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📝 | Easy at home! Tips for making "hot sandwiches" well with a frying pan


Easy at home! Tips for making "hot sandwiches" well with a frying pan

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Finally, I will introduce how to make a seaweed butter hot sandwich containing omelet rolls.

good morning.I'm Mayuko Kawai, a food stylist.The season when the cold gets even more severe.It's strange in winter ... → Continue reading

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Dashi roll egg

Dashi roll egg(soup stockRolled egg, Dashimaki Tamago)Beaten eggTosoup stockIt is a dish that is mixed and baked.simplyTamagoAlso called.


Fried eggsThis name is used especially for those that contain a lot of dashi stock.In general, it is often imagined that it is softly baked with Kansai-style seasoning.

Kansai regionThen, the "Dashimaki Tamago Set Meal", which uses Dashimaki Tamago as the main side dish, is sometimes used as a menu in the cafeteria.


Chicken eggsBreak and melt well,Dashi soupAnd bake while rolling up little by little using an oiled cooking utensil.For a fine finish, the melted eggs were strained with a net or the dough was water-soluble.Floating powder,potato starchMay be mixed.When baking, "Tamagoyaki potA square copper pot called "Tamagoyaki" is used, but a vertically long Kansai-style pot is more suitable for omelet rolls than a Kanto-style square pot.It is common to wind the pot from the back to the front (Osaka winding), but in some areas such as Kyoto, it is wound from the front to the back (Kyo winding).After bakingWinding screenShape it with and let it cool to complete.Dashimaki tamago, which contains a lot of soup stock made by a skilled chef, is extremely soft and the soup stock drips when lifted.

In addition to being manufactured and sold at specialty stores, mass-produced vacuum-packed products are also available.supermarketIt is also handled in such places, and commercial products are also in circulation.


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