mother-in-law "The colors are subtle" "Thinking about the balance"

Photo Aya Omasa (C) Maijitsu 

Internet mother-in-law is Ichamon "color is subtle" "thinking about balance" in the dishes of newlyweds and Aya Omasa

If you write the contents roughly
I wish I could increase the repertoire a little more and then upload it ... >>
<< I don't understand the meaning of giving food photos on Instagram.

Actor and model Aya Omasa updated her Instagram on January 1th.I showed off homemade dishes such as fried chicken, but the net ... → Continue reading


Maijitsu is a web media that introduces a little behind-the-scenes information about the entertainment world, hidden faces of celebrities, and crying and laughable stories on the Internet as "a little nice story" "actually a ○○ story".
It publishes about 10 articles every day, and is mainly supported by men and women in their 30s and 40s who are concerned about rumors of entertainers!

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Food photography

Food photography (Food photography) Is a commercial photograph of food.The photographs are taken for the purpose of bringing out the charm of food, and are used in advertisements such as packaging, menus, and cooking books.Food photography is usuallyart director,カ メ ラ マ ン,Food stylist,PropProduced by a team of stylists and their assistants[1].

Trend change

For a long time, food photography tended to be lumped on a table and often viewed from the eater's point of view.[2]..The stylists now keep the food flat on a plate so that they can be seen from above.[3].

Later, it became popular to shoot with many props from lower angles with romantic lighting.[2],Hood pornIt led to the word.The recent epidemic of food photography in the West is to make food look simpler and cleaner.Therefore, with a few props and selectionsfocus,ExtremeClose-upIt became a form[2]..This is done to get people interested in cooking.For example, the height of the dishes tends to be high, they are well overlapped and taken from a sharp angle.[3].

Food stylist

Food stylistThe role of is to make food look attractive in photographs.The stylists will spend their time and effort arranging ways to make the food look more attractive than the way cooks and chefs show food.This requires not only the appearance but also the knowledge to recognize the taste and aroma from two-dimensional photographs using tableware.


The food photography process begins with the purchase of food and ingredients.Since it is difficult to obtain the most visual effect with food alone, multiple reserves and test items are required.Given this result, purchasing food and ingredients is a very time-consuming process.[4]..The most beautiful tool purchased is selected to show that it is a "hero" (the central tool in the photo).[5]..Often during preparation or test shotsCardboardCan be seen to be used in place of[6].

The actual photography is controlled lighting andNatural lightUnderStudioDone in[7]..Light and background settings are carefully prepared so that the food looks attractive and unmistakable.The color of the background fabric is chosen so that the food looks effective and can assist in lighting.[8]..Make up in a dangerous way that makes food inedible, so usually mark it for later disposal[9].

Ford photography technology

Food stylists use many techniques to make food look as attractive as possible.For example:

  • NebulizerTo generate steam by combining chemicals that emit smoke.
  • Water for foodCorn syrupSpray etc. to make the food look fresh
  • solidshorteningAnd corn syrup,Granulated sugarIt seems to melt by mixingice creamTo make
  • Colored gravybakeryMake the roasted meat more brownish with the liquid used in
  • Corn flakesUse instead of milk to prevent it from getting wet quickly
  • There is more hot water than when cooking vegetables, brightening their greens
  • Dilute the beverage with water and use light to sparkle the beverage

Cold drink

Can be on the surface of a cold solidCondensationTo make paperMasking tapeMay be sprayed after protecting frozen areas with[10]..Against the glassCorn syrup,GlycerinBy spraying, more clear dew condensation is created[11].

The ice cubes used in shootingacrylic resinBecause it's made in, it won't melt even if it's shot in warm studio lighting.[12]..Foam on the surface of the beverage is with the beveragedetergentCreated by including a mixture of[13]..whiteadhesiveHowever, it may also serve as a substitute for milk in coffee or tea.[14].


Of food photographysaladIs made to make the shape and color look more attractive.To make it look betterbowlThe above salad is made with smaller balls than usual[15]..Vegetables for salads should be soaked in cold water before serving to make them look fresh and crispy.[16].Salad dressingIs not normally used,Herbs,SpicesMay be sprinkled on salad or oiled and brushed[17].

fruit saladIs particularly troublesome because the fruit has a short time to keep it fresh[18]..The salad is made only on the outside, but on the insideMashed potatoesAnd other mixtures may be filled[19]..Dark dressings are usually shot sparsely with a brush[20].

Hamburgers and sandwiches

HamburgerThe shooting ofBunsIt takes time and effort because it quickly dents and does not look attractive.[21]..The ingredients of the hamburgertoothpickThe tomatoes are kept in good condition and the contents of the tomatoes are removed to avoid discoloring others with juice.[22]..Meat is cooked only on the surface and the edges are colored with colorants to make it look more delicious[23]..The edges of the cheese slices may be coated with a household cleaner to make them appear more melted.[24].mayonnaiseSeasonings like are applied to the outside with an external jar[25].

sandwichIs shot with a technique similar to a hamburger.MoistTowel paperIs used to prevent the bread from drying out.When making a half sandwich, the bread and ingredients are sliced ​​separately before being collected.[26].

Advertising truth

Food photography in advertising is usually the subject of public snooping.[27].Fast foodAdvertising often exaggerates attractiveness and size[28].


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